Goddess of Marriage - Episode 5 (aka KimJiCap)

Will the theme song of this drama join the ranks of the all-time-annoyers "Almost Paradise" (BoF) or "Fly High" (Prosecutor Princess)? No idea who sings it. But I have found out that the absolutely untalented musician from Jeju is in fact Park Wan Kyu, a real musician. So maybe it's him singing it. So ... did he deliberately hold his guitar like a complete dork? Or did he do it to distract us from the fact that he really can't act? Questions, questions ... all I know is that THIS guy is super hot and that I will continue watching this for him. And the Dragon Mother.
On we go with my favorite type of recap! This week, I'll do two posts, one for 5 and one for 6 --> Cause I want more traffic on this site. Haha, that's in fact true, but it's also because I took so many pictures of him again that it is a necessity, unless I want posts as long as the Great Wall of China.

This episode starts with The Female Mope (aka Song Ji-Hye) rushing through the night to hug the hormonally challenged Mope aka The Big Snore (aka Kim Hyun-Woo). And because I really can't stand them, I also really can't stand that song that plays when they ride through the night, all touchy-feely (see above: soon to join the all-time-annoyers). And I hate that she lets him touch her hand and didn't let Tae-wook touch it, not so long ago.

While they wander around the beach (or lake shore), she says something quite telling: She really can't stand men. She hates them for not talking about feelings and not trying to understand any one's feelings. She thinks all of them are cold, naive, and selfish; ridiculous creatures, really. BUT for her father.
Oups. Any psychologists around?

Quite exasperated, she asks him: "Am I easy? Do I look easy to get?"
Let me answer truthfully, Missy (cause The Big Snore is so hormonally challenged he'll lie about anything): YES, you goddamn are easy if you sleep with a guy you've known for a few hours. He says no, of course. Cause she's so puuuuuuure and gooooooood and ladiladilablah. And then she says that there's a 2nd guy she doesn't find ridiculous: Tolstoy. ROFL. So glad she didn't say it's him, The Big Snore! And she goes on to tell him about Anna Karenina, her favorite novel.

But he seems to be another one of those men that do not listen, because he kisses her! It is fitting that there is an ugly highway in the distance behind them at this moment. She resists the forceful kiss open-eyes and pushes him away. And I go: thank you or not giving in to this pushy libido-guided person! ... when she frigging kisses him back!
That's them, there, in the distance --- all the coverage they'll get on here...
Okay, one more! That's them, there, in the distance ... after she finally tells him that she is engaged. I hope you die of a broken heart, Big Snore!
While they make out, poor Tae-wook is brooding at home, angry-hurt. Oh man, how HOT is he when he is angry-hurt?! Okay, I would like him to get the girl (though I would prefer another one), but he can be angry-hurt for a while longer, thank you.
He leaves for work, all angry-hurt, after what seems a sleepless night. He angrily-sexily punches the car's "start-button". Hm.
After some filler stuff about the other women and men, Tae-wook is on the phone, trying to reach his fiancée. You may already know I have this thing for men on the phone. And I have very much a thing for THIS man on the phone.
He is very frustrated that he (still) cannot reach her. He remembers their confrontation in front of his Palace, when she said: "You killed me a second time". I just hope he doesn't have any important cases to prosecute, cause the state he's in? Not good.

As he walks out of his office, he flashbacks to their first "moment" together, at the broadcast station. He greets her with name, she has no clue who he is.
Oh man, he is so cute ... he tells her about that party they attended together a year ago, the broadcast crew and the prosecutors (one of her colleagues is married to his boss), and how he was in front of her all the time. And she doesn't remember him? No, she does not. So what is he doing here now, she asks (to make conversation) - and he says he came solely to see her. My heart is bleeding for him, seriously ....
He tells her he wants to date her. She asks him why? And he tells her he fell for her the first time he saw her. What, and he only comes to her after one year, she half-jokingly wants to know. Well, he actually wanted to come the day after he met her, but he was busy. VERY busy in fact, as he just became a prosecutor. He couldn't even go home for a whole week, repeatedly. That is reason one he didn't come to her right away. The second: He didn't think he could treat her well enough because he was so busy. And he decided to wait until he was less busy ... which is today. I hope there is a lot of blood in my heart, because it's bleeding even more! 
She asks him what would have happened if she had started to date anyone else in the meantime? He was sure that wouldn't happen. Because ... they are each others' unmyeong.
He even has scientific proof! She is wearing the same clothes she wore the first time he met her - which was in the summer, too. And a woman that does all the buttons on such a hot day ... doesn't just date anyone. He knew she would protect herself well - and felt confident enough to wait for a whole year.
And a year later, as we know, he proposed to her, under the peach trees (I guess it is her father's orchard). She is all angry - she told him she can't marry him! Why not, he wants to know. Because she doesn't think she loves him! He brushes it aside, like it's nothing: Fine with him. It's enough for him to be in love. Two people being in love doesn't guarantee a good marriage, quite the opposite. Fools in love will just be blind to who the other person really is and it will all end in ruins. Love is worthless and vain, he says, and should only be done by one person in a relationship. The reason he is so in love with her? Because she does not love him. She gets even angrier, telling him that he doesn't even like him: he always does exactly what he likes, he is controlling, and he thinks nothing of others. He tells her that she is a stiff, buttoned-up woman that acts as if she were good at everything - but he is fine with it.
After getting back home, he sits in his car for a long time, thinking about their conversation. He goes in, asking the servant for his mother (in his father's office) and his sister in law (not sure where she is, but there are two bottles of wine on the table). His father and mother have a "wonderful" conversation, in which the Dragon Mother challenges him to hit her and dances around like a boxer. And she has quite an interesting break-down, and tells her husband to leave his 40year old son alone. I do see where Tae-wook gets his slightly weird ideas about marriage from.
But who cares about this. Because up next, we have ....

It's what I have been waiting for all week. Of course, they are teasing us, cause it's all the abs we get to see. I know it's a freegin shame that he hides them all the time behind clothes, but then, he does look good in suits, too. I also notice that he has a very nice nose. VERY nice. 
He still tries to reach her and she still does not pick up. We see how she told the Big Snore about Tae-wook ... how they wanted to break up, but Tae-wook didn't let her go. How everybody knows about them, how it's all been agreed ... how she can't out now. And that she's really sorry. That's them being heartbroken, from behind. Serves them right.
After seeing him mope around and have several almost break-downs, he realizes that he really is what she said: a mistake. Get over it and move to another country, will you? Of course he will not, pushy-lusty. Tae-wook picks Ji-hye up the next morning, wearing a green shirt that makes him look so young ... and so vulnerable. In a coffee shop, he tells her: "Let's not get married".

Ah .... my feeeeeels! 

Other stuff that happens:

- So, only people in the front are required to wear seat belts in Korea!
- Pitiful, slightly dumb lady follows her Cheating Anchorman husband around to Busan, while he is filming, causing all kinds of accidents. The sexy Barbie (Lee Seong-Min aka Clara) was born in Switzerland, by the way. Maybe that's why I kinda like her? Anyway, the poor wife finally gets all the proof she needs that her husband is cheating. Of course I feel sorry for her, who wouldn't? But there is a part of me who understands the husband, too ... she is such an annoying, clingy woman. So, after abandoning her son and leaving him with her sister-in-law, she will now have to come to terms with this 'new' situation. Let's hope it makes her character more appealing, this coming-to-terms.
- The Career Woman continues to have a difficult life, trying to balance familx and work. I about get it now. What about some more development in that side-plot?
- Abused Wife and Awful Brother go on TV together. It's terrible to watch, I'd love to strangle him or hang him up by his ... she tries to talk to the woman in charge of the filming afterwards, to explain to her that she does not have a luxurious life. That it is in fact very hard. But the woman gets very angry and tells her to stop winging: it's her choice after all. 

Comments, Thoughts, Ramblings

Let me start with a small rant. I really, really can't stand Ji-hye at this moment. And I seriously don't get what's wrong with her. I mean ... I understand that his family is super scary and I am not sure I would want to marry into it. But ... she doesn't even love him? So why the F did she say yes when he proposed?! Seriously. Woman.
She really doesn't understand men, as she herself admits to The Big Snore, even seems to detest them. Her love for Anna Karenina offers interesting and additional clues into her soul, though we didn't get to hear anything more, because Big Snore just HAD to force a kiss on her. Anna Karenina is a very unhappy woman that cheats on her (old) husband with the smarmy and passionate Vronsky. Caught between (irrational) jealousy and shunned by society for her unfaithfulness, she finally commits suicide. It is one of THE classics about fidelity, family, marriage, and society, but also about desires and passion that shouldn't be. She seems to be feeling like Anna Karenina - because she feels caught in a social net of expectations, and I guess she thinks she HAS to marry the rich dude.

I do understand that this is Korea and that it is difficult even if not in Korea to call off a wedding. So let's see how we move on from here, after he is the one that is ready to call it off. Tae-wook is an idiot, though a very cute one. He is in love, he really is - but he does know nothing else but to possess. Worse, he doesn't believe in love at all. It seems to be a nuisance, almost, something to get over with. It is definitely something that clouds people's judgments and ultimately, is in the way of a good, married life in his opinion. He is promising her an unwavering, safe haven, someone that will do his utmost to protect her. In his logic, that should be enough. And in anyone's logic? Would we rather have a passionate love that ends in tears sooner rather than later - or trust and maybe affection, a solid base, but without a burning fire of passion? It is not an easy question to answer. Or is it?