The Monstar's Dilemma

Before I start I just have to say
1) TvN hasn't disappointed me yet (well not that much coz I haven't finished flower boy ramyun bad gasps of horror that i've butchered the name) What I mean is no show I've watched fully has disappointed.
2) I just can't figure out how they're going to resolve like 6 story lines in 1 episode but I wish them well and can't wait till Friday!! It airs on wednesday but that's thursday my time and then the delightful subbers at have to do their work so...yeah.

Ok. Back to this post.

Poor Seol Chan, he's in love with a regular person.
Aah young love

He doesn't have the one thing he wants the most...time with his lady love. Why? Coz of regular fans
Like this one.
that don't like the idea of their idols doing regular people things. Like doing number 2 and falling in love.
I don't really care
It got me thinking though about real life Idols and how they have to sneak around, dating in cars etc. So sad really.

Buuuut then I thought of a solution (a very self serving solution but I promise it has some valid points...I think)


Hear me out! Hear me out!
I have good valid reasons (Well they seem valid now...I've been thinking about this quite a bit)

Here's why.

1. It is probably out of the realm of thought for truely scary fans that their 'oppa'/'noona' will even think of dating a non-korean. They'll brush it off! They won't believe it! Papparazi will be instantly discredited. Job done.
See!! For that alone I think any idol will consider this thesis seriously.

2. You have a ready excuse. "Oh that picture of us in the cafe at 11pm? I'm learning [insert foreigner language] and he/she is helping me with my speaking/writing/grammer/breathing exercises.
There's all sorts of wrong with this picture but it'll do for now
3. Escape. Korean stars aren't as famous outside SK. You can escape to said foreigner's country and enjoy weeks of freedom. Sunye from Wonder Girls went to the states and found a husband. Yes he is Korean but still.

4. A different perspective. Learn about new cultures! Have a different point of view! Learn to eat different kinds of food!

5. Mixed babies. Nuff said

I was going to put a picture here of a mixed baby but if I start looking I'll get sucked into the black hole that is the internet and never come out in time to finish this post. So go forth! search for yourselves but be warned.

6. Because. Isn't that reason enough? LMH call me!!!!