New Kim Ji-hoon Twitter pics

Yay! Kim Ji-hoon is tweeting a bit more frequently again! Currently, he is teasing us with this picture ... it's from the 2nd backseat scene! (the light brown one). I really SHIP these two! I wouldn't even mind if they dated in real life!
이번주 방송 많이 기다리시는 분들을 위하여.. 그냥 이혼해 버리기에는 너무나 이쁜커플이죠?^^ 과연 태욱이와 지혜는 이혼을 하게 될까요..? 으악 궁금하다궁금해 ㅋㅋ
(uhm .... here is my "translation", which is more of a guessation: "This is for people eagerly awaiting this week's broadcast ... isn't this just a divorced couple oh-so-pretty? ... did Tae-wook and Ji-hye really divorce? I wonder ...")
And before that, he tweeted this: 

어제 다녀간 분들 반가웟어요^^ 밥차밥이 맛잇다고들 난리였네요 ㅋㅋ
(well ... uhm ....... something yesterday, something delicious rice, ladila, duh. Yeah, I should improve my Korean. Or you know what, Kim Ji-hoon? Just tweet in English again!!!)