And the Winner Is: The First Kdrama Addict Martyr Anounced

Thank you to those of you who took the time to enter our Kdrama Addict Martyr Contest.  I really just wanted to see if there was anyone as crazy as me out there, so was happy to find that I am in good company!  We got quite a few laughs out of reading everyone's entry and hope you did too.
Before I announce the winner, I have to say that I feel I must share in this award for finishing A Hundred Years Inheritance. By the end it was so ludicrous it felt like a bad comedy to me. Struggling to walk on limp little feet? Love and hugs between the baby stealer and her victim? The female lead being tricked into attending her own wedding (what girl doesn't dream of that after a long day's work?) And that's when I realized the writer did work amnesia into the story after all. How else could the lead thank her for sticking by him after SHE LEFT HIM AT THE ALTAR one time already, REFUSED TO STOP HIM FROM LEAVING even though he begged her to, and CHOSE HER NEW MOTHER-IN-LAW OVER HIM? But let's forget about all that. Seo Yoon would once again stand on his own two feet, every person in the cast got their happy ending, and it turned into one big love-fest. The only person happier was me that it was finally over!

I feel your pain, Seo Yoon, but don't worry, we're almost at the end
So now on to the winner. Let me just say that everyone here is a winner (with the exception of a few--yes I'm looking at you, Shukie, who actually thought that watching 4 episodes of my favorite drama qualified.) Unfortunately I only have one slightly cheesy prize. Ethlenn, I love how you soothe your state of torture by numbing yourself with booze while watching. Trixicopper, while your suffering seemed sincere, I'm going to admit I kind of liked Bad Love - it was my introduction to KSW's abs. All of you who suffered through Baker King Tuk Gu - well, I think you need a help group all of your own. Latteholic, I admire your devotion to your Mom, but you need a little more self-driven suffering to win the prize. All of your comments were compelling, but I had to eliminate based on the length of some of the dramas, even though I'm sure Fashion King, MISA, Big and the others mentioned did seem like 100 episodes at the time.
Which brings us to a few that really stood out. Bustered, watching all 50 episodes of ATK raw really impressed me! You were a clear contender. But I feel that you had the diversion of trying to translate it and probably missed out on how horrible the dialogue truly was. Joyce, you have a determination that is rare among KD watchers. Visions of you pacing the floor waiting for the mailman to deliver your next installation of Geum Seun made me, and I'm sure a few others, laugh out loud. But I get the feeling you actually liked that show, so I had to deduct points for that! Laos7, the fact that you never fast-forwarded through a bad drama (especially a 98 episode one) makes you a winner in my book. It made me conjure up an image of the obedient (albeit clueless) school girl sitting patiently through thousands of hours of bad dramas because that's what she thought she was supposed to do. To me, this is the perfect image of a martyr. So you, my dear Laos7, are the winner. Your official AHYI Worry Cat will be in the mail shortly.
I must be patient and keep watching...I must be patient and keep watching...
To everyone else - carry on Kdrama addicts, and keep on enjoying whatever terrible dramas you are addicted to at the moment!