Gu Family Book vs. Jang Ok-jung, Part I: The gif-Test

Oh! The day is here! So exciting! Finally, there's a chance I'll find a new drama to blog about! (and by that I mean one that I can take seriously, not like When a Man Loves, which I will follow for the abs and the abs only)

Remember my post about which drama to pick up next? Well, IRIS2 won - and see what good it did me (NO GOOD). Anyway, the method is fool proof, so I will use it again this time. I will watch both dramas at the same time. I will check in with them after 5, 10, 15, 30, 40, 55, and 62 minutes. While I took screen caps last time and then compared the three to pick one as the winner, I will create gifs this time; each 10 seconds long, with a frame count of 40 and a frame delay of 100. The drama with the most points wins.

Here we go...  

5 minutes in

Gu Family Book shows us a group of people, all of them not in a happy mood. No, they seem to be stressed, even freaked out. I particularly like the look the two - I guess they are - servants give the lady to the right (I think she is the Gumiho's mother?).
Jang Ok-jung on the other hand goes right to the source of pleasure: Yoo Ah-in. Hell, his voice! The very old man listens as enraptured as I did. But sound doesn't count during the gif-test (unfortunately). 
A point goes to Gu Family Book for prettiness. Sorry Yoo Ah-in, you are super pretty, but the black, purple and red in the first gif win over you.

10 minutes in

Gu Family Book does not seem to be a gentle drama, I would say. Damn, it looks scary! I don't want to know what they will be doing to the super scared lady on the tree.
Jang Ok-jung introduces our concubine (Kim Tae-hee). Rain-stealer! Sorry, had to get that out ...  She seems to be dressing rich ladies in super pretty garments.
This is a tough decision, but this point also goes to Gu Family Book, simply because the first gif works so much better as a gif.

15 minutes in

Gu Family Book shows a group of people at the court - or in another very pretty room. Gorgeous shot.
Jang Ok-jung also shows people (the king?) and one of his Eunuchs.
That's easy, cause Gu Family Book is once again much, much prettier! Wow, I particularly like their reds and the fabrics they use.

30 minutes in

Gu Family Book  shows the two servants, urgently discussing something. I see ... this is a show in which people are constantly stressed and unhappy. How unfortunate for them!
Jang Ok-jung depicts two people ... I'll be damned! It's the secretary from Nice Guy!!! Oh, I liked him a lot. And the Princess from Princess' Man! I don't like her much (I mean the acress), but it's awesome to see her in a sageuk again, she does so well in them. This is a gorgeous shot, with the pink and the blossoms.
Yay, Jang Ok-jung gets its first point! Well done!

40 minutes in

Gu Family Book shows an awesome night scene, with people chasing other people through the forest with torches. Yeah, I know they are chasing somebody, cause I watched a bit more than 10 episodes.
Jang Ok-jung shows us Kim Tae-hee. Pretty lady!
She could have won, but the night-gif is much more exciting. Another point for Gu Family Book!

55 minutes in

Gu Family Book a scholar (or at least yangban) of some sorts meets with  one of his guards - or a magistrate.
Jang Ok-jung: oh, now people are scared in this drama as well! A group of peasants is bullied by some bandits. Woah, the guy has a serious weapon there! This is not going to end well!!!
Sorry, Yoo Ah-in, but Gu Family Book wins again. It's the much better gif!!

62 minutes in

Gu Family Book: We are at the end. There is a large bird flying by. A lady stands prettily and silently in the background. The hero assures someone about something. Awesome.
Jang Ok-jung: See, I knew it wasn't going to end well. The father is dead, the child is heartbroken.
Gu Family Book wins.

Who Wins?

We have a very clear winner in the gif-contest! Gu Family Book wins this round very clearly.