Bride Of The Century Episode 3 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  We've had our first kiss and our first crisis. They say tomato juice is good for the skin, but is it good for the skinship?
JoAnne: Tomayto, tomahto, let's take all our clothes off


Shuk: So I saw something red getting bigger. And then it hit me. [rim shot]
JoAnne:  Did you get poked? Or were you splattered?
Shuk: Bubbles has been salsafied, and a split second later, his security detail drags off the screaming ex-employee. She's yelling that her family is out in the streets. He tells the rest of team to get Bubbles out of there, since people are staring and they still have to do the interview. She throws him a "I can't believe the crap you're saying" look before getting whisked away.
JoAnne: Why did she even jump in front of him?  Does she just always try to save everyone?
Shuk: She's huddled under a blanket in the employee lounge in the same dress but with a freshly-scrubbed face. Flunkette berates her for showing off in front of President Choi. She tosses Bubbles the interview file, then looks puzzled at the difference in her pseudo-friend's face. Bubbles covers it up by implying she's had some plastic surgery. Nice save!
JoAnne: What difference? Everyone is saying how exactly they look alike, who knows there's two anyway.

Shuk: An employee shows up with several outfits to change into and immediately squeals happily. Oh no! It's Doo-rim's school friend from the country! Bubbles hides her face as Flunkette tells the employee off for not recognizing the fiancee of the company. The crisis is averted but we all know it won't be long. Will she be help or hindrance?
JoAnne: I love this tiny cute girl! She was that silent one who loved the would-be videographer friend in Operation Proposal. The one who could sing.

Shuk: We are back at that frozen lake. ChoiDad and his former father-in-law share a meal and serious conversation. Aboenim wonders if his daughter had some prescience; before the wedding, she told him what\to do with her if she died. Outside the two men part ways, and the older man tells ChoiDad not to come by anymore, but to lay his memories to rest.
JoAnne: After 30 years, he suddenly feels the need to say this?
Shuk: The interview begins. FirstBorn is charmingly sincere in his love for Yi-kyung. Bubbles looks ready to vomit. LOL.
JoAnne: Man he lays it on THICK. (that's what she said!)

Shuk: Cue the curve ball! The PD wants to showcase her piano skills for the interview with an impromptu recital.
JoAnne:  Ooops. If Shin Jung Tae can learn a whole new style of fighting and beat an avowed expert after  one night, surely ol' Bubbles can play a song.

Shuk: Her country friend, Oh Jin-jo (Park Jin-jo) whom we shall call Mall Mouse, recognizes Bubble’s nervous tics, and endeavours to help her friend. Under the guise of getting a glass of water, she “accidently” spills water on the piano keyboard. An insincere darn later, the interview is over for good.
JoAnne: Score one for a quick-thinking mall mouse!
Shuk: The two chums meet up in a storage room a short time later, and Bubbles is happy to tell someone her story. Mouse wonders if there some type of kdrama birth secret going on, but she says there couldn’t be. They promise to share pork belly and soju next time.

Shuk: Leaving the store by herself, she finds the fired receptionist outside. They have a heart to heart; Employee says she was wrong to smoke on the job, but she’s the sole breadwinner in a family of orphans.
JoAnne: Plus, she only did it that one time, she swears, and she didn't even inhale! She was holding that pack for a friend!

Shuk: Bubbles gives her all the money in her wallet, right at the time FirstBorn shows up. He pulls her into his office as she asks him for leniency. He scoffs: should they take on every charity case out there? Employees are not abandoned kittens, so she should leave it well enough alone.
JoAnne: He does have a point, though.
Shuk: Na Doo-rim comes out and bares her claws. Of course a heartless bastard could never understand. He was more upset about the interview than wondering if she was hurt. He was angry over his own humiliation. What’s the use of wearing high-end brands, when a person should be high-end inside? She storms out, leaving a disbelieving chaebol behind.
JoAnne: Yeah but he likes her. You can tell. Well, at this point I'd say she just intrigues him.

Shuk: Outside, though, she slaps her mouth for misbehaving.
JoAnne: She never seems to remember that she's a placeholder.
Shuk: ChoiDad comes back from his frosty sojourn, and the help are speculating if he has another family somewhere. ChoiMama hears them talking about his first love before they scurry away. Later, she’s giving ChoiDad his medications and she asks him to stop going to his first love’s cairn. He sadly agrees.
JoAnne: But this is so sudden! It's only been 30  years!

Shuk: Bubbles meets JangOppa at the house. She grabs his hand when she sees it’s injured. He tells her it’s a construction injury and reluctantly pulls his hand away. She heads to the kitchen to make dinner.

Shuk: FirstBorn is all squirmy in bed, going over the words Bubbles threw at him. She, she’s already affecting him!
JoAnne: KLNoona said if he ate a lot he'd have the strength to smile once in a while. I don't care, I like him!

Shuk: ChoiMother is having tea with JangMama, pushing for a quick wedding. Jang Mama seems a little bit nervous at this, Is it the money? Or the missing daughter?

Shuk: Bubbles is being vaguely wifey and a little bit squicky, fixing his tie and stuff. She tells him she has errands to run that day. She ends up on the trail of Auntie, finding out she’s run up debts everywhere. Discouraged, she’s wandering the streets when she comes upon a cake-eating contest. The first prize is a flat-screen television. How can a granddaughter resist such a challenge!
JoAnne: Why is it squicky? She isn't related to him, she's only known him for a month, maybe.
Shuk:  Just the way he watches her I guess.  I dunno, it's just vaguely disquieting.
Shuk: Yay! She wins! But JangMama sees. Uh-oh.  And then FirstBorn shows up, wondering what his mom is doing there. Bubbles pulls a Mrs. Doubtfire and smears icing all over her face. Is it enough to hide her identity?  Based on his face, I'm thinking NOT.
JoAnne:  Too bad it wasn't a chocolate pudding eating contest.

Shuk:  Which is born out when he's waiting for her outside the store. Is she crazy?  Her personality changes are giving him whiplash. And what's with the clothes. She thinks fast and says her behavior is all pre-wedding jitters. Well, it could be; my uncle claimed he went bowling with my mother the night before her wedding (she's refuted it for 58 years, though)
JoAnne:  Is that uncle your father's brother, perhaps?
Shuk:  No, my mother's brother. An Italian from Brooklyn who worked for ConEd and hated the government.

Shuk:  Flunkette shows up looking for her boss, and her eyes are like saucers when she sees her rival's outfit. She is left there while her fiance and assistant head off.
JoAnne: Someone feed this girl a Twinkie.

Shuk: Inside the car, Kang-ju asks out loud, all all women like that? Flunkette's ear perk up - a cake-eating contest?  But Yi-kyung doesn't eat sweets. Clearly he knows nothing about his betrothed, and she is not TaeYang material.  Oh, put a sock in it, GripeZilla.
JoAnne: She is certainly not one to hide her feelings. Do you think they even dated, though? I bet not.
Shuk:  Except FirstBorn counters; he knows she likes cats; she even took an orphaned one home. Flunkette: Wha....?
Shuk  She starts her own investigation, pouncing on poor Mall Mouse, who doesn't squeak. Still, it's clear that the two pictures cannot be reconciled.
JoAnne: Oh just go do flunky things.

Shuk: Grandma is thrilled at the clarity of the new television, and Bubbles assures her that she is doing well in the big city.

Shuk:  Except JangMama is very unhappy; the cake-eating video has gone viral online, and ChoiMother is aware too. She heads upstairs to throw Bubbles out of the house, including the kitten. Doo-rim cries as she hugs the little furball.
JoAnne: I am thinking about kittens a lot lately. This one isn't helping.
Shuk:  JangOppa tries to reason with his mother, but she's filled with fiery wrath. She's upset that he is trying to defend her.  Is he even looking for his sister? Would he behave like this is she was his real sister? JangOppa reels back like he's been hit. Clearly a line was crossed in the family dynamics. He leaves without a word and heads to his bathroom.
JoAnne:  We need to settle this OppaNotReallyButReally bit soon.

Shuk:  Bubbles gives Coco The Kitty to Mall Mouse to take care of for the time being.  Mouse wants to know what the CEO is like. Sure he's handsome and loaded with charisma, but inside he's just mean and heartless.
JoAnne: No, he carries a deep burden! Get your chaebol lore straight, woman! You should be falling for him even as he mistreats you.

Shuk:  Except he's not. Mouse found out that he found the fired receptionist another job that includes corporate housing. It gives Bubbles something to think about. She bumps into JangOppa; he's got the invitation to the Monster showcase and it's that night.  Happiness is restored!
JoAnne: See? OppaNotOppa doesn't stand a chance.

Shuk:  FirstBorn is trying to contact her, but her phone is off. He's already put two and two together, and flat-out asks Flunkette if she leaked the video. She bluffs for a moment, then freely admits it was her. She will claim the spot by his side.  He tells her to start looking for a new company to work for.
JoAnne: I cheered at that, and I'm sure you did too.
Shuk:  Immediately after vacating the office and Flunkette, Kang-ju calls his MIL to track down his errant fiancee, and hears about the showcase that night.

Shuk:  It's a date in Seoul.  Well, not really. JangOppa and Bubbles are eating street food making their way to the showcase venue. She sincerely apologizes for her screwups, and he promises to take care of her.  He wipes a crumb off her lips with his thumb, then she laughs and he smiles. I think it's the first smile in three episodes, as they enjoy their pancakes.
JoAnne: See, he just need to eat something.
Shuk:  A short distance away, FirstBorn is watching them, wondering why she is laughing and aeygo'y in front of her brother. He strides up to them and the atmosphere immediately sours. He brings up the internet searches, and she apologizes again. He would like to speak to his fiancee alone. At that, she grabs JangOppa's sleeve. Is she that scared?
JoAnne: Well she does keep screwing up.

Shuk: Oppa turns into the mediator, and promises they will be more careful in the future. FirstBorn looks hard at the pair, then walks between and past them. I think it's some sort of statement.
JoAnne: I think he says something to remind himself they're just siblings but that might be later; whenever it is, I'm happy because it means he's jealous.

Shuk She calls out to him, but he merely turns around and tells her he might as well go to the showcase, gesturing with a toss of his head. With one glance at Oppa, she chases after Kang-ju, leaving him to catch up. And I just noticed: Kang-ju in black, Doo-rim in white, Yi-hyun in brown, black, and white.
JoAnne: Aww, he didn't have to stay. He likes her.
Shuk: She's meekly following behind him though the crowd, and he wonders where the confident energetic and noisy Yi-kyung went to. She tells him she knows about his assistance with the fired employee. He's quick to say it was to avoid a lawsuit, and not because of anything she said to him.
JoAnne: Sure, Kang Ju, sure.

Shuk: Bubbles gets hailed by the girls that saw her kick butt at the coffee stand in Namhae. She denies it, but he's watching it all. She sees KangOppa in the crowd, and makes an excuse to run over to him. FirstBorn is also watching this.
JoAnne: Like a HAWK, he's watching them.

Shuk:  After a brief conversation, she makes her way back to Kang-ju. But the house lights turn off, and she's knocked to the ground half-way. They both see her go down, and start pushing through the crowd to get to her.
JoAnne: I do like the protective streak, I must admit.
Shuk:  He pulls her out of the crowd into a quiet hallway.  JangBro Oppa? Nope. Kang-ju Oppa!  When she realizes this, she immediately lets go of his hand.  He's convinced she did it on purpose, to bring him to her side.
JoAnne: Yes, she fell down and was trampled because she knew you would reach her first and bring her out to this hallway.

Shuk: I think Kang-ju has a one track mind when it comes to her. He crowds her against the wall and angles for a kiss. In all due fairness, she did warn him.
JoAnne: He really does use any excuse.

Shuk: ...Before she headbutts him across the hallway.  Didn't he learn the first time?  Or is UST fogging his brain.  Either way, JangOppa finds them both rubbing various parts of themselves.
JoAnne: Sadly, not the parts you're thinking.

Shuk: She's back with her betrothed when the music starts, and he's enjoying her enjoyment of the show. The group stops for a little fan interaction, and Kang-in introduces his brother as the first time anyone from his family has been to one of his shows since he debuted three years ago.
JoAnne: That is just sad.

Shuk: He blesses the pair, then the crowd starts chanting for a kiss. So do I, for that matter. And he finally gets the kiss, nice and gentle...[sigh] The crowd goes wild, he grins, she's shocked and thinking his acting is incredible.
JoAnne: I'm thinking HongKi looks like he might be good at this.
Shuk:  Post-concert and she's still fangirling over the band members. She bonds with IdolBoy's girlfriend and backup singer while the boys watch. IdolBoy wanders over, leaving his brother at the bar. He wonders if this was their first kiss, since it wasn't a deep one. It turns out Kang-ju is a germophobe who hates skinship. Chincha? Then what about the bedroom scene? And the hallway? Well, all men are animals.
JoAnne: Praise Jesus

Shuk:  They part ways. FirstBorn warns IdolBoy to call home every once in a while. After they leave, Kang-in and his squeeze talk, and wonders why Yi-kyung unni is all warmth and smiles after their previous cold reception. Blondy doesn't see it.

Shuk:  Bubbles gushes about her new dongsaeng, who is so young and cute and blessed with great genes. FirstBorn understands her jealousy, when she compares her short, grade-school stick frame to that voluptuous creature.
JoAnne: I don't see it keeping you from trying to kiss her every chance you get, Mister.

Shuk:  She counters that inner beauty is more important, but isn't that what ugly girls say? Well, she has one big thing. As she hugs the posters to her chest, he points it out - her head!
JoAnne:  Smack him!

Shuk:  She's mad now.  Maybe he should find a girl with a nose big enough to stuff coins into it.  He counters that it's only the truth. In any case, he as suppressed the cake-eating video and warns her to stay out of trouble.

Shuk:  At the Jang house, Mama is all sweetness and concern. I'm waiting for her head to start spinning. She thanks Doo-rim for all her hard work, and asks a simple question: if her daughter doesn't show up before the wedding, what will she do? Uh-oh, Mom's got a scheme going. Downstairs, she tells her son that she is traveling to Namhae tomorrow and can't help him with "the thing".
JoAnne: Are we going to find out the mystery surrounding Oppa?
Shuk: FirstBorn is finishing up the night's ablutions and going over the events at the showcase. It's more shocking that she rejected him than if the company stocks suddenly plummeted. Happiness for my favorite SeGa scene.
JoAnne: Did I mention that Oppa reminds me of Hyun Bin back then?

Shuk:  Bubbles receives a bouquet of birthday flowers. So the thing is JangOppa's birthday, and Bubbles wonders why no one is celebrating. She gets a phone call inviting her to the Choi estate.
JoAnne: Well if that's all it is I'm disappointed. There better be more.

Shuk: She heads to the kitchen and starts making seaweed soup. ChoiMother is not amused. She brought her over to lash her for the video, and warns it had better not happen again.
JoAnne:  Come on, there must be someone in Seoul who hasn't yelled at her about the damn video yet....hurry up, let's get this over with.

Shuk: She brings ChoiDad his meds, and they have a laugh over the cake-eating contest.  And the next thing, they are playing a rollicking game of baduk, with the loser getting inked! And the battle is fierce; Bubbles calls him out for cheating just as ChoiMother and the servants stop by. She's appalled, but they are happy to see Boss happy. They take a selca together.
JoAnne: They are cute together.

Shuk:  In the kitchen, Bubbles and Ahjumma are cleaning up the dishes.  Ahjumma talks.  Kang-ju was a happy child until his own tutor kidnapped him when he was eight years old. He became withdrawn and wooden after that, running a high fever. Flunkette was his only friend back then. He never told anyone what happen in the day he was gone.
JoAnne:  Hmmmmm.

Shuk: ChoiDad is still glowing over the baduk game, but ChoiMother says not to get too close to that child. He tells her that Yi-kyung can be polished into a gem. I don't think they are having the same conversation.
JoAnne: She's just that open about it? Really? And seriously, Dad must know about the curse because it happened to him - how are they acting this way?
Shuk: Flunkette is snarling over the Showcase kiss video when IdolBoy shows up. He tries to make her feel better about the video, then gives her a hair pin he bought for her in Australia. Aww, he's got a crush. And she stomps on his little heart by tossing the clip to Mall Mouse. Then she suddenly collapses.
JoAnne: That's what happens when you live on jealousy and bitterness, Flunk. That is an all-carb diet of misery!

Shuk:  Bubbles is looking at ties in the men's department. FirstBorn sneaks up behind her and murmurs that it's really not his style. She curls her lip and tells him it's for Oppa's birthday. He gets a little boy frowny face for a moment.
JoAnne:  HongKi. Oh, HongKi. You have the cutest face and the scratchiest voice and I love you to the moon and back for Jeremy but damn if you aren't just the cuddliest thing in the world.

Shuk:  She invites him for a party, but he's quick to say he's busy. It's okay, she was only being polite. He hovers for a moment, but isn't he busy? He tells her he wanted to have dinner with her, but he has another appointment.
JoAnne: Being intrigued has moved into definitely liking without knowing, I'd say.

Shuk: As Kang-ju leaves, he is confronted by his younger brother about Flunkette. And in a strange-looking hospital room (withOUT a humidifier, I might add). Roo-mi lays the guilt like a bricklayer with mortar. After all he was having fun snogging at the showcase while she was working herself to the bone.
JoAnne: It's the - oh wait, you figured it out.  But I have a word for you, Roo Mi: it's called EMPLOYEE. That's why you were working and your BOSS, the owner of the company, was off doing something else. Can I just punch her and get it over with?
Shuk:  Oh, it's a first aid station at the mall, not a hospital.  Bubbles is waiting outside the room to hear the verdict: KDrama disease of overwork and stress. They separate there.
JoAnne: The one time I pray for a fatal nosebleed.

Shuk: IdolBoy is trying to make Flunkette smile. His heart is on his sleeve and outlined in TRONlines as he pins the hair clip on her. The moment is broken when Bubbles shows up with porridge, but she won't eat anything given to her by that woman.
JoAnne: Fine. If you won't eat it, you can wear it. No?  Damn.

Shuk: In the Mouse's house, Bubbles finds out some interesting info: Flunkette posted the video to get FirstBorn to break the engagement, but the Jang family will fall if the wedding doesn't happen. They share Funions and speculation.
JoAnne: I'm a little worried about the Mouse.

Shuk:  The food is ready for JangOppa's party, but Oppa is no where to be found and his phone is off.  She gets a phone call from JangMama in Namhae. She promises to return home tomorrow, and as the camera pans back, we see a very familiar figure in the same room. It's JangBitch! And how long has Mama known where she was?
JoAnne: Since the beginning, I'd wager. But I don't think Oppa knows about it.

Shuk:  She warns her daughter not to do anything that would catch her brother's attention.  And we see a flashback. It seems our Lady in Black visited JB after the necklace/Japanese lunch concluded, and warned her that she will die if she becomes his first bride. Before she faints, JB screams at the ghost to stop appearing before her. Hmm, so Ghostie has been meddling longer than I thought.
JoAnne: So what does the ghost want, then? Does she want people to die, or does she want Taeyang Group to die out for lack of marrying and procreating?

Shuk:  And JangMama heard the story of the Choi Marriage Curse from the shaman. Oh, and she's not in Namhae, she's literally across the street from her own home. So keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and your daughter a telescope away.
JoAnne: Because no one ever runs into anyone they know on the street.


Shuk:  There's some great squeeworthy and happy moments in this episode, but I'm glad we are starting down the darker path of deception and supernatural elements. And more kisses please! I'm already greedy.
JoAnne: They are an adorable OTP, aren't they? Imagine those babies.

Shuk:  I like that Kang-ju is already acting contrary to his current nature, which is contrary to his former nature. Come on Doo-rim, release his inner Jeremy!!
JoAnne: I described his chaebol shell as 'paper-thin'. Seriously, they get land speed records for his falling for her.
Shuk:  ChoiDad too!