The Heirs - Episode 17 (Heir'body Cheer Up! Hey, hey, hey...)

JoAnne: Ughhhhh what do I do there's nothing to write Tan is sad and Young Do is mad and everyone else is everyone else and ughhhhhh.
kakashi: Waitaminute. Aren't you supposed to LOVE this drama??! What is happening?? Heirs has just lost one of its most ardent admirers!!
Episode 17

JoAnne: I loathe Peevil. His voice makes me cringe. Tan is standing there in the empty apartment looking bad bad bad and just sobbing. Poor boy.  I really still have a hard time understanding why he's just giving up now, but ok. I mean 2 hours ago he was full of piss and vinegar  how did that disappear so quickly? She's not DEAD, she's just not THERE. Keep on, fool.
kakashi: His voice makes me retch! Has this actor ever played a pleasant character? If yes: I don’t think that would be believable at all. And Lee Min-ho cries like a girl and brings out a deeply hidden bully-side in me. I want to trip him and pull his hair, etc. 
JoAnne: I have decided that Lee Min Ho does impassioned pretty well. He does cheeky non-vomit-inducing cuteness pretty well. He looks sad ok, too. What he does not do well:  when the story calls for him to be deadened, dazed, so beaten down that he gives up? In any story I have ever seen, he interprets that as a zombie walk.  It's not effective, in fact, it's quite terrible to watch.  I know there's better ways to do it, but I'm not about to go think up who does it right and then search out a clip - and I don't expect anyone ELSE to, either.  Just acknowledge it silently and move on.
kakashi: What you are really saying - and I fully agree - is that Lee Min-ho would be an awesome zombie. OMG. I So.Hope.They.Make.A.Zombie.Drama with Lee Min-ho as the chief brain eater!!!! I'd actually watch that!!!! 
JoAnne:  He's staggering down the street all zombie-chic. The phone has been disconnected so he can't call Bean, and I guess his second choice is to sit on the railing by the road with his mouth hanging open while he cries some more and remembers his Bean Princess, now sprouting in parts unknown.  Pretty soon he shuffles into Peevil's office and I'm sorry I just cannot do this.
kakashi: Uhm. Well. We are indeed reaching an all time acting low. Just learn how to act, boy, will you? Maybe after military service? Yes? 
JoAnne:  Peevil says it's all Tan's fault for not making it so Bean would think it was impossible to even gaze upon his preciousness. Is this man for real, seriously? Tan says on the contrary, HE did the looking, HE did the chasing, so why isn't HE the one being kicked out? Uhhh, because you're the heir? Why is Peevil back in the wheel chair? And it appears that Tan is most upset that she's getting kicked out of school. Okay, #100... if she's on a plane to another country, it's not like she'll be at the desk by the window during math class. Evil President Choi takes possession of Peevil and overacts a bit. I'm bored.
kakashi: His lips? Wow. I think they go to the fullest red, I mean pink, when he "cried". I am quite fascinated by it. Plus ... we all know he took her passport. So what's the frigging problem??
JoAnne:  Apparently Baby Heir and Baby Daddy are sharing wardrobes and hairdressers. I guess this man just can't have decent, age appropriate hair. Baby wants to find his lil Beanie buddy but Dad says wait it out, she'll call.
kakashi: I am too lazy to look it up again, but I think this man was born the same year I was. So he isn't old at all. Ergo: the hair is age appropriate. He is HAWT.
JoAnne:  The next day at school BoNa and the shorter boys are worried about Beanie and Rachel is just huffy about that. Then Tan barges in demanding whereabouts and Chan Young is piiiiiiiiiissed at him because this is Tan's fault, of course. Now it's time for Young Do to barge in, and Chan Young has had enough of the testosterone so he grabs Bo Na and leaves.
kakashi: Yes. So ....... uhm ..... absolutely nothing happens.
JoAnne:  Young Do clears the room so he can chat with Tannie. Thick, God love him, announces he's going to stand right outside the door and if these two fight he's just not going to have it, he will turn this class room right around and they'd better believe it.
kakashi: Awwww, Thick ... at least you make me half-chuckle with your comic relief scenes. It comes out like a sad whiny sneeze.
JoAnne:  Basically he just wants to say 'Look what you did, Dipshit' to Tan but Tannie is a man with a mission, apparently, and he does not have time for Mr. I Told You So.  He's got a girl to find.  He's fine with Tan looking too, though, and then he tells his fake mom not to disenroll her and makes vague promises/threats about how she'll need him some day, and he'll remember whether she helped here or not.  So he's still doing that whole 'buy this for me now and I'll pay you back someday' bit, I guess.
kakashi: Tannie is not only a man with a mission, he also is a man with a weird dead animal around his neck AND very pink, very distracting lips. And yes. This is the episode in which absolutely nothing happens. Have I said that before?
JoAnne: In contrast, Young Do goes to work. The brain behind the eyebrows is clicking away and he's in the broadcast room looking up info on Bean.  Yay, that means we should see Kang Ha Neul in a minute!  Sure enough, here he is, just in time to protect the sanctity of A/V Club info.  He strongly grabs the paper from Young Do's hands! Ah, our sensitive prince with the strong nose, how we love him.
kakashi: I don't know. This drama makes me un-love everybody in it pretty quickly. It may be saved at this point by introducing some aliens. Or birth secrets. These two things could, maybe, turn it around for me.
JoAnne: In contrast to Young Do's take charge attitude, Tan comes in and asks HyoShin to do the work for him. I guess there's more than one way to skin a cat but it would be nice if Tan could do more than beg others to do things while he mopes around and acts all butt-hurt about the world.  The two Beanlings fill MUP in on Eun Sang's disappearance.  Um...isn't he the news director for the school or something? How come he doesn't know this?
kakashi: Because they need to fill 60 minutes and have no clue as to how?
JoAnne:  After enlisting HyoShin Tan runs off to find!the!girl! and Young Do flirts a little bit before he, too, heads out. Sigh.  Remember the sexual tension we all felt when these two first shared our screens 7,386 long soulful stares ago?  When we thought HyoShin would be something more than Rachel's consolation prize?  *Wrong ship, I whisper dejectedly. Wrong ship.*
kakashi: Why did we even start watching this shipwreck. All my youth ... wasted. *LeDeepSigh*
JoAnne: Oh look, it's the PTA. In a hilariously awkward translation that is all about the potty and does very little to help us understand that people are actually trying to communicate secrets here, we find out that Young Do's dad is about to be investigated for some kinda evildoings. In the time jump, I vote for a prison scene where he's in the shower balled up in a corner, naked, soapy, and sobbing.
kakashi: I am still waiting for the birth secrets, but a prison scene would be okay, too. Also: this is a very much reduced PTA. I guess they're running out of money and cannot have too many actors in one scene.
JoAnne:  Kim Won, job safe for now, brings Baby Daddy a gift: they now have couple nameplates, yay! This was a ship I hadn't considered...
kakashi: Hug! Naked! With oil all over you! 

JoAnne:  Tan and the CCTV recordings, blah-di-blah-di-blah.  HyoShin calls to tell him that she definitely didn't leave the country, so that's good news.
kakashi: So ... did he use his father's connections here? It seems so. I found that weird, because he seems to hate his father and what he stands for.  
JoAnne:  Tan calls Young Do to share the good news.  I KNOW.  Apparently, this is deathly important because finals are soon. I know people laugh about that but think about it - doing well in school was important to The Bean, and he's thinking of her needs. 1, 2, 3:  awwwww ... But then Tan is distracted by Bean's recorded wave goodbye so the bromance is forgotten.
kakashi: I am so bored by now I'm starting to put needles into my arms. Not really! But it would definitely be more exciting than this.
JoAnne:  Young Do is glad to know she didn't leave the country and devil's spawn that he is, comes up immediately with a brilliant plan:  He logs into Zeus Hotel's website and enters a complaint against himself for harassment, posting as if he were Eun Sang the jilted lover.  That'll get Daddy's henchmen searching for her!
kakashi: Very FUNNY the aigoo voice he is making in the voice-over.
JoAnne: Young Do is at the noodle wall  feeling pensive and wearing a tire tread jacket that he clearly borrowed from Tan because Young Do ALWAYS looks good and Tan always...well...wears tire tread jackets.   Thick shows up full of gossip and dimness to share noodles.  Ok, not sure why this mattered.
kakashi: Why are you even asking. And why didn't you believe us when we said that this show is bleh?
JoAnne:  Woo Bin made up for a lot of it. I was waiting for him to have some kind of make out session with SOME ONE.  Rachel, Tan, HyoShin...any one of them would have done.
kakashi: Just. Believe. Me. ALWAYS.
JoAnne: Tan meets up with Thick in front of their houses and asks for the black box in Thick's car so he can watch her leave yet again, but then he leaves without it, thunderstruck (I guess) by another idea.  Yes because being methodical never produces results so why not run off helter skelter, you big whiny boy?
kakashi: Brilliant scene! Asks somebody for the black box data, fill about 5 minutes, and then run off without the black box data, which makes the previous 5 minutes an absolute waste in broadcasting time.
JoAnne:  At the cell phone shop Tan tries to take over Eun Sang's phone number but it has already been assigned to someone else. Tannie buys it off the stranger  so he can start creeping on Bean's messages and NotFB page.  This is how we learn that Sad Puppy Young Do is posting I Miss You's to the invisible Bean.  Tan cannot let that happen, and poor Young Do's heart skips a beat or two when the phone rings and comes up as Cha Eun Sang.
kakashi: Mean. And Young-do's hands are really red. I guess it's freezing on the set. Come to noona, I know a place to warm them!
JoAnne:  I read in an interview that he has a problem with hand circulation and they are always cold regardless. That could be... an interesting twist.
JoAnne:  Back at Peevil's House of Emotional Destruction, Tan is just back to staring at recording after recording. Not sure what he thinks he will find.  Against a swelling chorus of 'Love is Pain' which makes me think about the answer song 'Pain is the Moment', Tan finally gets some new info:  Eun Sang's charge card just pinged the news that she charged something at the local Piggly Wiggly.
kakashi: "Dear Saesang Fans. We will teach you how to stalk someone! Your Heirs-team".

JoAnne:  Uri Tan-ah, you may only be #100, but you are already better than every cop in any KDrama ever, and I admire your persistence in calling every single 7-11 or whatever it was in Korea all night long to find your girl.
kakashi: He is just so obsessed. In another universe, he'd be institutionalized.
JoAnne:  Of course it was the last store on the list. This is why I always start in random places when I have a list of things to check. Also:  I laughed when random ahjussi commented on her hair because that's been an item of note for me as well.
kakashi: She does have that going for her. Plus, she's a fairly okay crier. 
JoAnne:  Photo Dude is tattling on Baby Daddy, who APPARENTLY wasn't doing Peevil's bidding when he helped the Beans leave. Or he was, but then he did a little tricky thing there at the end.  I guess when he finally picks sides he really picks them.
kakashi: Yeah. So, Peevil is rage-fitting, but is he doing anything? Nope. Also: Teddybear Ahjussi is the smartest and the bestest and I want to marry him. I don’t care about anybody else in this stupid drama. And Baby Heir will be my son! And Krystal my Daughter-in-Law. Bliss.
JoAnne:  Montage of touching Bean moments: they love each other, Beanie is working in a bookstore and plans to get her GED (that hurts, I admit), Mom is being discriminated against - the dipshit in the store won't hire her not because she can't do the job but because it would be uncomfortable for the boss to communicate with her, and it's all pretty hard for our young ex-Princess.  Where's HER crown, because the weight seems pretty heavy, I dunno, perhaps more than for the others?
kakashi: Thank you, JoAnne. Where are the fooking birth-secrets that were promised to me?! Her crown needs to appear! Two episodes left! 

JoAnne:  Long rides in which you are chauffeured in leather-seated comfort are perfect for remembering special moments with loved ones. Good thing Pops didn't tell the drivers not to leave Seoul, otherwise Tan would have had to convince someone on a bus to lend him the fare.
kakashi: Note for KDrama writers/PDs: "If you do not know how to fill 60 minutes, make them sit in cars and insert as many flashbacks as possible". 
JoAnne:  Helpfully, Eun Sang bought kitchen gloves an hour ago. Wouldn't do to have chapped hands when she's eventually saved by some rich guy. Unhelpfully, upon learning that she was in the store an hour ago, Tan takes off running to find her.  Unless she's doing that  godawful slow walk thing, Tan-ah, she's home already, and I'm pretty sure that walk can only happen when you are in sight of The True Love That Must Not Be.  So you can slow your roll, Prince.  He doesn't run badly though, does he, Kakashi?  And I don't mind this outfit at all even if that scarf is tied in all kinds of weirdness.
kakashi: Well, he is not a BAD runner, but he also isn't a GOOD runner. He tiptoes too much. He just is so gawky overall. Plus, he really isn’t fit. He breathes so heavily after just running a little … I hope he trains a bit more before going to the army. 
JoAnne: Pretty Bean helpfully hangs out recognizable clothing items so that when Tan does eventually land in her neighborhood he will be able to identify her particular seaside home from all the other seaside homes. Hanging things on clotheslines is also perfect for remembering special moments with loved ones, apparently.  This is good to know, in case Tan decides to actually give up the money for the gir -hhahahahahahaahaah no we know that's not going to happen. (This is a really pretty song, by the way.)
kakashi: Note for KDrama writers/PDs: "If you do not know how to fill 60 minutes, make them hang up clothing and insert as many flashbacks as possible". 
JoAnne: Tan spots the clothes! And the girl! A shot rings out!  Oh wait no, that was a sound effect, meant to suggest the emotional shock of that moment when he!finds!her! It is ESPECIALLY important, this moment, because there's no music, even. And then the music starts up again and we can tell from that and the look on Tan's face that something has been decided? What is it what is it what what what I race to look at the clock to see if this is the cliffhanger shot.  Hmm.  We still have more than half this episode to get through. Hmm. Beanie, unaware of eyes on her, heads out of the yard.  Tan whirls to hide his face because that's certainly the only thing that would make her notice and realize that it's him -  his height and designer clothing (plus the general loiter-y-ness of his sidewalk position)  won't stand out at all in this neighborhood.
kakashi: Note for KDrama writers/PDs: "If you do not know how to fill 60 minutes, make them finally GET what they want, but have them TURN AWAY so that the conflict can be drawn out muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonger". 
JoAnne: Bean has settled into a spot on the sand of the beach, most likely because it makes her pensiveness immediately apparent. There's an hilarious moment where one scene fades into the next and it looks like she's actually sitting IN the water in her parka and warm boots, but no. No one has mentioned it, but Bean apparently also suffers from that tragic and uniquely Korean ailment of no peripheral vision, because Tan stands there maybe 30 feet from her, staring, all out in the open, and she does not notice. Maybe it's not her, and he's wearing the awkward white scarf of invisibility.
kakashi: If this were a horror movie, he'd be strangled by it in the next scene. Alas ..... no. 
JoAnne: She sighs.  He takes a deep breath.  There might be the trickle of a tear, I'm not sure - and then he puts one oddly shod (sneakers, much too colorful for the outfit. Should have been leather boots.  Young Do always wears the right shoes, have you noticed that?) anyway he puts one foot on the beach and then hesitates, and finally turns to walk away.  I bet your driver is wishing you'd made the decision back in Seoul, huh?  *shakes fist at sky* We could have skipped this whole thing!
kakashi: Oh, yes. This is exactly what this episodes amounts too. One scene after the other without any meaning. We could have skipped this WHOLE thing indeed. 
JoAnne:  Home again, Tan lies in a fog on his bed. He hasn't taken off the coat or the scarf of invisibility but he did remove the offensive sneakers. I like his socks. A lot.
kakashi: Yes, noticed them too. I always wear Happy Socks. But .... why did he not wear the couple sneakers? (Yes, I actually know the answer to that question)
JoAnne:  Beanie gets call, something about Gangnam. Or Kangnam, from M.I.B., but I doubt that. He is cute though - looks a lot like Kim Hyun Joong.  Actually that would be funny because, you know, BoF.  Ooooh, it must be about the thing Young Do did online because he's all excited on the phone now too, saying how he'll go visit the victim himself in person.  He's cute but that sweater is ugly. Useful directionally, I suppose, though. Damn he looks good in that long wool coat, pacing back and forth at the police station in Nameless Seaside Town. Just as he starts to be an ass to the poor cop on duty, in walks Eun Sang. There is a charged moment of staring and then Young Do is striding across the station on those long legs, very much Young Man With a Purpose. Sorry ladies but if that guy was walking that way toward me, I would just start getting undressed. He doesn't look like he would appreciate wasting much time. It's actually sweet though, not sexy,  the way he grabs her tight in a real hug and then just hugs even tighter when she attempts to breathe. That VOICE  is even huskier than normal with the depth of his emotion as he thanks her for appearing, for staying safe. THIS BOY. UGH.
kakashi: Yes, but ... unfortunately, the character has been destroyed. I am no longer interested in this soft-mushy version of a once devious person and hate this drama with a vengeance for all the boredom it gives me AND for wasting the talent of some of the actors. 
JoAnne: They walk on the beach and Young Do fills the silence with questions:  Is she mad?  Does she wish he was someone else? Did anyone else come? Beanie just says it's cold, they should go inside.  Young Do offers his coat and she marvels because he'd once said he hated to be outside in the cold. Young Do is excited, though - he's with her, she's not with Kim Tan, he doesn't mind being outside at all. Then she explains that she's worried, because if he found her, who else has done so already? The reformed psychopath points out that he's the LEAST scary person who could appear in front of her, and asks what her future plans are. She says she'll return to Seoul 'when Kim Tan forgets' and Young Do jokes that will be soon, then offers her advice on how to hide successfully.  He even offers to run away with her, but the fake cheer slides right off his face at her regretful 'Young Do-yah'. With a sigh he admits how much it hurts when she calls him that way. Bean begins to ask him for something, but he interrupts:  Don't tell him not to come, because he is going to be in a lot of trouble for what he did to get there.  He promises to come back, gives her one of those cheering pats on the arm, and walks off (into the sunset) - no it's broad daylight but damn he looks good.
kakashi: Right there, she realizes how much she is in love with Young-do. They go and have babies. No? Alright, another note for KDrama writers/PDs: "If you do not know how to fill 60 minutes, make them walk on the beach for a long time (slowly), talk pointless stuff, and then make one of the character leave after absolutely nothing has happened for at least 10 minutes."
JoAnne:  Dad is surprisingly NOT all that mad at Young Do for trashing the business, once the young pup explains it was about finding a woman. He seems to respect Young Do's willingness to risk his reputation as the future face of the hotel when he hears Young Do say that if he couldn't have found her, he would have gone crazy - and that he's willing to accept his punishment but he will not allow his father to say one word about Eun Sang. In that of all things, he has no right. It kills me he's not the one.  It just kills me. He would have been smarter than Tan, although it turns out that in the Battle of Dysfunctional Dads, Peevil is way worse than  Bad. So it's not all Tannie's fault. Anyway, Young Do is pretty much floored when Dad agrees and then says come on, time for dinner with Step-Mom. You can see his legs turn to jelly, practically.  He was really braced for a beat down.
kakashi: What is this scene trying to tell us? That Abusive Father isn't always abusive? That he was just waiting for his son to defy him the right way? That he is, in fact, a good person? Like Peevil is because he is just trying to HARDEN his son for a HARD world? Please. But: Young-do’s ears match his lipstick. Maybe that's the reason his father finally accepts him.

JoAnne:  In the middle of toasting himself on good business deal with Jeguk AND landing a new wife, Bad Dad gets a phone call.  Oops, trouble.  Sounds like he's being investigated. He passes it off as a routine tax investigation and gets back to the toast - he wants to get married sooner, rather than later.  He was just about to say that when the phone rang, in fact. (Hmm, I wonder.) Hold up, wait a minute, lemme put some real life in it:  Esther says so sad, too bad, she no longer wants to get married. She knows a little about what's ahead for him and will share some details tomorrow when the kids aren't around, but that's the last thing she can do for him as a former fiancee. Young Do looks a little stunned - Dad says it's not that bad, but Esther is bailing so...?  Dad says don't worry, he will fix things.  Young Do's inheritance is safe, he says, as he pats the boy on the shoulder. What a confusing mix of a person HE is, right? Young Do says that's not what he's concerned about, actually ...
kakashi: What IS he concerned about? That he beloved parent may face prison time? I think we are to believe that these two LOVE each other. What the fuck, drama. Go play in the corner with yourself.  
JoAnne: ..., and then we're in the lobby with Rachel and Mom.  Rachel is wearing a ridiculous outfit but it pales in comparison to Mom, who is wearing something she stole from the wardrobe of Muppets on Ice together with a necklace made out of a bedazzled bike lock. Rachel is worried, but Mom says it's not going to be a big deal, she just doesn't see why she should be bothered by it, too.  Rachel is relieved that Young Do will be ok, and when her mother expresses surprise that she'd even care, Rachel retorts that he was the only one who ever understood how miserable she was made by her mother's actions.   We can only assume that Young Do's objection to this turn of events is similar to Rachel's.  Thousands of viewers sob about their sunken ship. And probably wonder if this means Rachel and Chan Young will end up as brother and sister.  Man, BoNa would not like that.
kakashi: That ship isn't sunken, JoAnne, it wasn't even built. It just exists as building plans. So many characters. So many possibilities. So little done with it. FAIL.  

JoAnne:  Kim Tan is back to staring out of the window in the Love Nest That Wasn't, After All.  It's got a really great view, but what captures his attention is the world's most symbolically important dream catcher. Time for more memories, only this time we get to have Lee Min Ho singing in the background to make it even more miserable.  Actually he doesn't do too badly.  When the song ends, he pulls down the dream catcher.  See? Symbolism  is just DRIPPING off that thing.
kakashi: By the way, the dream catcher is dysfunctional. Isn't it supposed to ward off bad dreams? This drama is one of the biggest nightmares of 2013. Throw it on the garbage already!!!  
JoAnne: Tan is standing in Hyung's office, begging to be sent to the States. See, told ya that thing was symbolic.  Am I being too obvious? It's hard to tell because I've been blinded by the brilliance of the symbolism in these scenes, myself.  I am able to see that Lee Min Ho is much less cute without guyliner, and I spend time wondering why his face looks dirty.
kakashi: When Lee Min-ho stops being cute, it's time to ship him off to the army. 
JoAnne:  Handsome, handsome, handsome Won looks perplexed as Tannie confesses that he will do whatever Hyung wants, just save Eun Sang from Peevil and Tan. Tan ruined her, he says.  I giggle because USUALLY that means people were caught in a compromising position and then the guy refused to marry the girl and we know THAT's not the deal here. Plus it's not 1878, or even 1953.  He goes on to say that his own behavior destroyed her life - she lost everything:  home, school, friends. Even her future, since now she won't graduate.  Ok, she has a home, and it appears to be more roomy than the closet she had in your house, Tan. I don't remember a ton of people beating down the door to be all buddy buddy with her, and maybe in Nameless Seaside Town they would be. School... yeah... there is that, but it's her decision to drop out completely.  She didn't have to make that decision.  So, ruined how, exactly?
kakashi: Points to you for trying to make sense of this. It's just a load of bullshit. The End. 
JoAnne:  He goes on to say that he did his best to stay with her, but why is it that he can only protect her by going away?  I'm sorry, Tan, what did you do besides have temper tantrums with your father? How was that your best? And in answer to your question:  Leaving her alone is the only way you can protect her because in the end, you can't DO anything.  Your dad is nuts and you're 17.
kakashi: They're SO NOT 17. This was my problem with this all along: Nobody behaves like this when they're 17. The brain of a teenager doesn't allow for this kind of stuff. 
JoAnne: Won looks thoughtful.  I'm not entirely sure it's just because he has a chance to eliminate 'the younger brother threat.'  Maybe he's comparing Tan to  himself:  one brother wants his woman to wait in the shadows until he's strong enough, because the company is what matters most; the other never gave a shit about the company and would throw everything away for the girl he loves.  I kinda think both plans are flawed.
kakashi: No, JoAnne, this is actually when another character starts acting completely out of character before we are nearing the end and we need redemption for all of them. 
JoAnne:  Beanie is locking up shop in the rain.  She hesitates on the step (no umbrella) and there he is, across the street:  Kim Tan, once again. I wish they would just get it over with and actually fucking play Falling Slowly for us.
kakashi: I think the white coat tops it all. Fugly. And so unpractical! 
JoAnne:  He walks across the street all slow and deliberate - because he has an umbrella and can do that - and she gets all teary-eyed but stays firm. She tells him he's a bother, nothing but trouble and always has been, and why won't he just stay away?  If he had half a brain he'd  tell from the look on her face  (agonized, not angry) that she's lying, but whatever. He promises to return to her all that she's lost, and she tells him not to worry about that.  She's fine where she is, and all HE needs to do is stop looking for her so she can stop moving to different cities. He asks if he was always trouble to her from the beginning and she struggles hard, but gets the word out: yes, he was. Ok, he says. Sorry about that, and he won't come back again. Jeez. Stupid. Unless he knows she's lying, but the dead look in his eyes makes me think not.  He puts the umbrella in her hand and zombie-walks away while she collapses to the ground sobbing. Loud, too. We can hear it, I wonder if he can.
kakashi: I wonder why she cries like this and wonder at my continuing detachment. Why can't I feel a thing while watching this drama? I just get SO AGGRESSIVE while watching this and commenting on this.  
JoAnne:  Miraculously still wet after his long ride from Nameless Seaside Town, ZombieTan announces to Peevil that he found Cha Eun Sang.  Peev overacts but ZT just says he won't look for her again, Dad won. Yeah, I don't think he needed you to confirm that, ZombieTan.  We see here what LMH looks like without lipstick and I have to admit I'm surprised, but I would PAY them to bring back the fuschia.  Maybe this is a precursor to a deadly pneumonia that can be cured, but only by application of amnesia and a time jump?
kakashi: Yes, I was expecting Grand Illness as well. They don't even deliver on that account. 
JoAnne:  Peevil the Android wants to know what the big deal is about getting rid of a mere girl and Tannie bursts out that it  HURTS and everything SUCKS and RobotDad looks a little surprised and a bit discomfited. Perhaps someone did a magic trick off camera or something, because nothing Tan just said was new.
kakashi: I think he just really badly needs to go to the toilet when he pulls a face like that. 
JoAnne:  KiMom was lurking outside but ZombieTan ignores her and goes up to his room to destroy everything.  Mom stands outside his door crying while wearing a sweater with tiny cymbals to go with the world's smallest violin, and Peevil the Robot lurks on the stairway collecting data for his alien overlords.
kakashi: Heirs II: Aliens Who Want to Crown Come Get the Crown. 
JoAnne: ZombieTan goes to school.  New and De-fanged Young Do looks worried. Tan leaves when the bell rings ha ha but it's the STARTING bell, and Tutorina looks concerned. She meets with HyoShin to find out what's going on, and MUP puts two and two together pretty fast and realizes that she must have been dating Wonnie.  He gets all butt-hurt and leaves because yes, it's only that she was with Won that kept her from paying attention to your 18-year-old self and your cute little crush.
kakashi: Yeah, yeah, so we're wrapping up another non-story-line that never took off. You know what, KES? Next time, you don't ask for 20 main characters. I hate to break it to you, but you failed miserably.  
JoAnne: ZombieTan goes to the movies and cries, and then he goes to stand in front of the now-for-lease dream catcher store (dreams for sale, cheap!) and cries, and then goes home and lies on his bed in his coat and sleep-cries. This REALLY PISSES ME OFF.  Other people have broken hearts too, you know?  And they don't get to act this way.
kakashi: My sentiments exactly!!! I am really angry at this pointless display of profound sadness over WHAT exactly??! It's insultingly stupid. There isn't even a real conflict here. He knows where the girl is, he inherited a huge fortune, he will turn 18 soon ... so WHAT?! 
JoAnne: A beat up ZombieTan crosses paths with Photo Dude and grabs the envelope he's carrying - photos of the Beans tumble out and the PD tells Tan his dad wanted to know where she was.  There is no explanation for why Tan's face is suddenly bruised and has more cuts. I went back and checked - it was perfectly clear (if colorless) during the Peevil  confrontation and even after Tan destroyed his room there was just one small scratch.
kakashi: It's called editing-fail. Or directing fail. Or both. 
JoAnne: There's a silly time filler of a blind date between Won and some girl who's rude, and as Won's leaving he gets called to the police station to get Tan, who was speeding.  Hyung plays the part of concerned brother but Tannie calls bullshit and says just hurry up and get him out of the country, and take care of this mess too because you never know, he might need his little brother for something again.
kakashi: Yeah, yeah. Just end this already. 
JoAnne: Wonnie is worried and tells Peevil what's going on.  In true robot fashion, Peevil cannot compute.  Won says it's obvious that Tan is breaking down under the stress of what he tried and failed to accomplish, and Peevil wants to know why he just doesn't get stronger from that. Wonnie says oh no you did NOT and then goes on to school his father on the ways in which Kim Tan was strong and kind and honest and persisted throughout his childhood and youth, wanting the love of his older brother.  If a kid like that is breaking down now...  Peevil the robot is uninterested in your silly human worries. He changes the subject to Won's blind date and tells him to set the marriage date for next Spring, even as Won persists in asking what the father did, exactly, to make Tan this way, and why wasn't his life enough to ruin that he would have to go after Tan, too?  Peevil responds with a great big 'It's YOUR fault'.  If Won hadn't had Tutorina on the side, Dad wouldn't have fucked with Tan, because both of the boys have disgraceful mothers and need the strength of powerful in-laws in order to succeed.  Then might I suggest you should have kept your evil robot dick in your pants, Peevil?
kakashi: So, KES realized that, maybe, Tan's pain might not be overly believable so what do we get? 10 minutes of talky-talky about Tan's pain, which is OH so GREAT. That calls for another note for KDrama writers/PDs: "If you do not know how to fill 60 minutes, and doubt that one of the main characters can really bring across what's expected of him emotionally, make other characters discuss his pain for at least 10 minutes. You may repeat this ad libitum".
JoAnne: I get it.  In a weird twisted way, I get it. Peevil recognizes that his sons have- through  no fault of their own - a disadvantage in the business/social world they live in. He's trying to armor them against that by preventing them from making the mistake HE made. I don't know if it's a twisted father's love, or simply his desire to maintain control over the business he ruined his own birth family to run, but I get it.  What the hell I know which is it I was just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but FUCK that, he's evil and rotten and he doesn't give a SHIT about those boys except as an extension of himself.
kakashi: Uhm .... yeah. The same with Young-do's father. To be honest, this way of trying to redeem these abusive fathers is just disgusting. I hope KES doesn't actually believe this, so I fear she does. She has such a weird masochistic undertone in all her dramas.
JoAnne: Rachel has a headache and she's talking on the phone in the nurses office. She gets a text from HyoShin saying she should keep her voice down, and when she finds him behind curtain #1 he gives her this adorable little smile and wave hello and a million fan girls drop dead, but Rachel just gets flustered and rips the curtain closed again. HyoShin wants to know why she's awkward around him and she tells him it's embarrassment and asks if they can't just pretend 'that' never happened.  He agrees easily while pointing out that it's useless and she changes the subject to his future plans.  He pops into her cubicle and explains his goals/dreams in a light, happy, flirty way, and then they actually look at each other and things get awkward again. Dammit. They're cute together.  HyoShin is probably fine if he gets to do what he wants with his life, and his humorous take on things would probably do a lot to get the stick out of Rachel's ass...I kinda think she and Young Do would just encourage each other to be snarky.  But still, couldn't we have her and Young Do in a short, passionate, angry rebound relationship BEFORE she ends up with HyoShin and turns into a human being?  No?
kakashi: I don't mind them either, but ....... why, drama? Why? It is SO RANDOM. Maybe KES watched too much Private Practice? There, too, about every character sleeps with a completely random different character in each season. I was always certain the writers just pick two random character cards to couple.
JoAnne: The Scooby Gang is in Myung Soo's studio talking about music because of some club invite. It's cute, it's nothing, moving on. Oh wait. BoNa is worried about Tan and mentions how he's been fighting. While Chan Young still holds a grudge and wishes that Tan would get in MORE trouble, New and Improved Young Do (now fortified with 10 essential emotions) looks a little concerned about his old friend.
kakashi: The prep room scenes were never anything else than fillers and a PPL fookfest.
JoAnne:  The 'official' Tan family sits on stage while Peevil rattles on about how wonderful he is, but the audience isn't really listening - they're all looking at ZombieTan and his Face of Many Colors.  So are Wifey #2, who looks irritated, and Wonnie, who looks like he might have a soul.
kakashi: Yeah, yeah, just move on. 
JoAnne:  A seriously hot Young Do is headed toward a club that night with those two henchmen from that ball boy scene.  He's on the phone with someone who mentions they saw Kim Tan, and just ahead,  Young Do watches as a very drunk Tannie stumbles out of the club and bumps into people. He's about to get his ass handed to him by a pissed-off businessman when Young Do steps in.  He tries to get Tan to stop but the drunk boy just keeps coming and finally, Young Do gets mad.  By the way: BEST OUTFIT EVER.
kakashi: So cliche. Everybody always acts the same, when they're broken-hearted and get drunk. Just booooooring. 
JoAnne: Our  young leads battle it out for a bit and then collapse on the sidewalk. One senses that this was welcome for many reasons on both sides, but Young Do can hardly bear to look at the disintegrating shell next to him and says if it's that bad, just go watch Cha Eun Sang already. Tannie says no, he isn't going there anymore, and as a tear trickles down his face, he says 'You can have her.' 
We all gasp, and Young Do looks at him like he crawled out from under a rock. On the one hand... this is the girl he wants more than anything in the world. On the other? Come on, really?  This is what it comes to?
kakashi: Or not, my dear JoAnne. Or not. Because Young-do has been reformed, remember? He is now GOOD. His earlier, much more interesting self would have jumped up, run down there, grabbed her and made babies with her. This new self? A boring 2nd lead. The End. 


JoAnne:  Listen up, Lee Min Ho:  you are not portraying a tortured soul, twisting in anguish and dead to the world.  No.  What you are showing  us - and any parent reading will remember and agree - what you are showing us is Stage One of a toddler tantrum. The stage where the child is SO put upon by you, the unfeeling parent. OMG I can't carry my TOY it's TOO HEAVY I will die.  That stage.  The I can't carry this dish that held my ice cream no it's too FAR to the sink stage.  I am neither amused nor impressed, Lee Min Ho.  Find your balls and deal.
Creepy baby is creepy.  And now Top is a little creepy, too.
kakashi: Bravo. YES. That is why I never could related to this emotionally. It isn't a show about teenagers ... it's a show about babies! Eun-Sang Lost & Found was a very boring episode. Flashbacks, stares, NO development. I feel insulted. I want to send someone a bill for losing time with this. Seriously, I would never have thought I’d say this, but …. The California episodes were really GOOD in comparison to this!!!