The Heirs - Episode 8 (There's Something in the Heir Tonight)

JoAnne here! Filling in for Cher, who's a bit under the weather. Let's all send her healing thoughts while we marvel over the boys and girls, shall we?
kakashi: Get well soon, cher!!! Hey, JoAnne ... we should send Ji Chang-wook over to make her porridge and stuff! ("and stuff" stands for all the naughty things you can imagine)
Then again, I think I'm alone among my squeeing sisters (but probably not some of you lovely readers) - because I'm fully on board this ship. Which ship, you ask? Good question, because there's a veritable flotilla of them in this drama! And I love them all...
kakashi: You, my dear JoAnne, will be pleased to hear that I did feel a slight flutter in the heart region while watching this episode. We are FAR FROM love, me and this drama. But my absolute coldness has given way to detached ... something. Not sure yet what this something is. But something is better than nothing.

Episode 8

JoAnne: An incensed (but acceptably dressed) Good Heir drags a confused Bean Princess out of the coffee shop. He feels responsible for Bad Heir's aggression toward her, he doesn't want her to be hurt because of that, he likes her, she should like him back if possible, and she should expect that he will continue to  interfere in her business. There's a tiny bit of squee. (They make a beautiful couple but when she just stands there and cries it feels wrong to squee. I like it better when they're bickering. A lot.)
kakashi: I am glad you mention his totally okay dress. The green coat is actually quite cool - I wouldn't mind having it. As for this couple ... still not feeling it. Not even remotely. While I am now at the point where I can accept that Tanny-Boy is smitten with her because she is so different (or, rather, because she is like very Candy-character ever times ten and it is KDrama lore that the rich guy falls in love with the poor woman), I am also at the point where she annoys me so much feel like smacking her.
JoAnne: We have long, emotion-laden stares (one-shot!) from every conceivable angle in multiple takes - and then phones start to ring. Tan ignores his father, but grabs Eun Sang's phone when it turns out to be his mother. He answers it FOR her. I don't know about you but I find that answering another person's cell phone is a very intimate thing. You just don't do it unless you are very, very close to the person. Really, he might as well have kissed her. And I also take this as a step toward outing himself about his feelings toward her.
kakashi: I just don't like him. Are we supposed to? He is phlegmatic and mopey (yes, I really have something against The Mopes and The Snores) AND he is pushy. It is very RUDE to take somebody's phone and answer it. He is constantly intruding into her personal space. That is not okay. That said, I still feel like smacking her. 
JoAnne: Bean Princess is looking overwhelmed. Tan is pushing for an answer - does she like him? - and she's just trying to get her phone back. It's expensive, she needs it for work and to communicate with her mom. As she dissolves into tired, overwrought tears, Tan announces that he is about to go crazy because he wants to hug her so much and then he pulls her into his arms. I'm torn between satisfaction that the romance is moving forward and irritation that he seems to be the embodiment of 'cause the sickness and then be the medicine' or whatever that saying is. And then, with real concern, he says 'Don't cry. Don't tell me you like me. Just please, think about it.' There's hope for him.
kakashi: He is pushy and oh-so-egoistic. He isn't even thinking of her for a second. This is all just about him and his hormonal overdrive (yes, yes, I'm trying to go with this idea that he is just 18). I now also feel like smacking him. 
JoAnne: Back home, Kim Tan distracts his dim mother with the excuse that he only went to see Cha Eun Sang to convince her not to tattle that he'd hit someone at school. Her first question: Is he richer than us? Kim Tan asks if she doesn't even want to know why he did it, and she worries aloud that she got the order of the questions wrong. While Good Heir heads off to face his father, KiMistress interrogates the Bean Princess about the fight but gets no info.
kakashi: Now that you mention it ... his mother really IS dim. Genetics ... oh no! Kim Tan, I don't know ... Now you look a little less like perfect son-in-law material... 
JoAnne: Frustrated by her lack of success, Ms. NotExactlyCheonDamDongHerself cautions Eun Sang not to get any ideas about her son, what with their differing levels and all. Jobs and roofs over heads are threatened, just as one might expect. Not for the first time, I remember that this girl is barely 18 and I sympathize easily with her embarrassment, frustration, and hurt; I also admire her efforts to maintain some dignity and keep her eye on the future.
kakashi: Yes, they are only 18. It is good to be reminded of it again and again. Also, thank you for reminding us of the obstacles between Bean Princess and Good Heir, show. I am sure we would have forgotten without these brilliant lines. 
JoAnne: Meanwhile, KimPapa is trying to talk to his youngest about the fight, but Tan points out that it's too late to care now, when  all those earlier years he was too busy. Dad offers up the time-worn excuse that he had to be busy to keep the business running, and Tan agrees, but points out that this is why he and his brother will receive more money than love from their father. And then the boy does something that gives me hope for the future. Dad points out that he shouldn't do anything to embarrass his mother, the Chairwoman, and Kim Tan says MY mother is not the Chairwoman. MY mother is your mistress. He politely says good night and makes his exit. Let's just clear the air, Kim Tan! You keep that up!
kakashi: I keep constantly asking myself what this drama is about (because I think there must be something I don't GET about it, like a very profound meaning, something that is below the seemingly shallow and utterly predictable outer surface) and this scene might be a hint: it is about breaking free from overbearing fathers! It is a psychological masterpiece that uses Freud and Jung in entirely new ways!!! 
JoAnne: Bean Princess and the boy who won't be king meet up in the living room, where he guesses correctly that his mother grilled her and she begs him not to talk to her at home. He follows her into the kitchen and tries to make her laugh, but she's not having it. When she asks him to leave he points out that it's his house, and she says fine, she'll leave. He points out that her room is his house, too - that it's all his, everywhere. 
kakashi: That's not even being pushy, it is also stalky-creepy. Somebody might have to tell him that this is not necessarily how you win a girl's heart. 

JoAnne: Just as I'm thinking he is taking the most wrong of all wrong paths to get to her heart, he says this: Do you know how glad I am that you are in my house?' I melt. I think maybe she does too but she hides it well. They head off to pine in their separate rooms while we listen to a new song, one that I like quite a bit. He posts a picture to her NotFB account while she thinks back on several scenes where he was completely adorable, then sighs at the impossibility of a relationship with Richie Rich. She sets her alarm even earlier in another attempt to avoid him in the morning, then smiles sadly to see his good night message. Girl is lost, but she's still fighting it.
kakashi: My urge to smack both of them is back with a vengeance. They could just kiss, sleep with each other, and that's that. Drama is over, I am free. What's with the fakey conflict?!
JoAnne: Following that logic, every drama ever should just be two (or more, I won't judge) people notice each other, one (or more) follows another home, they have sex, we watch some part of that, end of story. On to the next drama.
JoAnne: Ha! She gets to school shortly after dawn but Kim Tan is already there waiting for her. He is completely adorable and confesses that he worried about her all night.  Who would not fall for this puppy?
kakashi: A pushy egoistical puppy? I would put it on the balcony over night and would block my ears with wax so as to not hear its miserable cries. 
JoAnne: Scratches Kakashi's name off the list of potential Maisie babysitters.
JoAnne: OH BE STILL MY HEART. Sex Heir is shaving in the mirror. He is every kind of fine and handsome and heart-stoppingly gorgeous that there can be and still have clothes on. If ONLY he wasn't such a goddamn BABY about everything. There's business problems, but I don't actually care about them. Except that I think later the two brothers will come together to save the business somehow and that makes me squee a little. Yes. Premature squee. I admit it.
kakashi: Sex Heir, who has basically no Facial Heir, uses two types of electric razors in the morning. Brilliant PPL (NOT). Is this the same razor-brand that we got to see in A Gentleman's Dignity? I really see a lot of common PPL in the two dramas (i.e. Mango Six). And sorry, his character just sucks. 
JoAnne: Baby Daddy tries to get Sex Heir to rethink his attitude about the business stuff but is unsuccessful.  I see plot threads tightening and approve.
kakashi: You do? 
JoAnne:  In the sense that, while we might not be plot-centric, we are now at least plot-adjacent.
JoAnne: KiMistress wakes up with a hang over and Bean Mom is completely awesome, as usual. The bickering turns into a pillow fight complete with destroyed pillow raining chicken feathers down on them both, and that leads to KiMistress craving chicken and beer. I ship these two as besties, I really do.
kakashi: I realize this show could be a lot better if it did not take itself too seriously. I.e., when the ridiculousness of the first-love-that-cannot-be-theme would be handled lighter, more humorously. Toilet humor maybe? I'm just thinking aloud.
JoAnne: Back at school, Good Heir, Bean Princess, Stringy Heir, and Baby Heir all meet up in the hallway outside the radio room. Beanie begs Baby to help her with some homework and they escape, pissing off both Kim Tan and Stringy. Predictably, Bo Na thinks Tan was there waiting for her and warns him off, and he messes with her head in exactly the way she deserves. It's pretty cute.
kakashi: Liked Tanny here, a little bit. He was being sarcastic and not just phlegmatic. There is hope. 
JoAnne: Beanie wants to come clean about her situation at school. Baby warns her against it - there's no way she could survive, and he points out that Ball Boy is leaving today.  Beanie races to say good bye but is too late, and is joined by Stringy's pretty friend Kang Ye Sol and other random students who proceed to have a very callous conversation that serves only to emphasize what Baby and Kim Tan have both told her all along - you cannot be yourself here. No one can.
kakashi: And somebody explain to me why this show just HAD to go for twenty episodes when it is clear that the story is barely sufficient to cover 8? 

JoAnne: Back at her locker, the Bean Phone rings. Whoever it is, she has them in her directory as 'Don't Accept'. Just as she moves to reject the call, the caller himself looms over her shoulder and that distinctively bass voice asks 'Don't accept what?  My heart?'  It's Woobie with his patented (and very effective) mix of menace and flirtation, ready to flutter all of our hearts.
kakashi: Right. Woobie. I must admit to a certain fascination with his character. I am not saying I like him or it, but he is indeed about a thousand times more interesting than Tan. Now get rid of the pink lipstick and I might actually take him sheirously! 
JoAnne: He's hurt that this is how she identifies him in her phone and asks to see how Kim Tan is entered.   She changes his name to Choi Young Do and tries to escape, but he mentions seeing her name on the bulletin board and congratulates her. Every response she makes to him, verbal or otherwise, is clearly fear-induced. I wish he would hurry up and just like her and not want to torment her, because it's not fun when the people are terrified, Woobie. It's just not. I don't even think he's TRYING to scare her. It's just in him.
kakashi: He is really terrifying. And this is when the "they are just 18" really doesn't work. A 18 year old simply isn't that terrifying. Unless he is a battle-proven gangster from gangster-territory. But not the rich Heir of some hotel conglomerate. I am not buying it. Wrong drama. Maybe he thought he was still acting in 친구 2 ?
JoAnne: Cha Eun Sang is admiring her announcement on the bulletin board when she is joined by Bo Na and her disparaging, whiny-voiced comments. She snatches the announcement down, revealing that Kim Tan has hidden the Bean Princess's good bye note from California underneath. (All together now: squeeeeeeeee)
kakashi: Anybody else notice that Krystal is getting more and more screen time?! *shudders*
JoAnne: Outside in the sparkly sunshine, Eun Sang and Kim Tan meet. She thinks it's cool that he actually found the note. He thinks it's amazing that she wouldn't return his call when he begged her, but she would leave a note like that. She didn't think he'd actually see it, she says - and why did he want her to call, anyway? 'It took you long enough,' he says. 'I had some things to ask you.' What things, Bean wants to know.
'Where are you? Who are you with? When are you leaving? Do you have to go? Don't go. Stay with me. I miss you.'
JoAnne: It's very effective.
kakashi: Yes, this was cute. But ... I just cannot wrap my head around this instant love thing. But I guess I have to let it go in the spirit of love, and just go with it. Tanny fell in love with Beanie the instant he saw her. Love needs no reason. Right. Got it. 
JoAnne: Sigh. Remember that little thing called the Platonic Ideal?
kakashi: No. Does it involve pink lips? 
JoAnne: And then we're slammed back to earth with the sight of Rachel watching from a distance, barely holding herself upright from pain and anger. I keep forgetting about her. I keep forgetting that Kim Tan has a fiancee. I know it's a business arrangement but for her it's more than that, and when I see how hurt she is by this I always want to forgive her for the next bitchy thing she does because quite frankly, I think she's entitled.
kakashi: Yes, Kim Tan and you are alike. He also keeps forgetting that he has a fiancee. Another reasons why I have great problems liking his character. He is so egoistical, he doesn't get that he makes at least two women miserable with his behavior. And though this conflict is SO CONSTRUCTED (which 18 year old has a fiancee???!!!) we have to go with it. Not okay, Tanny. Not okay. 
JoAnne: Kang Ha Neul! Messed Up Heir walks up, takes a quick look and sizes up the situation, then comments that she must be really irritated by this. When she agrees he grins like a little kid and says that's good, it will be fun to watch. This guy is not getting enough screen time. He's gorgeous AND the character is hilarious.
kakashi: He and Sex Heir have picked the character ass-cards. In case you do not speak any German, this is the equivalent of saying that they got the shit end of the stick. And what the heck is he sucking here?
JoAnne: Kim Tan admits to Beanie that she's one of the reasons he returned to Korea and asks if she can answer his question yet (whether she can like him or not.) but she makes excuses and heads off to class. In the wrong direction.
kakashi: Funny. I chuckled. 
JoAnne: Kim Tan has noticed Tempie standing there, and  takes her off to have a talk. He breaks her heart in the most oddly framed scene you can image, with her standing in front of what looks very much like a naked man on a teeter totter.  She holds herself together, pointing out that a) she knew and b) even if they break up, it's not like he can ever be with Cha Eun Sang - rattling off the names of other heiresses he'd be paired with by parents. He acknowledges this as a problem he's working on.
kakashi: ... and this is why this show just isn't good at all. It never moves anywhere, but just meanders all over the points we already know. Like KNOW. We frigging GET IT. He is rich, she is poor. He is The Master, she is The Slave. And by the way, JoAnne ... that IS a naked man on a teeter totter. Two, in fact.
JoAnne: Good tells her he understands that there are a lot of obstacles, and asks if he can't at least deal with her as he should, since they have always been friends. Rachel looks shocked for a second and then says that just doing this - falling for an unsuitable girl - is understandable for an 18-year-old boy, but breaking up is a mistake, and thinking she wouldn't be hurt by it is another. She stalks off, head held high. I like this actress very much in general, but even if I didn't I'd have say she's doing a fantastic job with this role. Rachel is a bitch you can hate and a little girl who breaks your heart, very often in the same moment.
kakashi: I agree with you, JoAnne (hooray to that). Rachel is the only character I feel something for (other than rage).

JoAnne: KimPapa is in the hospital - more tests - and has a conversation with Baby Daddy that appears to rock the cute secretary a tiny bit. I don't really care. Baby Daddy is at the school waiting for Baby Heir to come out and he runs into Rachel's Mom, and I still don't care. His phone rings - it's Tutorina, who now has a name, as well: Hyun Joo. She's in a convenience store and on her way to a tutoring session.
kakashi: Do we know what is wrong with KimPapa? Is he dying? His death could, maybe, turn this snore-fest into something remotely interesting?! Please die, KimPapa! You'll do fantastic, screwing up your face in your death rattle.
JoAnne: She makes plans to meet up with Baby Daddy later and starts to scarf down some ramyun. Outside, Kang Ha Neul is watching her. He realizes what she's doing and calls to tell her he'll be late, wanting her to slow down and eat her meal properly. When they do meet up he teases her about looking tired and questions her dinner choices, swooping in to sniff her breath.  This boy has a jaw I could nibble on for hours. Sigh.
kakashi: Oh, I forgot about Tutorina. Another ass-card. Boring, redundant character. Waste of talent. I still hope they go for a deadly disease or something (yes, I'm currently watching the brilliant "The End of the World") and eliminate 50% of the cast in one go. 
JoAnne: Oooooh, yes. We are back in the dojo. Woobie says he doesn't want to do the family photo and asks if he beats his dad today, can he not participate? Bad Dad says yes, and I squeal because I think this means that Bad has been holding out on us and could whip Dad's ass any day. I am wrong. Dad uses underhanded tactics and beats Woobie pretty handily, sharing vital life lessons along the way. What an ass. I do, however, find it very interesting that the school bully believed so strongly in right and wrong.
kakashi: And this is the moment I also feel something for Woobie's character. He is a total dick and should just be kicked somewhere (hard), but at least he is really mistreated. Not like Tanny and Sexy, who are just "hurt" they didn't get any love. This father is really abusive. Really-really. I hope he dies miserably. Soon.  
JoAnne: The Bean Princess is at her coffee job when her phone rings: it's Choi Young Do. She ignores the call but when she walks around the corner there he is at a table, watching his phone for her incoming call. She wants to know how he knew where she'd be, and he comments that it was fascinating to him as he 'got to know her' to learn she became rich because she worked so hard. Turns out, though, that he's only there because he's lonely... and something about the way he says it makes me believe him. Her too, I think.
kakashi: Yes. He needs therapy, quickly. What I do NOT get, though, is why he ALSO falls in love with her. Sure, sure, it's a KDrama and this is what happens to the second lead, but couldn't they try just a little bit harder to show us WHY this woman is so alluring to these chaebol sons? No? Asking for too much? 
JoAnne: In walks Kim Tan, Knight in Red Leather.  Bad Heir sighs and complains about cheating for the second time tonight. The two boys proceed to whip their dicks out and commence measuring, and our poor princess is just standing there quaking in her boots. Before they finish arguing, she's left work for the night. The boys are taken by surprise and leave, only to find just one vehicle outside. Kim Tan gets in his car, but Young Do has only a towing notice in his spot. Tan grins and says 'This is how you use the law, not with lawsuits.' Woobie's frustrated face is hilarious, every time.
kakashi: The wardrobe choices are improving. Is this subtle symbolism or just better sponsoring? BUT! The pink lipstick really does clash with the red leather jacket *shakes head sadly*. BUT! I do love how to manage to slip in these wonderful little PPL-moments, so naturally.
JoAnne: Kim Won is waiting outside a nondescript apartment building when a white car pulls up. Hyun Joo gets out but leans in the window to speak to the driver, and WonnieBoy gets all agitated. He stalks over to Tutorina and demands to know who brought her home. The look on his face when he sees that it's Baby Daddy is priceless. Actually, all their faces are hysterical. Won says he won't explain, Baby Daddy says he wasn't going to ask, Tutorina pipes up that it's not what it seems (to Baby Daddy) at which point, Wonnie pulls her toward him possessively, making it seem exactly what she says it isn't. They're all mortified, and I can't stop laughing.
kakashi: Tell me again why this matters? 
JoAnne: I got nothin'.
JoAnne: Kim Won really does want to know why she was with Baby Daddy, though, and she actually seems surprised that he didn't know about it already; so whatever that 'offer' was that she said she would consider, it has something to do with Empire Group. Thinking back to what KimPapa did when he noticed a connection between Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang, I can only assume the offer will be beneficial to Tutorina and place her out of sight of Sex Heir. However, she says it was about Baby Heir, so I'm confused. Why would Won know about that? Is she lying? It didn't seem like it.
kakashi: If you do not know, JoAnne, I certainly won't ... and I so did not get this scene. I actually first thought Sex would think Tutorina has an affair with TeddyBearAhjussi, but that's not it. So I'm guessing this is just a desperate attempt to give at least some screen time to her. 
JoAnne: She is worried that KimPapa will find out Won was there, and Won doesn't care at all. She tells him to leave and he says he has no where to go and pouts that she will never invite him to sleep over. Well pouting will sure change her mind, you big disappointing baby. Annnnd someone takes their picture.
kakashi: Alright, somebody needs to say it: Sex Heir needs to get laid FAST. 
JoAnne: I need someone to cover my next episode.  I'm going...uh....I'll be busy.
kakashi sends SexHeir this. Express delivery.
JoAnne: Back at KimCasa Tan is waiting for Beanie to show up in the kitchen. He decides to go knock on her door and then stands outside, torn - so of course she opens the door and startles them both. They hear his mother approaching and duck inside a closet where they stand close enough to smell shampoo, feel body heat, and hear hearts racing. There is a very nicely filmed almost-kiss which Tan halts because she is so clearly not agreeable to it, and then in a very badly edited move we are suddenly with our two crazy kids in the Confessional Cellar.
kakashi: This is where my heart decided it is still there and moved a little. I am a sucker for almost-kisses. That said, her face was just disturbing. Will we find out that she has had very bad experiences with men? Why is she so terrified?! And why did she just step on his foot? She really could have kicked somewhere else if she felt to threatened by his advance (and I do wonder ... can he actually kiss, with that schnoz?)
JoAnne: She does her homework there to allow Mom to sleep in a dark room, we learn. Tan questions her jealously about Young Do and becomes quite alarmed to learn that Bad Heir told Beanie he was lonely. At the sight of his stricken face, Beanie promises not to become involved, but Tan corrects her. She is already involved, and Young Do is not picking on her just because of her connection to Kim Tan. No - Young Do actually really does want to see her when he seeks her out. It feels exactly like that moment in the horror movie Jeepers Creepers where the local tells the future victim there's nothing that can be done; once the monster gets your scent, he'll never stop coming.
kakashi: Oh, you're good JoAnne .... 
JoAnne: I am looking at you suspiciously.
JoAnne: Back in the Heir Club, Young Do is lying on a couch looking pensive and Thick is dancing around to a song from his real life band (so meta!). Badly. Somewhere deep in his reptilian brain, Bad Heir is coming to the realization that he likes Cha Eun Sang.
kakashi: And I guess he is struggling to understand why. Like me. 
It's family picture day, and let me be the first to say that Kim Woobin in a tux is a thing of beauty. Think old Hollywood. Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, that kind of thing. Stunning. Absolutely glorious. I'm a little worried about his cat that ate the canary smile, though.
kakashi: He would do so well as the creepiest serial killer from hell. I think I'd cast him as that, forever and ever. But definitely without the pink lipstick. 
JoAnne: OH MY GOODNESS. Oh, Choi Young Do. You do learn lessons well. I'm a little worried that you're going to die at your father's hands, though. Remember that bet about the photos? Remember that little speech Bad Dad gave about making your own rules, and people only remembering who won? Oh, Young Do remembers. He remembers very, very well.  My hat is off to this boy. Well-played, indeed. Let's just say that there won't be a family picture today for anyone...and Future Step Mama is pissssssssssssed about the chippy that came to see her 'Oppa' out of the blue.  I like the approving look Rachel gives Young Do and his returning wink because let's face it, I ship them like the rest of the civilized world does: HARD.
kakashi: hahaha, show! See? You can do it! Bring on the humor! 
JoAnne: Turns out that Young Do knows what he wants from Rachel for winning their bet:  the customs form that she took from Cha Eun Sang. (Why is this piece of paper so important to everyone? Trust me, she didn't get off the plane without filling out another. This one is garbage. Throw it away!) Rachel will give him the form but 'Tan likes her. He told me. I want to you fix that for me.' Young Do looks like he ate something spoiled. Oh, he promises. He will definitely take care of that.
kakashi: Uhm ... yes. Why this paper. Another symbolism I just don't get? Does paper stand for ... bedsheets?
JoAnne: Beanie is listening to music outside at school when Kim Tan slides onto the bench next to her. They fuss playfully (skinship!) and the cuteness is cutting months off my life.  It's not over done. They're just adorable. 
kakashi: Agree (a bit), when she doesn't look terrified, the two are cute together. Still feel like slapping them, though. Slapping and spanking. But what is it with Korean boys and their pain tolerance?! That was a little nudge, not more!  
JoAnne: Our princess stalks off to the lunch room and is selecting her meal when Young Do swoops in and grabs her plate. She follows him and he tells her he wants to eat lunch together - but he has chosen the table where they bullied Ball Boy, and placed her food in Ball Boy's seat. Understandably, Cha Eun Sang comes to the wrong conclusion. Young Do being charming is like having a snake smile at you. 
kakashi: Good scene. Well done, with the misunderstanding and the mounting tension. Keep it up, show. Yes, I mean it. However, I would find her fear a BIT more believable if she weren't constantly making the same fearful face.
JoAnne: She is visibly terrified. I can't say I blame her - and when she protests he begins to lose his patience, which just makes it worse. The whole cafeteria is watching and comes to the same conclusion Beanie did, but Young Do is actually oblivious and begins to eat happily. Stringy is watching with her friend, and worries out loud: What are Chan Young and Kim Tan doing now? She's going to end up being ok, our Stringy.
kakashi: If that means even MORE screen time, I vote against it. 
JoAnne: Tan walks into the cafeteria and I swear every human in the place not at Young Do's table or named Kim Tan freezes in place while clocks stop and oxygen evaporates. Seriously: babies around the world wait for one more second to be born. It's a bit tense.
kakashi: I held my breath! And I really needed to pee! Not a good combination.

JoAnne: Tan walks up to the table and sees his beloved Beanie shaking like a leaf. In a quiet voice he asks 'What are you doing?' Every head in the place whips around to watch what comes next. Kim Tan orders Beanie to get up. Loudly. I feel a little bad for Young Do, who truly didn't seem to realize the effect he was having on her. And he certainly can't let this insult pass, so he gets up and squares off in front of Kim Tan while Beanie cowers with her plate behind them.
kakashi: Awwwwww, poor Bad Heir. You do not get it. You are 2nd lead in a KDrama - you will not get the girl, whatever you do. But it also means you can do anything, which is kinda cool.   
JoAnne: The boys are PISSED but hanging on to tempers just barely, and trade barbs in quiet voices. Kim Tan takes Beanie's hand and says 'We planned to eat lunch together' as he leads her away. And then ...then Young Do reverts to asshole and trips her. She goes down hard and lands in the food from her plate. Kim Tan, rather than helping her, grabs Young Do's collar. Beanie rushes in to beg him not to do anything.
kakashi: Why would he trip her, though? His bully-instinct? Isn't he in love, doesn't he want to steal her away from Tan? 
JoAnne:  I believe I described him at some point as the boy who doesn't just pull pig tails:  he cuts them off and then strangles puppies with them.
JoAnne: Rachel was watching (of course, like always!), and once Kim Tan leads a sobbing Beanie from the room, she approaches Young Do to hand him the customs form. She taunts him for failing - he got Eun Sang on her knees, but she left in Kim Tan's hands. Young Do says simply that it will be worse if Kim Tan loses what was once his. From this I gather next week will be very interesting.
kakashi: So it was all planned? Devious. 

JoAnne: Outside, Kim Tan waits patiently while the Bean Princess sobs, but eventually he insists on checking her wrist and brushing her off 'so the clothes don't get ruined.'  Her phone rings. It's Choi Young Do - she must feel like she's in a Halloween movie, and Michael Myers just keeps not dying.
kakashi: Oh JoAnne ... you are SO GOOD! 
JoAnne:  So I've heard...just never in this context.  Ahem.
JoAnne: They argue about whether she should answer the phone... she insists she must, of course, and when she accepts the call and moves to speak Kim Tan pulls her arm away and pushes her against the wall in a what-passes-for-passionate kiss. We've seen Lee Min Ho let loose with better, I'm just saying. Damn you, K-censors! *shakes fist at sky*
kakashi: Worst kiss ever seen in KDrama, bravo, show! Brilliant idea to go freeze-frame on it, too! So that we can study the absolute NON-kiss much better! Yes. PSH haters ... this woman cannot kiss. This really is the proof. Cannot. Will not. Never.
JoAnne: Previews next week look like lots of fights and drama. Yay!
kakashi: Oh, it's my turn again soon. Please don't make me go blind because I'm so bored. Please. 

Final Thoughts

JoAnne: I like very much that the central kids are layered - you see good impulses and bad (or at least not-so-good) in each of them. We are moving slowly, but I do see signs of a scooby gang forming around Cha Eun Sang and the glimpses of the conflict to come are quite compelling in a gloriously teen-angsty sort of way. It sorta feels John Hughes-y to me.  I don't care so much about the parents - and some of them, I don't care about even a tiny bit. Others at least provide comic relief.
kakashi: Heirs' fans are getting more and more defensive about their beloved drama. They are really miffed that (a lot of) people criticize it all the time and i.e. question its, uhm, (intellectual) substance. But dear Heirs fans, allow me to say this: what about giving us ANY substance? I mean ... what is this drama about? I keep forgetting. Is it really just rich guy meets poor girl, falls in love, encounters obstacles? Really? Wow. 
JoAnne: My only real disappointment at this moment in time is the irritatingly butt-hurt character Choi Jin Hyuk has been saddled with. I hope they fix that up right quick. Otherwise... I have plenty of couples to ship and am thrilled to pieces with Woobie's performance in particular. There's a photo set floating around where Kim Tan tells Young Do he should transfer schools, and then you realize it's really Lee Min Ho and Woo Bin, because Woobie goes on to say 'Oh, don't you know about me?  I steal every show I'm in. Thanks for the fan girls ...let's keep in touch.'  It makes me laugh every time I see it.
kakashi: My one BIG issue with this show is that I simply do not care. Not a single character pulls me in (yes, I feel sorry for Rachel, but that really isn't enough). So these rich kids have issues because their parents aren't nice? Only poor parents are nice? You are rich and you are in love with a poor girl? You are rich and you will have to inherit a fortune and an empire from your parents? Awwwwwwwww. Grow a pair.  

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