The Heirs - Episode 5 (A Squee Cap) (Heir of the Dog?)

JoAnne: It's me! It's me back with fresh heirs! I'm so excited! We are in Korea, we are in the same house, (except for my poor pissy Sex Heir, who looks very tired underneath the constant bitch face), and we are going to school!  This is me:
 No but really I am very excited.  Good things are going to happen, I just know it.

Episode Five 

JoAnne: Apparently my offerings to the Gods were successful, because it appears that Good Heir is going to choose the Stalker Mode of romancing the Bean, which is what I wanted.  Ooh - I really, really, REALLY hope one of you likes to make videos - imagine a montage of  Kim Tan watching Eun Sang from the shadowy corners of various places, accompanied by Sting singing 'I'll Be Watching You' of course.
cherkell:  I have to be honest, I squeeeeeed when he opened the door at the end of Episode 4... and I freakin' squeeeeeed at the Big Reveal again.  There's something wrong with me, no?
kakashi: I don't like making videos, this is the best you'll get ... just click on the right, while looking at the picture on the left. okay?
JoAnne: Good Heir has confirmed his suspicions, and yes, the Bean Princess now lives below-stairs. He hangs back to think about things she's said, look at the room she lives in, really consider her situation. To his credit, it seems that he completely gets how she might feel if he reveals himself. But how will our star-crossed lovers get that first stilted kiss if he hides forever? We know it can't last.
JoAnne: KiMistress is a doting mom, and Good Heir appears to be a fond son. It kills me how open and matter of fact they are about Sex Heir hating his poor little lonely brother. We still don't know what happened but whatever it is, the resulting detente is common knowledge. Wifey#2 doesn't even live in the house and knows that Won moved out when Tan moved back. What a way for a devoted baby bro to find out though, huh?
cherkell:  BTW, a note about those fugly speaker towers residing in Good Heir's Man Cave: they're made by Vivid Audio out of San Juan Capistrano, and cost a cool $65,000 USD A PAIR.  If Largess met Excess and had a baby, this would be the result (I bet Prince purchased a few of these back in the day)
kakashi: O__o. It's Cthulhu!

JoAnne: Meanwhile, that incredibly sexy ass of an older brother is sitting across a table from Tutorina, who is definitely not an heir. Sex looks all stiff and uncomfortable, and not in the good way, but that doesn't even begin to compare to the look on Tutorina's face. I get the distinct feeling she doesn't welcome his puppy love but she allows him to hang his bone around her throat anyway. We learn that they've got a long history together with his family supporting her in some way. So the KiMen just have a thing for the lower classes, is that it? 
cherkell:  Heh heh heh... she said "bone."  SEIZE THE BONE!
kakashi: OMG! He gave her ... two legs, slightly spread apart?!!?! O__o 
JoAnne:  It's made from Subliminaluminum
cherkell:  Is that a derivative of Unobtainium?
JoAnne: Kim Won returns to his hotel only to be told that there is a guest waiting in his room.  He assumes it's Dad, but no - that would be Kim Tan.  So of course he turns on his heel and heads for the bar, leaving poor baby Tan to wait and wait and wait , sadly and lonely-ly.
cherkell:  Poor Puppy Good Heir.  Does Poor Puppy want to go walkies?  Sure he does!  Who's a good boy?
kakashi: Fetch the wish bone! Fetch it!
JoAnne: Back home again, the Bean Stalker hides quickly when Eun Sang is called into the dining room, but he doesn't go far.  She is using her phone as a light to guide her way back from the wine cellar when he turns on the outside lights AND the lighted fountain.  It's quite lovely.  This isn't anything like Boys over Flowers so I'm not at all reminded of the playground scene.
cherkell:  ♫ Almost Paaaaaaaaaaaradise... ♫ *BLAM BLAM BLAM*
kakashi: Just shoot me. Now you made me sing it.
JoAnne: Sex is getting his drink on with Baby Daddy and there's an interesting bit where he asks BD if he will work with Kim Tan when Kim Tan takes over the business, and Baby Daddy simply asks if that means that Kim Won will be turning over the business at some point. Why does he assume there's a coup coming, honestly? He's the older brother, isn't it normally going to be his?
cherkell: SBS, always working on the cheap side.  Same bar set used in "Five Fingers" last year. 
JoAnne: They're joined unexpectedly by Rachel's mom and Bad Dad, the jerk, who proceeds to be a jerk all evening.  It's clear that no one likes him, probably not even Rachel's mom. What a little putz he is. Still, Baby Daddy only takes so much of his shit, and Rachel's Mom calls his behavior straight out. She also loses no time in making her excuses to leave the room for a moment. Right after Baby Daddy.
kakashi: This? Eye sex.
JoAnne:  So I had assumed they dated AFTER spouses died/left but it appears they may have been a youthful thing?
JoAnne: And then...a thing happens. A thing that makes me forget how excruciatingly bad Baby Daddy's hair is, and how rotten a mom Rachel has. I also forget how to count to 5, but then I remember that I don't actually care about these people.
cherkell:  Only thing missing from this scene was the 'bow chick wow wow' music playing underneath.
kakashi: Is this PG 19?!  
JoAnne:  No because technically speaking chewing another person's face is not sex. For most people, anyway.
JoAnne: Still, I'm feeling no pain as we move into a scene change and see Eun Sang in her new class. That feeling is short-lived, however, as we are again exposed to some truly terrible English and I cower behind my chair, hands over my ears, muttering 'Make it stop, Daddy, make it stop.'
cherkell:  What the... I thought we LEFT Kaleepoloniah behind in the last episode.  I call no take-backs, PD-nim!!!

JoAnne: I was wondering how the poor little Bean Princess would be able to afford to attend the Bean Stalker's school and told myself since it's a nice neighborhood, it's probably just a really nice public school - but she is actually still going to her OLD school, a 2-hour bus ride away. I sadly wave goodbye to the idea of two Kim Tans: Bean Stalker by night, in his home, and persistent suitor by day, at school. It would have been good. You know it, too. (She does go to a really pretty school, though.)
JoAnne: And then, yes, there he is: Our lovely prince, looking oddly cool in a Bill Cosby-esque sweater, leaning up against his car, waiting for his princess midst a throng of giddy school girls. He whips off his sunglasses in that patented 'I'm so hot I can't stand myself' way and I have to admit that once again, Lee Min Ho does it. Outside of a drama (or in Boys of Flowers) I find him supremely uninteresting to look at. Inside of a drama, he's got something. It's not necessarily acting ability, no, I'm not saying that. But something.cherkell:  A bad case of gas?  A kernel of popcorn stuck in a back molar?  But he has a CF out there for Eider that's quite... um, interesting.  Yeah.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
kakashi: I know, I know! He has long legs, a long nose, a long ... and pink lips.
JoAnne:  It's good that Long is not an option in Korean last names.  Long Dong Yoo.  Just saying.
JoAnne: Cha Eun Sang looks like she's smelling something foul, but Kim Tan smiles and says 'Hey, that girl with the good kidneys, send her over here.'  I do like his sense of humor.  He tells her he came there specifically to see her and ask her a question and all the girls and ahjummas squeal except Kakashi, but then he asks her for Baby Heir's phone number and I giggle because when she asks why, he says Chan Young is pretty and he can't stop thinking about him.  She just gets pissy and heads off to part-time job 6,842, but when she thinks about it later she smiles.
cherkell:  And either they've moved to another MangoSix filming location, or they actually built one on set to save money.
JoAnne: Princess still hasn't changed her NotFB password so Kim Tan posts a selca to it and comments that he's really handsome. She fusses about that and then realizes he took it from inside the shop where she WORKS and I think we're taking a whole Halloween Horror Movie slant but no, he's just being the Bean Stalker.
JoAnne: They bicker cutely and she is somewhat forced to give him Chan Young's number. The moment she does, our lanky suitor actually calls Baby Heir, and what does he do? He asks for the Bean Princess' phone number. I can't help myself:  I'm laughing. He's adorable.
cherkell:  Readers, you have been subjected to this Show's 27th Alternate Title - 'Aegyo Before Acting.'
JoAnne: Baby Heir is not as susceptible to young, fresh testosterone as I am, though, and Stalker doesn't get the number. Eun Sang wants to know why he wants it and he says he might have things to say to her like, I don't know, 'turn around' or 'look at the second floor window' - stuff like that.  It could happen, he says. Eun Sang is confused but weeeee understand and we giggle in anticipation of that moment.  But not too loudly because some SqueeCappers are not as open to the sweet promise of young love as the rest of us.
cherkell:  And I don't want my neighbors banging on the walls again either.
kakashi: Hm? Did somebody call me?
JoAnne: He grabs her phone, collects her number, promises to log out of her NotFB account, says he'll explain what he means later, then saunters off looking insanely pleased with himself for being cool.  Ten steps later, he calls her. This boy is done for. Oh, but so is she - she wants to buy him a meal before he leaves Korea.  When he points out that it will mean she is the reason he stays, she hangs up immediately.  I'm so happy.  I love this stuff.
cherkell:  I do give the production credit for some interesting push-pull between these two.  It's like watching a teenage version of The Bickersons.
JoAnne: Aww, he uses Baby Daddy as a surrogate big brother/father figure. They're shopping together. Baby Daddy tells him it's not his fault, the situation between the brothers, and loyal dongsaeng says it's not hyung's fault, either. The clearly independent Sec'y Yoon agrees and points the finger at the Chairman, but smilingly requests that it be kept between them since Baby Heir is still in school.
cherkell:  Now I'm starting to get the vibe that Baby Daddy's Family didn't start out at the lofty height it is at now.  How many freakin' sub-stories are we going to have with this Show?  Are 20 episodes even enough?!?
JoAnne:  NO. I love my babies.
JoAnne: Oooh, intrigue. Good Heir returns home from slumming with Baby Daddy and greets his own father, who is meeting with Lee Joon (of MBlaq), if Lee Joon were 30 years older and had undergone several bad face lifts. Not Lee Joon pulls out some photos once Kim Tan leaves. Oho..daddy has been having him watched. Hmm...not just him, but Sex Heir too. They've both been photographed with their respective love interests. I guess this how you keep tabs when you're in a wheel chair and don't realize that actually talking to your children generates information? This won't go well for Cha Eun Sang, I'm guessing.
cherkell:  That reminds me... Lee Joon's new 19+ movie "Rough Play" is schedule to play in SF in December.  *makes note to self*  But I digress.  The Head of Heirs shows his true colors early, and they ain't by Clairol. 
JoAnne: Meanwhile, in the dungeon closet of poverty and despair, Bean Mom organizes her sleeping daughter's scattered homework. She looks pained to see on a questionnaire that Cha Eun Sang has no aspirations to higher education and expects to simply get a job after graduation.
cherkell:  Place is still a lot nicer than my new apartment. Hmpf.
JoAnne: It's daytime now, and Kim Tan is out for a walk in a hideously metallicized silver sweatshirt. It's eye-blindingly ugly, but at least it's noticeable - the car driving by stops quickly. Not to question his taste in clothes, sadly.  No, it's Thick Heir, quite happy to see the other half of what had apparently been The Evil Scourge in middle school.  What could be better than a mean Alpha Male to look up to, if you're Thick Heir? TWO mean Alpha Males.  Kim Tan pretends not to know him and Thick Heir wilts visibly.  This should be fun; I like it when Kim Tan is pulling chains.
cherkell:  Now if Good Heir had pulled off the Sparkly Tracksuit a la 'Secret Garden,' then I would rename this The Best Show EVAH.  All these missed opportunities just slide right by...
JoAnne: Thick Heir drives off and Kim Tan turns to go in his gate JUST as the Bean Princess leaves through it.  He jumps back and does a passable impression of SpiderMan up against the wall, playing it off like he totally just happens to be passing by. She grabs his hand and as he gazes at her with huge puppy eyes full of love she explains that this is the time the Second Son often comes in, and she can't have the two of them running into each other.  I giggle happily and think that if they NEVER get past this point, I could probably be happy with it. They bicker a bit back and forth about who offered to buy a meal and hasn't and who offered to call but didn't, and I just grin.
cherkell: Just too cute. I have no words to describe the cute. Aw crap, I must be losing my Edge of Snark! NOOOOOO!!!
kakashi: OMG another one has fallen ..... 
JoAnne: Meanwhile, Thick is at school making like OJ Simpson in an airport.  He happily announces to Stringy Heir that Kim Tan is back in Korea and then, as she makes a horrified face and hilariously tries to cover it up with her hands because Baby Heir is standing there with her, Thick TAKES HER PICTURE and I cackle like a mad hen. She gestures that Thick should keep his mouth shut, but he turns to Baby Heir and says 'You'll need to watch out.' before he rushes off to do his next stupid thing.
cherkell:  Hyungsik is actually doing a passable job in his role.  I'm tempted to call him Puppy No. 6, but then we'd have to open a kennel soon.
kakashi: She wants to be killed. See what she's doing with her hand? Yes! I'm coming to get you! 
JoAnne: Stringy makes a ridiculous excuse that she didn't hear what Thick said because she was too busy singing a song in her head and then wiggles off to confide in her girlfriends.   Baby Heir strolls behind asking which song it was - perhaps Big Bangs 'Lies' or T-Ara's 'Lie' ?  This is some funny shit, people.  I am so happy!
cherkell:  Meta is as meta does. This was done well.

JoAnne: Ohhh...she wasn't going to her girlfriends, after all. She corners Tempermental Heir and asks if she knew that Kim Tan was back in Korea.  It's clear that poor Tempie didn't know, but she recovers quickly. I'm having a hard time holding on to my dislike of this sad child.
JoAnne: Apparently, Stringy's major concern is that Kim Tan will come between her and Baby Heir. If that happens, she will hold Tempie accountable. I'm a bit puzzled at the depth of the animosity over that past relationship because he's just 18 now, right? Wink, wink. And he left for the States AT least 3 years ago, and probably more, because everyone keeps saying they were all together in middle school. My point, Stringy, is get over it. A boyfriend you had at 12 is NOT a big deal once you're past the age of 13. Sheesh. 
cherkell:  Didn't Confucious say something about this?  If not, he should have.

JoAnne: As soon as she's alone, of course, Tempie tries to call the Bean Stalker but he's busy out stalking or something, so she goes to find Bad Heir. Oop, nope - he came to find HER to confirm the rumor. Jeez do they ALL nurse broken hearts over this boy? Woobie is looking FINE AS HELL here, by the way. They bicker, and then Tempie's phone rings. It's Kim Tan! But he's not interested in talking, or even being polite, really. He just confirms that he's back in Korea and hangs up. Dick. She plays it off like they set a date for after school but Young Do knows bull when he smells it. Still, he says... if she DOES see Tan? Ask him this: How's your mother? Dick squared.
JoAnne: Evil President Choi - err...wrong drama. Papa Wheelie is asking Bean Mom how long she's worked in the house, and he invites her to sit. KiMistress enters the room just then, sizes up the situation and jumps to the immediate conclusion that she's been caught out on the servant housing situation and rushes to explain herself to 'Oppa.' Ok, Papa says. go for it. Here follows a cute exchange with Bean Mom giving crib notes to the KiMistress, but I'm wondering about this dude. 
cherkell:  My Loathe-O-Meter goes off every time he's on screen.  To ELEVEN.
JoAnne: And rightfully so because he steers the conversation around to her smart daughter, and then offers the Bean Princess a place at Empire High School. Which would be the high school that the Bean Stalker and all the other richies go to. He does look genuinely pleased with himself, though, and not in that 'I'm an evil plotting chaebol' pleased with himself way.
JoAnne: So now we're living together and we're going to school together, people! Yee hah! The Bean Princess is not as excited as I am, but then of course, she has seen a KDrama or two, and she knows what's in store. Her mother just tells her to lie and say she used to be rich but then her dad went bankrupt. 
cherkell:  Or since she's an aficionado of the horror genre, tell them Freddy Krueger hacked up her family.  Extra sympathy points!
JoAnne: The Chairman calls for Eun Sang, who thanks him but says she doesn't meet that level. The Chairman is quite kind, and seems really sincere when he says that a person who strives shouldn't limit their level, and that help should be..yada yada yada...and then he pulls out the 'study abroad' bone and I get it. If she's there under the stairs his son won't be able to forget her - but a little money thrown her way in the form of an education will remove her from his presence and probably his memory. Nicely done. Very smooth. I've seen a KDrama or two myself, you know.
JoAnne: Woobie stalks into his really cold, masculine looking home and then makes googly eyes at a great big Rottie. He's quite gentle with the dog, and the maid smiles happily to see him, so I think oh please, make Woobie not an evil guy.  Please.
cherkell: Nice puppy!  Good puppy! *chomp*
kakashi: Here he is, the Heir of the Dog.  
JoAnne: There's a forced family dinner to which Bad Dad is late, and while they wait Rachel's mom tries too hard to be friends with Woobie. Bad Heir lives up to his name though, and tells 'Mom' that he bought his beloved dog with the money he received as gifts from all the women his father paraded through the house when he was younger.
JoAnne: Bad Dad walks in at a particularly tense moment and says 'I'm late and whatever I say will be an excuse, so let's just eat.'  This guy is a winner, man. In a move I'm not sure I understand, Rachel's mom then tells Bad Dad that Young Do has an appt and has to leave.  Rachel tacks herself on to it, leaving the adults alone for dinner.  Mom takes off her solidly conservative coat to reveal a more alluring outfit since she is now on a date as a woman, not out to dinner with family.  The little things about this show amuse me, they do.
cherkell: Still scratching my head over that little interlude. I assume they're not married yet, so she's giving it 110% toward Not Screwing Things Up.
kakashi: Or rather, toward Screwing Itself. Excuse language. 
JoAnne: Outside, Tempie and Bad flirt bicker, and I notice that while he is still in his school uniform, he changed from red suede loafers to bright blue. I wonder why, and then realize that his bright orange motorcycle looks better with the blue. Always thinking, those coordis. Rachel needs a ride to get her uniform refitted since her figure has changed. Bean Princess's comment that she wouldn't even be able to afford the uniform at Empire High School was leading to this: The Moment The Second Lead Officially Meets The Girl. 
cherkell:  Oh that's right... he never did introduce himself at the motorcycle shop or at the conbini outside table, so that would be officially their First Meeting.
JoAnne: Holy crow. Their uniforms are handsewn. The winter uniform is 998,000 won (about $1000). The summer uniform is a bargain though at 448,000. Bean Princess leaves the outfitters in dejection just as Tempie and Bad pull up. Temp recognizes her right away and stalks forward. A very, very handsome Woobie looks on curiously from the bike.
JoAnne: Oooh, Rachel is pissed and gets even angrier when she realizes that the Bean Princess already knew that Kim Tan had returned to Korea. When she finishes her rant, Bean calmly snatches off Rachel's name tag and reminds her that this is less than Rachel did to her on the plane. Woobie is thoroughly impressed. As Bean walks off, he steps in her path. She is dismissive, though, and he steps aside . Then comes Rachel, and he does block her from following the Princess. "Looks like you lost," he says. "Just go on in and get your uniform." And then he tells her to get herself home because he has a new appointment. 
cherkell: So tick that trope box stating "Meets Not-So-Cute," and we'll be on our way.
JoAnne: In a feat of magic worthy of the famed California Run of Many Miles, the Bean Princess is immediately transported from a busy city block to the quiet, suburban charms of her borrowed neighborhood. Woobie has magically tracked her to her lair because he's got a few questions for her. He advises her to treat him more nicely since to him it seems they're on the same side when it comes to Kim Tan and Tempie. He remembers her from before but won't tell her from where unless she'll meet him there again, and he is just generally a very cute ass in response to her 'not having it' attitude. She eventually stalks off, but he promises to get her number from Rachel. Awww, Woobie's in love. Well, what passes for love when your primary interest in a person is sparked by how angry that person can make another person. 
cherkell:  True dat.  Just ask my ex-husband.
JoAnne: As Woobie drives off and the Bean Princess makes her way home, she calls Baby Heir to meet with him the next day. She wants to pay him back, but she also wants info on his school:  what does he think it would be like if she were to attend? Baby Heir seems cautiously accepting of it. She is his friend and it is a good opportunity, but it's a different world.  He sees lots of things changing if she enters it.
cherkell:  Granted, I would not be sad if Beany and Baby ended up together... then we could call their children Beany Babies! 
JoAnne: Kim Tan is taking a leisurely walk through the wine cellar, wearing a sweatshirt made from a floral-upholstered couch found at Goodwill and pants that were dyed with French's Mustard.  It seems they use the odd corner for storing old stuff, and he comes across a couple boxes of his belongings from earlier days.
cherkell:  And all I see while watching this are the millions of dust mites ready to invade my lungs. *cough*
JoAnne: He's happily travelling down Memory Lane when (of course) a distracted Bean Princess comes in. Lee Min Ho is getting good at that frantic deer in the headlights thing. He hides in plain sight and listens to her talk to Baby Heir. No, Bean Stalker, no! Nothing good ever comes of evesdropping! Nothing happens though.
JoAnne: Once she leaves the wine cellar, Kim Tan gives her a call. 'Hello, Sidney.' he says. 'Look up at the second floor window.' I think he was doing a shout out to Alias, but I never watched that show. Bean Princess' assertion that it wasn't scary fades away unfinished when she sees her Dream Catcher in the window. And then he tells her to turn around. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it's too SOON.
JoAnne: I'm so sad. Bean Princess and I are both unhappy. Really unhappy. But Bean Stalker just looks at us steadily, kindly, lovingly. It will be ok. Especially after he throws away that ugly outfit. Seriously, though, I can't overemphasize how mortified she is, and how sweet he is just standing there. As she walks off crying, he simply asks if perhaps he missed her, echoing his first question: did he perhaps, like her?cherkell: Imperative that the conflict setup was set in place before she got to Empire High School.  I would call a big NO WAY if the Show spent 10 episodes of them never running into each other.
JoAnne: He lets her walk off, and stands alone in that massive courtyard.  Changmin's song swells around us, and Cher's right, it's not that bad.  I feel really sorry for these kids, though.  She has nothing but pride, and he has everything, with no pride to lose.
cherkell:  He's my favorite singer in 2AM.  Not to be confused with 2PM.  Or B2B.  Or 4Men.
kakashi: Which song is that? The one that goes "love is more pain" ... or the one that goes "love is the moment"?

JoAnne: Back in his room, KiMistress comes in and says he should start school tomorrow, and then drops the bomb that the housekeeper's daughter will be attending Empire as well. He should do better than her and not even greet her, since they aren't on the same level.  Somehow I don't think his slight little nod is in agreement with his mother.
cherkell:  I'm shocked he didn't gleefully run right out of his room down to the Maid's Dungeon at that point. Well restrained, sir.
kakashi: I do marvel at his ability to pick the fugliest outfits I have ever seen. Wow.  
JoAnne: The next day dawns and oh my God we get a look at that school and it's something, alright, as are the kids getting out of limos and strolling past an un-uniformed Bean Princess, casually lamenting the loss of 2,000,000 won in stocks the day before. This place puts BoF High School to shame. Our princess metaphorically girds her loins and we see her strolling down a hallway full of lockers. Please let her be next to Tempie. Please. Please. Please. Woobie would be acceptable as well.
cherkell:  And they're not 24-karat gold-plated lockers?  Meh.
FUCKING BAD ENGRISH AGAIN.  Go away, bad Engrish. Go away!
JoAnne: Oh, these girls are MEAN. Tempie, Stringy, assorted hangers on - they are horrible. Thick Heir bounces up though and I revise my opinion of him as he gives her a genuinely friendly greeting. Just as the Bean Princess is about to respond, though, there's a rumble in the hallway, and kids start rushing toward the exit: the king has arrived. Kim Tan is in the building.
cherkell:  Where's the box for the "fish out of water" trope?  CHECK.
JoAnne: All the kids gather round with Kim Tan alone in the center of a big circle.  He greets Stringy, tells Temp that everyone knows they're engaged so there's no point in glaring at him like that, and then acknowledges 'Current Boyfriend of my ex-girlfriend' and wonders if he gets to attend their school due to employee benefits.  Up on the roof, Kang Ha Neul watches curiously.  I almost forgot about him, so I give an excited little squee.  Messed Up Heir smiles down at the scene and says that Lucifer has arrived at Satan's School, and things are going to be fun.
cherkell:  20 seconds of Kang Ha-neul is not enough, people!  Step up your game! 
JoAnne: Cut to Woobie approaching slowly, as all others around him rush to get to the scene. He glides through the crowd like butter, and the two boys stand facing each other in the center of the circle. Things are tense. Thick rushes in to tell Young Do that Kim Tan is back and then trails off with ' met...' as he backs away quickly. And then the preoccupied Princess, focusing on her phone screen, blunders her way in.
cherkell:  Now THIS is the spot where ♫ Almost Paaaaaaaaaradise should have been inserted... not this poor excuse for a lead guitar break.  They couldn't afford Boohwal?
JoAnne: She stops dead center of the two boys and looks at first one, then the other, while the crowd gapes. Both young bucks look at her in a way that sets my panties on fire.  Looks like maybe that's happening to her, too, but good Korean girl that she is, she doesn't recognize the sensation.
cherkell:  She thinks they're looking at her?  Au contraire... the stare-off to end all stare-offs are at EACH OTHER.  Beany's only getting in the way.
JoAnne: Ohhhh, man...if they're looking at EACH OTHER that way, this just became the best show evah. Panties? We don't need no stinkin' panties! ...err...ok, panties doesn't maybe translate so well into that well-worn quote. But seriously. Maybe they kiss once. By accident. I would take that. I would.
JoAnne: Who cannot wait for tomorrow?
cherkell:  Can I take a message and get back to you on that?

Final Thoughts

JoAnne: Oh, color me happy and excited, yes, please do. Think of the BROMANCE coming our way. Think of the OTHER bromance coming our way. Hell, add Baby Heir to the mix and there's a THIRD bromance to look forward to. I can feel it between Bean Princess and Bean Stalker, but Woobie is going to be hard to beat . I'm not sure he can be beaten. He's the Woob. Oh, I'm in. I'm so in. This show is gorgeous, and it's funny, and there are SO MANY characters, all of them with their little thing, something that makes me want to know more. Well, I don't really want to know more about Stringy, but I like watching how Baby Heir deals with her, so she can stick around. And there is going to be romance and angst all that OMG I will love you FOREVER because I'm 18 and LOVE LASTS FOREVER and I just love that shit completely. You know I do. Mostly because I know it's not true, but I still remember when I didn't know it. See you tomorrow!

cherkell:  Some high points, but mostly low points from me for this episode.  I guess it's a given that we're going to get the long, broody scenes, but I have no patience these days for all the foot-dragging.  Also nice for the production to show that every Korean snotty chaebol HAS to possess a full English vocabulary and show it off early and often.  Hopefully that will not go on much longer.  And geesus I just don't care for any of the supporting girls whatsoever -- the fact that THEY ARE RICH dripping from every pore just rubs me the wrong way.  Except for Tutorina; now there's a story there that sounds like it has some legs.  (Oops, was that the wrong phrase to use?)  And there's way too many characters in this vehicle -- how am I supposed to lust after care about one or two of them when they're all running around like mice?  Aish.  But this is truly a beautifully-filmed drama with a decent soundtrack that's already made me tear up a few times.  I admit that our OTP has great potential and I'm looking forward to that thread as well.  But I'm still rooting for Messed-Up Heir to get some better screen time in the next few outings, or I'm coming over to Empire High with a rat-tail comb and a cheap hairdryer from Sears, arraso?   Hasta la bye-bye!

Recapper: JoAnne
Commentor: cherkell (kakashi wasn't really allowed to)
Art Work: kakashi