There cannot be enough Kim Ji-hoon!

You might have guessed that I really, really, really want Kim Ji-hoon to pick his next drama project. Like, yesterday.

Not that I am missing Flower Boy Next Door - the show had its time and it was good but it is also good that it is over - but I do miss the feeling that came with anticipating the show. Two special episodes have aired (or is it one in two parts?), which I haven't yet seen. I'm sure they are sweet and everyone is gorgeous.

And then ... there is Kim Ji-hoon going to a movie premier with Park Shin-hye! OMG! They have always been rather busy tweeting each other and they are keeping this up even after shooting for FBND has ended. It is sweet ... and a little bit suspicious?!
 Oh! This is fun!!! Who can name all the celebrities?! Check your Hallyu-knowledge!

Kim J-hoon and Park Shin-hye are adorable together. I really hope they actually ARE together! 

This is what she tweeted:
 "아 머리아퍼ㅠㅠ 오늘 진락씨랑 영화데이트했어요 ㅇㅅㅇ 3D안경쓰고 신났음"
 (which equals something like: "My head hurts - today, I went on a date to the movies with Jin-rak-shi, wearing 3D goggles")
Here's a pic from my favorite fictional couple!
And last - but not least - something for the Yoon Shi-yoon fans out there. Sorry dude, but while you're in Japan, your girl is having fun with your drama-oppa at the movies. See, this happens when one leaves!