Top 5 ... Shower Scenes, Take 3 (The Lighthearted)

Hello, chingus! I have been AWOL a little, but nobody seems to have missed me much. Good. My short absence was due to some RL issues, like work. Lots of it. Pfff, RL sucks... But I did find time to marathon Stars Are Falling from the Sky - as foreseen in my last shower post - and I fell even more deeply in love with smoking hot Kim Ji-hoon. He really isn't afraid of showing his beautiful body! I have now bookmarked this page and will watch all the available dramas with my current number one love (that used to be Park Shi-hoo, but, alas ... and *le sigh*).

But where were we. Ah, shower scenes (yes, Kim Ji-hoon actually has a second shower scene in SAFFTS, but I was unable to make a gif so far). It is important to know for the Kdraddict that not all shower scenes are broody. Some are neutral ("just" shower scenes, or rather, random fanservice), some are even a little tiny bit funny, some are really funny, and some are sweet. In this third installment of KDrama shower scenes, I will focus on the non-broody sort. Some of these dramas are unknown to me - but I once again followed the lead of those of you who recommended these scenes to me.  

Cain and Abel

Some of you were very clear about the absolute need for a So Ji-sub shower scene. Or rather more than one. And here we go: the famous bucket-shower. A very good scene, I must admit, and it gets 10 out of 10 possible points, for being a bit funny and also a little bit cheeky. I, personally, have never seen a So Ji-sub drama. I still want to watch Ghost one of these days, because the world of cyber-risks is the world I deal with academically in real life, but I don't think he has a shower scene in there?

My Lovely Sam Soon

Hyung Bin has been out of the military for a while now, right? Come on, pick a drama! We want to have you in a post-army shower scene!!!! This one is from My Name is Kim Sam Soon aka My Lovely Sam Soon and it follows right after his swimming pool scene, which was portrayed here. In this scene, I particularly like the aerial shot. Well done, drama. I guess it deserves a 9/10?


You're Beautiful

Jang Geun-suk, when he was not a crazy Diva yet. And clever "jump", there, camera, while you move down his body. The showers in Stars Are Falling From the Sky - at Kim Ji-hoon's house, not where he takes his showers, which is in the gym - look almost exactly the same! Huh. In any case, this is total fanservice and rather random. I also give a 9/10, for adding the legs. We don't get to see them all that often!


This must be one of my favorite scenes. Hmmm, I really liked (most of) Chuno. And I very much like Jang Hyuk (including his abs). King of the abs in this shower scene is Han Jeong-Su. But hello. Let me look again ... haha, I'm totally like the lady in the second clip!!! A straight 10 out of 10!

Coffee Prince

You are right, this is not a shower scene. But this is like everybody's favorite drama. No wonder, with such a sight in episode 1! Gong Yoo is so gorgeous! But I will not rate it. Because it is not a shower scene. If it were, it would get a 10/10, of course.

I'm Sorry, I Love You

More So Ji-sub. And some Jung Kyung-ho (whom I know from Time Between Dog and Wolf). I think he has returned from the military recently, or hasn't he? This shower scene is about brotherly love, which is nice. But it is also entirely un-erotic, and I cannot give it more than 6/10. I am sorry.

Ok, this was it for the "light-hearted"! Next up: A post with shower scenes I cannot identify. I will need your help!