Kim Ji-hoon in San Francisco ... and how I (maybe) almost met him

And here's a true story about how I almost (not) met a famous Korean Actor who is/was (?) in San Francisco. In my real life - where my name is not kakashi, as you may have guessed - I'm a political scientist, more specifically, I'm specializing in international relations and security studies. Every year, the International Studies Association, the biggest association for my trade, organizes a major conference in America. This year, this convention was in ... San Francisco. From Wednesday 3 April to Saturday 6 April. I had two papers that were accepted, but I decided not to go in person, cause ... hell, it's a long flight, I have a family, and the jet lag kills you when you're there and when you're back. Anyways, I did not got, and let my two co-authors present my papers.

And then, today, what happens? Kim Ji-hoon (may I call him oppa?) tweets, after a long absence, from San Francisco. Hot Damn!
There are several possible scenarios how I might have (almost) met or (almost) missed him.

1) I would have run into him by pure chance on Fisherman's Wharf while doing some sightseeing. But I would not have recognized him with his glasses and his now reddish hair.
2) I would have run into him by pure chance while doing some sightseeing, and I would have recognized him (cause some glasses and some reddish hair can't fool me! He is my oppa!). But I'm naturally shy and I would most likely not have been able to say a single word, especially not in Korean. #fail
3) I would have returned from the conference and would have, totally jet lagged, seen his tweet just now. And I would have been upset for days and days about missing the chance to see him.  In fact, it could really have broken my heart into tiny pieces and it could have wrecked my life forever.
Ah ... so close (again!) and yet so far! I'm having a strange déja-vu... Will I ever see a Korean actor with my own eyes and for realz? And will I be able to touch one?!

Ah, dreams, dreams, dreams ...  (but can I say how much I envy you guys in SF for this beautiful weather? It's still cold and gray here!)