Full House Thailand Episode 9 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  We continue the honeymoon in Seoul, where our two souls are learning each other.  And this can only be a good thing before real life intrudes.
JoAnne: Get to know each other really well.  You should learn to recognize each other by feel in the dark, in case there's some sort of emergency and you get lost in a crowd in a cave. It could happen.


Shuk:  So the two of them stare at each other, trapped in a huge fluffy yellow tube.  There is a charged moment, and then KA-WHAM. Om-Am headbutts him out of the blanketroll.
JoAnne: Not the choice I would have made, Om-Am.

Shuk: His handler is worried about negative publicity from his shotgun wedding, but most of the comments seem positive.  There is some speculation whether the bride was pregnant, but she thinks that, even without a baby, there was some reason for the marriage.  They decide to call and see how the honeymoon is going.
JoAnne: No.

Shuk: Back in Seoul, Om-Am is by the Han River watching a dad teach his little girl how to ride a tricycle. Mike plops down next to and sees the direction of her gaze.  Let’s go bike riding!!  Except she never learned how.  He takes the chance to tease her about it until she walks away to stare out over the river. Mike is sensitive to her mood, and rents a bike to teach her.
JoAnne: Seriously, this boy is just a love. Reward him, Om-Am.

Shuk: He tries calling her over like a dog, then insulting her height. When neither works, he pushes the bike to her and tells her with sincerity that she can learn. Except she’s too afraid to even put her feet on the pedals, so he’s doing all the work.
JoAnne:  Mike, honestly.  You're ruining my efforts on your behalf.

Shuk: When Mike answers the call from Thailand, they hear this exchange over the speaker:

M: I told you not to tense up.
OA: It’s my first time.
M: Everyone has first time
OA: Don’t push it. It hurts!
M: The first time, it’s going to hurt. Open your legs a little wider.
OA: Is it wide enough?
M: Just relax a little. Ready?
OA: I’m excited. Don’t go so fast.

Shuk:  The group decides not to listen anymore, and wonder what lessons he’s teaching. LOL
JoAnne:  REALLY well done, hilariously funny, and a major tease.

Shuk:  Mike decides to give her a good push, which results in a crash and fall.  He  runs for some water, and flushes and wraps her skinned knee with his scarf.  He trades the bike in for a tandem, and does the work while she just enjoys the ride. He’s so good to her! They have ice cream and he ends up carrying her bag. And now he has candy floss memories with her too! On a park bench, she can’t stop smiling, and he can’t stop staring.
JoAnne: Kisseu! Kisseu! Noeu? Wae????

Shuk:  They’re exhausted on the flight home, and end up doing a SleepCute.  The flight attendant smiles but doesn’t wake them. (Now we have Aom Suchar singing the theme song in the background.)

Shuk: Back home, the old Mike is back. He relaxed on the fainting couch for a nap while she does the laundry and prepares a meal.  It’s not much, since they haven’t been home, but Mike still complains about the quality of the food, and ultimately throws it out the window. She yells at him that her job description does not include cleaning up after tantrums.
JoAnne: I have a hard time reconciling this random bratty over the top behavior with his natural self.  He just doesn't seem the type, and he was definitely raised better.

Shuk:  The next morning, he gives her a written list of his food requests, which include white gourd curry and carved vegetables.  She protests, but gets distracted by the neighborhood dog who comes over for a visit.  It turns out Mike likes dogs too, and their little tiff is forgotten.
JoAnne:  I looked up the vegetable carving. It's a Thai thing, and there's a school in Siam that offers a series of online videos for 30 bucks, or a set of DVDs plus a real honest to goodness Thai vegetable carving knife for 60.  I think I'm gonna.
Shuk:  I look forward to your chrysanthemum watermelon, unni.
Shuk:  He gets the breakfast he wants in the morning, but doesn't eat it.  Instead he heads over to the studio, where Benz teases him about what the team overheard.  She also says MinTramp has been calling about Mike representing her new collection, but he’s not interested.

Shuk: MinTramp is at her store, and sees honeymoon photos in a tabloid, including them asleep on the plane.

This is what I do whenever MinTramp is on my screen.  (you notice me ignoring her too)
Shuk:  Om-Am heads over to the market, and buys some ready-made meals,  including the curry, which is made with chicken feet.  She asks for extra feet.  And she gets a phone request to meet with the publisher.

Shuk:  At the house, MinTramp calls Mike directly.  You know, he should really change the ringtone.  He doesn't answer it.  Om-Am places the meal on the table, and unexpectedly Mike is squealing and excited.  Is it a spider?  No, it’s the chicken feet!!  They turn out to be his favoritist food of all time. So her little prank fails, but he’s so happy he agrees that she doesn’t have to carve vegetables or cook as long as the food tastes as good as this.  Chicken feet?  Chincha??
JoAnne: I am sure it tastes fine, but I don't like boiled chicken, either.  So no.

Shuk: She admits that she was pranking him with the feet, and he tells her the story; he was hungry once, accidentally ate the housekeeper’s meal of chicken feet and has loved them ever since. He hides his preference from his grandmother, though. His enthusiasm is infectious and they have an enjoyable meal together.
JoAnne: His way over the top excitement was really adorable, and then the two of them together...they just give off this aura of comfortable happiness that is really endearing.

Shuk: Later, he’s practicing his dance moves in front of the mirror, but it’s not going well. He snatches her juice off her desk and sits down for some football on the television while drinking it. You know, in Korean dramas, that would be an indirect kiss...
Shuk:  She’s freshening the house while ordering chicken feet curry for delivery, barely pausing to spritz his head. He’s smiling, and pounding his utensils on the table while waiting to eat.
JoAnne: Just recognize that you guys are happy together and make a baby so you can ignore the contract, dammit!

Shuk:  Om-Am brings her newest manuscript to the publishers, but the woman isn't interested.  In stead, she wants a tell-all book about her relationship with Mike.  Om-Am refuses and leaves, crushed yet again.  Back to the Thinking Swing!!  On impulse, she calls Guy, and asks him to read her manuscript and critique it.
Shuk:  He asks his office assistant to clear some time in his schedule this afternoon.  When they meet, he awkwardly apologizes for not meeting up with the couple since the honeymoon.  He promises to read the manuscript and meet with her once he’s finished.  It’s noon, and she teases that he probably is just eating a sandwich, but he says he’s tired of lunch as business.  She doesn't get the hint, and takes her leave, leaving a handsome, chagrined man behind.
Shuk:  When she gets home, there’s a beautiful new bicycle in the  house. They smile at each other, and Mike states he wants to see how stupid she can really be. They head out to the local park. At least her feet are on the pedals, even if she’s not, yunno, pedaling. He hurts his ankle when the bike nearly falls over, but they keep going, and  she’s finally riding on her own. At least for a short time until she tips over. He hobbles over to her, and gently picks leaves out of her hair as tells him he’s the best.
JoAnne: Gifts! Expensive gifts that have to be ordered, delivered, assembled! That's love.

Shuk:  They end up on the upper deck of the house together as the sunsets. Hey, this is the point in Monstar when they kiss!! Not here, though, as MinTramp shows up in her sports car, and the moment is abruptly gone.
JoAnne: I actively wished for a sinkhole to swallow her car.

Shuk: Mike climbs down to meet her, but is hardly welcoming. He turns down her entreaty to represent his collection, telling her it can’t be the way it was before. He walks away. Poor Om-Am witnesses this, which gets the wheels moving in her head as Mike heads out to the pier for some alone time.


Shuk:  Since we already know the story, Mintra is a necessary evil. Jane is doing an excellent job playing the Mood Killing Princess, but sometimes I wish for a show that’s nothing but cute couple interaction. Wait, I guess that would be “We Got Married”.
JoAnne:  Are you watching the YoungYoung couple?  Adorable. WooYoung from 2PM and Princess Noguk from Faith. 

Shuk:  Still, I can see that Guy and Om-Am are going to spend some time over her writing, and I can’t wait for the jealous Mike to start showing up. And on a greedy note, can we have Mike sing as well as dance? Thank you, Show.
JoAnne: I'll give up singing and dancing Mike if we can have more showering Mike and jealous Mike.