More Kim Ji-hoon Holiday Pictures

I have survived RL for now and don't plan to go back for a while (Easy: I'll just have to make sure no new mountain of work will have to be climbed). No, I want to catch up with all the KDrama I have missed in the last few days ... hell, weeks! Give me my KDramas!!!! NOW!!!! 

My currently-favorite-KDrama-actor-next-to-LeeJunKi is still in the States, and he keeps tweeting lovely pictures of his lovely self for us lovely fans. We can't just have them on Twitter, can we? No: Kim Ji-hoon picture need to be spread as widely as possible.
 "Guess where I am :-)"
[hmm, wait, let me guess: In the valley of the prettiest men on earth?]
"This is valley of fire!!"
[ah, okay. ... Wait! I've been there too! Well, it was approx 13 years ago, but still! We almost met. Again! This must be unmyeong ...]
 "You know in n out? ㅋㅋ"
[No, I don't. But I hear it's pretty awesome. And I don't appreciate you reminding me of how hungry I am, thank you NOT]
 "I'm doing ma best mommy ㅎㅎㅎ"
[God, you're so cute ... I want to be your mommy, too! (oups. that sounded very wrong... 0.o]
[What are you saying? I've been there too!!!!]
 "It is not casino. But airport."
[Yeah. Vegas. Biggest Casino in the world for you. Or: the place where everything is a casino, even the toilets]
"Omg.. the aircraft never takes off.. It's been delayed for 4hours.. HAHA"
[so sorry to hear, "oppa". It must be the day of delays today. My train was also delayed. And the next one I had to change to, too. And the third one, too. OMG: another thing we have in common!!!! UNMYOENG]