Farewell to ... Flower Boys Next Door

Will this do instead of a review? ^.^

Dear friends, I am too lazy (or should I say unmotivated?) to write a long farewell post for this show. So many bloggers have already written reviews, good and excellent ones, so you don't need me to write another good one. I'll just do a bad, lazy one then, ok? 

The +

Let me just say that I enjoyed the show, mostly, for its quietness and its portrayal of normal, everyday people. I also liked it because its episodes were only 45 minutes long. Seriously, KDrama in general would hugely profit from shorter episodes. I liked the way it was shot (especially the subdued colors) and I really liked making gifs, because there were so many funny and cute scenes. It was a veritable gif-fest every Monday and Tuesday! I liked Park Shin-hye's natural beauty and her acting. Though I am nothing like her character, I appreciated the way it was written, and the way she was allowed to change and get over the hurts of her past. I also liked loved Kim Ji-hoon and his acting. I was very sad for him until the end, even though I could not stand a man like Jin-rak in real life for more than two hours. That does not apply to Kim Ji-hoon, of course, whom I'd adopt immediately as slightly younger brother for myself. Or something like it. I also loved Kim Seul-gi (The Editor!) and I wish to see her in more dramas or shows I have access to. If I could, I would marry her. I liked her romance with Dong-hoon best among all the romances in this show. And I liked many other things, like the rest of the cast, their overall chemistry on screen, and about 80% of the script (there were some side-side-stories that were just unnecessary, though nothing major went wrong in my opinion).

The -

Of course, there also were things I did not like. My biggest beef is with Enrique: Not with Yoon Shi-yoon, who did well - but with the character. He annoyed me so much I wished to kick him, from beginning to end. Nothing about this type of kid-behavior was endearing to me. It got better as the show progressed and he became more of a man, but too little, too late for me. When he dropped the kid-act and was serious, his interactions with Dok-mi were intense and sizzling. But those moment were (too) few. Storywise, I could have done without the "almost noble idiocy" plot, which was unexciting and utterly predictable. The crazy panda-hat girl? Oh well, I guess they needed to fill 16 episodes somewhat. The drama could have done with about 10, maximum 12 episodes and would have been much better. I also did not like Do-hwi's character: At the beginning, she was too one-dimensionally evil, and then, she became mellow too fast. And that face ..... o.0 ... Watanabe was another wasted character, as was Dok-mi's initial crush and Enrique's first love. Both characters were boring, annoying, and clearly unnecessary once Enrique and Dok-mi had got in contact with each other.

The Conclusion

The show was a very pleasant surprise to me, because it was different. But in the end, it also does not stick much. I will remember it, hazily, but it never truly and deeply touched my heart. It was always enjoyable, like a summer's breeze, but it was also just as light. But it's biggest flaw: no Kim Ji-hoon shower scene!!!!!