Special Affairs Team TEN 2 - Episode 7 (Recap)

This episode is heartwarming ... until it isn't. The team is finally together as one, and thanks to their collective genius, they solve this case fast an efficient, like the champions that they are. Speaking of cases, this week's whodunnit didn't excite me much. Not twisted enough for my taste! But I guess it serves its purpose ... it shows us how ugly human beings can be (and if I am not mistaken, (almost?) all of TEN's cases are based on true stories) and serves as background for wonderful team-interactions. Do-shik is in love, Min-ho wants to be in love, Ye-ri constantly watches Ji-hoon (and it is his heart that is on her mind), while Ji-hoon is now finally ready to reach out to other human beings again. And the human beings that are close to his heart are and always were his team members... So he cooks them coffee that is too sweet and learns again how to smile. But then, an ugly secret wants out ... and it really needs to come out, does it? But when is the right time? I am bracing myself ... I don't expect this to go down well. Not at all.

Special Affairs Team TEN 2 - Episode 7
우음도 살인사건 - Woo Eum Murder Case

A woman, with her back to us, sits on the floor of a darkened room. There is a ghostlike quality to her, as she is all softly shimmering white. She is on the phone, telling the man on the other end to hang up unless he wants to miss his flight. He asks here whether she’ll be fine without him. Of course! she replies, and tells him not to worry. They hang up and she slowly disappears from our view, fading away ... All that remains is her phone on the floor and a coffee mug next to it. We see that someone is calling - and has been calling for a while, it seems: The screen of her phone shows 8 missed calls.
A murder scene in a swamp is our next scene: It is a vast open space, with shortish grass, sandy bits and puddles. They found a chopped up skeleton in a suitcase. Well, I guess that's much better than a rotting body.

The TEN Team arrives! Strut-strut-strut, I love it when people strut like that. But, oh no ... Yeo Ji-hoon is sans moustache!!! I would never in my whole life have guessed I’d say this one day (always hated facial hair), but he looked so good with it, correction, he looked BETTER with it. Yes, I’m going to miss it! (I'm guessing his optical return to "before" is a sign that we're back to normal, to how the team was before things went a little crazy and out of hand during the F-case)
He remarks to their boss-boss in his usual arrogant-snarky (but still drily humerous) way that the other bosses must be very nervous about this murder. Boss-boss confirms, yes, this went straight to the top. If the media gets wind of this, they'll be all over it like a rash ... He asks, even almost begs Ji-hoon to solve this case as quickly as possible. And because Ji-hoon is actually a nice person (or isn't he?), he sighs deeply and gets to it. Or maybe he can't say no to boss-boss.
Min-ho and Ye-ri both think that the body has been disposed of rather unprofessionally. Careless, rather, says Do-shik. The murderer might not have known that swamps have puddles that appear and disappear repeatedly. In this case, the criminal most likely dumped the suitcase into one, and it disappeared ... but then, the puddle reappeared and spit the suitcase out again. It will be difficult to find the victim’s identity after so long, Min-ho says; it’s been more than 6 months since the murder. Ji-hoon, who has come over, looks at the skull more closely and says: "Lucky for us, there are many clues left in the skeleton".


Ji-hoon and Min-ho are with the Autopsy Lady. She explains that based on the surface structure of the bones, this was a female, age range early 20s to late 40s (well, Autopsy Lady, the American Dr. Bones was usually fare more precise than this! Just putting it out there for your consideration). The victim was killed instantly by a powerful blow to the head. All her teeth were removed, most likely to hide the identity of the victim. However, there is one very important clue: The victim had plastic surgery; a specific kind of cheekbone reduction (ouchie! Who would do that to themselves ...)
And Min-ho goes: "Oh, Teamchang-nim! I guess we'll have to check with all the cosmetic surgeons then!" But Autopsy Lady corrects him: It is not all of them they need to go check ... this type of high-level plastic surgery is only done in Seoul. Ah, eaaaasy... Only all the plastic surgeons in Seoul then. Min-ho blinks, panicked, and Ji-hoon (the ass!) says: "Detective Park, what are you doing? Get going!" And a deeply sighing Min-ho leaves the room. I feel for you, cutie pie!
Do-shik, in the meantime, is talking to somebody who knows more about the vomiting swamp and its puddles. Afterwards, they are able to determine with the help of satellite imagery that the puddle initially appeared sometime after January and then disappeared again in March. He orders the police-helper woman to collect all the missing person reports from that period. She is also quite busy that one, isn't she?
A plastic surgeon explains Min-ho the different types of cheekbone surgery. Gah, it hurts just hearing about it!!! But thanks to that information, Cutie-Pie is able to narrow down the search to 100 hospitals, because only they have the specific equipment needed for that type of surgery. Furthermore, what they are looking for is a specialist in Dentistry PS. But when he gets to the one who most likely conducted the surgery on the murder victim, the surgeon is a dick and refuses to hand him a list of names: for reasons of privacy, of course. He tells him haughtily to come back with a warrant. Min-ho seems to be thinking about a clever and mean reply, but then ... he caves and leaves. Oh poor baby, you try so hard, but you have far to go ... Barely outside the doctor's office, he calls his big role model, Do-shik, for help! Haha, this is going to be awesome.
Ye-ri noona is checking out where the suitcase that contained the bones came from. It is a limited edition, imported directly from New York in 2011, and it is very expensive. This means more work for Yeo-Kyung (the helper woman): she now also has to look for rich people that left for America in 2011 or are immigrants from there.

Two girls enter the surgeon's office hand in hand, but suddenly stop, taken aback: 3 rather ... uhm, let's call them large, bulky men sit in the waiting area, almost squashing a poor woman between them. The surgeon is furious about the disruption of his business, but Do-shik, playing dumb, says that they are all customers. "Hey kids", he calls out to the three, "why are you here?", and the men go in unison: "To get prettier". looool! And isn't the poster on the wall promising them free consultation, Do-shik wants to know? Point and strike for Min-ho and team! Take that, evil surgeon! Give them the list!
Ji-hoon is in the meeting room, sifting through some documents when he gets a call. Alright, he looks SO GOOD in a black shirt! Did he get that from SSH after WAML? It's Autopsy Lady (I like how they are never awkward despite the fact that they've slept with each other, i.e. he used her rather meanly). She has big news: they were lucky to have found the skeleton when they did, because any later, nothing would have been left (thank you, vomiting swamp). It was chemically processed! With Hydrofluoric Acid, stuff that dissolves things pretty quickly, including bodies in suitcases in swamps. The murderer, it seems, was quite knowledgeable about chemistry.
Ji-hoon looks at the board, where they have put the possible victims - and his eyes come to rest on one particular woman: Lee So-jung.

Do-shik and Min-ho come back to the office, where Ye-ri is just coming down the stairs from her cubicle. They all stop dead in their tracks, hearing and then looking at something odd. To say the least. It is their Boss, grinding coffee beans! By hand! As if it were the most normal thing in the world ...
Do-shik says, alarmed: "What are you doing?"
Ji-hoon looks up (innocently), checks his work on the beans, and says: "I believe we'll have the victims identity within 16 hours ... Good work, everyone!"
And all three of them smile ... and my heart ... is a puddle on the floor. Melted. Like ice cream in the oven.
They all sip the coffee Ji-hoon made for them from identical cups with flowers on them. Did somebody do some reading on team building, maybe? Min-ho eagerly praises how good it is before he summarizes what they know: Lee So-jung went missing on February 16. She was a travel freelance writer, 34 years old. Plus ... her husband is a chemistry professor (by the name of Shin Young-geun). Everything fits - all they need to confirm that she really is the murder victim is a DNA test. Min-ho gloats: this is the fastest they ever were to solve a TEN case!
Ye-ri takes a sip from the coffee and almost spits it back in: too sweet! she exclaims ... but then checks herself and kinda nods in Ji-hoon's direction. They still treat him like a princess all the time. A stone-faced Ji-hoon also takes a sip. Hmmm ... Need more practice there, sexy boss?
A zealous Min-ho wants to go catch the chemistry professor right this instance, but Ji-hoon tells him to calm down, there's no need to rush. Do-shik also thinks it would be better to arrest him when he least expects it... when a visitor is announced. Wut?! It's the chemistry professor!! And his eyes go wide and fill with tears when he sees the image of his dead wife on the board. 
He seems devastated by the confirmation that his wife is dead. He even brings them a toothbrush and a comb that belonged to her for DNA testing. Do-shik asks some routine question, like where he was when his wife disappeared. He was at a seminar on Jeju Island, the professor says. After his lecture before he left that day, she packed his things and came to visit him at the school.

We see a flashback in which they chitchat, but when he wants to hug her, she backs off. When he says that they will be apart for three days and wants to get close again, she is evasive and just tells him to have fun. Yes, he thought there was something strange about her - but he came to the conclusion that she was just in a bad mood. So this was the last time he saw her? Do-shik wants to know. No contact after? Yes, they had contact, Shin Young-geun says, they talked on the phone - but after that, she didn't pick up anymore. He reported her missing the next day, on a Saturday. Do-shik thinks that's a bit fast. But the husband just knew something was wrong: So he asked his mother-in-law to check out the house. All her things were still there, but she wasn't. Is there anyone that he suspects? Do-shik asks. No, professor says all worked-up, as hard as he thinks and thought about it: there is simply nobody that could have wanted to kill his wife.
Ji-hoon, who is watching the interrogation with Ye-ri behind the one-way glass, asks Ye-ri what her opinion is. She says: "If that man really is the criminal, he must be having a hard time."
Damn! So I guess not the fastest solved case ever, right?

용의자4 (4 Suspects)

Do-shik is talking to the policeman in charge of finding the wife. The husband came to the police station almost every night, he hears. The only potential lead they had was a former classmate, a friend that Lee Sung-jo often called. But they couldn't reach him, that's why they stopped trying, the police officer says.

Min-ho and Ye-ri are at the professor's house, searching for clues. But everything is super clean ... too clean? There is no blood, no nothing. Which is weird, seeing the expensive suitcase was taken from this house and a body was placed inside of it. Ye-ri suspects that chemicals were used here as well. Also, there was no forced entry ... so whoever came into the house, killed them wife and placed her in the suitcase had a key or was let in. They check all the husband's records (phone etc.). After her disappearance, he went all over the country, to look for her. He looks clean, this one, right?
Ji-hoon is talking to an old friend or colleague, who is kinda scoffing at the fact that he wants to talk about a murder with her. (What else were you expecting to talk about, hm? I know exactly what I would talk about! I.e. certain disturbing scenes in his recent move 90 minutes) She tells him more about Shin Young-geun. He is a remarkable scholar for his age, who has published in Nature, for example. He has skills, manners, money, looks, you name it. And he even does good, by paying the tuition fee for students with low incomes.
So, is there also something bad?! Ji-hoon wants to know. She struggles to come up with something and then says: "His exam questions are too hard!" That's why his nickname is Difficult Shin Young-geun. Haha. That mad me laugh.

He has no flaws then, Ji-hoon observes (ah .... I miss the moustache!) But what about the relationship to his wife? Well, there's a sad story, the woman says. 7 years ago, there was an accident at the school, a fire inside one of the laboratories. The firefighters sprayed water, but there was sodium monoxide inside (and we see a flashback and how the room explodes, when the sodium monoxide reacts with the water: Boom!) Another person in a white lab coat runs up to the firefighters and tells them to stop immediately: no more water! Or everything will explode!! Inside, however, Lee So-jung's fiancé at the time burned to death ... the doors were locked. And it was Professor Shin that comforted her during the difficult time afterwards. Yeah, okay. This professor? He stinks.
Do-shik looks at the board and at the timeline they've come up with: The murder victim called her mother at 9:16am. At 11:20am, she sent her husband off to work (that's a darn late start there, genius professor!). At 5pm, she dropped off lunch at his school (uhm ... what? lunch at 5?). At 6pm she brought him his bags for the trip. At 9:03pm, she talked to her husband on the phone. He was at the airport (we get the same images from the start of the episode, but this time, we see her face) - so this phone conversation was right before she disappeared. Alright. Seems straightforward enough so far. But who was it if not the Prof?
Min-ho and Ye-ri sit on some plastic chairs when he does a cute, but oh so childish thing! He holds one of those ice creams with two sticks in his hand and he declares: "If I split this perfectly, it means we'll get together". And ... okay, I've never EVER before seen a more badly split ice cream! Poor puppy ...
They are at a store to find out more about the professor and his students. One of them, a woman, came to this particular shop frequently. She was pretty and polite, the shop ahjumma tells them. She was the professor's assistant and she went to his house often, even if nobody was there. Like, for example, the day before yesterday. Huh?! That is a bit weird for a student if you ask me ...

Do-shik asks the police helper woman to find some info on that classmate of Lee So-jung (named Na Won Hak), the one that is AWOL. And because he is on a roll, he also discovers the next big clue. While looking at a list of names of people caught on camera in the area the skeleton was found in, he stumbles across a female chemistry student - and a student of Shin Young-geun's at that. Bingo. Her name is Kim Min-jung. I am sure that is the exact same woman the shop ahjumma was talking about. And now I'm counting ... who are the 4 suspects? 1) Shin Young-geun; 2) Kim Min-jung; 3) Na Won-hak (?); 4) ... his dog? Huh. Why was this chapter this called 4 suspects?!

여자들 (Females)

Ye-ri and Ji-hoon are at Kim Min-jung's place. I always get very excited when the two of them are alone - in vain, most of the times. (And how can she be in a room with him without, you know, taking some action in the skinship department??! She is too shy, this woman!) Kim Min-jung is also missing (and her phone is off), and Ji-hoon sees in her computer that she has researched Lee So-jung's murder before going into hiding. He shouldn't be allowed to wear T-shirts cut that way. *gulp*
At the university, a guy in a lab coat (he may be a colleague of Shin's or a PhD or Post-Doc) tells Min-ho and Do-shik that Kim Min-jung has excused herself, saying she wasn't feeling well and wanted to rest at home for a few days. Do-shik thinks it's a liiiittle bit weird that she hasn't even properly switched off her laptop, then. Min-ho asks about the relationship between Min-jung and the professor: did they have an affair? No, no, labcoat-guy says, it was totally one-sided. The student just liked the Prof by herself. That's the way she was, he says: throwing herself at professors to get her grades up. But Professor Shin wasn't swayed by it. She was better liked and popular before the second assistant came in, though: Bae Seon-yeon. These two? Hated each other (and alright, this is kinda the fourth suspect, I guess).

Bae Seon-yeon has gigantic eyes and creeps me out. She seems socially inept and really weird. She acts and talks like an emotionless robot. Seon-yeon says she would be looking for Min-jung too, if she were a detective. They notice a large and ugly disfigurement on her right hand. Yes, Bae Seon-yeon says, this, too, is Min-jung's fault. She was in charge of the equipment, but was totally careless, as always, and Seon-yeon's glove got torn. And, the creepy robo-chick says, she was totally obsessed with the professor.
A phone call comes in this minute: they've discovered Min-jung's car! Oh no ... She is dead and it looks like suicide! There are pills there, and the rest of burned charcoal. In the back of her vehicle, they find evidence that it contained the bag with the body. Her suicide note says she is regretting the death of Lee So-jung - and it contains the details of how she killed her. Min-ho is hopeful that they've now concluded the case (the murderer has committed suicide and confessed), but Do-shik's awesome gut says differently. And Ji-hoon agrees: no, something is not right here.
The Autopsy Lady (all of them are there! That must be a first!) says Kim Min-jung died from carbon monoxide. And there is a lot of amine in her stomach, from the sleeping pills. It's the same pills they found in the car, pills you can only get with a prescription. Which Kim Min-jung didn't have. Okay. Min-ho, case is not yet solved! Back to work!
let me just say at this point that I admire the work the lighting director is doing in this series. There is hardly any inside scene which does not have exceptionally beautiful lighting.
Back at Kim Min-jung's place, they now look into her GPS and phone records. In her car, she went straight from the house to the site of her "suicide". But then, Min-ho finds something interesting: she hasn't printed anything from her computer in the last three days. Aha! The suicide note wasn't printed there! That is very weird, because she definitely didn't stop in between. And who writes and prints a suicide note days before the suicide?

Ye-ri (I loooooove her. But I love Ji-hoon even more) analyzes the style of writing in the suicide note. Because she is one smart woman, she has compared it with Kim Min-jung's blog. And it's pretty clear that it's not from the same author: there is a vastly different use of adjectives. Min-jung used a lot of emotion and description. But the suicide note is rather dry, stiff and businesslike: as if emotions were suppressed. There's a funny looking specialist there and he agrees: the suicide note uses a very unusual type of grammar, which does not match Kim Min-jung's grammar at all. And genius Ji-hoon also noticed something: the style of describing the murder fits a responsible, organized person - which does not describe Min-jung at all. Is the person who wrote the suicide note the murderer then? And ... what does this make Kim Min-jung? One of two things, Ji-hoon says: either dying after being framed - or dying as an accomplice.
Kim Min-jung hung up tons of pictures of herself and some friends partying the day Lee So-jung died. She prepared an alibi? Okay, then the driver in the CCTV footage wasn't Kim Min-jung after all! But why did she prepare all this? Min-ho wants to know. Well, Do-shik muses, she knew that something dangerous would happen to her. Somebody else drove her car that night - and Kim Min-jung knew about that person. They were, most likely, accomplices. But rather than killing together, they divided their roles, says Ji-hoon: one kills, the other cleans it up (man, I miss your moustache!) And while Kim Min-jung was trying to get her name clean, the other was planning to get rid of Kim Min-jung.

공범 (Accomplice)

Do-shik, lost in thought, sprays water on a bouquet of flowers in his office. They are field flowers and he might have received them from his lady-friend, when they were out on a walk or a picnic. When the police helper woman (whose name I still don't know for sure and/or constantly forget) calls out to him, he jumps, startled. She brings him information on the classmate, as required. He seems to be (hiding?) in a motel. Interesting ...
Do-shik looks up at the police helper woman who is not leaving and asks: "What?"
She says: "Are you dating?" and walks away laughing.
Do-shik is totally surprised that she has noticed and smells his hands. And then he smiles. D'awwwwwwwwwwwwz.
In the meeting room, the expert with the weird hair compares documents. He seems very, very tired. And yeah, it's a lot of documents. Ye-ri brings him even more files ... and, feeling a bit guilty, promises to get him more coffee.
Min-ho, on the phone with sexy boss, says the pills found in Kim Min-jung's car are from the school pharmacy. And there was a familiar name in the prescription list ... Bae Seo-yeon.
I guess I really DO have a thing for men on the phone ... O_O
The expert comes up the stairs and knocks on Ji-hoon's door: he has found the one who wrote the false suicide note. Sentence structure, preferred vocab, the dryness ... all signs point to Bae Seo-yeon!

Dun-dun-dun ....

And in they lead the robot woman! Min-ho is enervated that he was fooled by her innocent looks before. That woman has an interesting history related to the university: She went up against the "circle of silence" (which stands for the university seniors) and revealed in a student paper that a professor stole her research (that is also the piece of writing that gives her away re suicide note). Professor Shin was the only one that accepted her after that. Meaning: she was equally obsessed with the Professor.

Do-shik is going after the class mate (Nam Won-hak) who is in hiding. He knocks on the guy's motel room. When asked who he is through the closed door, Do-shik says he is here to talk about Lee So-jung ... which makes Nam Won-hak bolt and run for his life! After a lengthy chase through Seoul (why is it always poor Do-shik that needs to chase after people even though he seems the least fit?), Do-shik finally tackles him down in front of a police station (where he ran to, screaming, "Save me, save me!"). But the poor guy is totally relieved to find out that Do-shik is a policeman, too.

Ye-ri is in the investigation room with the creepy robo-chick. She is totally matter-of-fact and emotionless. She answers all the questions in a monotonous voice. Yes, she has issues ... and doesn't sleep well. But her sleeping pills were stolen a while ago, she states. Ye-ri asks her what she was doing yesterday. She was at home, doing an assignment for the Professor. And where was she three months ago? Robo-chick doesn't remember, but Ye-ri shows her the CCTV footage and chick's eyes grow even bigger. Aaaahhh, yes, now she does remember: she was at Woo Eum Do. Why? Just for a drive. With a dead body inside the trunk, maybe? Ye-ri continues. Huh? goes the scary chick. Well, it's pretty clear, Ye-ri says: you went there to get rid of the body. The woman just stares at her.
Min-ho, behind the glass, is mighty impressed with his noona. Ji-hoon's expression is unreadable, but let's just say for our heart's sake that he is also impressed and a little bit in love with her. But I've given up all hope that we will see more open signs of romance between these two. At least not in this season ...

So, why did you go? Ye-ri asks. I just told you, says Robo-chik; I went for a drive. The two women look at each other, and suddenly, a puzzled, almost shocked look appears on Ye-ri's face. What's with noona?? puppy Min-ho wants to know. She was lying straight, right? he asks her when she comes into the "control" room. But a troubled Ye-ri must admit: she isn't sure. Not sure at all.

At this moment, Do-shik calls them to the conference room. He has important news from the old classmate! The poor guy was dead afraid ... he believes that whoever killed Lee So-jung is now after him. And who would that be? Shin Yeong-geun! Do-shik continues to relate the interesting story the classmate told him  ... when there was the (fiance-burning) fire in the laboratory, he saw Shin standing behind a tree, smiling like a mad man. This, he tells Do-shik, is a moment he cannot forget. And he told the deceased Lee So-jung about it one day when he was drunk. And she got really interested in the story (naturally) and called him the next day to confirm. And confirm he did. Lee So-jung was very shocked afterwards.

Yikes! The man in question, Shin Yeong-geun, is dressing up nicely. He puts his wedding ring on. He seems to be practising some expressions in the mirror, shocked, sad, ... in the end, he smirks. Creepy.
So this Creep killed the fiancé for the woman he wanted. And to hide that murder, when she found out through her classmate, he killed her. And he was aided by the two student assistants - though their exact relationship is still not clear. But ... wait a minute. Shin Yeong-geun was excluded from the list of suspects because of his Jeju-alibi. But with two accomplices, that alibi becomes null and void. Ji-hoon - SEXY! - gets up and walks over to the timeline on the transparent board. If he made up his alibi, they need to start from the beginning. All their assumptions about the timing are probably wrong.

난제 (Difficult)

Back to the drawing board! Do-shik is looking at the cell-phone and call list of murder victim Lee So-jung. There is one call that catches his eye:  It is from "La Beauté". He and Min-ho obviously did not have French in high school, so they marvel what it might mean. "La Beauté" called her several times, but she obviously didn't pick up (even though she should have been home then). She could have been busy packing his lunch, Min-ho says. But Do-shik is tired of guessing: And simply calls them.
Ji-hoon is eyeing the transparent board with the timeline. Then he underlines things, as we see what they stand for again: Little tidbits of her day (I love how his mind works. Yes, seriously, I do! Intelligent men? Rawr.) He realizes that without Shin's testimony, who claimed to have talked to her on the phone, the last time she was alive was at 5:00 pm when she came to meet her husband. He leaves the conference room in a hurry.

Do-shik is now at "La Beauté", a beauty parlor. Lee So-jung was a VIP costumer there. That day, she didn't show up, which is very unusual behavior for her - she always cancelled if she couldn't make it. She had an 11am appointment.

Ji-hoon is back at the university, speaking to the chemistry teacher-colleague. So, Lee So-jung came at around 5pm to bring her husband lunch? Yes, yes, says the man: He's been asked that tons of times before. Ji-hoon wants to know whether he has seen her leave. No, says the teacher, not sure: he wasn't able to see her in person. So is there anyone that saw her? Nopsie. Not a single person saw her. So how did they know that it was her that brought the lunch? Somebody told them ... and they all just assumed. Who told them? It was Min-jung. And the wheels in his head go round and round ...
(Let me say here that Ji-hoon looks mighty fine in the casual clothes he is wearing in this episode. Granted, I do like him even better in his blue suit, with the moustache and the white gloves, but seeing parts of his neck is also quite a turn-on!)

So, they got it all wrong: Shin just said she brought him lunch, but nobody saw her. The murder was not after 9pm then! But sometime between 9:16am (when she talked to her mother) and the skin clinics first phone call, which was at 11:17. And that means ... Shin Young-geun's alibi doesn't count anymore. He was  home at that time. Bae Seo-yeon's and Kim Min-jung's alibi however are confirmed. The killer is ... Shin Young-geun.

Bastard! He killed her and placed her body in the bag. Then he went to work. And the woman he called at 9pm wasn't his own wife, Lee So-jung, but Bae Seo-yeon (and we see the very first scene of this episode again, but this time, the face of the woman is not Lee's, but Bae's). And ever since the body was discovered, Shin tried to put the blame on Kim Min-jung.
Min-ho is outraged and wants to go and arrest him right away. But Do-shik calms him down once again: They only have circumstantial evidence; proving his guilt will be far more difficult. Alas, he killed the only one that could have been a danger to him: Kim Min-jung. Bae Seo-yeon, says Ye-ri, will stay silent. Damn! 

And they all go back to their little offices to think about where to look for evidence to get him. In vain, it seems. BTW, I really love their offices! I'd play soccer in there. Or basketball! And I'd play with Ji-hoon. If you get my drift ... ;-)
They have Bae Seo-yeon back as a witness. Ye-ri talks cleartext now: in order to get what he wanted, Shin Young-geun killed his wife's lover 7 years ago. And now, he killed his wife. Did she know that? And she helped put all the blame on Kim Min-jung? Doesn't she feel guilty? Anything?
The creepy chick says: "I never did that!"
"But you are the one who faked the suicide note! And the sleeping pills inside her car were yours! And you continue to lie? Accusing the cartel of silence ... where did your righteousness go?"
A tear seems ready to fall, but Ye-ri is on fire and doesn't stop: "Just confess already. That night, why did you go to Woo Eun-do?"
"I told you I was just out driving!"
And the tear does fall.
They all look after her when she is led out; totally frustrated.
But that night, Ye-ri thinks back to the conversation she had with Robo-chik. And she gets it. Bae Seo-yeon isn't lying! Ye-ri is absolutely certain: she is telling the truth. She was not involved in Kim Min-jung's murder! That means that Shin Young-geun copied her style of writing when he wrote the suicide note. And he took her sleeping pills and put them into Kim Min-jung's car (after putting them inside her stomach somehow). But why did he keep her around this long? It seems he is now also trying to turn Bae Seo-yeon into a murderer ... Which means ... oh no! Robo-chick is in danger!!
And they get a call from the NFS: They found something in the bag. It is traces of man-made fertilizer. On the handle and inside the zipper area. And they find the exact same fertilizer in Shin's garden. I guess this is no longer circumstantial evidence now, right?

Cut to Shin Young-geun, who is looking very creepy and sinister, and is closing the blinds. He is in the office with Bae Se-yeon! He compliments her on her "good work" and wants to know what the police said. She says they asked random questions and she didn't say anything. He hands her a cup of tea and says: "You're the only one that believes in me." - "You believe in me too, right?" she asks, with huge eyes. "Of course. Everything will be fine." She drinks.
Next, he drags her body into the darkened laboratory and puts her onto a chair. And then, the scumbag sets some cloth on fire. Out he goes, to hide behind the same tree again and to watch to fire consume her.

We're at Shin Young-geun's pretty house next: Do-shik and Min-ho are standing outside the gate. Do-shik informs Shin that the body of the murder suspect Bae Se-yeon was found last night. He needs to come in as a witness. The scumbag manages to look shocked. Oh yes, Ji-hoon is the one interrogating him. This will be fun!! Grill him! Grill him!! Shin Young-geun asks what is going on. Ji-hoon says that they were really shocked about the two murdering students and what a shame it is they both died, taking the truth to their graves. I love how Ji-hoon watches him, like a snake, ready to strike. Shin Young-geun lies and plays sad and I really, really hate him. Ji-hoon comments that they cannot be sure whether it was suicide ... but Shin pipes up immediately and says oh yes, it must have been. There were no hazardous materials at the laboratory before she went in and killed herself, there was a safety check the day before. 
Gotcha, asshole. How strange, Ji-hoon says ... how did he know the death happened in the laboratory?
Why, is there a problem? the asshole-prof asks.
Oh yes, you scumbag, there is: nobody ever said anything about where the body was found. He tries to get out of it by lying that somebody called him and told him, but Ji-hoon has him on the hook: and he was able to just sleep after that? And who called, anyway?
Shin Young-geun is beginning to loose it. And Ji-hoon says: I'll tell you something even more important. You pretended too look for your wife all over the country for 3 months. But you didn't even come right away when her body was discovered. Only after seeing the skeleton on the news and seeing the Internet articles. That was 13 hours later! (which means: only when it became clear that he might be implicated he showed up)

Did I?, the asshole says, I had so many classes. I was so busy.
And Ji-hoon goes: Oh, I'm sure you were ... plotting to get rid of Kim and all. And Bae. And buddy: we also saw you on the CCTV. Three days after you reported your wife missing, you went to Woo Eum Do. In a rental car. To dump her body.
Asshole-Prof still tries to deny everything and asks the crucial question, still acting shocked and outraged: "Why would I kill my own wife?
Ji-hoon leans back: "Because it was uncomfortable. Because she found out about the nasty and filthy person that you are."
AND then he produces CCTV coverage of him setting the lab on fire.
The evil Creep is still trying to lie and now claims that he did it for revenge. He calls Bae Seo-yeon a stalker who tried everything to get close to him. Yes, he even confesses to the murder of Seo-yeon - he did it to revenge his dear, dear wife - and he'll pay for it if he must. Ji-hoon seems amused. And he tells Shin Young-geun that he is under arrest for the murder on his wife, the murder of Kim Min-jung - and and the attempted murder of Bae Seo-yeon. What, attempted?

And up goes the blind, and there stands scary robo-chick with the rest of the TEN team. Shin-monster looses it right there, he goes up to the glass and starts threatening her, calling her ugly names, after trying to make her believe they are lying. But Ji-hoon tells him to show some manners: this is the main witness to the Lee So-jung murder after all. And he knocks on the glass, having her look up at him ... and he nods his head in an encouraging way and smiles at her.
The girl leaves the office, slowly, while they all see her off. And Ji-hoon says: "Sometimes, the truth hurts as well. But it'll heal faster than the hurt you get from believing in a lie."
Oh shit. I do NOT like how that gets Ye-ri's attention ...
Later at night, when most of the office is dark and only Do-shik and Ye-ri are left, she shyly asks Do-shik to step into her office; she needs to tell him something. "Is is something important?", he wants to know, and I am guessing he really wants to go see his lovely veterinary. Ye-ri just smiles, pained and a bit sad, and Do-shik, reading the signs correctly, steps into her glass cubicle.
"So this is not about life counseling, right?" he says. And then ... oh well. TEN was never a show for the heart, was it. It was always about hurting and being hurt and having to hurt. Let the dark stuff come back in then. I am ready ... kinda.
"If you were hurt anyway, the truth is better than the lie, right?" Ye-ri asks, looking for confirmation.
"Of course", Do-shik says.
"I think it's time for Director Yeo to know the truth. The truth about Song Kyung-tae." Ye-ri says.
"Song Kyung-tae ... F?" says Do-shik, alarmed.
And Ye-ri just stands there, again with the pained half-smile, as it dawns on Do-shik: "Song Kyung tae ... it's not over, huh?"
Final Thoughts

Gahhhhh!!! Finally, there seems to be healing and the team is alright. They really solved this one together and fast at that. And now this!!! Ahhhh!!! We weren't really sure up to this point whether Ye-ri has told anybody about her discovery in Episode 2 that Song Kyung-tae is not F. F killed Song Kyung-tae's sister and Kyung-tae was chasing F, just like Ji-hoon. Unfortunately, Kyung-tae lost it completely and killed innocent Hee-joon (Ji-hoon's fiancée) in an act of desperation. Upon his capture, Ji-hoon is able to become better, to heal. Ye-ri, always watching him, has seen that he has gotten better, much better - but he is still hurting. And he may always hurt. Hearing him say "Sometimes, the truth hurts as well. But it'll heal faster than the hurt you get from believing in a lie" makes her decide that now is the time to come clean, to turn his current hurt over a lie into a more clean hurt over the truth ... with potentially terrible consequences. I guess she knows him better than I do but I seriously DON'T know what he will do once he hears the truth. Even though F might not directly have killed the love of his life, he still is completely at fault. And he is the most dangerous serial killer Ji-hoon has ever encountered. He is his nemesis, someone that almost changed him forever. Correction: that has changed him forever. And btw, who is most likely a police officer.

We are still far away from the finale, but the show is prepping up now for what I am sure will be another horrendous cliffhanger. I guess it's time I got ready for that.