Shuk's Favorite Kisses

Hello everyone!  This is Shukmeister, taking a small respite from the SqueeCapping, I decided to look back and do a listing of some of my favorite KDrama lip-to-lip action scenes. They are in no particular order or timeframe of watching, but they have stuck in my brain and heart over weeks, months and years.  Enjoy!
Secret Garden (2010)
This one is a favorite for several reasons.  It's just a tiny kiss, with a little forehead to forehead action, but when Joo-won tells her that his company stock is crashing because the heir has fallen for a stuntwoman and ruined the merger of a lifetime - that just made me melt.  It's like the two little words, "I do", that, in the infinitesimal moment you say them, can carry over into a lifetime's commitment.
City Hall (2009)
Who knew that a man this lanky could make front-seat seduction look so effortless and smooth?  Cha Seung Won makes the list twice.  In this one, his slick city character is going after the naive county woman, only to end up changing more than he ever thought possible.  The above gif is just a small snippet of a more than five minute seduction scene, ending with a beautiful moment when he uses his shadow to protect her from the sun, just so she could sleep a few minutes more.  From selfish to caring, Jo-gook becomes a man any woman would swoon over.

I Do I Do (2013)
The show had the recurring theme of older woman / younger man, but the dynamics between them never seemed forced, even when the Law of Inverse Fertility hit and knocked her up on the first try.  I love the pull-her-closer move of his hand on her waist, and of course, her active participation is a nice change from the usual tree trunk stance of the female.  And her stare at his lips before he obliged.  
Personal Taste (2010)
The "Game Over" kiss - the first 'real' kiss I saw in what was probably a dozen or so KDramas at the time.  Perhaps it was the orbital shot camera, or the shiny gray jacket flowing beautifully as he determinely strode towards her, but I felt this one clear down to my toes.
Greatest Love / Best Love (2012)
My second CSW kiss comes from his man-child Dokko Jin character, who nevertheless was always able to understand Gu Ae-jung's actions.  He knew he lost his love, and his face is nothing less than sadness leading to a desperate hope and an awesome, through-the-window kiss.
Me Too, Flower! (2011)
This show suffered from a lot of things from the get-go: An injured leading man (post army abs Kim Jae-won), an entire run of live shoot, poor ratings, and a reduction in the number of episodes.  But the actors really worked hard with what they had, and Yoon Shi-yoon did an excellent job.  This is the quiet time in the hospital after the almost-death scene: Bong-sun asks Jae-hee for a song, and he asks for payment.  The little nose kiss made me sigh with how cute and cuddly it was.
So there you have it, my favorite toe-curling, chair-arm-gripping, squeeing kisses.  So far.  Let's hope there are even better ones on the horizon!!  And what are your favorites?