Goddess of Marriage - Episode 7 (KimJiCap)

Oh my feels. This is getting better and at the same time, harder to watch. It is always Kim Ji-hoon giving me such heartache I just realize (you and me, boy = unmyeong!) ... that last time during Flower Boys Next Door, where he simply killed me with his dorky-happy smiles and awkward stuttering. Gawd. Just flaunt your abs, boys, but do.not.make.me.feel.so!
But let's get cracking. At the beginning of episode 7, we backtrack a little. Uri lady with the "headache" arrives at her father's orchard in a taxi. Everybody is very happy to see her. I'm not. She is such a sourpuss. Every time somebody mentions her impending marriage or her incredibly handsome financé, she just makes a face as if she'd bitten into a very sour peach.
Her father is a smart cookie though (and he reminds me of our neighbor upstairs, but that's not really interesting for the lot of you, right?), and he asks her sister, who calls him, if anything is wrong with her and Tae-wook. Cause why is she coming to see him alone?. It seems things were different before from what he is saying? Her not getting enough of him? I believe it when I see it, cold fish.
Her radio broadcast comes on. Maybe it's good, but all I hear is shallow claptrap, because I'm always enraged when there's Mope-scenes (what kind of show is she writing for, anyways? Poetry central?). The Big Snore-Mope also listens to it (of course, because she is always on his mind). Upon hearing it, he is very, very devastated not to be near her. And then, he cannot take it any longer and calls the radio station. Maybe he is delusional enough to think she wrote it for him. Can somebody please block his number?! He finds out she is in her hometown and after being very depressed in the car, he hears his mother's voice, telling him to hold on to things he likes - and turns the car around to be very depressed and dull with her in her hometown.

The protagonists of my favorite brand of recaps, Kim Ji-hoon The Wonderful, has his first scene next. Thank you! And I laugh. He is in a restaurant with his colleagues. And they did such a great job, really ... they only got elderly and definitely not good looking people to play his colleagues.
Hahaha, way to make him look even better than he already looks. But he's a poor sod... drinking with this people? No fun.
At the orchard, we get more literary references. Seems to be this writer's thing. This time, it's first Peter Pan and then, Lady Chatterley. Hm. I am not sure I would feel comfortable to discuss this kind of literature with my dad, to be honest. Speaking about the second book, of course. Her dad talks about Tinkerbell's jealousy, when Peter Pan likes Wendy better. "But ... can you control love?" he says. It comes in so many different shades (of grey).

He goes on the say how he likes Lady Chatterley a lot. Huh. Well. Why not. Another cheater story among the very rich (like Anna Karenina). Again, the rich husband is cuckold by the much younger, sexually frustrated wife. Her father says that he can understand the heroine of this book: of course she would want a different lover after her husband becomes impotent in the war.
Encouraged by his words, maybe hoping she can go a little Chatterley with The Big Snore again, Sourpuss suggests she could move down here and live with him. What, and not get married? Yes, she replies, and not get married. Oh man, she miscalculated a little there (she even says: "is Tae wook the only man in this world?", the biatch!), because he gets furious. Like me. There is no man better than Tae-wook - he has seen many, and none can compare. He is respectful to the elders. He treats her extremely well. Does she think there can be another son of such a noble family as humble and polite as this one? Yes, he likes Tae-wook. He occupies the second dearest spot in his heart, right after her. So fu***** get married to him already, you stupid woman.

Tae-wook is getting out of a taxi. "I drank a bit", he tells the security guard who always greets him, the one with the Cruella de Vil hair. 
He goes up the steps to The Palace, but suddenly stops ... looking sexily to the right. Sexily-sadly. Longingly. Gaaaaaaah, what follows is just so sad ... 
He walks to another house on the compound. And sighs. He notices that the windows are open and goes in.
He touches the furniture affectionately, like a proud father. He even strokes it. I'm thinking I wouldn't mind to be that couch. And he is so cute I go on a screencapping frenzy.
Cruela de Vil, the male version, comes in, to ask him what he is doing. The windows are open because all the furniture was delivered today and his mother wanted to air the room because of the possible smell, the security guard informs him. He'll close them himself, Tae-wook says. And Tae-wook smiles happily on. Until he calls the Sourpuss.

She is walking in the orchard, flashbacking to the Big Boring Snore, while that stupid music plays. The phone rings and she picks up. Tae-wook asks her what she is doing. And she ... asks who it is. Seriously, I haven't been dating him for a year like you, but I immediately recognize his voice!!
"It's me", he says, after sighing a little. And I am really grateful to this PDnim for giving us so many beautiful shots of Kim Ji-hoon, stretched out on the bed. He asks whether she is getting revenge on him, for not calling for a week. Is she pretending not to know him now? Don't talk nonsense, she says, cold-fishily, it was because I didn't know the number.
"It's my home phone number", he says. And then ... oh .... he says that he only held out a week. Being angry at her, punishing her for not picking up the phone, he only could last a week. And he was so damn nervous the whole time. He was afraid she would run away from him because of it, he was afraid of losing her forever. The truth, he says, is that he was scared to death.
That is how much he loves her. He loves her so much he thinks he is going to die if she is not near him. He loves her ... very, very much. And now I can't type because I am crying a little, because the Sourpuss says ... "have you been drinking". OMG. He just poured his heart out to her, and she stomps all over it.

But it gets worse. Much worse. "You ruthless bitter brat", he says (wow. thanks for another great nickname!), you ask me whether I drink? Does saying "I love you" make you sick? Guess where I am. Of course she doesn't know. "I'm at our house", he says. Mother put all the furniture in the house and she even put the bed sheets on. And because he is there, on their bed, he is thinking of her. And he really would like to hug her. And the cold Sourpuss knows nothing better than to say: "Stop saying strange things and go to sleep quickly".
He has tears in his eyes, as he asks her why she pulls back whenever he wants to hug her. Maybe it is part of her shyness, he says. It makes him anticipate things more. She tells him, once again, to go to sleep, but he wants to hear something different from her. "Tell me", he says, repeatedly. "I will live like a dog who listens to you well. I will lick your shoes if you want me to. For the rest of your life".

And she, she manages barely, tears flowing down her face. "Thank you", he says ... but there is absolutely no joy in his or her face. Shame on you, woman. Shame on you. I hope you feel at least a little bit guilty. Cause they crying fit after? Looks like self-pity to me! How on earth will they redeem her in my eyes?
The Big Snore gets to the orchard. It's night. After some stuff with the Abused Wife, he walks through the orchard and it's day. I think he has an issue with his mouth. Does he have problems closing it? And of course ... she comes, too. She doesn't notice him until she's almost in front of him. I'm glad they don't jump each other this time. He tells her he came to tell her something. 

And we're back at where we were at the end of episode 6. A beautiful car and a beautiful man arrive and are happily greeted by her father. "Unfortunately", the Sourpuss isn't in.
Yeah, cause she's with her Coup de foudre, who seriously does have an issue with his mouth when he speaks, too. He mumbles, depressed. Before they can canoodle again, her father calls her. He grabs her arm, she promises to be back quickly - just you wait.

This is him, when he sees her:
This is her, when she sees him. Spot the difference: 
So, Tae-wook is there because it's his mother's birthday party today (the one they couldn't have last time). His father asked him to bring his fiancée and that is why he's here. Yeah, the joy on her face is overwhelming. And the Big Snore waits. And waits. And waits. I hope he rots.
Of course, Sourpuss starts another fight with Tae-wook, demanding to know why he is dragging her back. He tells her that she came down here because he gave her a headache ... but he will no longer give her one. He will live like her dog forever, as he told her. He surrenders - she wins. Uhm ... sorry, dear boy, but you do not get it.
He drags her to the car, smiling happily. When she waits at the car door, when he carries several boxes of peaches to the car, she spots the Big Snore - who has stopped waiting and started wondering. Stop it with the music already, show!! Serves you right, Big Snore ... see your rival! Beautiful, isn't he? They drive off.

In the care, she mopes. As usual. He asks her what's going on. Are you in denial, Tae-wook or do you need to be whacked over the head to wake up? He jokes around and is nice, but she just cries. She lies it is because she's sad her father is lonely. When he wants to take her hand to comfort her, she pulls it away. Again.
Later, it's dark - and they're at her house. Seems to be a time-jump of sorts, cause we didn't get to see the Dragon Mother (unfortunately). She tells him not to get up, she'll go in herself. And runs. Crazy woman. He gets ready to drive back, when he notices that she forgot her bag on the back seat. Oh-oh.
She runs into the house and into her room, to call The Big Snore aka the Mope Deluxe. He is moping somewhere near the water. When he sees who is calling, he doesn't pick up. When she tries again, he switches the phone off. Well, let's see how long that lasts, shall we?
Other Stuff:

- Anchorman is lost without his wife at home, but continues to be an Über-dick whenver he has the chance. He is currently the most hateful, but only because we don't see much of Tae-wook's brother.
- Career Woman messes up big time, first by totalling her car, then by causing some son-related nut-kicking at a business meeting at a karaoke bar, which loses her company a huge deal. When she is transferred to the province as punishment, she breaks down, to be consoled by her husband again.
- Poor Stupid Woman wakes up at the hospital and cries. Later, she calls Career Woman, her sister-in-law. Both annoy me to no end. But it seems they will come up with a plan together.
- Abused Wife has been appointed President of the company by her scary father-in-law. Who still thinks his son will fail as a politician and rot in a prison. Hm. He says she has endured all the hardship well for seven years and now, she is a real member of the family. She is to keep it a secret for a while. And ... there is one more thing: produce (another) baby! A son. His first son ran away to America instead of agreeing to be the heir - he and the grand kids there have been disowned. Oh well ... seduce to gross husband a little, no problem!

Final Thoughts

I want Tae-wook to know and at the same time, I don't want him to know, because this knowledge will hurt so much ... But then, the truth is better than this woman full of lies, right? Ah, I continue to despise her and the Big Snore and whenever that loud, romantic music starts, I start cursing at my screen. I hope I will not start throwing things, because I really like my screen.