Tweetings from ... Kim Ji-hoon (while I'm sad in Geneva)!

No, these pictures are not particularly new. They are 4, respectively 3 days old by now. Frankly, I was waiting for more of them, but Mr. Lovely hasn't tweeted since (he may be back in Korea) - and I'm really in need of something beautiful right now. 

I'm in Geneva, for a conference, have internet, but cannot stream anything (cause both the connection and this computer are the crappiest sh** you can imagine). I'm watching animal documentaries (Blue Planet - German subbed!) and Russian Music Box (never mind if you don't know what that is) and am getting more and more depressed. 
First of all: nature is so beautiful (especially all that stuff under water) ... but how much longer will it exist? Human beings and their destructive, egoistic greed make me very sad. 
And then, all this killing... Killing, killing, killing. Can't these animals just like each other? Fish A butchers Fish B, Lobster Z pushes Lobster Y out of her sand hole she lovingly prepared for breeding, Polyp W just digest Polyp V ... Etc. 
Third, can't they stop pretending there's all that sound under water? Well, technically there is, but not like this. I've been underwater, and it's usually completely still. The forced dramatic effect of all that gurgling and teeth gnashing upsets me almost as much as the outer space sound we get served by default in SciFi.

Cranky much? YES! I want to watch KDrama! Pleeaaaase! *sobbing* 
Yes, yes, I admit that I'm addicted, but just give me my fix .....
Kim Ji-hoon, save me!!!!!

[There is wind? Ji-hoon-oppa, your hair always looks the same to me. I think it is very thick. I would love to touch it and tug it and ruffle it ... And who are the people in the background? They don't seem to know who you are. They don't know what they're missing, obviously - and they should have known, cause everything about you screams celebrity! Especially your sunglasses]
"still... wind..."
[You're one sexy beast, Kim Ji-hoon]
"Will you marry........ ?"
[uhm ... okay, frankly, I already am happily married. I mean ... I wouldn't mind changing the law, don't get me wrong. But I am not sure my husband would get along with you. Even though you have a lot of humor, Ji-hoon, like him. I just don't he would want to share. So ... very sorry. I cannot marry you]

I cannot wait to get home!