Heartless City (Moojung Doshi) - Episode 6 (A SqueeCap)

In a happy little sunshower, our two main leads finally meet. You know, they would be best friends if they only knew their commonalities: a penchant for causing leg injuries and scaring people, well-fitting clothes, sniper rifles, a love for the same girl…
JoAnne: Not to mention they're both COPS and they both hate drug dealers...
Episode 6

Shuk: Hyung-min aims his pistol at the unmoving back of Baksa, asking him the important question: “Are you Doctor’s Son?”
JoAnne: Ah, see, it happened to you, too. When I was talking about his tattoo I couldn't find a way to gracefully avoid having back and Baksa in the same sentence. I will admit that I sat here wondering why in the hell the most awesomest bad guy in the world had such a stupid escape plan, it's not very Baksa-like.
kakashi: All I can think of is: 'Don't ruin the beautiful suit! Get out of the rain!' - and: 'Goodness, he looks even worse with wet, flattened hair.'

Shuk: Suddenly, a black car hits the crazy cop from behind, knocking him to the ground. It’s Cutie-soo, come to save the day. They get in the car and drive away with a broken windshield as, yet again, the task force is a bit behind the Eight Ball.
JoAnne: Dudley Doright flashed through my head: Heeeeeeeeere I come, to save the dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Also damn...he's bleeding from the mouth and nose. That's gonna put him in the hospital for at LEAST 30 minutes according to my handy dandy sliding scale of normal human injuries versus Korean injuries.
Shuk: I think in the WAML SqueeCaps you thought it was the kimchi.
kakashi: Cutie-Soo's suit/coat also gets wet. Hmm, now I'm thinking: 'take off your suits'. I don't deal well with Baksa Adeul and Cutie-Soo in one and the same scene.
JoAnne: Really because I think you're headed in the right direction.
kakashi: Right - wrong ... who knows which is which! 
Shuk: Hyung-min is rushed to the hospital, and demonizes Baksa Adeul in his unconscious, rewriting the warehouse scene in his head so that the drug dealer shoots Kyung-mi in cold blood. I refuse to describe the hospital procedures but suffice to say they suck.
JoAnne: You know how there's anti-matter? Is there anti-logic? Is KDrama the wormhole where research goes to die?
kakashi: They did cut his shirt open with scissors though. I am imagining doing that to ... Kim Ji-hoon, Lee Jun-ki and Joo Sang-wook. All three are lying in front of me on the bed, unconscious. And then, I'll ... oups. Did I say this out loud?!
Shuk: You are so going to burn one day.
kakashi: Because it's so hot between the three? I guess. 
Shuk: Deputy Commissioner Kang and Superintendent Mi have a shouting match. Well, Kang shouts, Mi stoically stands there, until he gets a phone call and hurries out.
JoAnne: This is the scene where he actually shouts that rank matters more than human lives, right? He clearly has a complex about his height. I need one of Jin Sook's heels so I can beat this fool.
kakashi: He is also a little cross-eyes. He may have a complex about that too. I probably would. All things considered.
Shuk: Soo-min is huddled in the corner of a solitary cell, still covered in the Crazy Eye inmate’s blood, as she wonders if she did the right thing.
JoAnne: Of course you did, you weird-eyed freak. Is she wearing those circle lenses? Take them ouuuuuuuuuuut.
kakashi: She is an alien! I told you so! 
Shuk: Mi checks on Hyung-min in the hospital before talking to Shi-hyun, and finds out that Shi-hyun has not been outed yet. On a playground, Shi-hyun admits to Mi that he’s leaving bread crumbs of evidence as proof of his innocence of Kyung-mi's murder.
JoAnne: Explanation of stupid escape plan, check. Am I starting to have hope that he will secretly end up working WITH the task force in a sort of love/hate relationship? Also potentially a check.
kakashi: lalala, stupid. 
Shuk: Kang calls Safari directly and, after the usual verbal posturing, tells the sartorially-challenged drug kingpin to kill Hyung-min while he’s in the hospital. Safari doesn't take kindly to the demand.
JoAnne: Has anyone seen Halibut recently?
kakashi: Hahaha, Shuk, that's awesome. You just won this blogs picture award contest!
Shuk: The D & D-er team step outside the hospital room, leaving Hyung-min asleep and helpless. Yang is talking to someone on the phone when Do-hoon sits next to him and they chat. Chief Yang explains his daughter was on the phone; she is trying to get into a good but expensive school. Detective Kim offers to give him some funds to tide him over. Oh no, you aren't going to try and recruit him for Cutie-soo, are you?
JoAnne: Tomorrow I will send an email to all my co-workers and chastise them for not offering to help me pay for Tori's college tuition.
kakashi: Couldn't they have shaved Herman Munster's hair off? Don't they do that all the time at hospitals? 
Shuk: I guess that got WAML'd too.

Shuk: The music goes dark as the camera pans the hotel room where Detective Suh is recovering from her…err…friendly fire. Not handcuffed to the bed, and not under guard. Um, people, is she not suspected of being a spy? The masked individual pulls out a syringe just as Hyung-min steps into the room.
kakashi: Hahaha, the monster-eye, the monster-eye!!! And the hair, the hair! This drama is going all the way!
Shuk: Even injured, he manages to subdue the fake doctor, until his own injuries catch up with him and the man escapes. He chases after him, then stops and runs back to Detective Soo’s room. She’s gone, and he starts running around the hospital. A high-pitched squealing in his ear tells me he has a brain injury, but it could be cancer or amnesia; it’s been known to happen before.
JoAnne: That's the hospital, isn't it? Brain injuries make you hear squealing sounds? And I call the first of many bullshits, because 5 minutes ago he could barely walk. He could have cancam, which is where you have cancer but you forget and act like a completely healthy person. I don't like those pajama pants - well, I do sort of - but they completely obscure his two main selling points.
kakashi: If the open up his brain, he'll look even more like Frankenstein. 
Shuk: We get a single shot of Baksa carefully shielding Detective Suh as Hyung-min runs by. Out on the hospital rooftop (yay they have one too!), he waits until she wakes up. He asks her what happened that day at the warehouse.
JoAnne: Oh, rooftop scene, I have missed you so much!
kakashi: Is he going to throw her off? Maybe on top of Herman?
Shuk: Hyung-min finally finds her on the rooftop, but Baksa is gone. And now she spills the beans about Deputy Commissioner Kang, to the extent of having him listen to their recorded conversations.
JoAnne: Now I wonder if she was just along for this part of the ride, and maybe thought Kang had his reasons and that they might not be nefarious. So she thought she'd been given a special secret legitimate task.
kakashi: This is a very bad actress. He should have thrown her off. 

Shuk: Lead Detective Thighs of Steel and Brains of Porridge calls Kang directly, and gives him the option of turning himself in. Kang tells the younger man he knows nothing of the real truth behind the investigation. A gun is pointed at the Commissioner’s head, the arm swathed in my mother’s rose-printed curtain material. It’s Safari. Hyung-min hears the gunshot through the phone.
JoAnne: Come ON. I'm dyyyyyyyyying to hear the real truth behind the investigation.
kakashi: Man down, man down! Hey, show, stop killing them all so fast! Or what will we be left with in the final episode? Empty rooftops?
Shuk: When Forensics gets there, it appears that he committed suicide. Hyung-min goes back over that last convo with the Deputy Commissioner and is convinced it was not suicide. He collapses and is carried away by his team. Baksa was watching the crime scene the entire time.
JoAnne: It occurs to me that the murder of Kang and Hyung-Min's collapse can be summed up this way, with a nod to Alka-Seltzer: Cop Shot, Bzzzz, Flop - oh what a relief it is!
kakashi: What complete utter bullshit. Suicide?! What crap forensics are they? And btw, the ringing ... had that last in IRIS2. When Jang Hyuk was dying because there was a bullet in there, moving around.
Shuk: Sleezy Prosecutor Ahn gets rear ended, sexed up, and drugged. When he wakes up with no dignity or clothes, Baksa is sitting in a chair, cool and impeccably dressed. He tells the prosecutor that he needs to Nolle prosequi the indictments against Lee Jin-sook, and in return, he will give the prosecutor Baksa Adeul, a case of money, and a bit of cocaine on the side.
JoAnne: Please don't use Prosecutor Ahn, rear-end, and sex in the same sentence.
Shuk: You seem to have a problem with my turns of phrase, unni. I used the word "outed" too, in case you didn't see it. [evil grin]
JoAnne:  Your imagery is just so...vivid.
kakashi: That woman is such a cutie! I think I'd fall for her too. And we're back in the room with the weird writing on the wall, where several bones in Tooth's body got broken. Baksa Adeul? One cool motherfucker. I kinda wish to be with him in that weird room with the writing on the wall. 
Shuk: Hyung-min wakes up in the hospital to the sound of loud snoring, and finds Chief Yang on the couch. He checks out and heads to Headquarters, only to be waylaid by Internal Affairs. It seems they've heard about some of his shenanigans; wiretapping colleagues, shooting them in the leg… They warn him that they will go light if he helps them capture any internal spies, but he lies with a straight face that Detective Suh hasn't done anything against the department.
JoAnne: For a minute I wondered why and then I thought about Kang and then I remembered that Kang is dead now but after that I realized that I was right earlier: There HAS to be someone behind Kang. Good job, Thighs. Don't tip your hand.
kakashi: Yes, surprisingly, sometimes, there seems to be a brain in his head. 
Shuk: I think the hairs turn inward and occasionally tickle his hippocampus.
kakashi: That would also explain the buzzing. 
Shuk: Prosecutor Ahn has a meet-up with Jin-sook. Baksa calls in, tells her she will be freed soon, and begs her to give up the criminal life and live simply again. The charges are dropped. In the cell block, Soo-min finds out about her target’s release as she is walked to a different section of the Detention Center. She frantically tries to call Hyung-min, but he’s still at IA and doesn’t answer.
JoAnne: Move it along, folks, nothing to see here. Just some necessary plot machinations.
kakashi: Well, it sucks if your target gets released while you, the undercover agent, get to sit in solitary! Get her out, Herman!

Shuk: Superintendent Mi meets up with Chief Prosecutor Ji, and the Mi/Ji discussion revolves around Hyung-min. Daddy Ji heard his son was being investigated by IA, and he wants assistance from Hong-gi to spin doctor the Deputy Commissioner sitch: Kang suffered from depression, and Detective Suh was injured in the line of duty. Oh crap, is Daddy Ji the head of the drug snake?? The music would suggest so.
JoAnne: Not Kang. Yang. Right? No, you're right. Yang is the little detective. The names could have been thought out better: Kang, Yang, Hyung-Min, Kyung-Mi...
kakashi: Kang-Yang-Hyung-Min-Hyung-Nim-Kyung-Mi-...
ShukKu:  "Oh Moojung Doshi // The names confuse SqueeCappers // Guys are all well 'hyun'."

Shuk: Hyung-min is released from the IA investigation, and he and Chief Yang discuss developments. He is still bothered by the conversation with the late Deputy Commissioner. He meets with Superintendent Mi, and hears his fate: The prosecutor’s office has made its move, Hyung-min is out of the team and on hiatus, and Yang will be heading the special unit. The diminutive new Lead detective gives Hyung-min time to clear his desk, as the official report on the suicide is read to the media. That same female reporter from before barrels into Hyung-min on her way to the press conference, knocking his box out of his hands.
JoAnne: She must matter.
kakashi: Here she is, a third time! She could be somebody's sister! Or a new love interest for Frankenstein?
Shuk: Mi talks to Hyung-min outside and explains that the suicide finding was the only way to get him released from IA’s clutches. Hyung-min vows to continue on his own until Baksa is found and/or dead. Chief Ji brings Prosecutor Ahn to his office to ask him about the Jin-sook deal, and Daddy Ji asks for him to keep an eye on Jin-sook, and also to find a way to bring the special unit to heel.
kakashi: Boooooooooooring. I am losing interest. Not enough sexy. I demand more Cutie Soo!

Shuk: Baksa is having jjajangmyun with Mi, and we find out he used to share dinner with Yi Sul and Shin-hyun. Wait, is that before, after, or during the pair’s relationship with Safari? I’m getting confused over the Six Degrees of Separation here. In the present, he gives the Superintendent a new satchel to replace the one he shot through, and the older man smiles.
JoAnne: I wonder if YiSul (latterly known as Jin Sook) was an informant. Or a love interest. 
kakashi: Baksa's younger self is very cute. And I am hungry now. I always get hungry when they eat delicious Korean food in KDramas. Ergo: I am hungry all the time! 
Shuk: I love the little wrist flick that spun the pepper flakes to Mi. Such an economy of motion, that man!
Shuk: Hyung-min is home with his sad little box when he receives a message from the Detention Center Captain about Jin-sook.
kakashi: Isn't it time to cut your hair, Frankie? New start, new haircut? 

Shuk: Our boy is wearing cute striped socks when he calls his aunt. She tells him she can’t leave the business while someone is after her. He appears surprised at the news. Hyun-soo also hears about the release and realizes his jail contact did not take her out. He orders Jin-sook an outfit.
JoAnne: So worried, so very worried, about what this animosity will do to the Cutie-Soo/Baksa bond.
kakashi: nooooooo! Not my babies!!!! 
Shuk: At the Detention Center, Hyung-min tells Soo-min she can’t be released because of the original cover story, and she can never get revenge for her sister unless she agrees to stay in jail. Seriously, dude, do you even hear yourself? She tells him to go ahead and press charges; she’s innocent. He reminds her that she can be found guilty of excessive force. Chincha? For trying to escape a sexual assault?? Plus, he explains, with a record, she'll never make it to the police academy, and there’s no proof she went undercover, since she not a cop yet. Okay, Hyung-min, you have magnificent thighs and are a magnificent bastard. I want you dead.
JoAnne: Something about this little girl makes me think she'll make him pay.
kakashi: What an asshole. 
Shuk: Hyung-min is walking to a convenience store when he is waved off by a black-on-black individual. He peeks through the window, and sees Jin-sook along with several of her thugs dragging a bloodied store manager. He watches as they exit the building with the employee.
kakashi: Yeah. And this is ... what? unmyeong? Cause he picks THAT store at THAT time? 
JoAnne: Since Hyung Min is so beefy, I'm going with umami.
kakashi: He may, in fact, be going there deliberately, at second thought. 

Shuk: We go back to his conversation with Soo-min, where she tells him about the stabbing incident, and he realizes Jin-sook was revenging Soo-min. He jumps into his SUV and follows the vehicle of thugs. Jin-sook drops the manager at the police station, and tells him to confess, or else. So the criminal did the one thing you refused to do, Hyung-min, protect your late girlfriend’s dongsaeng. Ass.
JoAnne: But he would never rough up a citizen in pursuit of....oh, wait.
kakashi: Jin-sook is my girlfriend. I love her. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!
Shuk: Soo-min is released, and she is handed her personal effects, including the new cell phone. Jin-sook also left her a pretty dress to wear when she leaves the prison. Hyung-min is there at the prison gate, and flashes his lights. She ignores him, just as Jin-sook pulls up and hugs her. He sits back and watches her entry into the underground world with barely a flicker of regret, but he does look down at the square of tofu on the passenger seat.
JoAnne: That was your flicker, right there.
kakashi: So. what's this about tofu when somebody gets released? I thought that was a specific WAML thing, but obviously not!
Shuk: Here's a quick post regarding that subject.
Shuk: Jin-sook is not a real traditionalist about post-prison festivities, and the girls get acquainted at a spa. She tells the younger woman how she made the manager confess, and they go on a shopping spree as well. Soo-min probes for personal information, but gets shut down immediately.
JoAnne: I giggled at the part where she was embarrassed to have the bodyguard see her with all the underwear and lingerie.
kakashi: And I liked that she told the rapist that she would cut his thing off if he didn't go confess. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!
Shuk: Baksa shows up at the prison, still puzzled by his last phone talk with Jin-sook, and ends up walking past Hyung-min, still sitting in his car for some reason. There is no recognition, though, and he goes in to speak with the would-be assassin. In his quiet way, he asks her who hired her to kill Jin-sook.
JoAnne: That woman looks nuts.
kakashi: In a good way. I mean: well cast. And this interaction? Awesome. He can really be scary if he wants to be ... 
JoAnne: I want to defuse his anger with sex. Lots of sex. Don't you think that's a good plan?
kakashi: You have my blessing. 
Shuk: Hyung-min asked to see the same woman, only to be told her lawyer is talking to her. He runs in there, but it really is just an attorney. Outside, Baksa sees the visitor’s logbook, and tells his informant to erase all CCTV images. By the time Hyung-min bounces back to the front desk, most of the deed is done, although he catches one guard hitting the ‘erase’ button. He asks to see who has visited the prisoner in the past, and they show him the video of Cutie-soo.
JoAnne: The attorney is the mega-expensive attorney who got Jin Sook out.
kakashi: Why did the Dumbass run?! Seriously. As if it made a difference. But more importantly ... oh no! Baksa knows about Cutie-soo!!!
JoAnne: It's your turn to distract him with sex now.
kakashi: Thank you. 
Shuk: Outside, Baksa receives a phone call from the guard who warns him that Special Investigator is following the trail of evidence at the Detention Center. Crap, there are enough beads to make a necklace.
JoAnne: Crap beads? Like, as in dung beetles?
kakashi: Oh shit. This is going to get ugly. 
Final Thoughts

kakashi: Muahahaha, I get to go first! Well ... uhm ... what to say? I want to greet my father and mother and my husband. And I hope he never ever reads the stuff on my blog. And if he does I am going to deny EVERYTHING. As for the drama, I continue to really, really like the gangster-bits and really, really dislike anything having to do with the police and Frankenstein. He is such an asshole. And an ugly asshole at that. I don't mind if he dies. But I do mind if Baksa Adeul or Cutie-Soo die. Very much. And I fear for those two .... and I will go now and buy tissues and soju.
Shuk: With everything about to hit the fan, I fear for uri Baksa. It's like juggling multiple items while walking through a minefield. And his breaks are few and far between - will his intelligence and wiry frame be victorious? One of my fears (that hasn't shown up, at least, not  yet) is when or if they introduce romance into the mix. All it takes is one little sheila (looking at YOU, Soo-min) to distract his concentration. Don't do it, writer-nim! I'm also worried for the Cutie-soo bromance, since they are clearly on the opposing sides of the law, even while on the same side of the conflict. I look forward to the next episodes with trepidation and excitement!
JoAnne: I've said before that I'm frustrated with the police even though I understand what they're up against with both internal and external foes. HOWEVER, I notice that there's a certain drug dealer who has the very same issues AND a secret identity to juggle and he seems to be managing just fine.  I'm worried about what that whole Jin Sook issue is going to do to him and Cutie Soo, and I wonder WHY there's a Jin Sook issue for Cutie Soo. I just really want all the backstory answers now. I fully intend to live vicariously through the upcoming romance, and since I know that Baksa can't die until the end at least, and if it's done well that's the kind of pain I love, I can ignore any worry for now.  Although - what if he gets killed off, like an episode or two before the end, and Soo Min finishes his work for him? I would hate that. Cruel City without Baksa? No.