Kim Ji-hoon in Switzerland: More Updates

Chingus, Santa Championship preparations are going well - though I am still hunting for Team Member No 4!!!
look what Shuk made for me!!!!!!! d'awwwwwwwwz, the bestest gif ever
But more on that later. First, some more details about the costumes. We have ordered the accessories for our costume from my friend's parent's Halloween shop last week. As already mentioned, we are "The Santastic Four". We will be: Wizard Santa; Baker Santa; Clown Santa; and Rocker Santa. And The Santastic Four each have a super power.


The basic outfit is the same for all of us; a standard Santa outfit (minus the nice shiny boots, I guess):

Wizard Santa has a long white beard and long white hair, Harry Potter glasses, gloves, and a wand. His superpower: he can cast spells that weaken other teams.
Rock Star Santa (that's me) has wild hair, a wild studded necklace and wild gloves (= I will be freezing). His superpower: he can scream so loud all the other teams will have to cover their ears and shake in fear.

Clown Santa has a crazy wig and red nose. His superpower: He is doing silly stuff that is so silly that everybody stops doing what they are doing and watches mesmerized (= we win)
Baker Santa wears a baker apron and a baker hat. His superpower: he passes out cookies. These cookies are drugged. People will either die or will have to run to the toilet all the time (= we win)
Now, the much more difficult part is finding Baker Santa. It is now Day 5 of frantic Baker Santa searching!! Ready for a long list? These are the people, in alphabetical order, that I asked and what they said (some of them are very clearly lying):
  1. Adam (friend of Wizard and Clown Santa): will be in the Ukraine that weekend. Hm. Who goes to the Ukraine at the end of November? Suspicious ....
  2. Bianca (ex-colleague): starts a new job on December 2, wants time to prepare herself for it on that weekend. I buy that. Legit.
  3. Claudia (neighbor from my youth): was very interested, thought about it for 24 hours, then decided against it because it is her only free weekend until the end of the year and she just quit her job. She's legit. Such a shame she isn't coming! 
  4. FB Friend whose real name I don't even know: would have done it, but is flying to Japan today. Back on that Saturday. Damn! Close. He's the right kind of crazy.
  5. Florian (work colleague): Has other plans. Suuuuuure. Lame.
  6. Holger (friend): Busy and has a family thing on Mount Rigi. That's surely true, but dammit! Show some initative, people!! 
  7. Isabelle (ex-colleague, friend): Would have done it but has other plans already, a shopping trip to a Xmas market with old classmates. Surely legit. Sigh ... why are people so busy? 
  8. Jonas (work colleague): Also has other plans. Guys, you are clearly just too lazy to come up with better excuses and no fun at all.
  9. Manuel (ex-colleague): Has a family thing on that weekend. Thought we're insane, but put a smiley, too.
  10. Michel (work colleague): Has other plans – or so he claims! boooooooooring.
  11. Miz (friend – of all the Santas): Flies to the States on November 30. Legit.
  12. Sabrina (ex-student of mine): Just started a new job, already away for a day next week, cannot take Friday off. Plus, thinks she isn’t sportive enough. Okay, I accept that.
  13. Simon (ex-colleague, now doctor to be): Has class. Duh.
  14. Stefan (friend): Was very interested, but needs to take care of his two daughters on that weekend. Has passed on my plea to other potential crazies. I like him even more after that. 
  15. Steve (friend of Wizard Santa): Has to work. Work colleague is on holidays. Boooooooooring.
  16. Suzanne (FB friend): Obviously thinks I’m insane, didn’t even answer.
  17. Tim (work colleague): Is afraid his wife will rip his head off if he goes away again (he has two kids)
  18. Ulla (work colleague): Wanted very much to do it, but her aunt is very ill and she needs to visit her. Sad. 
  19. Yvonne (friend): Didn’t take me seriously at all, well, I kinda understand, because she lives in Berlin.
You might be glad to hear that I am not out of options yet (I have asked 7 more) - and if nothing works out, I'll write to the organizers and tell them to just give me a Santa. Or we will just go there and recruit a Santa off the streets. How hard can this be????


alexe said…
Terrible indeed . Too bad I hate snow and can't bake . You're really a deserving fangirl . Already a golden metal is awarding you . But how that can beat smelling KJH ? ( I am in an Empress Ki mood )
laos7 said…
As for finding the 4th Santa... Street casting doesn't sound that bad, but it lowers your chances of winning. I hope you'll find someone soonish!
kakashi said…
that depends of course. let's just say that some of my friends aren't the fittest. I would obviously cast a very young, very fast, very strong man or woman :)
mymyooz said…
OhMyGod this is the best gif ever! Shukkie really knows how to torment your heart and your desperate mind! I was like c'mon.... give it to me!!!
Anonymous said…
why are you only looking at friends and colleagues???!!! what are family members for???!! cousins, sisters, nephews etc !!! gooooood luuuuuucccck!!
kakashi said…
you are right! my sister is missing from the list!!! she has to work. no nephews. no cousins I talk to :) DAMN
kakashi said…
and if I had nephews, enz, they'd be about 5 years old max. :D
Anonymous said…

wow thats kinda frustrating!
don't give up
fighting kakashi ,
you are the best fangirl i've ever seen, lol
lafer said…
TIme to put an add on the university bulletin board! We are all counting on you and cheering on your efforts!
CM Shukmeister said…
[evil chuckle] The MAMA Red Carpet Show was good for a few other gifs too.

aafa83 said…
At this point how about just contacting KJH's (or the show's) management and show them (like this blog) how much efforts you are putting in for his sake. They might be so IMPRESSED and feature you as what a crazy fan would do for her crush! Stress how this would really help their ratings because you're not even Korean (you're not, are you?).
kakashi said…
I added 20 additional people to that frustrating list but now ................ I have found our Number 4. Let's just say I love him very, very much for coming with us :)
trot wood said…
Hurray!! I was getting worried. This is going to be great. I am so looking forward to hearing about this. I wish I were in Switzerland to do this (okay--I always wish I were in Switzerland; in fact every time my daughter forgets to put in her retainer, I say, "Everyt time I look at your teeth I think of the trip to Switzerland I will never get--PUT IN YOUR RETAINER!!!). Love your site.
kakashi said…
omg that's hilarious :))) I know my father also spent a fortune on my teeth. I'll flash them at Kim Ji-hoon, for all of us who spend so much money on our teeth :))