The Heirs - Episode 10 (There's Someone Squeeing About My Heir!)

JoAnne here, praying to the drama gods for more awesomeness. I need to keep Kakashi moving on this positive path! Yay! It's Ep 10! Let's gooooooooo!
Shuk: I am currently in California with the inimitable cherkell, to see the Infinite concert in San Jose. The timezone change has me waking up at odd hours, and craving strange foods (anyone else heard of Dutch Baby Pancakes?), but, together, we will be commenting on this episode.
Episode 10

JoAnne: We're back in the courtyard with Beanie and the boys, and I swear my heart is immediately in my throat again. Tannie plays it off; Young Do knows something is up, though, and it makes him a bit nuts. He barks up several wrong trees and is NOT pleased to hear Tan confess that he is 'dating' Cha Eun Sang. Umm... except now you're ignoring each other in school? Stories. Get them straight.
Shuk: The show has a lot of staredowns, but I have to admit, I've enjoyed most of them, especially between our boys.  If they had been girls, they would have eventually ended up doing each other's hair. And probably better than they look now.
JoAnne: Here's the thing that I LOVE about Kim Tan. While he's acknowledging his mother, saving the Bean, and trading insults with Young Do, he is ALSO formulating his revenge. Calmly. How can you not like that about him? Next thing we know, Tan is standing in front of Bad Dad's desk at Zeus Hotel, greeting him happily with an angelic smile. Bad Dad is all grins too, and then in bursts Young Do, dark cloud of rage.
cherkell: Is there something so wrong with me that all I see is the swirly plasticine hairdo on Young Do?  IT'S DISTRACTING.
JoAnne: Yep, I knew it. Good Heir's going to 'apologize' for the fight. From Bad's panicked reaction I know that my instinct back in the Chairwoman's office, when he asked her if he couldn't request a more favorable review, was fear of his father. A little afraid for what might be coming.
Shuk: Does he know about Baddy's homelife? They were good friends at one point of time. That smirk outside the office makes me wonder if he knew Young-do would get a beatdown by his dad. If so, bad bad Good Heir! 
JoAnne: On the one hand I give credit to Tan, who is in a fight to save lives pretty nearly literally. On the other...dude, you do not 'out' a kid to an abusive parent. And that twisted bastard isn't mad that Young Do fought, but that he didn't win. One thing I don't understand: why did he take his belt off and wrap it around his fist? He didn't use it. And of course that hussy from the photo shoot is there, hiding.
Shuk: This scene shows me that (1) His father is a disgusting prick who need to meet a Truck of Doom immediately; and (2) Young-do really does not have even a shred of experience about what constitutes a normal home life or interpersonal relationship.  He is such a fish out of water as to be a caricature of every alien on Earth movie, with a big old side order of anger issues. And the belt? Probably so as not to get bloody knuckles, which happens every time anybody does anything more rough with their hands than a manicure.
JoAnne: The poor kid heads home fighting tears, remembering earlier days. Ah geez, he's remembering the day he and Tan caught his father in a private moment with a woman NOT Young Do's mother. Tan is only looking at his friend, all concern and anxiousness, but Young Do. Ah, Young Do has serial killer eyes. Back in the present, a very upset looking Bad Heir enters an elevator to go home.
Shuk: Dammit, he did know. Good Heir; you just lost a lot of respect in my eyes for throwing Slick under the bus like that. Dirty Pool!
JoAnne: And just as the doors are about to slide shut...Tan slides through to stand next to the caged tiger. They stand side by side staring straight forward and Tan says: No more families in our fight. Just us. Young Do agrees, and then points out that leaves only one person: The pitiful Cha Eun Sang.
cherkell: I'm not sure 'pitiful' is the word for her. 'Comatose' seems to come to mind first.
JoAnne: Now Tan faces Young Do and warns him, don't touch her. Young Do says that just encourages him to try harder. (Don't you love that purr he does when he's warning someone? I do I do I do) Young Do exits the elevator leaving Tan standing there with a look on his face that I translate as 'How the fuck did I lose control of this AGAIN?' Young Do is crazy, Tan-ah. You can't beat crazy.
Shuk: 네, 맞아요.
JoAnne: Ah! He wasn't going home, he was going to work in the kitchen. Future StepMom shows up wearing this season's face of concern and a necklace made of eyeballs. Young Do's not buying it but surprisingly, when she leaves, he doesn't send her upstairs to catch his father with the other woman. Doesn't matter though, they pass each other in the lobby.
Shuk: The necklace is her Poké Ball collection. Or maybe her Poké Man Collection: Gotta Catch 'Em All!
JoAnne: So of course she calls her First Wuv, Baby Daddy. Why is he in the hotel again? He's always in that damn hotel! His face is just so nice and kind. But ohmygod the hair, cut it cut it cut it! They're just chatting though, standing by the elevator, and the doors slide open to reveal Bad Dad, who kind of looks like a capuchin monkey, only not cute. His attitude toward Baby Daddy is just plain rude and annoying.
Shuk: Since she's not marrying for love, does she have a reason to feel bad? 
JoAnne: Well that answers my question. When Rachel's mom asks Bad Dad if he might be jealous, he twists her arm and makes an incredibly ugly face, asking her if she isn't aware that people might be watching. So yeah, he's physically abusive to everyone - or at least, to family. Rachel's mom smiles at him though and asks if she shouldn't then just see her friend in her office, like HE does, twists her arm out of his grasp, and walks away. Tiny Monkey Man looks confused. I hope this doesn't mean he assumes that Young Do told on him.
Shuk: Ass.
cherkell: And they're getting married why again?
JoAnne: Back at KimCasa, it's all besties among the moms. Kim Tan comes home and after listening to his mom fret he apologizes to her for all the troubles she has gone through over him being born. It reduces his mother to tears and catches Bean Mom by surprise. I got a bit misty, too. See, Good Heir.
Shuk: Her son is important to her, so she gets double Thumbs Up.  
JoAnne: When Beanie comes in the back door late that night Kim Tan pops right out of the kitchen where he's been waiting for her. They move to the Confessional Cellar. Tan wants them to get their stories straight and tells her he told Bad Heir they were dating. She says he shouldn't lie about a thing like that. Oh but it's not a lie, Tan says. As of today, they are dating. She reminds him of their conversation yesterday, the one where she told him to leave her alone, that she wouldn't be with him.
cherkell: Epic Fail at 'How Not To Be Seen.'
JoAnne: He says in reply that he's just stupid, because he likes her smiling and angry. Fine she says, let's date. I think whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? and then she continues with 'You break up with Rachel and get kicked out. Let's see how much you like me then. You'll break up with me eventually, and I'll be the only one hurt. But sure, let's go for it.' Tan asks why she's so sure they'll break up, and in tears she asks him to cut the crap, calling him Master. If his mother finds out, she and HER mother will be out on the streets. He asks her if she can really take his feelings for so little, and she asks him, in turn: Does her life mean that little to him? Do they fit with each other at all?
Shuk: She makes sense, this one.
JoAnne: Tan looks at her with sadness and says she's right. She doesn't match him, and he is too much for her. Not because she would embarrass him, and not because she mentioned his family problems and hurt him (so that's why he walked off the other day, ok) - no. She doesn't match him because while he found the courage to reach out for her, she has done nothing like that for him. So he'll leave her alone, if that's what she wants. Because he thought she was a good dream, but it turns out she was a bad one.
JoAnne: I ... I found his argument compelling. He's well aware of what he could lose - and is in danger of losing for any number of reasons - but he liked her enough to think that she was worth adding to the risk. Rather than holding on to what he has, he wants to hold on to her. But instead of holding on to him, she wants to hold on to what she has. One can make the argument that only a person who has nothing understands how difficult it can be to lose something, but why ruin the moment?
Shuk: Not compelling enough for me. He lived in luxurious exile. She has to collect recyclables to keep the wolf from the door. His argument is still from a position of ignorance of the price one pays for stepping outside the social strata, especially the weaker party.

JoAnne: The next day she's headed off to school and a resigned Kim Tan instructs his driver not to stop and pick her up. At school, the sycophants are lined up now that they think the Bean is actually a princess but Cha Eun Sang tells them flat out she's not interested in being friends. Meanwhile, in the classroom, Young Do is stirring up shit with Rachel. Just as Kim Tan tells him to stop, the boys are called out for more community service window washing. This time, a teacher is standing guard to make sure they actually do it.
JoAnne: Bean Princess sees them out the window while she listens to a class lecture on...snowboarding? What the hell kind of school is this? Baby Heir is in the class with her and he's clearly worried about his friend. They trade notes about recent events. She tells him she wants to run away, and after class she walks the rainy roof, remembering their terribly bad kiss. I don't think she agrees with us that it's bad, but she should. It was bad. On a separate but equal rooftop, Kim Tan is doing the same. He sees her first (opportunity to notice that she's in pain, too) but they just stare. She's the first to run away, of course.
Shuk: Is this supposed to be the angsty version of his balcony stare in Malibu? I think it's time to ressurrect the drinking game: one shot for every stare lasting longer than 3 seconds or  having it's own Background Music.
JoAnne: She escapes to the library, where Young Do joins her. He wants to know who pretended to be her mom at the PTA meeting. Bean faces him down - her only saving grace in this drama so far, really - and says he could never guess, and he needs to leave because she needs to study. I love his face.
cherkell: The word "study" never crosses their brain pans EVER, so it's gonna take some time to process that.

JoAnne: It's mid-term, and all the kids are working away on their tests. Young Do doodled all over his, though, and then colored in the answer sheet by choosing all 'A' responses. Rankings are posted: Baby Daddy is #1, Stringy is #37...Thick Heir starts to laugh, then he turns and points toward the back of the crowd. Conveniently, both Good and Bad Heirs are back there. #98, Choi Young Do; #99 Thick Heir; #100, of course, is Kim Tan. Somehow I feel quite certain Young Do is involved in that.
JoAnne: Rachel corners Kim Tan to alert him that her mother wants them all to have a meal together. She suggests lunch as a quicker meal, since they don't have much to talk about. She tells him that who he likes or dates has no bearing on their engagement, a fact he claims not to know. Basically, her view is that they will eventually marry because the families agreed to it, no matter what he does.
JoAnne: This girl is barely holding herself together. He's been in California for 3 years and he's never acted interested in her. This isn't about money, she wants HIM. I don't get it. Right on schedule, Kang HaNeul shows up when Kim Tan walks away. Messed Up Heir, the greek chorus of K-Drama. Rachel knows its him behind her without even seeing, because she smells the ginseng he's always sucking on. He marvels at unlikely sight of her obsessing over a guy, and she insists she isn't, with tear-filled eyes. Uh-huh.
cherkell: Don't care about the storyline.  MORE KANG HA-NEUL!!!   
Shuk: Since we all know that the marriage will not go through, the amount of time spent on it would have been better spent with our Good / Bad Heirs sweating it out together in a dojang somewhere. And Messed Up Heir can tag along for a threesome.
JoAnne: Baby Daddy is getting on an elevator with NotLeeJoon, the private detective/photographer guy. They're in the hotel again? Seriously, what is this place? NotJoon tries to pull the wool over Baby Daddy's eyes by getting off the elevator one floor early but BD's too smart for that. We don't really see their conversation, though. And, mystery solved: WonBigBaby is living at Zeus Hotel, so that explains why his right hand guy would be there a lot.
JoAnne: Business talk. I don't care. More stuff about Bad Dad wanting to snuggle up with Wonnie Bunny. As Won heads out, Baby Daddy cautions him to stay away from Tutorina for a while, because KimPapa has someone watching. Kim Won figures Dad would force him to choose: Jeguk or the girl? (Shuk: I picture GumiHeir sitting in front of a television in baggie sweats and a muscle t-shirt, watching a chaebol family daily drama, eating dried squid, and taking notes on his future life.) The girl in question is standing in the street wearing the bastard cousin to Kim Tan's pink fluffy sweater when she gets a text telling her Won can't come tonight, not to wait. She wonders sadly if tonight is the night that they broke up. I don't get this. She could barely stand him touching her last week, and now this? How? Why? When?
Shuk: You're right, I don't get her. First she couldn't stand his bone, and now she's touching it. What?
JoAnne: BOOM. Kang HaNeul, looking freaking hot as hell, pulls up fast with a 'Noona!' to make your heart skip a beat. Blah blah blah about tests and stuff and then he gives her this odd look and says 'Since you quit, I'm not your student anymore.' Tutorina looks puzzled, and then...oh, you handsome devil you! He swoops in and kisses her on the...forehead? Swing and a MISS, Show. What is wrong with you? Suddenly he realizes what he's doing again, awkwardly says goodnight and turns on his heel toward to the car, 'Holy Shit!' clearly written all over his face. I think once again that I would nibble on that jaw for days, people. DAYS. WEEKS. MONTHS.
cherkell: I'm actually counting the hours until Ha-neul warbles a tune or three for the OST. I will be downloading that sucker faster that you can say SQUEEEEEEE!
JoAnne: The lunch thing happens. Kim Tan is wearing a jacket that represents the black pit of his future life yawning open below sunny skies. His 'mother' is wearing something she stole from a Dominican Sister, and Rachel's Mom has on a polyester uniform top from a hair dressing salon in 1968. She has chosen to accent this with 15 pounds of unicorn tears frozen into the shape of flowers. Rachel is dressed in black, like her soul. Lunch is every bit as awkward and terrible as you can possibly imagine, but Rachel is the one who mentions breaking things off, surprisingly. Perhaps Messed Up Heir was a wake up call to her.
JoAnne: The moms freak and dismiss the kids so that the REAL decision makers can start to work on this problem. Outside, Rachel tells him she didn't do this so they'd really break up - he just needs to watch and see what happens next. Usually he's pretty clear-eyed about what their social circle expects, but on this one subject, Rachel is way more realistic than he is. She barely tells him to watch out when his phone rings - it's his father. See, she says? It's already started.
Shuk: It's a good demonstration to show how little this generation can control their own destiny. There's a new concept. [yawn]
JoAnne: KimPapa and Tan are talking in his study, with KiMistress outside eavesdropping again. When she can't make sense of what she's hearing, she rushes off to the Bean Princess for information, of all people. Meanwhile, Dad is explaining the lay of the land to Kim Tan. He chose Rachel exactly because Tan is illegitimate. Rachel is the way that Tan will have power and standing. Good Heir tells Dad he doesn't need such insurance, and sadly agrees that when he is around, their family is worse off.
Shuk: Hmm. Goody is official on the family register as the younger son, so why does he need an Estrogen Shield? Maybe KimPapa wants his two sons snarling over the company carcass, but I don't ever see that happening. 
JoAnne: KiMistress is pumping Beanie for info because she thinks that Young Do must have told what he knows. Why else would Rachel split from Kim Tan? Beanie is surprised to hear this news, and then Tan walks in. He takes one look at Bean and tells his mother to stop having her spy on him
cherkell: If the KiMistress takes that request to heart, then this Show would have ended in the next 10 minutes.

JoAnne: In a complete reversal, Beanie is chasing after Kim Tan for answers and explanations, but he wants nothing to do with her. After much hesitation, she runs up stairs after him where he is waiting just inside his slightly open door, hoping she'll appear. Can she do it? Can she knock? She lifts her hand while he waits on the other side, holding his breath. She turns away, then turns back, still hesitating. He takes a deep breath and whips the door open to confront her, all tough guy act. I figure that will last about 30 seconds.
JoAnne: She is there to say that he should be going to camp, not her. Think of his mother. He just wants to know if this is what it was like when she was in Young Do's hotel room. Dick move, Tan-ah. And then, of course, the KiMistress knocks on the door. He gets rid of her quickly and by the time he turns back to Beanie, he's sweet Kim Tan again. He tells her there's no way he can go to camp, because if he does either he or Young Do would come back alive, but not both of them.
Shuk: Baby-ish whining and brat behavior will never win the girl. Unless, I guess, you are in a KDrama. [sigh] I didn't like this behavior in "Shining Inheritance" and, years later, I still don't.
JoAnne: When she moves to leave, Tan warns the Bean that it's not safe yet, she could run into his mother. She'll be ok, she says, she can avoid her. Nope, says Kim Tan. The minute you leave I'm going to scream. She calls his bluff and then covers his mouth when he does call for his mother. After an awkward moment, he begs her to stay for just a minute. She's never been to his room before. She points out that there are doors she can't pass in his world, and his room is one of them.
cherkell: Because if she steps into the Holy Land there, those two are just as good as married in KDrama Land.
JoAnne: As she turns to go, he grabs her into a back hug, and Kakashi's favorite song swells in the background. Lee Min Ho has polite hands. Even though he is leaning over her shoulder with his arms around her, no part of his body is touching hers, from their heads on down. It must be really hard to stage things so robotically.
cherkell: *sticking red-hot pokers into ears*
JoAnne: Through angry tears, she asks if he ever listens to a word she says but he interrupts her. Just wait, he says. He will make it so she can walk through any door in the world. He is figuring it out. She should go to camp, but he will miss her. I gotta say, the teenaged girl who could resist that speech would be a rare bird. We are reminded about dreams by a view of the dream catcher. I wonder if the convulsive swallowing Lee Min Ho does when he is near Park Shin Hye means anything.
cherkell: Coughing up a furball maybe?  
JoAnne: Aww, Stringy got Baby and her matching shoes for camp. When she tells him 'let's have them' he agrees to go shopping tomorrow. When she says she already bought them and he can get her something else, he asks her what and she replies 'hug me, piggyback me, and don't look at anyone else.' These two are cute. He makes a joke that if he'd known this was what it took to get skinship he wouldn't have waited. She calls him a pervert for waiting and I join him in confusion over that.
JoAnne: The kids are all cute in their colorful outdoor wear as they head through woods to camp. Everyone is laughing and joking, but Cha Eun Sang is alone. Of course. Stringy and Temp are sharing a tent, and each insists that the other will put it up so of course Baby does it. Kang Ye Sol is sharing with Bean, but only Bean is working. Ye Sol refuses to help with a snotty face, and then looks even snottier when the reason for her bad mood offers to help in her place: Young Do, object of Kang's crush.
Shuk: Matching outfits to match matching bottom lips.
JoAnne: Thick has been taking pictures, and he gets a few of Young Do and Eun Sang working together on her tent. As he looks at them, he suddenly remembers where he first saw her: early in the morning, coming out of the gate at Tan's house in pajamas. I cringe. Young Do's hunting instinct is awakened even though Beanie denies it immediately.
Shuk: His face both scares and intrigues me.
JoAnne: Tan and Messed Up Heir are back at school, chatting. Apparently, when MUp Heir went to the US and saw Kim Tan the year before, it was because he'd tried to kill himself. *Awww, sadness, poor puppy* He affirms to Kim Tan that he is still in therapy and still takes medication daily, but that nothing at home has changed. Because of that, MUp is planning 'a big event' but isn't sure if he's going to do it yet. I am suddenly quite worried, but when Kim Tan warns him not to do anything to endanger himself, MUp says he doesn't like hospital food and won't ever do 'that' again.
cherkell: Ah, finally we hear the secrets of the Kang Ha-neul in the wild.  This is not gonna end well, and I will be sad. 
Shuk: The vomit scene was clearly put it to set us up for heartbreak on his part.  Will he be the chalk outline for real?  He's constantly sucking ginseng, and studies have shown that it interferes with some psychiatric medications and can increase the effects of caffeine.  What are you doing to yourself, Messy?? :-(
JoAnne: Ooooh, paint ball! There's no way this ends well. Stringy shoots Rachel before they even get out onto the field. Thick sneaks up on someone and shoots them but when he turns to walk away he trips and falls and shoots himself, as well. Stringy and Baby square off but he notices Kang Ye Sol taking aim in the distance and opts to protect, instead. Kang Ye Sol ain't havin' their shit, though, and shoots Stringy too. (It's all especially hilarious because I think they're re-enacting scenes from famous movies or dramas. (cher:  The movies they are using are Terminator One and Two. With dueling Sarah Conners) Bean is just sitting in the woods. Someone shoots near her feet, and she jumps. Of course it's Young Do. Panicking, she shoots him. The look of disbelief on his face is priceless.
Shuk: I did giggle a bit. It's a good way to end his line of questioning for sure. Probably no one has ever had the guts to shoot the school bully.  Or his goons would have sacrificed themselves.  Where are they now, I wonder?
JoAnne: Back in camp, kids are eating, playing games, having fun. Baby Heir leads Stringy off into the woods, I guess so they can play Parcheesi or something. Thick is taking pictures of everything. Beanie eats in a daze, while Young Do stares at her from across the table. He is equal parts adoring boy and hypnotic killer. When she tires of his teasing and tries to leave, he quickly announces to everyone that she has offered to do all the dishes. Then he smiles sweetly and offers to help.
cher: As much help as a rabid wildebeest in heat can offer. 
Shuk: He is definitely channeling his inner Vampire Idol, imho. Also, it appears that Evening Attire will be green. Personally, I liked the red parkas better.
JoAnne: By help, he means sit in a chair and watch her. He neatly determines that Baby and Stringy both knew all along that she was in the Social Care Group and marvels that he alone was in the dark. When Thick walks up he hilariously assumes they were all talking about him, but before Young Do can ask if he also knew about Beanie, she interrupts to say she and Young Do need to talk.
Shuk: Baddy reminds me of the lead in "Secret" with his staring-at-the-object-of-his-puzzlement, except with Hannibal Lecter eyes.
JoAnne: In the woods, she asks for a favor. He wants to know if she's nuts and admits that it makes him crazy that the only way she'll pay him any attention is if he does something bad. He demands to know what she and Kim Tan are to each other, but she flat out refuses to say. She tells him to keep on picking on her, she's not scared of him anymore, and then she stalks off. What? Then why did she want to ask him a favor? What was the favor? He looks as confused as I feel, but he also looks upset. And he kind of has that same 'How did I lose control of this situation so fast?' look that Kim Tan did in the elevator. His sad love is going to hurt a lot, I think.
Shuk: I actually feel bad for him. His behavior has already slammed and locked the doors, but he doesn't know any better.  That was a look of genuine confusion on his face, and one of the first real honest looks I've seen from Woobie in this series.
JoAnne: Alone on her bench in a clearing, Beanie starts to call Kim Tan. Rachel wanders in, dressed in the very latest urban forest attire, phone to her ear. The girls notice each other and Rachel heads for Beanie with a serious business look on her face. She takes the phone from Bean, confirms that she was calling Kim Tan, and belts her across the face. I don't really think Rachel is out of line, you know, but then again... she knows Kim Tan wants to break up with her.
Shuk: On a non-sequiter alert, a city park bench in the middle of a campground? Where are they camping, Seonyudo Island Park??
JoAnne: Bean says since she's been slapped, she will just say something that would deserve being slapped for, and asks for her phone back to call Kim Tan. Rachel raises her hand for another blow, and Young Do grabs it. He says Bean is his - only he can pick on her from now on - grabs the phone from Rachel, a HAND from Bean (not a wrist) and leads her off while Rachel stares in disbelief. I guess the Young Do/Rachel ship has been torpedoed...I kind of wanted to see that.
Shuk: [Protection Mode: beep beep]
JoAnne: Bean says this is what she expects from him and he tells her not to jump to conclusions, and she hasn't seen anything about him yet. And then he gets this look on his face... it's 'son of a bitch', clear as day. Kim Tan stumbles into the clearing, phone at his ear.
JoAnne: Oh I knew this was going to happen I knew it I am squeeing yes I AM. I thought he would HAVE to kiss her by this episode, and it's actually kind of better, what happens. Young Do says 'I'll start to show you now' and then pulls her in close in a hug. I definitely squee. Yes I do. The boys stare at each other. My heart pounds. I can't decide if the look in Young Do's eyes is a challenge because he wants to take her from Kim Tan because he wants her, or because he doesn't want Kim Tan to have her. Probably some of both. I don't care. I just love this, really really love this. I also like the music that plays at these moments. Well, until HongKi starts singing. Usually I like him, but I just like the intro to this song.
cherkell: Doesn't Beanster know the First Rule of Inappropriate Grabbing -- a knee to the groin?  (Oh wait, that's MY First Rule... ) More creeptastic than sexy in my eyes.  Where's my barf bag?  
Final Thoughts

JoAnne: I'm happy on several fronts. Mom besties are moving right along, the Kim Tan/Young Do war is heating up, we're getting to see Young Do off his balance with the Bean, we have some confirmation that KimPapa actually does love both his sons, we have Kim Tan's feelings framed quite understandably... what else? WonBigBaby, at this point I'd really rather that whole thing go away since it's been so disappointing, but he kind of can't because then the illegitimate bit ceases to exist. Maybe that will heat up next week. They seriously can't have GumiHot and not use him like the man that he is. Can they? Kakashi, were you pleased tonight again? I was!
cherkell:  SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETCH. That sound you just heard was my brain seizing up.  I could not watch the Heir-Off Stare-Offs without stating every 30 seconds all those boys need to do is unzip and settle things right then and there.  It's getting painful to watch StalkyDo amp up his quest for Beany's heart, since he's doing it in all the wrong ways.  Nothing says 'I Love You' like a bouquet of sentiments provided by FTD (Fucked-Up Teenage Delivery).  And what's with the lack of WonNiHot in the last few eps?  Seriously, high school kids in Korea really act like such pissants who call their Mommies every time they break a nail?  Not enough Kang Ha-neul yet again. With the exception of Baby Daddy (squeeeeee!), the adults are past the point of no redeemable return (YoungDo's dad would have been dog kibble if he ever pulled that on me).  Show completely lost my interest as soon as the beginning credits rolled.  I can't... I just can't... *breaks down softly weeping*
Shuk: I am much more invested in the fighting than the staredowns. More action please!!