Name That Kiss! a CONTEST

KLnoona aka lafer: Ah, the kdrama kiss. Who among us can honestly say that we don't look forward to that golden moment when, after countless episodes of angst, misunderstandings, intense dislike and sometimes even gender confusion, the OTP finally has their first kiss?
JoAnne: I certainly cannot. Some of my favorite first kisses are the star kiss in You're Beautiful, and Sung Joon's first kiss (on the rooftop!) in Shut Up Flower Boy Band. 
bcook: Kisseu kisseu. There's something about kdrama kissses. They're rare, yellow diamonds. 
kakashi: In all honesty, I prefer a good martial arts scene. But I'll shut up now.  

KLnoona: Of course if it turns out to be an "oh, I fell on your lips" kiss or a "wrist-grab and plant one on the dead fish" kiss, I might have to head to the soju stash for a quick pick me up. But done right, a kdrama kiss has the ability to melt our hearts, give us butterflies, and instantly fall in love with actors we don't even find attractive.
kakashi: What do you guy think? Will we ever get to see that SSH 19+ movie? I mean ... apropos kissing and ... stuff. Oh dear, I better shut up now. 

KLnoona: Recently I've noticed that  kissing is being taken to a whole new level.  **Note to self - send fruit baskets to SK's cable stations tomorrow along as token of heartfelt appreciation**
bcook: Fruit basket?! Something bigger! Free non-existent $5000 vouchers to lotteria for everybody!
JoAnne: Ohhhh, thank GOD for cable kisses. 

KLnoona: So I decided to compile a list of some of my favorite kisses, and since my drama choices aren't always popular, I called in the squeers to help out. Just to make it extra, extra fun, I have decided to turn it into a contest (because I like contests almost as much as watching good kdrama kissing) to see who can correctly identify the drama from the kissing scene.
JoAnne:  Is it a contest for us? *gestures around the room, sloshes soju everywhere, giggles*  Or them?  *points out toward the squeekies/squeeglets/insert your choice for name here*
kakashi: I want to win the prize!!!! Whyyyyyyy can't I?! I'll participate. Anonymously.
KLnoona: It would only frustrate you, kakashi, as you haven't watched most of my dramas, hehe!

The rules are simple:

1)  Sit back and enjoy!  You may totally disagree with ones that are here.  After all, I admit to picking favorites based solely on how anxious I was for my my husband to walk through the door after watching. You may like the kisses where a tear is rolling down a cheek, that turn you into a puddle of goo while watching. We respect that. And we welcome you to add your favorite kisses in the comments section.

2) Email me with the drama and actors of all 21 kisses.  And in case we have many correct responses (because we have a very discerning readership here!) a winner will be randomly picked from the correct answers.

3)  Please do NOT post the answers in the comments!  All the answers will be given when a winner is announced, unless no one can name them all.  And then I may have to give hints for the more obscure ones. However, try your hardest because as a token of my appreciation for indulging me in my contest obsession, the winner will receive a kiss pillow, shown above and similar to one seen in A Little Love Never Hurts. Only smaller.  Much smaller.


KLnoona Number 1
Those who know me know my love for this drama.  Who wouldn't want to learn how to kiss from this guy?

KLnoona Number 2
This couple had a rip-your-clothes off sizzling scene within the first two minutes, but this wins my vote for the most beautifully executed underwater kiss. No wonder their love lasted a lifetime, even if it was cut short.
KLnoona Number 3
This scene from one of the earliest dramas I've watched was just sweet and sexy at the same time. He delivers the kiss on the forehead, starts to leave, but can't resist coming back for more......sigh.....

 KLnoona Number 4
 This is really a freebie because everyone knows this drama had the best chemistry and kisses ever!

KLnoona Number 5
I like this couple's kisses so much I couldn't decide which scene I liked better. This actor is hands down one of the best kissers in the business!

KLnoona Number 6
While the other kiss from this drama is more famous, I love karaoke, so anyone who is so turned on that they drop their mic and run over for a kiss in the middle of a karaoke song wins my vote!
KLnoona Number 7
It was the unbelievable sexual tension between this couple leading up to the kiss that got me, especially since she initiated it. You really know your stuff if you recognize this kiss!
KLnoona Number 8
When a show starts out like this on cable,you just know it's going to deliver more.  Even though it was a fantasy scene, it still knocked my socks off.

Moving on to Bcook's choices:

bcook Number 1
Any kiss in the rain is worthwhile but this one comes just when *actual thought process * you start feeling really sorry for this girl who's put up with so much abuse and coldness and still has hope that one day he'll....awww how sweet! he loves her too!

bcook Number 2
This was an awesome kiss. I think I saw tongue.
bcook Number 3
The standing on his feet, curling your toes, actually turned into a real life romance kiss. I actually felt a bit like a voyeur watching (and re-watching) that one.

bcook Number 4
Not really a good kiss / hot kiss but a rather iconic one. (gotta throw in an easy one or two.)

kakashi says ... 

 kakashi Number 1 (sorry, no other ones came to mind...)

And Shukie!

Shuk: I had already done a post on my favorite kisses, but I like this challenge!

Shuk Number 1
The actress was the inspiration for my own tragus piercing.

Shuk Number 2
One of my favorite secondary cast confessions.  It was also the drama to show a proper kid-in-an-adult-body ending that was both satisfying and sweet. Mama Mia!

Shuk Number 3
This one is pretty easy, but I  love the size of his head! My fav rookie idol of 2013.
Shuk Number 4 
Gotta throw in an orbital kiss and some Joseon garb.  He can do better though.  Much much better. 
Shuk Number 5
This was one of the sweet kisses leading up to the hot kiss leading up to the WTHJH ending. 
Shuk Number 6
Early Hong Sisters, and for some reason her acting was better here than IRIS 2 almost a decade later. He's hot no matter what, and grew up to be one hell of an angsty tango dancer.
Shuk Number 7
One of the few melodramas that I keep going back to watching certain episodes over and over again. And the best ending kiss in my memory.

And Cherkell! 
Cherkell Number 1
I can only offer one kisseu for the fun n' games in here, since it's just too sweet to keep all to myself.

So there we have it!  21 kisses in all.  Put your thinking caps on and send me those emails!  You have until Sunday, March 23. Then check back to see the winner.  Good luck and enjoy the kisses!