Top 5 ... Swimming Pool Scenes, Take 2

My last Swimming Pool post was a bit lame. Well, not really lame... But a bit too intellectual? So I decided to do another one. This time, with men being half-naked and nothing else. To find 5 additional swimming pool scenes with half-naked men, I had to bend the rules a little: Usually, my Top 5 posts only contain dramas that I have seen. This one here contains only two dramas that I have seen and three that I have not. Like anybody would care ... 

Choi Siwon in Oh, My Lady

Choi Siwon is one of the idols I know and can identify on the spot. (Yay! I'm really proud of myself) And when I looked up his list of dramas just now, I was quite pleasantly surprised: 10? And then I went and read about him on Wikipedia and I learned that he was an actor before he was a member of SuJu. That explains why he is not half-bad as an actor (I actually really liked him in King of Dramas). But here, we are not much interested in acting skills. Choi Siwon has abs to die for. He really should only act with his shirt off, I think.
I haven't seen Oh, My Lady so I can't say anything about it. But Siwon swims well. Do they actually film all swimming scenes in the same pool? It always looks the same ...

Hyun Bin in My Lovely Sam-Soon

This drama and scene was frequently requested by readers of this blog (as was the one in which Hyung Bin and Daniel Henney fight in the water, included below). Hyun Bin looks very young. He swims well, but I've seen better abs. Much better abs. Let's see what Hyun Bin has in store for us post-army in that department. Here's the famous "I don't like you. You suck"-scene.

Denis Oh in Witch Amusement 

I don't know this drama. And I don't think I've ever seen Denis Oh in anything. Well-built is all I can think of, though his head looks really small in comparison to the rest of his body? This pool looks exactly like the pool in Choi Siwon's swimming scene.

Ji Hyun-woo in (I seriously don't know what!)

Who does know which drama this is? I doubt I have seen it. Ji Hyun-woo's abs will most likely also profit from army duty. He does a good flip turn though. This may be a different pool. But it could be the same pool from Jong Il-woo's 49 Days pool scene. 

Rain and Lee Jung-jin in Fugitive Plan B

I love both actors. And this scene just had to go on the list, even thought these two are not half-naked. It's an awesome fight scene (and I might also put in on my Top 5 Fight Scenes list) from a drama that was mediocre at best. Rain has to come back and do a new drama soon. I demand it.
Ah. And there also was this: