Can We Love? - Episode 6 (Recap)

Episode 5 made me all giddy. That kiss!! Ahhhhhhh! One of the best KDrama kisses EVER. Simply perfect, all of it! I love it! Love it! Love it! This episode on the other hand ... well, it actually makes me a bit worried for our OTP. The road to True Love is long and stony and we get many such stones in the form of "entanglements". You know that relationship status you can choose on Facebook, the "it's complicated" one? This is what is happening to all our characters: their relationships are becoming more and more complicated.    
This is the title song in English, by the way:
Episode 6

After his confession and reasoning (don't you just love his "So what?" answers to all her objections?) and her clear refusal, Oh-Boy seems frustrated and a bit sad. But life goes on and he has a meeting with Sun-mi to attend. It's at her office. When he comes in, Puppy mistakes Oh-Boy for a pizza delivery guy. Yeah, I would have too! It's the hat! Poor puppy almost immediately realizes his mistake though and cringes in embarrassment, because the real pizza delivery comes in at Oh-Boy's heels. But Oh-Boy isn't angry ... he's a nice guy after all. In fact, he says he is kinda pleased by the mistake, cause it must mean he looks young enough to deliver pizza? I hope these two can be friends .... or mentor/pupil.
Art director Sun-mi and him discuss costume design for the movie next (are they doing a movie version of Faith? Some of those costumes look very much like Lee Min-ho costumes worn in Faith!). She tells him that she has found a possible costume designer and they decide to go see her this afternoon. They also agree to go to see a movie together after the meeting. Strictly business of course: for research purposes. That's what he thinks. I do have to ask at this moment ... Oh-Boy, are you really that clueless? Are you not picking up her lusty signals?!
Well, one thing that Oh is, as we know, is truly nice and caring ... and that is why he cares for his cousin and partner, Ahn. He goes to force him out, to eat, cause he has buried himself in his office, only working, not eating. Ahn is not very pleasant company, though ... he is devastated about Ji-hyun. He tells Oh about what his father did, talking himself into a rage .... And he actually says that he wants to get back together with her! Don't talk nonsense, his friends says, and Ahn briefly loses his cool. He then leaves quite suddenly, disturbed and angry.
Back home, Ahn gets a phone call: it's Ji-hyun! She wants to meet and talk - and they do, at the same place they talked last time. It's a very tearful, very sad meeting: both are so full of remorse and regret. The worst for him, he says, is seeing her so sad: if only he could turn back time! He would rather be absolutely heartbroken and be hated by her forever than seeing her like this. They should have let the past rest. But there is no turning back time, so all that remains for them to do is apologizing a thousand times to each other. They agree to not meet again - and both hope very much that the other can be happy. Bur right before they do part, she gets a phone call, from their daughter/her niece. She is mildly panicky about it, even more so when Ahn says nice things about her "niece", whom he has seen at the restaurant. You're SO gonna meet again, you two ... wanna bet?!
All's not well with Sera, either ... her morning sickness starts. She and her mother also have a huge argument again, because Sera absolutely refuses to go to the hospital for a check-up. She even throws things at her mother, who starts sobbing loudly. That shuts Sera up alright, and for the first time since we saw the two together, Sera seems to feel sorry for how she treats her mother. Ji-hyun lies down in bed, felling ill or actually being ill, and Sera comes to see her after daddy has left for work, to say that she is sorry. Ji-hyun thanks her for the apology and then, picking up on the girl's need, offers her ears to her ... what does she want to tell her? She can tell her anything, she repeats several times. Well, and tell her everything Sera does ... she hands her the picture of the ultra sound and starts sobbing that she is pregnant. Ji-hyun is deeply shocked (she should have hugged her daughter!!!) and then says she will set an appointment at the clinic. But Sera, as we know, absolutely cannot get rid of the fetus.
Later though, mother and daughter have this absolutely touching scene, where Ji-hyun cries her eyes out over what happened to herself, while constantly saying that she understands what her daughter goes through. We know why ... And because she understands, he thinks it is impossible for Sera to have this child. She picks her up from school and quasi drags her to the abortion clinic. But Sera runs away, to her grandmother again. This is where she will stay, she declares - and grandma is delighted. Ji-hyun isn't ... I am sorry for her, because she is all alone in this ...
The meeting with his cousin obviously gets Oh thinking, because when he next sees Jung-wan (at the meeting room again), he immediately goes into sweet ProtectorMode. He thinks she is dressed to lightly and wraps his scarf around her neck! When she protests, her stomach growls audibly, so he tells PD Park to have the meeting over brunch. While eating, he dotes on her, constantly passing bread to her (even taking it away from PD Park).
When Park excuses himself for a pee-pee-break and leaves the two alone, Jung-wan protests in a low voice: what the heck is he thinking? Didn't she make clear to him she is not interested? Oh yes, Oh-boy says, he thought long and hard about what she said ... but things haven't changed for him. It’s not often that you feel butterflies for someone (Squeeee!) and he doesn't want to have any regrets in his life. She only needs to look at their friends, Ahn and Ji-hyun, to see what happens to people who are denied happiness in love. Yes, while she understands what he is saying, she still cannot date. Everything is too much for her ... living is too hard. Why doesn't she want to lean on him then? he asks. She could depend on him. He wants to give her strength! Does he have to get on his knees for her to believe him? She stops him, worried he will really do (he would have! I'm sure!), and he adds, flustered: “I feel so clingy”. Hahahaa.
A while later, Jung-wan is in the conference room again, writing. Oh-boy comes in - Park PD has something else to do. She starts to discuss the scenario right away, all business-like, but that is not what he wants to discuss. No, he wants to know whether she has thought about “them”. He confirms that he needs to go to the meeting with the costume designer, but before that, he wanted to see her. It has been a few hours since their last meeting and ... he missed her! He says he is always honest to people he likes. D'awwwwwz, how is that man SO CUTE?! And he gets really close to her, repeating that he missed her ... a lot!
She immediately packs her things and leaves, maybe because she knows she cannot resist these eyes much longer?! He follows her out, asking all kids of questions about where she is going, what she is doing. Yes, indeed ... very clingy. She is, in fact, having a small party, because her son has been released from the hospital! And there is her ex-husband, picking her up. Oh-boy watches her get into the car with the other man. When they are gone, he pulls a lot of cute faces. Troubled? Jealous? Impatient?
At the apartment, the family reunion is sweet, the atmosphere friendly and light. They are all so comfortable with each other! But rather than being happy about it, it breaks her mother's heart ... she leaves the table and goes to cry a bit in secret. Jung-wan follows her and her mother tells her that it breaks her heart to see the three so happy together - if only they were still together like that. Unseen by them, the ex-husband overhears it all ... When they bring Jung-wan to the elevator later, they are surprised by bratty rich kid. Of course, she makes a scene immediately. She has a right to be angry, because her soon-to-be-husband lied to her (repeatedly, at that!), but she has no right to insult Jung-wan and her mother. And she even hits him for defending them! And says the wedding is off. Good riddance, I'd say! Jung-wan takes her mom and kid back to Sun-mi's immediately. Later, her ex brings her a few things that they forgot. He is apologetic and thinks he's a bad person, to blame for their divorce. He also hasn't spoken to the Brat and is quite resigned, but Jung-wan urges him to make up - and even offers to help. He looks at her in a strange way and I once again get the feeling that he isn't quite over her.
Oh-boy is in the car. He is clearly rattled by his new crush. So he calls her, but she is busy, and promises to call him later. Oh worries that he is too clingy. Yes, you are! But it's adorable!!! He gets many phone calls afterwards, but it is not her, and he gets more and more annoyed (while listening to Deep Purple's Highway Star. This is the perfect moment to declare that this show also has GREAT music!).
When they meet the costume designer, the woman start hitting on Oh-boy immediately. Within seconds, she has Sun-mi super jealous. It's quite hilarious. The costume designer asks Oh to stay and drink with her (and quasi dismisses Sun-mi), but Sun-mi is a woman of many talents, so he pretends to leave, but then "faints", right into his arms. He excuses himself and leaves, happy to have been "saved". Sun-mi is pleased with herself and Oh-boy amused.
They go to the cinema together. Two rows behind them is our poor Puppy. He found the tickets in her office earlier and is fuming - it was him that told her about this film (with Leslie Cheung, is it The Bride with White Hair?).
After the movie, she suggests to go drink: she wants to buy him beer. He agrees. You deserve to be punished for being stupid, Oh-boy: So what follows kinda serves you right! When they are at the bar, Sun-mi goes to freshen up and Oh-boy sits there, still waiting for Jung-wan to call him back. Somebody does in fact call, but it is Ahn - to tell him that he should really come see his mother. Things are getting worse by the day. But Oh-boy still pretends to absolutely not care about that woman and doesn't want to hear about it. He hangs up on Ahn and refuses any more calls. But he is such a liar! Of course he cares, because he starts downing alcohol at light-speed next.
The result? Oh-boy is piss drunk and collapses in the lobby. Sun-mi drags him to a hotel room (cause, yeah, that's what you do with someone who is that drunk, no?!), or rather, has a bell boy put him on the bed. He is out cold. Sun-mi sits down next to him, looking at him dreamily ... and then, she fondles his hand ... his lips ... and leans in for a kiss. Hey! This isn’t your property!

All that time, puppy waits in front of her house. In vain. He tried to call her, but she refused to pick up. Jung-wan is at home (or rather, in Sun-mi's home), writing - and wondering where her friend is. Suddenly, she remembers that she promised Oh-boy to call back! But since it's almost 2am, she doesn't.
Sun-mi, the vixen!, starts unbuttoning his shirt. When she touches him, he jerks awake, stands up, mumbles incoherent things, and collapses again ... burying her underneath his arm. 
When Oh-boy wakes up the next morning with a giant headache, he isn't wearing anything anymore ... hot damn! He becomes aware of his surroundings and his nakedness, getting more and more confused by the minute ... and in comes Sun-mi, in a bathrobe. He clutches the bedsheets to him, utterly embarrassed, and makes his way to the shower. She is also very embarrassed. What the heck happened?! In the bathroom, he looks at himself in the mirror, loudly asking whether he is crazy. How far did they go? He has no recollection of what happened.
They drink coffee in the lobby (fully clothed). She says they should go eat food, but he doesn't want to. Now you learn, right? When he carefully starts with a "actually, yesterday", she quickly interjects that she is embarrassed to see his face right now. She talks about some kind of "event" and it could mean anything. We do not learn why she is embarrassed, but we learn that she is still very much into him, even more so after "it" - she would like to keep seeing him. As a man and a woman. Oh no, no, no!! He swallows hard and then thanks her for liking him. The problem? He likes somebody else. He is sorry. But that woman isn't easily shaken ... if he just likes someone, that means it’s not a deep relationship, right? And that means that he should consider her as well. And she asks him to "think" of her, too.
When Sun-mi gets home, Puppy is still waiting for her. Oh, he is so deliciously angry! He is a bit too possessive for it to be called healthy, but I forgive him almost everything. He demands to know where she was and who with ... Director Oh, right? Did she sleep with him? She doesn’t give a straight answer, just says what if she did? There are no more sweet smiles on his face ... he is disappointed. He thought she also trusted and leaned on him, as much as he does trust and lean on her. But she is simply angry at him, calls him a kid and brushes past him. His heart breaks ... it's almost visible.
Oh-boy is in the conference room, when Ahn comes in. He confronts him again about his mother and tells him to stop being stubborn and meet her. Almost all her memories are gone, but she keeps talking about her son at the airport. But Oh-boy remains stubborn and when Jung-wan comes in, interrupting them, he tells her he is done discussing things with Ahn. Ahn leaves. Oh-boy is quite uncomfortable around Jung-wan today, the poor fella. She apologizes for not calling him, she forgot. He brusquely says it's okay and she looks at the cold, detached him a bit puzzled.
Their meeting is interrupted by PD Park and Sun-mi, who ask them to come and have lunch with them. Oh-boy is so gloomy ... he just shovels in food. PD Park starts telling them about another movie production, in which there is busy coupling among all the employees. Oh-boy doesn't see where the problem is, such things happen when one is working together. Ah, says PD Park, then there is a possibility that Director Oh and Sun-mi could hook up? Or what about Director Oh and Jung-wan? Jung-wan almost chokes. So who will it be? PD Park continues. But Oh-boy shuts him up for good, casting shy (or guilty?) glances in Jung-wan's direction afterwards, while Sun-mi just wears a victorious grin.
Later that day, Jung-wan really meets the spoilt Brat at a restaurant: the ex lied that he would be there. Insults start flying right away ... seriously, how can anyone by that snotty?! Ahn comes in by chance and sees it all. He is rightfully embarrassed for his sister and takes Jung-wan's side. The Brat storms out and threatens to get their parents involved. Ahn apologizes to Jung-wan over coffee ... and she wants to know how long he has known that his sister is going to marry her ex-husband. Ahn tells her all about how Oh-boy found out, told him, and said to keep it a secret, for her sake. And of course, he also adds the bit about Oh-boy picking up the hospital bill. That gets Jung-wan thinking ... is she realizing that Oh has been very and truly good to her? That she might already be leaning on him ... a little bit? Afterwards, Ahn seems to be telling Oh on the phone that Jung-wan knows about his involvement.

Jung-wan is at her part-time job at the mart. She receives a call from her ex sister-in-law, the b**** we met in episode 1. As we well know, Jung-wan isn't allowed to take phone calls at work, so she hangs up, but look who is already here! It's the ex-SIL with the ex-MIL. Rude people! More insults for poor Jung-wan, and they blame her for the wedding that was called off. And then, they demand that she hands over her son to them - and gets remarried. To disappear from their son's/brother's life. Bitches! I am sorry, I had to say it! Jung-wan gets up and leaves, but she cannot hold it in much longer ... she starts sobbing uncontrollably. Oh-boy! Come! She needs you!!

Quite a lot of things happened in this episode. We saw Oh-boy's sincerity and how he wears his heart on his sleeve. He is honest to people he likes (wow! More of that in KDrama, please!) and also so confident about himself, he has absolutely no issue confessing to Jung-wan right away. I love his reasoning ("If someone as great as I like someone, that person must be great too"), but he probably doesn't fully understand how difficult it is for any person with pride to depend on someone else. In fact, it is so much easier for her to depend on her ex-husband than on him (don't they have alimony in Korea?), a new guy - and that is the big new problem for her. She takes the hand that is offered to her by her ex-husband and what does she get in return? Insult after insult, and even threats about her son.

That said, while she isn't at fault about what happened to her ex's marriage plans, he is. I do not like how he keeps lying to his control-freak of a bride - and I somewhat doubt that he even loves her. It's a great opportunity for him and he took it; fine, I will not judge - but he is clearly mishandling the situation. His lingering attachment to his ex-wife, but more so, his son, isn't a crime - and he should have established that very early on with his new bride. But lingering attachments do become a big problem if they are kept hidden from a partner and smack of unresolved emotional issues. I still expect this man to make a move on his ex-wife soon ... let's see whether that happens. He is certainly ready.

Back to Oh Kyung-Soo. He is a straight-forward type of guy - but he really seems unaware of how his flirty, non-chalant conversation style can be misread as interest. Does he not get what Sun-mi is after? I remember he mentioned her calling him all the time in an earlier episode. Hello? A bit thick? I loved - and at the same time hated - that we are kept in the dark about what happened in the hotel room. The only person that does is Sun-mi: and of course, she will not say (until she must). But judging by her reaction (her embarrassment about the "event", her liking him even more because of "it"), it wasn't what we are supposed to think. The big question, though, is how he is going to handle this situation.

He is clear about where his heart lies - and he is clear what he wants. He wants to be with Jung-wan and I believe he will continue his cute advances; he has no reason to stop. I also think jelaousy might come in now, because the ex-husband will not disappear from her life so soon. But what will he do about that "event" at the hotel? It is possible that he will "confess" his misstep to Jung-wan before she finds out from anybody else, cause that's the kind of person he is: very honest. But he must also know that such a confession would jeopardize everything: She would be very sad about it without admitting it, but would also butt out, leaving the two alone, retreating even further into her shell. It seems he can only lose, right? Unless Sun-mi clears it up for him and for her friend. Which she is not ready to do at the moment.

Sun-mi ... oh well. I feel mainly sorry for her and her desperation, because it is ultimately humiliating. She quasi begs him to consider her as his girlfriend in the lobby - even though he so clearly rebuked her. Funny enough, this is exactly the same situation he found himself in the day before, when he begged Jung-wan. And as he already said, clingy people are very unsexy. But at least, he has something going for him: he genuinely cares for Jung-wan and has proven so by his actions, long before he kissed her or confessed to her. She knows that now ... and it will likely influence how she sees him in the future.


JoAnne said…
Sun Mi is dead to me at this point. Dead. You know she wants him to think they had sex. It's like trapping a man by claiming to be pregnant, only WORSE, because he didn't even get to have an orgasm. I don't want to hear about her loneliness and all that fucking crap. She's no better than that designer she thought was so ridiculous. She's worse, because she's UNDERHANDED.

What comes next? Does she get all pissy with her friend because the guy likes her instead? You know that's coming. Is she going to throw over a life-long relationship because a likely prospect came along? I won't bring up Puppy except to say that I don't blame her for not really considering him a viable prospect. He's a supportive sweetheart but if you're 40 do you REALLY want to continue to go through the struggle or do you want a guy you can lean on a little, as far as the comforts of life go? I mean, does she want kids? Does she want to scale back her work a bit to accommodate that, maybe? She can't do that with Puppy. And just to go through all the growing up again. Ugh. I get it.

But still. Dead to me, because not considering an adorable boy a prime prospect does NOT give you the right to trick a prime prospect. SO DISTASTEFUL.
kakashi said…
there seems to be a lot of agreement around that that is what happened. I am not entirely sure she is that underhanded though (but that's maybe because I want to like her?). Sure, she doesn't actively tell him that they did not have sex (though we do not really know they didn't have any!). But I was under the impression that she WAS embarrassed, for realz - it didn't seem an act. So she may be alluding to something completely different, something we simply do not know yet. Just saying that's a possibility.

I agree with the Puppy thing: as an almost 40 year old woman, I would have big issues falling in love with such a young guy (one that also ACTS so young!), even if he is as sweet as Puppy is - but if I would, I would seriously doubt that it could last more than a year or so.
kakashi said…
oh, and anyway ... he may be under the impression that he had sex with the wrong woman (though he is really not sure), but is it going to have an impact on him? Does he seem to care much? It really doesn't look like it. His "No thank you" was quite clear. The only thing I worry about is the bad conscience he seems to be having (in any case, because even if nothing happened, not a smart move!)
Lizzy4e said…
JoAnne, you said everything I was thinking and more! What a crappy person.

And while she really cannot consider puppy a viable mate she could at least stop FUCKING HIM. WTF woman, leave the poor kid alone!

What a shitty selfish woman.

In other hater news; I hate the MIL, the horrible daughter and the brother and father. Okay, this woman, Ji-hyun, has the WORST family. [run away]

On the plus side I did enjoy Oh topless in the hotel bed.

Great Recap btw.
JoAnne said…
Sure, it's possible she completely undressed him and herself and had some other idea in mind than making him think they had sex.

On sex with Puppy: She's clear that he's not a serious contender, so if he continues to sleep with her that's at least partly on him. Although I must say that HIS AGE is part of the reason he doesn't understand why sex with him doesn't mean that she's changing her mind, so yeah - as a person of CONSCIENCE, she should resist the D. But I totally get the comfort factor for her, I mean - she is a very lonely woman.

On the other women: Ex husband's sister and mother are horrible people. MIL is horrible, too. Daughter is a teenager going through something excruciatingly difficult and the most recent episode was really well done when it comes to that mother-daughter relationship. I have some room in my heart for the girl now.
JoAnne said…
And the girl playing teenage daughter is GREAT.
kakashi said…
so what if ... they really had sex, huh?!
and whatever happened to the benefit of the doubt?
carolies541 said…
I'm planning to binge on this drama once more episodes are out. I was already interested when I know it's coming from the same producers as Can We Get Married, that was a great drama and I'm looking forward to this judging from your recaps. I appreciate the hard work^^
Newbie said…
For a moment the thought crossed my mind what if Sun Mi gets pregnant because of her hotel romp with Puppy and tries to fool Oh-boy into believing it's his? At the moment I'm willing to believe she would go to such lengths. I hope I'm wrong!
kakashi said…
oh ....
I hope that's not going to happen!!! I wouldn't like it. AT ALL
I think Oh-boy deserves some punishment for his stupidity, but not this. Women at almost 40 tend not to be highly fertile anymore, so the chances for it are low. I think. I hope.
gah!!!!! >.<
cubby said…
Thanks for the recap, kakashi, I had gotten so confused by Jung-wan's enemies list that I thought the ladies at the end were bratty future wife and future MIL of ex! Man, what a week Jung-wan is having; she's a laundry "accident" away from being Yoo-jung in Secret.

Ji-hyun is almost to the point where someone needs to whisper into her ear, "Whatever your instinct is at this moment, do the exact opposite!" George Costanza-style.

As for Sun-mi, I don't recall, did she have any idea that Oh has been throwing himself at Jung-wan?

(PS to Heirs squeecappers - there's been a Union Jack fridge cameo on INR3. Maybe it's what Jung-wan's mom spotted in that new apartment that made her so adamant against it. "Ugh! It comes furnished with that horrible thing?")
Caitlyn said…
I'm not looking forward to Sun Mi's reaction to Oh's crush on Jung Wan. Jung Wan is pretty much her only friend, but I won't be surprised if she turns into a crazy woman over it. I read a tweet the other day where someone said that they weren't even sure if Sun Mi actually liked Director Oh, or if she just thought he was the best person to marry and have children with. I think that's true, and I'm hoping that Sun Mi realises that sooner rather than later. No point losing your best friend over a guy you're not even that interested in.

They definitely didn't sleep together.

Jung Wan is way too nice, and I have no idea why she insists on talking to the bitch fiancé. Her ex husband clearly doesn't even love the bitch, and oh my god, the way she treats Jung Wan's son? No. He shouldn't even be engaged to her if she won't accept his child! No Professorship or house or money is worth that.
JoAnne said…
Absolutely 100% in agreement on every point.
Adela Muntean said…
Guys, there is no preview for the next ep yet?
kakashi said…
hey, yes there is! They must have released it today
Adela Muntean said…
ty so much :) i dont understand a thing but I am glad he is there for Jung-wan, when she needs it :)
kakashi said…
my Korean isn't that good either, but at least Jung-wan stands up to the Brat! And Oh tells her not to go at the end ... I'm guessing to her ex-husband
Adela Muntean said…
:) thank you. There will be a lot of twisted things till the end and a lot of secrets to be revealed. i hope Oh and Jung-wan will get to have a lot of moments together tho :)
lafer said…
That was my thought exactly - that she'll be pregnant with Puppy's baby and claim it's his. I'm really hoping this drama doesn't go down that road. We already have one secret pregnancy - hopefully that is enough.

I thought Puppy was supposed to be around 30, no? A ten year age gap isn't completely unworkable, but I agree, he's not bringing enough to the table for her.

I love the fast pace of this show (of course I marathoned the first 6 episodes.) I love the dialogue, the characters for the most part, and the storyline. And can I say, Eugene is doing a much better job with this drama!
lafer said…
I feel he's this close to seeing the light about his fiancé. But still, I'm sure he's torn since he's living in an apartment and driving a car that she bought for him.
kakashi said…
he'll want to get back together with this ex ...