Open Letter to So Ji Sub

aka an excuse to google pictures

Dear So Ji-Sub ssi...annyonghasaeyo.
How are you doing? I miss seeing you in dramas so please come back soon!
I remember the first time your hot body and dreamy eyes  good acting drew my eye.
It was Ghost (The surprisingly good drama about cyber crime in korea) You were so cool! Starting out as one character, then becoming another character pretending to be the first character. Watch the show you'll know what I'm talking about *mind blown*
And then you were in Master's Sun (I learnt how to say the title in hangul just for you) You! In those suits! So cute! So Hot! Much Feels!*
And then you were in all those magazines. *sigh* Oppa (Can I call you Oppa?) Oppa you're such a fashionable namja / 남자!
I can tell you're a really fun, laid back guy and that's what makes you so attractive.
And you have HOT
But sometimes Oppa... Sometimes (and I don't want to criticize I really don't) but some times Oppa... you wear some stuff that has me take a second look.
... I like your pecs?
It's true... sometimes it's the stylist's fault. Oh boy is it the stylist's fault.
But can't you say no? Oppa?
You need to practice saying that word. It's very important. But you must promise to never say no to me Oppa. I will never ever ask you to put on clothing clothes that make you look bad. ever ever ever.

So let's go over this.

This type of clothing... GOOD!
Hot! Sexy! Yes!
This type of clothing... BAD!!
I hope you know I do this because I love you Oppa! ... and because our children would not have to google you and see this kind of crazy shit.
Write back soon Oppa. Saranghaeyo!
Remove Teddy, Insert Me = Bliss
*What does Much Feels mean? Well Oppa, why don't you take off that shirt get comfortable and let me explain...