Top 5 ... (Unknown) Shower Scenes, Take 4

When I went shower (+ bath) scene crazy and scored big thanks to YouTube, I also found quite a lot of shower scenes that I simply cannot place. But I'm sure that the combined brain power of KDrama lovers will succeed! Who can name these dramas?

Unknown Shower Scene 1  

Identified! by various commentors as Thank You (2007). Jang Hyuk!

Unknown Shower Scene 2

(most likely) identified! by lili as Bae Soo Bin in Temptation of an Angel (2009)

Unknown Shower Scene 3

(most likely) identified! by lili as Park Hae Jin in East of Eden (2008/2009)

Unknown Shower Scene 4

(Probably) identified! by Anonymous and Anonymous (who seems to be enz) as Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (2005). So this would be Uhm Tae Woong.

Unknown Shower Scene 5

Identified! by kopytko (with the help of latteholic) as She is Nineteen (2004). So this is Yoon Kye Sang?

Unknown Shower Scene 6

Identified! by kopytko as Love Story in Harvard (2004/5). This is Kim Rae Won, whom I've never seen in anything. 

Unknown Bath Scene 7 

(most certainly) identified! by latteholic (and confirmed by Mystitith) as Thank You (2007) - again. So, he gets a shower AND a bath scene in this drama? Maybe I should watch it!!!!!