Goddess of Marriage - Episode 8 (KimJiCap)

Just when I thought Episode 7 was difficult to watch, along came Episode 8 and killed me. I'll stay away from dramas in which one of my true loves plays second lead (or whatever this is, here) in the future, I vow it! And just for the record, because people seem to misunderstand: I don't want him together with Sourpuss. Nope, I want him to dump her sorry a$$, to move on, and to be happy. Fat chance that is going to happen, but still!
Back to the orchard, the peaches Tae-wook carries to the car, the car ride back. The dialogue is a little different than what we got at the end of Episode 7: He apologizes for coming to get her and asks her to please stop being angry with him. She tells him to just drive. She really has the charm of an empty beer bottle.  

Meanwhile, her father notices the Big Snore, who just stands there and looks into the distance in the most dull way possible. He mistakes him for one of the many visitors he gets on his peach farm, and he invites him to walk through the orchard together. The Big Snore seriously almost puts me to sleep when he doesn't jump the Sourpuss. But her father also invites him to eat with him.

Tae-wook and Sourpuss arrive at the house. And ... they argue. Because he drags her away (they're hard pressed on time) when she wants to chit-chat with Janitor Park (that's Cruela de Vil). He asks the servants where his mother is and when they say she is resting, they suddenly have plenty of time and he suggests to go to their house. With a rather sexy smirk if I may say so. He asks the servant to bring them champagne. You know this is going to end disastrously, right?!

He shows her the house, and is particularly proud that it is apart from the main house. It shows his character well, I think: He wants them to live alone, and away from the Dragon Mother - but he also wants to be near his parents, in case they need him. When he asks her what she thinks she says "It's nice". But it sounds like "don't talk to me ever again", if you ask me. Jeeez. He notices the lack of enthusiasm (for the umpteenth time, really) but she just says it's because she never makes hasty decisions. Ah, you don't? So ... your decision to marry him was what? Well thought-about? Are you a golddigger, evil wench?!
He prattles on about the honeymoon and the amount of holidays he may be able to get (or rather not get). And she ... my goodness. She really wants to be found out, right?! While he talks about the fact that he was promoted (because of who he is) and somebody else, who studied so damn hard, wasn't (because he had no money), she is on the phone!!! Writing the Big Snore a text?! Surprise, surprise! Her fiancé notices, grabs the phone and asks her whom she is writing to.
And of course, she freaks out, and he notices that too. Today, she has been acting like an 8th grader, he tells her, she is continuously fooling around with her phone (but ... I do that too, Tae-wook). Does she have a smart-phone addiction? He says he needs to know who it is (half-jokingly) and she goes completely ballistic. He just stares at her, saying nothing (her reaction is that strange) and she, realizing how crazy she looks, starts lying about waiting for a message from the broadcasting station.
Can't she just concentrate on him when he is around? he wants to know. Does he ever do anything else when he is with her? She apologizes again and promises to concentrate on him in the future. He gives her back her phone.
He gets the champagne, to cheer. There are two months left before their wedding. He is happy about that, and even though she is still mistreating him, the more she does it, the more captivating she is to him. Oh shoot. Tae-wook ... you are doomed ... and he adds that it makes him excited because he wants to win her over. I so don't like where this is going ... He makes a solemn vow to live his life in an orderly fashion, as a family, and to be at peace. And he raises his glass, to their marriage, to their future. And he drinks .... well, in fact, he just gulps it all down in one go, and then looks at her ... yyyyyyaaaaaaa, my goodness, I would simply MELT LIKE ICE CREAM!
And he kisses her. 
She drops the glass and it shatters (Cut to the Big Snore at the orchard, moping around). Next, they are on the bed! Oh man, seriously, my heart bleeds for him, cause she is SO not into this. She yells to stop! She doesn't want to! And she pushes him off, forcefully. She stands there, breathing heavily and he says, unbelieving: "You don't want to?"
He feels embarrassed now, he says. And she sure dampens his enthusiasm... She apologizes, then wants to leave, but when he tries to grab her hand, she shakes it off. It would feel like rape in this house. Why the fuck? Cause his mother put sheets on the bed? I don't get it. And hey, the subs could be wrong, too. Cause seriously ... recently, the subs have been shitty as hell.
They're at the family dinner next. They always pick at their food as if it were terrible (steaks every time?). As always, things are less than comfortable. The Patriarch is giving the Gross Brother a hard time again for going into politics, but allows it. But he will not get money from the company. The mother pipes up and says he has ruined her birthday by beating up her son the last time and she will not have another birthday ruined. All is a bit embarrassing and this time, I do understand why Ji-hye makes a sour face. Abused Wife and the kids bring in a huge birthday cake and Dragon Mother blows out the candles. Sure, I admit I have a bias towards her, but she really appears to be very human at that moment.
Afterwards, Tae-wook brings her home, and we're back at where we left off in episode 7. She tells him not to escort her in, he notices her bag on the backseat. The Big Moping Snore switches off his cell.

And ... Tae-wook enters the apartment with the suitcase! The door was open so he just let himself in, he says to his (maybe) future relative, the daughter of the career woman. She tells him to just go to her aunt's room. He does so. The door is left ajar. And he hears that she says: "I am sorry, I wanted to contact you before but I couldn't. I am sorry that you were caught off guard. There was nothing I could do in that situation. Why did you turn your phone off? Please call me. I'll wait for you."
Oh shit. And yay! Or not? His face when he leaves the apartment is ... outright scary. Woah. I didn't even know he could do these kind of facial expressions. He could totally play a villain. 
Oookay, how - or rather, why - is the Sourpuss meeting the Snore in a café? So he did pick up after all? Told you so. She apologizes for letting him stand there in the orchard like a dumbo. All is fine, he says, she needn't worry. So why did he come looking for her? It doesn't matter anymore, he says. They mope a bit. They don't really know what to do or how to part. But then, he bursts out: Does she want him to grab hold of her? Will she forget about the marriage, then? No - he doesn't believe so. He saw where she grew up. She is not that kind of person. She will not cancel her promises, make her father feel hurt, or stab her lover who cherishes her.

Hey, I liked you there, man! A tiny little bit! Finally, you've found your hormone off-switch. And you, missey? You may want to be a Anna Karenina or a Lady Chatterley, but I guess ... you're not, huh. Cause you grew up among the peach-trees. And somebody who grows up among the peach-trees is pure, innocent, and sweet. So there. And he ends his great, grown-up speech by saying: "We can't hurt other people because of our feelings. I have cleaned up my feelings - and you should do the same". And she, though in tears, says she understands what he is saying. 

Tae-wook is scary. And abuse of power, woah! He looks at her phone records. And now he knows the name of his rival: Kim Hyun-woo.
When The Big Mope walks home, somebody calls ... it's Tae-wook. He doesn't say anything. But the hurt and anger in his face when he hears the other guy's voice ... gaaaaaaaaah!

After that, he broods, darkly, in their house. I wish I knew what he was thinking because I am scared he may do something stupid.
A bit later, he is still brooding, darkly, but he has taken his jacket off. He sits at a different table at their future house and drinks.
Ji-hye also drinks, at a pojangmacha. Her hair looks really good! And Tae-wook calls. She has him saved as Kang Tae-wook on her phone. Very romantic. He asks what she is doing - she says waiting for her sister, who is having a hard time at work. He wants to know why her voice is like that - she says it's because she is a bit depressed. Why, he wants to know. Because I am also having a hard time, she says. What is giving her such a hard time? Is his next question. But she asks back: doesn't he also have a hard time?
No, I'm not having a hard time, he replies. Ah, I see, she says, you are a rich person - and a fortunate person, with abilities. When he doesn't reply anything, she asks if he is angry. "No, I'm fine", he says, "I'm rich and fortunate. You are right. Goodbye." and he hangs up. She is puzzled. Well, serves you right, Sourpuss. Even though this is the first time she kind of speaks normally to him ever since this drama started.

When she is with her unni later, they talk about marriage. "Marriage is not a fantasy", says Career Woman, "It's reality, it's dreadful and it's hell - and it's mixed fried anchovies" (the meal she cooked for her family before going out). If that is so, Ji-hye says, who is an ideal man to marry? Her sister says, her husband is - he is like a field day in the fall. Healthy and sound, cheerful and energetic, and not overly sensitive. So, Ji-hye wants to know next: is marriage better if you marry someone you love - or marrying someone who loves you? Optimally, both should love each other, says her sister, but if she had to choose, she would think going for the man who loves her is better. And Ji-hye seems content.

Tae-wook is reading my favorite magazine "Style & Erection". There is a Kim Hyun-woo special in it. I'm guessing these two men will not learn to love each other.
Sourpuss is meeting Tae-wook at a hotel - they are there to celebrate their big sister-in-law's start as a Director. Also there, of course, the Brother. Tae-wook goes to pick up Sourpuss at the parking lot, Brother goes in alone ... and runs into the Architect Dude. Mope's colleague. Alrighty! KDrama trope coming up!! 
Sourpuss is complaining that he should have told her what they are doing here, she broke an important appointment with a guest because of him. And he retorts: "My whole life is broken thanks to you. So don't complain and follow me". When she demands to know what's going on, he just drags her with him ... right to where the Big Snore has now also arrived, to meet the other Architect Dude. Alright. This is going to be good !

Other Stuff: 

- Doormat Wife is trying to get back at her cheating husband. I'd say it's a beginning. But only until he says he wants a divorce, after which she clings to his leg and cries a river.
- Career Woman hands in her resignation, uses ugly words, and show her boss the finger. Her boss "builds a tent" after eating Chinese medicine ... and needs to go to the hospital, cause the tent is not at all going down again.
- Gross Brother gets in touch with the bat-eared woman again. She is the art dealer with bad intentions. Very bad intentions. She also gets in touch with Abused Woman's brother, with bad intentions.
- Abused Wife starts work as a Director at the Kang conglomerate, much to the displeasure of Dragon Mother. She asks to be paid in shares. 

Final Thoughts and Comments

Hm. Well. So this meeting seems to be a coincidence, right? I wasn't sure whether Tae-wook had somehow known about the architects being there, but I doubt it. Alright, let's see whether they'll suckerpunch each other in the next episode!!
Sourpuss now suddenly runs the danger of being without any man, if she is not careful. I do some happy dances. Would serve her right. But I guess it is wishful thinking that Tae-wook will dump her. He is too obsessed with her. Very unhealthy. They have two months to fix this - or two months to realize that marrying each other might not be such a good idea. Which one will it be?!