Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation - Episode 6 (A SqueeCap)

kakashi: Things are starting to go really bad for Jung-tae in this episode ... I guess this is the beginning of a lot more to come. And it's going to hurt. His obsession with finding his sister is getting him into all kinds of trouble and he is losing allies left and right. The upside: there is Cutie Soo in uniform. And there is Leader Mo, being wacky-delicious-dangerous. A shame he lives in another city - cause that probably means we will not see him all that often.
JoAnne: Perhaps this will trick us and turn out to be a forced-cohabitation drama and all the pretty men will be roomies?  Who shower a lot?
kakashi: Oh ..... *lost in thought*. I would like that. If it doesn't happen, we'll write an alternative version for you all, right? There's not enough fanfiction on this blog. 

Episode 6

kakashi: Stare-down in the water-garden: will Gaya rip Jung-tae's head off? Or will they exchange heated kisses? No ... but they are pretty scary, these two! He says he wants to apologize and she accepts ... but apologizes in return. For finding and killing his father in front of him in the future. And if she doesn't find him, she'll go after everybody he loves instead. And if he interferes, she'll go after him too. I think she's pretty scary, but Jung-tae isn't cowed: he doesn't care what she does to him, but if she even touches the shadows of those he loves ... no more nice guy.
JoAnne: Sorry, my response to Gaya on this is still very much 'Bitch, please.'
kakashi: The dude who is leading Gaya’s party through the garden is Won-pyeong, by the way: the guy that came out of the river half-naked, carrying goods a few years ago. So he is one of Mo's men? Shinichi asks whether she knows him, and hints at the fact that she might have to kill him. Merely for knowing her before? That is harsh …  If Shinichi doesn't like Gaya knowing the half-naked dude, he definitely hates the sight of Jung-tae: He remarks how things you do not properly cut off always re-attach themselves later. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he's jealous! Gaya assures him that she'll cut him off - all the more brutally, in fact. And we also learn that Gaya is only half-Japanese! Her father was Korean, then?
JoAnne: *smiles a tiny smile, inspects nails, buffs them on self * But MAJOR props to you for knowing who the hell that guy was (it's called asianwiki. It helps). As to logistics... Mo Folks and Dobi Folks are either end of one possible smuggling route.
kakashi: Only Jung-tae is allowed inside the room with Leader Mo – Poong-cha has to wait outside. Mo is completely insane but oh so yummy! He throws a knife at Jung-tae and then asks to have it back. He then babbles about killers and having to be alert – and throws the knife again, this time cutting Jung-tae’s ear, only so slightly. See? Not alert.
JoAnne: Mo be crazy, yo. But we all apparently loved him from the minute we first laid eyes on his vanity heels. Although I know someone who thinks his bangs should be trimmed. I say they cover one eye because we can't handle the two (oof ). Now say that sentence fast and then giggle like I did.
kakashi: He steps closer and continues with his lessons. Three steps away, that’s a safe distance (if the opponent does not have a sword). Two steps: that’s “life or death”, the distance within to kill or be killed. One step: that’s the “death distance”. So … can Jung-tae kill him? But Jung-tae doesn’t want to fight. Huh, well, that’s NOT part of this lesson – Mo attacks and they fight. Jung-tae is like a baby next to this guy. More lessons, about not fighting with emotions and being aware of the shoulder that leads the arm. Are you listening, stubborn Jung-tae? Mo keeps hitting Jung-tae in places that look hurtful, but Jung-tae drives him back to the wall and then, triumphantly, declares MO had to move back 10 steps … before hitting Mo softly on the chin and collapsing unconscious. Mo seems amused ... and maybe a bit surprised?
JoAnne: It's that whole K-Drama thing with loving someone who just never ever gives up.
kakashi: Cutie-Soooooooo! In uniform … ..... Evil Overlord reads about the assassinated government official in the newspaper and comments that Koreans are like weed, they always get back up, however hard you step on them. So they must rot them from the inside. His plan is to corrupt a Korean, who is full of hate and has no shame. Yikes, Evil Overlord likes our Cutie Soo a bit too much for my liking! Oh, and is that Aka in the background there, JoAnne?
JoAnne: Yes *grumbles* Nobody puts Aka in the corner! Yeah, Evil Pops has raised Aoki up to be a someone outwardly respectable so that he can rise up in society/power in the light of day, rather than behind the scenes like Pops. However, Pops plans to use him like a marionette, of course.
kakashi: Back home, Playboy Kim Soo-Ok is making a move on Ok-Ryeon, who is waiting for her love’s return in front of the train station. He doesn’t get very far with her, though he even pays three guys to scare her. In order to play the hero, I guess. But damsel Ok-ryeon isn’t afraid at all because she has already spotted Jung-tae, who takes care of the three gangsters within seconds. Soo-ok gets spared, but it’s also pretty clear he has no chance in hell against Jung-tae in the fist department. But be careful, Jung-tae! That boy’s got tricks.
JoAnne: *indecipherable noises of happiness and appreciation for this particular brewing bromance* Also, how fucking COOL was the 1-2-3, damn, they're all down.
kakashi: Jung-tae and Ok-ryeon walk home and she complains about his always-bloody face. But he has something of much higher significance to discuss: Gaya has returned. She doesn’t like to hear that, of course, and quickly moves on to the next topic: her birthday! It is tomorrow, and she has planned it out in detail. He gets a piece of paper with detailed instructions on it: what to do when and where.
JoAnne: He's an adorably bad boyfriend and yes, I'm still chant/whispering, 'Hwaiting, Kim Hyun Joong!' at the screen I'm so happy for him.
kakashi: The Japanese soldiers are at the gisaeng house. We learn that Aoki is some kind of genius. His superior is very suspicious of him, cause why would a genius want to work under him? (How come no one else in the Army asked that question?) But Aoki knows all about the man’s wrong-doings and tells him to shut his mouth. He is now in charge of Shineuijoo and Dandong, but the guy can keep his title. When the “superior officer” takes issue with being bullied around, Aoki adds another level of threat: report this to anyone and see his wife and daughter shredded to pieces by the Yakuza. Oh. Nice. NOT.
JoAnne: I forgot that Cutie could turn nasty, too. LIKE. LIKE A LOT.
kakashi: On his way out, Aoki crosses paths with Mr. Freedom Fighter, who is not Jung-tae’s dad (name: Choi Soo-ri). Aoki is suspicious – guns have been forbidden, but he smells gunpowder on the guy. Ok-ryeon’s mother treats his wound inside and they talk about the Resistance. Outside, Ok-ryeon hears it all.
JoAnne: Which strikes me as a stupid move, really. Shouldn't they be more discreet? Also - I looooove the smell of gunpowder. Well, really cordite.
kakashi: Aoki in uniform (*gulp*) practices shooting. Gaya approaches. He is surprised to see her there. What does she want? His gun. Oh. This is quite erotic ... he gives it to her, even though it means he would lose his rank if somebody found out. Every bullet hits the bullseye. They take a walk together afterwards and we learn that he has always looked out for her during training. She asks a favor of him: information on people who were in Shineuijoo on a specific day (the day her father was killed?). Why? Because she doesn't want to regret. Watching them from a distance: Shinichi.(jealousy level: high)
JoAnne: I believe she's just making sure she doesn't make a mistake with Jung Tae's dad. Does Aoki like her,  or is he being strategic?
kakashi: Later, when they are driving through town, Gaya asks Shinichi if he knows where Jung-tae's father is. He says he doesn't and she says she hopes that's true: or his neck will have to answer for it. Noooo! Not my Shinichi's neck!!! 
JoAnne: Come on.  He's either dying for her or by her, we should start preparing ourselves now.
kakashi: Dog Nose is chewing Umeboshi (I think), making all kinds of faces to it. Why does he eat it? In order to be a person of a new country: i.e. to adapt fully to Japanese ways. Shinichi enters ... and Dog Nose's face shows fear. Is this for real? Shinichi wants a rickshaw - and Dog Nose pulls it himself. Shinichi tells him that he did well (I am not entirely sure what he did, though) and to do one more thing. Dog Nose says he will, but is also asking for a favor: He wants to join Il Gook Hwae. Shinichi just smiles ... and then, he tells Dog Nose to bring Shin Jung-tae to him. To fight him.
JoAnne: I guess he's done some little schemes along the way? No details on what, of course.
kakashi: Trouble is brewing elsewhere as well: Jung-tae's feuds with various trafficking gangs are having repercussions on the Dobi-gang. People get attacked and beat up. Unhappy Dobi asks Bong-shik how long he will keep protecting Jung-tae. For a while longer, it seems, but Unhappy Dobi is pissed. Jung-tae has dressed up nicely that day, for Ok-ryeon's birthday: the Dobis see him walk by, and Bong-shik decides to give him (and Rockhead) a day off. The bromance is strong with these people!
JoAnne: Except for Asshat Dobi.
kakashi: Jung-tae is instructed on her note to buy Ok-ryeon a present, an expensive one, if possible - so he goes to Dobi-hyung Kkab-Sae, to get an advance payment. BANG! Unhappy Dobi is there and smacks Kkab-Sae in the face, for touching their safe. Ohhh, he is angry ... He challenges Jung-tae to a fight; if he loses, he has to leave Dobi-gang. They fight ... and just as he downs Unhappy Dobi, Bong-shik and Poong-cha get there and see the fiasco. Bong-shik shouts at him to get lost - who hits their hyungs? - and then shouts at Poong-cha, for not handling things well.
JoAnne: I get it. I do. But STILL.
kakashi: Ok-ryeon, dressed prettily and smiling happily, doesn't know of the trouble her boyfriend is in. She is waiting for him in front of a theater or something ... in vain. When he doesn't come, she crosses that item off her birthday wish-list and reads the next: go skating together.
JoAnne:  MAJOR points from me for just proceeding to do the things she wanted to do, no matter what. I do like this girl (yup, me too! This is exactly how I spend my birthdays, too. People are invited to join me on my fun days, but when they don't come along, I don't mind at all). She's feisty in her own way, and for the MOST part accepting of her boyfriend's habits. Her complaints are pretty tamely given, at least.
kakashi: Playboy is writing music ... "Over the Rainbow", in fact, the song she sung when he first saw her. His sleaze-partner makes an angry entrance and a scene, but Playboy gets the upper hand quickly and demands of Sleaze to find out everything about Jung-tae. Just then, he sees her walk by - she is going to the frozen lake all by herself (gorgeous location!). That's Player's big chance, of course! And he goes there with a gramophone! He makes her laugh, being a dorky show-off and all. 
JoAnne:  This was absolute cuteness. There is just something so charming about Kim Jae Wook, and it shows well in Soo Ok.
kakashi: It's getting dark, and Jung-tae finally makes it to their meeting-spot. She isn't there, of course, so he runs to the next spot: the lake. He just sees the traces of her skates. He goes back to wait for her at the gisaeng house, where she lives ... and there she comes. In Playboy's car. He watches dumbfounded as Playboy opens the door for her and she thanks him for a fun day. Oh, and they have agreed on lessons. Jeeeeeeez. When Playboy has driven off, she just walks past him without a word. But he says he's sorry ... well. She is angry that he fought again and that's the reason he couldn't make it. Still, they agree to meet again, the next day.
JoAnne:  I'm torn between wanting this and wanting her to just go to Soo Ok and leave Jung Tae to fight dragons like the super hero he is.
kakashi: A very happy Rockhead is getting all dressed up: he is going to see a movie with Mal-sook. It happens to be the movie Gaya wanted to see with Jung-tae, back when he first kissed her. Afterwards, he is looking at rings; and buys one for Ok-ryeon: who is already waiting for him at the restaurant. On his way there, he sees a man mishandling a young girl ... a human trafficker. He kicks his ass and then asks the girl where the other kids are the guy wants to sell. 
JoAnne: Mostly I  just wondered if the girl knew it was a set up too.  As soon as she sat down in the restaurant I realized he wouldn't show, and sighed.
kakashi: As poor Ok-ryeon waits in vain until the restaurant closes, Jung-tae gets to the warehouse the girl indicated to him. As soon as he is inside, somebody locks the door behind him: oh no! A set-up!! It's Dog Nose. A very satisfied Dog Nose: fooled and fooled again, he says. Waiting for Jung-tae inside are ... a LOT of people, ready to beat him up. 
JoAnne: Times when you REALLY need a cell phone.


kakashi: Dog Nose! You're a bad guy after all! Actually, it was always kind of clear that he hated Jung-tae, but I still don't entirely get what his deal with the Japanese is. Is he the guy Evil Overlord has singled out to be the root that rots the Koreans from the inside? But is Dog Nose really that far gone? I am not sure...
JoAnne: He doesn't have enough power for that. At the moment, Shinichi is just using Dog Nose for random fuckery when the chance comes up. Dog Nose would like it to become more, clearly.

kakashi: I have more questions. Playboy also remains a mystery. He isn't a good guy, that much is clear: he has used his power in the entertainment industry to "undress" women a lot. Is his interest in Ok-ryeon genuine? What is it exactly that he sees in her? We haven't seen the real him yet, it seems - he is always playing a role.
JoAnne:  Not an entirely above-board guy, no, but perhaps not evil. I do think his interest in Ok Ryeon is genuine; she's pretty, and he learns that she has pluck and spirit. Perhaps later we'll see his interest conflict with an opportunity for a scheme, who knows?

kakashi: Also, what's up with Shinichi? He has secrets. He must know that Aka was the one killing Gaya's father, no? Did her father have to die so that the Yakuza could get their hands on Gaya? What's the deal with Aoki? How is he related to Gaya - and why does Shinichi not seem to like it that Gaya talks to him? Hmmmmmmm ..........
JoAnne: I think Shinichi knew why Aka was there, yes. I think their mission was dual: kill the father and bring her back, but not SO they could bring her back, necessarily. My take on Aoki is he is perhaps not a blood relative, but a child who was taken in and raised for a specific purpose. He's referred to as an adopted son, somewhere, so I'm thinking that he's supposed to take over someday? Unless Gaya is? And perhaps Aoki's interest in Gaya is for that reason - having her would solidify his position, perhaps. I don't know if Shinichi has the hots for Gaya yet, but he is definitely not into her having distractions. I think he wants to keep her alive - he can't keep her from having to do her grandfather's bidding and he can't keep her from her stupid desire to kill all the things, but he CAN do whatever is possible to keep her alive.