26 March 2014


Idol Fashion Dramatized: You're Beautiful

Posted by Wei on March 26, 2014
Just In Case
Wei: Hello fellow Squeeglets! I am back again for take two (quite literally since the first draft of this post disappeared into an internet black hole) of Hongki oppa's fashion and hair. This time, we'll revisit his days as the idol band member Jeremy in the drama You're Beautiful (미남이시넹요). Like for many, Jeremy was my first introduction to Lee Hongki as an actor and idol. For me, it was instant love and adoration because how can you dislike a guy who names his dog Angelina Jolie? But while Jeremy was great as a character, there were a number of questionable fashion choices, along with his fellow bandmates played by Jang Geunsuk and Jung Yonghwa. Since JGS and Yonghwa can be pretty eye candy too, I won't leave them out! Let's take a look at the handsomest ANJells that ever walked the earth (or at least the kpop world)!
Lafer aka KLnoona:  I love You're Beautiful!  And I'm so glad you included all the boys! Because there is just too much craziness across the board in this drama.
JoAnne: I loved Jeremy, but the only eye candy (and that was really not all the time, even) was Yongwha, who I shipped HARD.
kakashi: I don't remember. Very hazy back then, during the beginnings of my addiction ... 

Wei: Here be the three ANJells. Also the beginning of JGS choker ties. I never thought about it before but was placing Yonghwa in the back amongst the statues a portend of his acting ability?
kakashi: When in doubt, always believe EVERYTHING in KDrama is thoroughly planned through. 
Wei: If it's not a choker tie, then it must be a droopy scarf. I think LHK and Yonghwa look pretty normal here by kpop idol fashion standards (I mean, have you seen GD and Heechul?).
Lafer: Not sure how normal Hong Ki's pants are. They look like they're trying to send out some kind of distress signal.
JoAnne: I didn't realize there was anyone in the van besides Yonghwa, sorry.
kakashi: Define "normal". 
Wei: Jesus Christ Superstar! Okay so he's not one of our three ANJells but he is the president of the company and I really can't not share this white frame glasses, red scarf and unbuttoned shirt combo. His fashion only gets better from here on out. *snickers*
Lafer: Just shaking my head.....
JoAnne: His mouth gives me the creeps.
kakashi: He looks like every guy here in the architecture department - so I guess that's normal!  
Wei: Back to our boys, here's Korean media's favorite obsession: airport fashion! From left to right: monkey see, monkey hear, monkey speak.
Lafer: The granny shawl with feathers and oversized sweater on Yonghwa--WTH? Actually, I remember going WTH about 500 times during this drama.
JoAnne: Yep, me too. I saw this very early, and had not yet accustomed myself to KDrama fashion OR flowerboys. I'd still like to know why Jeremy is dressed like a Tyrolean folk dancer, though.
kakashi: I appreciate Tyrolean folk dancers a lot, thank you. And you should too! 
Shuk:  Maybe Jeremy was trying out for that yodeling guy on The Price Is Right?
Wei: Can I just highlight the feather pin? It takes "peacock showing off its colors" to a whole new level.
Lafer: I think he's trying to go incognito as an ahjumma.
JoAnne: Oh yeah, this screams Post Menopausal Shopping in the Big City.
kakashi: hahahahaaaaaa. 
Shuk:  "I'm ready for my closeup, Mr Demille!"
Wei: On the other hand, we have here a monkey searching for his banana. Where is that banana?
Lafer: In Granny Yonghwa's totebag, perhaps?
JoAnne: When Asia's Prince is too embarrassed to be in a photo with you, you really need to rethink your fashion choices.
kakashi: Oh, that's not him on the right? *squints*
Wei: I wish I can snark on JGS here but he actually looks good strutting his way through the airport. I might deduct a point for the scarf thing though.
Shuk:  I think it's part of his shirt.
Lafer:  I was actually growing accustomed to his scarves, until he pulled this one up over his head and made a hoodie out of it.
JoAnne: Ladies, you are made of sterner stuff than this. This outfit is NOT ok.
kakashi: Yeah, define GOOD. 
Wei: I include the picture below solely to show off Hongki oppa's toned arms and how Hongki oppa can really rock a white tank and red jeans! (I love red jeans.)
Lafer:  I agree, so no snarking here.  Drooling perhaps, but no snarking.
JoAnne: He was really skinny here. And I love HongKi, I do... but if you can't wear red jeans like Jonghyun does, you should really just not even try.
kakashi: Uhm, guys ... are you just pretending you don't see the naked guys in the background?! How disturbing!!! 
Wei: If I had such a handsome coat hanger wearing a nice white jacket, I wouldn't hang my coat on him, I'd hang myself instead.
Lafer: Unfortunately Yonghwa was more of a doormat then a coat hanger.  So much so that after You're Beautiful, every wimpy second lead is just Shin Woo to me.
JoAnne: If he would have just SAID SOMETHING...*runs off sobbing*
kakashi: The problem isn't him, it's her. *hating*
Shuk:  [nods nods]
Wei: This picture is just to remind you that the three ANJells are actually handsome idols before we go into the crazy.
Lafer:  Once again, Sukkie's all a'glitter.
JoAnne: Yonghwa. That is all.
kakashi: This is supposed to be a Hongki post, no? Say something about him! Like ... nice jacket! Cut your hair! 
JoAnne:  He smiles pretty with that tiny mouth.
Wei: This green striped thing... should just not exist in the world. If I may make a recommendation JGSsshi, next time, stick to just a towel wrapped around the hips.
Lafer:  I think it must have been hanging right next to the granny shawl in the closet.
JoAnne: Oh come on, give him a break on this one, though. It's a BATHROBE. I mean, yes, they are normally just solid navy, or maybe white.. but still. It's not something he wears out in public. And sorry, Wei my dear, but I do NOT want to see his naked torso. AT all.
kakashi: Don't give him ideas - or he WILL wear it out in public next. 
He could have ended up in this Ralph Lauren number.  
Wei: Oh Hongki oppa, what is this yellow/green combo you are wearing?
Lafer:  I feel like I've seen this get-up before, like in a homeless shelter.
JoAnne: He's imitating a marigold. It's interpretive clothing.
Shuk:  The bottom is the stem, the sweater is the petals.  His head...is it the stamen? Or the pistil?
kakashi: That's totally one of his better outfits, guys. 
Wei: Please don't listen to any fashion advice from your company's president because...well Jesus Christ Superstar!
Lafer: Maybe his favorite movie was Pretty in Pink.
JoAnne: He's no Molly Ringwald.
kakashi: Oh dear. Skip.
Wei: See, orange is so much better! Though what I really want are those sneaks (which are so sneaky at adding height! Hey, I can use a boost and I'm totally not ashamed to admit it)!
Lafer: Isn't it amazing how most actors' heights can vary by about 5 centimeters depending on what site you're researching them on?
JoAnne: This outfit doesn't bother me so much except for the high heel sneakers. 
kakashi: I'm just wondering whether Lee Min-ho was inspired by this drama when he chose his wardrobe for Heirs ... 
Wei: Pacman ring! Isn't it adorable?
Lafer:  Yes, I'm sure it's on the want list of many 5 year olds.
JoAnne: His mouth is very small.
kakashi: He totally is like a 5 year old. In this drama at least. 
Shuk:  [small voice]  I kinda liked the ring...
Wei: "What, I'm the bow-tied gift? I didn't sign up for this!"
Lafer: Awww, he's just retro, that's all!
JoAnne: I saw that outfit AND that hair on the cover of McCall's Magazine, August 1977.  On Candice Bergen. (Is she dead?)
kakashi: Here, he looks like a cute 5 year old GIRL. 
Wei: The dog is cute, Jeremy...not so much.
Lafer: He's realizing that the fashion is not going to get any better.
JoAnne: Why does he have a baby carrot stuck in his ear?
kakashi: He is crying because he is wearing normal colors.  
Wei: Performance fashion! JGS has two little buns and Jeremy has a mane, but the most pitiful of all is JYH with that red/brown shade that just doesn't fit him.
Lafer: I'm kind of speechless here. I think the fashion stylist and hairdresser both should have gotten pink slips by this time.
JoAnne: Those two down there are modeling Kate's hair from John and Kate Plus Eight.
kakashi: Well, the "fashion" is totally okay in this though. 
Shuk: Didn't she have a giant black spider on her white shirt? [shudder]
Wei: Bangs up or bangs down, this look sure makes a bang, but not the good kind--more like the final bang before you put a certain hairstyle to its final resting place.
Lafer: See what I mean about 500 WTH moments?
JoAnne: Oddly, I could live with the hair on the left (at home, minus the weird face ) but the right? No. Not on a man. Or a woman over the age of two.
kakashi: *Crying*
Shuk:  It reminds me of Barfolomew from "Space Balls" hearing a sound.
Wei: The wavy hair with the plaid suit...*small voice* I think I'm in love.
Lafer: You must getting brainwashed. I think you need help
JoAnne: (I'm kind of with her on this one. I think it's the sad face. )
kakashi: You will burn in hell for this! This is not an adult!!!! 
Wei: He's an oppa!
Shuk:  [slowing backing away from kakashi]
Wei: The headshot by itself is acceptable, and then you see the shirt. Why are there gaping holes when there are also draping cloth?
Lafer: I'm so used to seeing cloth around his neck I don't even notice anymore.
JoAnne: WTF is acceptable about the perm fresh off the rollers and unbrushed? And he's wearing women's knit jersey travelware in the other picture. No just no.
kakashi: To think that I actually LIKED JGS in this ....  *shakes head*
Wei: There is a focal point for this outfit. (Hint: it's not the hat.)
Lafer: I'm not going there....
JoAnne: This was a very good look. Every single time I looked at it, from every angle and from whatever distance, this was a very, very, very good look.
kakashi: Oh. You dirty noonas you ... 
Shuk:  Girls will make passes at boys wearing glasses...
Wei: "Tell me your wish!"
Lafer:  "We wish to be girls!  We've already got the clothes and jewelry - please give us wigs until our real hair grows!"
JoAnne: I will open my eyes when you tell me it's gone. And if you lie to me, I will hurt you.
kakashi: Come on, boys wanna have fun ..... 
Wei: Transformation of an idol!
Lafer: It was probably about this point in the drama, when the beginnings of a smile appeared, that I started looking at JGS in a new light.
JoAnne: So I ended up liking the guy, yes, but I never, ever, ever liked the way he looked.
kakashi: I am very conflicted about him. But this drama did get me to watch many more things he was in. Until Love Rain, at which point I just stopped. 
Stage 1: Before drinking.
Stage 2: After drinking.
Stage 3: Meet a new friend!
Wei: End!
Lafer: This was definitely one of the highlights of the drama, and one of the safest fashion choices.
JoAnne: This was funny, I agree.
kakashi: Very much so. 
Wei: Newest show: My Star Once Shined! A show that visits stars of the past, this episode featuring JGS!
Lafer: Was he channeling one of the wise men?
JoAnne: They called him to the set before his hair was completely done.
kakashi: If you look at him like this, he really isn't handsome at all. 
JoAnne:  He's really not.  He has a beautiful smile and very sexy voice and he uses those to brainwash everyone.  But he's not good looking, not even a little bit.
Shuk:  I think it's the nose.  It's just straight off the brow. I think you could slit envelopes with it. But I do love his voice.
Wei: MSOS: Let's hear from a former band member: What do you think of your Hyung's new look? LHK: That's not him! MSOS: Oh but it is!
Lafer: Jeremy, don't fret over Hyung. You've got big issues of your own with that hair. And it's sending my OCD into full bloom.
JoAnne: It's HAIR. Not conceptual art. Cut it right!
kakashi: Thanks! Yes! Where are my KDrama scissors?! *cuts it all off* - *includes Mo Il-hwa's hair in the process*
Wei: Someone tell me which part of this look is sexy?
Lafer: Maybe the 10" section from the shoulder to the bicep?
JoAnne: No part of this is sexy. The only part of JGS that is sexy is his voice.
kakashi: The two centimeters at the bottom of this pic?
JoAnne:  Are you sure he's got that much?
Wei: Now this, this is sexy. (Or maybe I really should just learn to ride a motorcycle.)
Lafer: Sir, could you please take my bags up to room 201? And maybe stay to show me how the shower works?
JoAnne: Will you turn back the sheets? And could you lie down and tell me what you think of the mattress? No, no, close your eyes. Like you're sleeping.  Don't open them, either. No fair peeking!
Shuk:  [setting up the camera] Pics or it didn't happen.
kakashi: Who is this? What am I doing here?! Who are you people, anyway?!
Wei: Isn't my dream beautiful?
Lafer:  If your idea of a dream is Sargent Pepper sporting an albino look, I guess so.
JoAnne: Let's just say that your dream is not my dream.
kakashi: It's a crime.
Shuk: "Please hand me the scissors."
Wei: Return of the hideous scarf!
Lafer: I'm just glad it's not a dead animal.  I've seen him sport a few of those around his neck... shudders....
JoAnne: I had that hair cut for a while in the early 90s, with the little flippy out things at the neck.
kakashi: That's not him, that's her, right? 
Shuk:  I thought that entire raincoat made him look like a bald flying squirrel.
Wei: Okay, maybe a scarf is better than nothing.
Lafer:  Agreed.  Note to JGS - get some abs and pecs before attempting this!
JoAnne: And remember, her smile is a woman's best accessory.
kakashi: My maternal instincts awaken and I want to cover it up with a shawl - you'll catch a cold, dear!
Wei: Or maybe a scarf is even way better than something.
Lafer: Oh, are we going to discuss Park Shin Hee's wardrobe now?  Because those glow in the dark balls she wore were my favorite part of the drama!
JoAnne: I think all balls should be glow in the dark.
kakashi: Yes, that would make certain things more easy.
Shuk:  [snicker] Especially when they bounce.
Wei: The pants, oh the pants.
Lafer:  I can barely focus on the pants.  My eyes are all googly-eyed from trying to make sense of the scarf to the shoulders to the wrist wear.
JoAnne: They just highlight his complete and utter lack of ass.
kakashi: A crime, yes. Once again. 
Wei: Have a drink, ditch the server.
Lafer: I need to take this picture with me to the hairdressers.  I've been dying to try Yonghwa's look.
JoAnne: Oh you would be so CUTE!
kakashi: We should dress up like this next Halloween! 
Shuk:  I own some pink clothes. Can I go as Manager Ahn?
Wei: Look! Monkey found his banana! And the bling bling yellow sweatshirt too!
Lafer:  Is there a way to get scissors through this screen so I can snip off that long piece of hair? I'm starting to sweat here.
JoAnne: I didn't realize they still sold Bedazzlers, honest.
kakashi: A question to you guys, in all seriousness ... how old IS this guy??! 
Wei: Forever 5 at heart?
Wei: Meanwhile, I've yet to see an idol look this bad in a black outfit.
Lafer: I disagree. Think Rain in black shorts with tights.
JoAnne: That hurt me. I waited so long for My Beloved, and then he did THAT. Kim Tae Hee, if you let him in your bedroom for a solid WEEK after that outfit, you have done a disservice to all womankind.
kakashi: Picture, picture, we want a picture! 
Shuk:  By Your Command.

Wei: Or one this high...
Lafer: Uh...well, that's a whole other story
JoAnne: Is he eating his JACKET? What's up with the meth addict hair?
kakashi: He's done all kinds of drugs, this one. This is nothing, I tell you, nothing. 
Wei: I want Hongki oppa's shirt! That's an awesome shirt that makes both my inner pirate and scholar happy!
Lafer:  I'll take his sweater! I can use it for my Halloween costume when I dress up as a bat.
JoAnne: I say no to every bit of this.
kakashi: See? We're all in the mood for Halloween. 
Wei: Hongki in glasses!
Lafer:  Lensless glass are always such a fashion statement. I just can't figure out what these are saying.
JoAnne: On the left: There is no talking in the library. On the right: Oh God why did I say yes to this?
Wei: Even ANJells have bad fashion days.
Lafer:  Can someone PLEASE keep Yonghwa out of his halmoni's closet?
JoAnne: You say that like it's news. News would be a GOOD fashion day.
Shuk:   It looks like the test pattern on my 1970's Heathkit television.
kakashi: Does this never stop? *cries*
Wei: Especially when they go grocery shopping, pretty sure that's why two of them are hiding their faces in shame.
Lafer:  I think this scene was so hilarious that I overlooked the clothes.  Or had grown immune to them by this time.
JoAnne: Yeah, this was late at night what you wear at home and then run out for snacks in stuff. And I was laughing too hard to care.
Shuk:  "People_Of_H-Mart.dot.com"
kakashi: *crying harder*
Wei: Don't leave me behind!
Lafer:  Who designed this sweatshirt, a mental institution?
JoAnne: If you can figure out how to put it on and take it off, you get an automatic membership in Mensa.
Wei: Matching aprons, cute!
Wei: They must really like white and black though. Also, what is that thing hanging around Jeremy's neck?
Lafer:  Sometimes primates feel a little more secure if they have a doll close by to comfort them.
JoAnne: Lo just made me spit soda.
Shuk:  HAHAHAHAHA!!! [wipes eyes]
kakashi: I just lost all my faith in humanity at this point. 
Wei: Time to workout...uh, maybe I'll just stick to the results of the workout, not the process so much.
Lafer: Uh, Sukkie, judging from that low cut shirt scene, you could use a little working out. Calling KJH!
JoAnne: Where is the KDrama Law about ponytails?
kakashi: Kim Ji-hoon! My love! Don't ever dress like this, hear me???! 
Wei: The dog is turned away for a reason...alien.
Lafer:  I wonder what kind of reception he's getting with those.
JoAnne: Definitely not friendly.
Wei: Oh hey, I'm dreaming again. There's even a wrist grab this time around!
Lafer:  I'm dreaming his hair's evened out when I wake up.
JoAnne: Is this the part where they talk about fanfic? Laughing too hard to care.
kakashi: I have dreams about shaving everybody's heads. 
Wei: That's not my definition of beach fashion but he looks good so all is good.
Lafer:  Not that I'd call houndstooth leggings and red boots beach wear, but....
JoAnne: He actually doesn't look bad.
kakashi: You've become numb to the pain, that's what this is. 
Wei: I get the feeling the Coordinoona (in red with the black capelet?) really likes excess and draping. Jeremy, learn to say no!
Lafer:  I can't even type straight now. I'm falling of my chair laughing.....WTH?WTH?WTH? just became WTF?????
JoAnne: He felt the added mass gave him a gravitas he'd been missing.
Shuk:  "Jeremy, where did you find that?"  "Just something I saw hanging in a window."
kakashi: Winters are harsh in Korea. Cut him some slack. 
Wei: "Hyung! How do I say no?"
Lafer: "Remember the paycheck, remember the paycheck......"
JoAnne: Yonghwa, looking sweet.
kakashi: He IS looking all normal. 
Wei: "I finally figured it out!" (Why yes, this outfit is very handsome!)
Lafer:  Says who?  On whom? I'll give Sukkie some points, but Hong Ki looks like he wrapped an ahjumma sweater with a large baggie tie here.
Shuk:  I like both outfits, compared to...well...almost everything else we've seen.
kakashi: Look at those tiny peenie little legs sticking out underneath! 
Wei: *small voice* I loved this look on Hongki oppa!
JoAnne:  In THIS country, a 'peenie' is how a child says penis.  That is, when I was a kid.  Nowadays we're all about teaching our child the correct body part names.  No shame!
kakashi: Ah yeah? The things I'm able to learn thanks to you, JoAnne! So grateful! 
Wei: Somewhere reclining on a sofa cackling to itself is the boss that orchestrated this whole insanity.
Lafer:  Finally someone appropriately dressed in this drama.
kakashi: Yes, 10/10.
JoAnne:  I dig the bow tie.
Shuk:  Very dapper.  Two thumbs up!
Wei: The end.
Lafer:  OMG. Is this some kind of cognitive behavioral therapy to help me get over my issues with perfectionism??? Where are the scissors, WHERE ARE THE SCISSORS??
Shuk:  "What are you, Colonel Sanders, chicken??"
kakashi: JoAnne gave up. I'm surprised I made it to the end myself. *runs to wash her eyes with bleach*
JoAnne:  I was on the floor crying with laughter, sorry.  This is the shot the stylist took so they could replicate for re-shoots.  In it, HongKi is saying WTF do you MEAN, 'there, all done!' ?
Screencaps are courtesy of maxiechan at livejournal. A big thank you to Karen unni for linking me to the screencaps.

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