February 13, 2014

Full House - Thailand Episode 1 (A SqueeCap)

Posted by CM Shukmeister on 2/13/2014 09:34:00 PM with 21 comments
Shuk:  Hello everyone!  This new adaptation of the manhwa "Full House" comes from Thailand. Yes, the land of the slap-slap-kiss revenge lakhorn.  Only it plays out very much like the manhwa, and is similar in tone to the 2004 KBS2 version starring Rain and Song Hye-kyo.  Already 10 episodes with English subs have been posted on Viki.

Shuk: It's a good dose of cuteness that I need right now, as You From Another Star heads for the end [sob], noble idiocy permeates Can We Love [grrr], and the writers flip at Age Of Feeling [nervous].
JoAnne:  Me: yah!  Give me cute!  Show:  Here you go!


Shuk:  In a typical boardroom, where movers and shakers hang out, a contract is signed. The famous music idol Mike D'Angelo, has been farmed out for Public Relations work in Korea.  His Management CEO is a bit nervous about his condition, but his handler gives the nod.

Shuk:  Now we get a close look at our hero (Mike Pirath Nitipaisankul) and his undulating abs. He’s practicing at the studio, and it doesn't look like things are going well, as he sits down in discouragement.  Personally, I rewatched it several times and it looked fine to me.
JoAnne:  I giggled at all the nods to My Beloved, Rain.  I hope this show does lots of that.  Sometimes I really like it when a re-make doesn't even try to hide that it's lifting elements from previous versions. And...um...yeah.  That was nice. Does he have a face?

Shuk:  Later, Mike completes a silent but very abs-moving concert.  Outside the venue, the fangirls squeal, and he takes some time to schmooze.
Shuk:  Elsewhere, in the ‘real’ world. there is a beautiful boxy house on a lazy lake, and a young woman who spouts cheesy lines to Erik Satie’s “Gymnopaedes”.  She suddenly stops and yells to the Powers That Be for inspiration. She’s an aspiring writer, right now delegated to articles about food.  Her name is Om-Am (Aom Sucharat Manaying).
JoAnne:  Initially much cuter than Song Hye Ko - my first view of her was NOT attractive, although I changed my mind quickly. Of course!  Anyway this girl is a tiny peanut of adorability.  I'm liking the OTP already.

Shuk:  Her older sister and roommate, Oom, at at the dinner table, and oh-so-casually mention that she would get a fat commission if Om-Am is willing to sell the house to condominium developers.  Om-Am is succinct: not only no, but hell no. This is an ongoing conversation.  Oom turns her nose up at bibimbap, so I am already prepared to dislike her. As they prep for a sleepover,  Sister realizes she's "late", and makes a phone call.
JoAnne:  The only possible excuse for saying no to bibimbap is morning sickness but even then...it seems like it would be good for that.
They even have bibimbap on Korean Air!
Shuk:  Outside the house we see a series of paintings.  It's Om-Am, from toddler to adult. Her late father painted them, and she reminisces about the time spent with him at the house.
JoAnne:  Too sweet for words. although I admit I didn't realize they were all her.  I thought she had sisters.

Shuk:  PPL time!! Oom is a coffee product demonstrator, and her boyfriend shows up to her tent. After some cutesy talk and disturbing aegyo from him, they both share bad news: he lost his job, and she's pregnant.
JoAnne:  Certain things hold true:  I already loathe this couple.
Shuk:  And in debt.  Om-Am receives a phone call from a credit card agency that her sister is behind on her credit card payments. She blows off the phone call as nothing, but you know this can't bode well.

Shuk:  Mike is in discussion with his handler, who is pushing for him to expand outside the music scene and try his hand at acting, and a few CF's, but he doesn't want to sell out.  He's given his South Korean itinerary by one of the assistants while he's working out.
JoAnne:  Nice face. I approve.  Why did I think all Thai people would be these tiny little creatures?  He's yummy.
Shuk:  Our Successful Writer is happily signing copies of her book, but only in her dream.  The publishing editor basically calls it crap and tells her to rewrite it.  Or better yet, start over completely.

Shuk:  Mike decides to call his childhood friend and unrequited love, Mintra (Jane Janesuda Parnto). She's happy to hear from him, but too busy to pay attention.  He's looking for someone to talk with, but she just prattles a bit and hangs up.
JoAnne: Yep.  Moving on.  Hated her in Korea, too.
Shuk:  Om-Am sadly walks down the street as a sad Mike drives past her.
JoAnne:  I did like how many near misses they have.

Shuk:  She goes back to the wall, and remembers when she failed to learn how to ride a bike as a kid.  To get out of her mood she sings "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands [clap clap]."
JoAnne:  Do you still feel a bit of off-kilterness when you hear a childhood song or rhyme in another language?  I always marvel.

Shuk:  At her coffee tent Prego is eating with gusto, PregoMan is industriously circling job advertisements. She mentions that the loan agency is starting to call about the interest.  While talking, the real estate agent calls again, and Prego tells the person to stop calling.  It turns out the house is completely in the younger woman's name.
JoAnne:  I hope they do a better job of this part, because it enrages me, this whole bit.  I have to accept it in order to get the enforced cohabitation which IS ALWAYS the best type of cohabitation...but it's still a hard pill to swallow even for that.

Shuk:  Later that night, the two girls talk while watering the plant boxes. The restaurant reviews are keeping her in the black financially, even if her novels won't sell. She takes heart that her father is watching her from heaven.

Shuk:  Prego and PregoMan show up to congratulate Om-Am! Pao (PregoMan's real name) won a week in Seoul, and he wants to give it to her, all expenses paid! She just has to sign a couple of forms so he can sign over the vacation package to her....
Shuk:  Om-Am is excited to make it to Korea, and quickly makes arrangements. Outside and out of earshot, PregoJerk (who is the mastermind in all this) has to convince Oom to sell the house and contents out from under her sister as the only possible solution to the financial problems they have. And the person that she's been freeloading from. Biatch.
JoAnne: So they're just going to go with it, then.  Ugh.

Shuk:  At the airport, they tell her to have a nice time, and give her some spending cash. Jerk doesn't want to, but Prego makes him. And they suddenly realize they forgot the hotel reservations. They hand her the cash, wish her luck, and they part ways.

Shuk:  Oh, and look! Here comes Fate in the presence of Mike on the same flight, heading to Seoul to fulfill that PR contract.  His handler gives him final instructions before bundling him onto the flight.

Shuk:  It appears she's got a business class ticket.  And it appears that her English and Korean is lacking. But she's happy to be on her first flight ever.  Until her seatmate shows up, with great hair and even better English. He's got the window seat, but she spends so much time in his personal space staring out the window that he decides to switch with her.  See, she's already in control!  LOL
JoAnne: Actually already love them together.  I fell hard and fast.  TOO cute for words.  Him in love and trying to hide it is going to be AWESOME.

Shuk: And the perks of higher flight?  All the alcohol you can drink, and really good food.  Om-Am takes it upon herself to try his food too. Meta-reference! She keeps comparing him to a famous singer, Golf (who is Mike Pirat's real brother and bandmate). To his credit, he's tolerating her pretty well, including the ever-increasing silly drunkeness, until she, of course, loses everything down his back and collapses on the floor.
JoAnne:  My heartfelt plea to dramas everywhere:  Can we just NOT with the vomit?  Do you realize that every time you do this, I gag and have to struggle with the urge as well?  SOMETIMES I LOSE.  My teeshirt reads:  KDramas:  I love them so much I vomit. 

Shuk:  He drags her to the bathroom and leaves her there. He takes off the now-disgusting shirt, revealing a nice black singlet.  The stewardess brings her back, but by then he's switched to another seat.

Shuk: The evil pair are finalizing the sale of the house as Om-Am peacefully sleeps alone in the airplane.


Shuk:  As my first foray into recapping a Thai series, I'm pleasantly surprised by the flow of the story. The couple is already cute as a truck-full of kittens, and I am ready for a light and happy rom-com!
JoAnne:  Hurry up and get to the good stuff, Show.  I love your couple, now make them snuggle!


  1. I really love this version and I think they're a totally adorable couple. Although Im saying this having watched 10 eps, your first impressions were mine too. Great recap.

    Im just wondering how many eps it will cover. If I remember, SK version was 16 but Im guessing we get at least 20 here or even more - 24?!!

  2. I've seen the first 10 episodes, and so far this is my favorite Thai drama. It is very similar to the Korean version of Full House, but I loved that and delight in the similarities and differences while watching the Thai version. I think the Thai version is better.

    Om is gloriously shiny. Mike is adorably lonely, bored, and tortured. Guy is suave with everyone except Om who turns him into a blushing boy. Min seems less evil than her Korean counterpart.

    It is interesting to see what cultural influences result in changes to the story. Apparently, previous attempts at Korean adaptions failed in the ratings because they didn't change enough to match Thai sensibilities. One change of having the prego girl be a sister I found to be an enhancement. It is more understandable why criminal charges aren't filed if the person is family. Thai dramas always have a strong family presence.

  3. Tell me this one will have better kisses & I'll be sold! ;)

  4. Yes! Another person that likes this lakorn! This is my new OBSESSION. I had no idea that they had remade "Full House" in other countries, but this is much better than the K version, imo. The K version was very repetitive and I didn't think Rain was that attractive. (the second male was better looking).

    I totally love this couple...they are SO CUTE! The fact that Om-Am is not a doormat and Mike isn't a total jerk makes this very enjoyable. Mike actually looks likes a Korean Idol. Did you guys notice that these actors (even the bit players) can actually speak decent English rather than Engrish?

    The production value is excellent...looks like a joint project with the Koreans. I also love the soothing music. Too bad the episodes are so short.

    The only complaint I have is the casting of Min; she looks much older than Mike if, supposedly, they all grew up together.


  5. Mike from Golf & Mike?? The kids from fever to the future?

    I need to watch this <3

    1. That video is like a cross between Disco Fever, Tron, and Queen's Metropolis MV.

  6. "JoAnne: Nice face. I approve. Why did I think all Thai people would be these tiny little creatures? He's yummy."

    On average, I think most main Thai actors are taller then most Korean male actors, they're around 177-180cm. For reals.

    I thought this was just based off the kdrama,not the manhwa which even the original Full House had only a passing similarity to. I've seen all the FH remakes, including the Vietnam one, and I do think I like this one the best.

    It's fast paced, each episode is less then a hour, and the main lead is less of a douchebag to our heroine. I also like the music, a mixture of classics, and Mike's own song is the ending song I believe.

    1. News to me there are other Full House remakes. So other than Korean, Thai, and Vietnam, are there others? Do they have english subtitles?

    2. Julia -

      There is a Taiwanese one as well. I didn't really get into it, certainly not as much as this one.


    3. Jamie -

      There's an awesome video of Mike and Aom singing the title song:



  7. Where are you guys watching this?

    And I lived in Thailand. I never met anyone who looked like these actors.

    1. Viki. Difficult to search for. Labeled "Full House [need help]" and I found it by searching for Thailand dramas.

    2. You can also find it on YouTube under "Viki Thailand Channel". It's not in HD, though.


  8. watched this! can't believe I did :)
    I blame CWL's absolutely hateful episode 13. I needed something SWEET after that. Delightfully similar to the Korean version, lots of nice little nods to the Korean version, the lead lady is cute as a button (but ... is she legal?!) and I also like that Mike isn't a total dick like Rain was.

    1. Yup, same amount of hot but less dick.

      Wait...that sounded like a much better deal in my head.

  9. Just a note that Aom's name was misspelled at the Label. It should be 'Sushar'.


  10. Anon - Ooh thanks. I researched the web and chose the most dominant, I'll go ahead and correct them all. :)


  11. There are 20 eps & already end in Thailand just in case you guys want to know.

    And YES he's Mike from Golf & Mike. They worked with JE in Japan when they're younger with YamaP ;)

  12. Where can I watch the complete subbed episodes? Thank you!

  13. I found them on YouTube under "Viki Thailand" channel.

  14. where can I stream this drama online. youtube is banned in my country and viki doesn't work either. someone help!


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