And the Kdrama Addict Martyr Award goes to: (A CONTEST)

Did you watch all 50 episodes of 1000 Kisses, only to be disappointed that there wasn’t even one memorable one in it? Did you finish New Tales of Giseang even though the compelling love story was overtaken by an errant ghost that left the characters, as well as us, go WTF? Did you suffer through all of Stairway to Heaven only to have it dump you into hell? Well you, my chingu, may be the winner of the first ever Kdrama Addict Martyr Award.
Just to be clear about what I mean by martyr, I give you definitions 2 and 3 from the online dictionary: Martyr: 2. One who makes great sacrifices or suffers much in order to further a belief, cause, or principle. 3. One who endures great suffering

I started pondering about martyrdom and Kdramas when I began wondering why, after knowing many others jumped ship 20 episodes ago, I am sticking with A Hundred Year Inheritance. After 48 torturous episodes I am seriously staring in the mirror pulling my hair out and screaming WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?????
Even the leads, who I loved in other dramas, can’t save this sinking ship. Granted, it’s hard to act when you are given a mess of a script and you’re surrounded by a cast of screaming whackos and a mother-in-law whose name I cannot speak for fear of flying into a homicidal rage. But the viewers were going to be rewarded eventually, right? And after weeks and weeks of some of the most ridiculous histrionics and scenarios you could ever imagine, the OTP finally shared a kiss – a kiss so bad that I felt myself physically cringing in embarrassment for them. (I realize that I am the kiss connoisseur, so perhaps a little more critical than most, but PLALEEESE! These guys are seasoned actors!)
Is it just me, or does this look really painful for both of them?
Yet still I watched. After every episode I wanted to rant and rave and flagellate myself as the entire cast became infected with the most widespread case of noble idiocy that I've ever seen.  Some characters even turned bipolar - "I will love you till the end - oh maybe not", and every kdrama trope in the book was hurled at us.  (OK, amnesia hasn't revealed it's ugly head yet, but given the end of episode 48 it's a distinct possibility.)

So then why have I continued watching? It can only be explained as the Martyr Syndrome. I keep thinking I have come this far, I WILL FINISH!  (This from someone with about 432 unfinished real life projects patiently waiting for her.) Because somewhere, deep down, I know how much sweeter the end will be, regardless of what happens, just to be able to share with others and say, yes! I did it! I dedicated 50 hours of my precious life to this train wreck and yes! I deserve a medal for it!!!

Any true Kdrama addict has to admit that they’ve done this at one time or another. So we’d like to hear your stories, dear readers, about when or why you suffered the most because of a kdrama. What show made the viewing turn torturous and made you scream upon completion: “I want my hours back?” Or tell us what compels you to stick to the end of a drama despite the fact that it's going downhill faster than a Korean U-turn and is causing what could be irreparable damage to your health and sanity as well.
The best entry will win not only the title of Kdrama Addict Martyr Award but also A Hundred Years Inheritance Mobile Strap Worry Cat (as pictured above). Yes, I realize that most of you have no idea of the significance of this having been smart enough to not watch this drama, and even if you did you would have absolutely no use for it, but we’re a small operation here, and I figured a prize of some sort, no matter how trivial, may actually prompt people to participate. (And I don’t want to have to make up lots of fake entries because no one’s responded!)

So please let us know why you deserve the Kdrama Addict Martyr Award. The winner will be announced July 4. We'd love to hear and share your story!