Kim Ji-hoon NOT in Switzerland - The End

Ah, chingus .... let me tell you, I had a crazy weekend. So much fun! It would have been awesome (yeah, MORE awesome) if the Korean had shown up, but, alas ... the rumors I caught on Friday before I left must be true. I read on a Japanese website that the show (World Challenge) is about to be cancelled. And I guess that just meant: no more filming (and spending of money).

Of course, I wasn't very happy when I saw the updated list of teams, which was very much without Koreans ... But yeah, I got over it very quickly, because me and my friends went to that wonderful Tex-Mex restaurant and ... margaritas happened. 5. Yes. You must know, there are hardly any good Tex-Mex restaurants in Switzerland. All the more surprised we were when they food was great and the margaritas too!
Clown Santa (who came back from Nigeria that morning!!) and Wizard Santa
Rocker Santa (obviously happy about her Marguerita :))
Chicken Nachos.
Appetizer Combo
Vegi Fajitas
Texas Burger with Curly Fries (my first :)
Oh, and there was a "slight" issue with Baker Santa. He had class on Friday afternoon and couldn't take the train with us. He took the last possible connection in the evening. Unfortunately, he listened to a bunch of drunk Australian tourists and got out of the train about 30' before he should have ... which meant he had to wait for the next train (for an hour) and missed the last bus to Samnaun. He did take a bus though, but ... that only took him to the Swiss border town Martina. There is exactly one house, and that's about it. There, he went to the border guards who were very helpful and called a TAXI for him. Which took him up the mountain. There's about 100 narrow tunnels, which takes you at least 40 minutes. He refused to tell us how much he had to pay, the good soul ....
our coats
The next morning, I was getting a bit nervous about the whole thing ... the weather was terrible in the morning, it snowed and there was hardly any visibility. All the Santa teams gather at 10am at the base station of the cable car. This is us on the left! The Santastic Four, all suited up :) And this is Wizard Santa on the right.
When we got on the cable car, I felt the disappointment of not having Kim Ji-hoon there most forcefully.  So many people! So little space! Haha. Oh well, but the disappointment didn't last long (the hangover, though, lasted a little longer). We went higher and higher, up to 2300 meters. And then, we did a lot of crazy stuff in the snow. The sun, bless her soul, took a liking to us too.
(me, on the left, high fiving Baker Santa. On the right, an absolutely terrified Clown Santa on weird skis :)
The Dutch team in the background. They were SO FUNNY!
On the left, the Santas on their way to the group photo, which is on the right.
I climbed THIS!
Thankfully, we didn't make the finals ... but, hey ... there is always a next time! Hwaiting! 
P.S.: The cutest thing that happened was a little kid (about 10) who came up to me and asked whether he could have my pink blow-up guitar. Of course I gave it to him - he was so happy!!! and started playing air guitar in front of his friends immediately.

P.P.S.: This is the absolute LAST time I will stalk a Korean Star. Twice failed, forever shy.