Seeing Dead People

Ghosts in Kdramaland!!
I’m convinced that Korean drama script writers are members of a cabal. They meet every season over some samgyeopsal and soju, and decide what the next theme is going to be.

How else do you explain the wave of sageuks last year? Or the fact that there are THREE!!!* dramas coming up with ghost seeing themes?

Writers-nim (or is it writer-nims?) Wae?
Ghost-spotting seems to be a pretty common phenomenon in kdramaland this year. So I’ve come up with a little guide for fans who want to get in on the action too …..

  *Cough*                        HOW TO SEE DEAD PEOPLE….kdrama edition

1.      Get into a mysterious accident**. It has to be unexplainable and mysterious. Did I mention mysterious? Of course you won’t see ghosts right away, you have to recover first and maybe start having headaches.

2.      Make a skeptical friend. This could be a work colleague who is rational and skeptical, or a cute rich person who’s cold and skeptical. They should also be male (because only guys can be skeptical apparently)

There's a ghost behind you oh sceptical one
There's a...*Sigh* never mind
3.      Be afraid of ghosts. Ghosts don’t appear to people who aren’t afraid of them (which explains your skeptical friend). They like to scare you a little before they ask you for help.
If you can't scream do this instead
Note: All ghosts have pale faces and wear white. If you keep seeing people without these two things, chances are you’re not seeing dead people. You’re just seeing things. And that’s another type of Drama.
If your Ghost doesn't look like this...
request a new Ghost by calling this number...
*Sometimes you may be able to see ghosts from birth. Don't worry. This skill will only become relevant after a traumatic event in your life. Like maybe an accident. So.... Yeah... #1 may still apply.
*Who are You (Revised romanization: Hoo-a-yoo (hehehe). Hangul: 후아유) - TvN
Airs: Mondays & Tuesdays

*The Master's Sun (Revised romanization: Joo-goon-ui Tae-yang. Hangul: 주군의 태양 - SBS
Airs: Wednesdays & Thursdays
*Ghost-seeing Detective Cheo-yong - OCN
Airs: October 2013