Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 5 (KimJiCap)

Sorry peeps for taking so long to do this recap! There's this thing called real life and sometimes, it's a bitch. And in addition, my usual soft-sub supply has failed this week, which means I need to go a slightly more difficult route. Anyway. In episode 5 we finally reach the accident. I mean ... we're finally where we started, which means it will soon end. That much is certain and it gives me strength! Strength to get through the MUST.SEEEWWWWW years. Also known as the Jae-hwa-cries-all-the-time years, though he doesn't cry AT ALL in this episode.
JoAnne: Plus it means it's almost time for your beloved Kim Ji Hoon. Oooh! Maybe he likes to sew! Maybe that's how this goes!
Episode 5

In the I.Muuuust.Sewwwwww-universe, both women have identified a genius cross-stitcher. Whose version is the correct one? Ah, it's been so long since I recapped this show, I've forgotten all the names! Anyway, Good DIL teaches Evil DIL a lesson about ... sewing. In short: only the good can (or rather should) sew. It's not that I don't like this kind of philosophy (a piece of clothing doesn't only cover the flesh, it also covers the heart, for example), but this show is taking it "a bit" too far. In any case, Good DIL is no longer ready to help Evil DIL - she is turning less pure by the minute. That's progress, I'd say. She asks her husband (Bong One) to find out the location of that cross-stiching genius.
JoAnne: I laugh because I'm imagining that THIS is your cross-stitching genius.
At Vegetable Ahjumma's house, there's frantic packing. She has sold the house and wants to run away from the loan sharks. But where to? Vegetable Ahjumma remembers a friend somewhere far, far away - that's where they will go.
JoAnne: What? A poor person who is not noble and determined to pay off all debts of every family member ever?
While her mother goes crazy with greed in the yard (the servant has found the location of that version of the Genius Cross Stitcher, little Eun-bi is listening to the wolf-story again. Is she listening to it every night? That kid is certain to have nightmares. Halmoni is distracted though, because of the family-stuff. Is she currently angry with the Good DIL? I think so. In the next room, Bong 2 is telling Evil DIL to put her signature under the divorce papers he has prepared. She doesn't want to sign, he really, really, REALLY wants her to. He accuses her of all the bad things she has done to win the contest, including burning Good DIL's sewing work. Outside, Good DIL hears everything (one shot!). She is very shocked and she decides to go for the cross-stitching genius right away.
JoAnne: Can we just get on the road, already? Oh, maybe a bath first.
Bong 1 wants to come with her - so he goes into his mother's room, puts soft persimmon next to her bed, takes her hand, apologizes for raising his voice to her earlier and tells her she is still young and pretty. Oh. It makes me a little sad. The thunder is starting outside and the departure is near.
JoAnne: Clearly, dead man walking. All the signs are there. He's the only NICE one in the family, #1; he apologizes to his mother but she can't hear it, #2; the weather is bad and they're getting in a car, #3. But really, all you need is #1.
Eun-bi comes into her mother's room and hears her parents fight over the divorce. Again. Her father storms out, her mother too - and Eun-bi goes frantic with worry that her mother is abandoning her for good this time. She drops a flower pot in the yard and hurts her foot (deliberately), which makes her mother stop and turn. The poor kid thinks her mother will stay with her since she's hurt, but that's just what she says, kid. Your mother needs professional help, desperately.
JoAnne: After that move I kind of think the kid might, too.
In the meantime, Bong 2 is getting drunk and Bong 1 comes to comfort him. He doesn't think divorce is the answer, but Bong 2 screams at him and throws stuff. He will of course regret this, later.
JoAnne: But he's a dick, so I don't care.

Evil DIL sees a note from Good DIL on the kitchen table (why would she tell her SIL where she is going though?! that's stuuuuuuupid!!!!), which makes Evil DIL go nuts. More nuts than usual, I should probably add. She goes and screams at her husband for telling Good DIL about the burnt clothes (which he didn't) and runs out. Eun-bi comes in, limping, to beg her father to get her mother back. He scream at his daughter to go with her mother if she likes her that much. Gaaaaah, show. You're horrible. I can't take much of this being awful to children.
JoAnne: I'm actually glad they're going to lose her. Jerks.
When he realizes what he has done and starts searching for his kid, he is too late: Eun-bi is hiding on the back seat of her mother's car. 
JoAnne: Which oddly makes me feel better about something from the first episode - how could she just forget about her kid and drive away? Now I assume she never knew she was there in the first place.

The two Jee-boys bond over the thunder and promise each other neverdying love. Some shenanigans with the Second mother follow. Not sure what I hate most about her ... her make-up? Her voice? Her hair?
JoAnne: I sincerely regret those few minutes at the beginning where I liked her. I am so ashamed of that, Kakashi. How could I not have seen the signs?
Good DIL has reached the nursing home with the Cross Stitching Genius - and gets the emblem that will make her Head Seamstress. She calls her MIL, who tells them to stay there over night, since it's raining and all, but Good DIL insists they leave tonight - and her kind husband follows her. Ready to say goodbye to one of the Bongs yet?
JoAnne: One patch to rule them all, one design to guide them; one of them will take a fall, and in the falling, unbind them.

When Evil DIL sees them on the opposite lane in the heavy rain on her way to the Cross Stitching Genius, she makes a U turn and races after her SIL, realizing she must already have the Emblem. As we know, this is sew-life-or-death, so Evil DIL does a reckless overtake, which causes Good DIL to have the accident.
To her credit, she goes almost insane with worry ... until she realizes that her SIL's death would by default make herself Ruler over Sewing Deluxe. Loudly telling herself that it wasn't her fault, Evil DIL drives away. Even when she sees a running child in the rear-view mirror. That's Eun-bi, running away from the accident scene in horror and shock.
JoAnne: I see that now, and I think she sees it but doesn't see it, since she's in shock. It looks like both of them are dead, and she actually didn't have that in mind at all and her fear (for them and then for herself, belatedly) seemed pretty genuine. Another instance where she's a bad person but not an eeeeeeeeeevil plotting genius. When they do this to her it always surprises me in this show, that they would attempt to have layers. They make Jae Hwa's dad the same way - a jerk, but not entirely.
When she realizes her mother is driving off, Eun-bi starts running after the car, screaming, in vain, of course ... but she finds the emblem on the street. Well, that comes in handy later, when she is miserable and cold. Remembering some lessons she overheard at the MustSewPalace, she covers her hands and feet with her clothing, wraps the emblem around her neck - and goes to sleep in a haystack.
JoAnne: Smart little kid, I guess. Although perhaps she should have said something to let her mother know she was in the car? But she did fall asleep.
Unaware what tragedy has befallen his aunt's house, little Jae-hwa smiles happily (!!!) at his calendar, because the day has come he is allowed to buy Eun-bi noodles. Apparently, it's also the day he needs to go to his father's office though. It's training for later. Second Wife, who is jealous about it, sends little Jae-hwa on an errand to his aunt, well knowing that his father wants to leave early. Of course, that means his choleric father takes Jae-hee. Second Wife gloats. I feel an urge to kill her. Especially since I know that baby-bump is fake as fake can be.
JoAnne: I hate these sort of stupid  plans. It would be SO EASY to clear up the misunderstanding at the end and have it backfire on her, so why even bother? Except they won't clear it up, they'll let it hang on, and that's even worse for me (kiddo actually tries to tell on her in the next episode, but she doesn't let him). Why not just say the truth: Jae Hwa is the eldest son and designated heir, yes, but there are two sons, and both should know about their father's business, so take them both. Simple. 
Eun-bi is woken by some police sirens ... but she is too late to catch up to the cars, the road is too far away. A little distance behind the police cars, Eun-bi spots a truck. And OF COURSE, it's Vegetable Ahjumma's truck. She has troubles staying awake, and when little Eun-bi steps on the road, waving her arms excitedly, Vegetable Ahjumma has fallen asleep just a little and hits Eun-bi. Boom. Dead.
JoAnne: She can't be DEAD, Kakashi. It must be time for amnesia.
Ah, no, she isn't! She is with the Vegetable Family, but we don't see that in this episode, only the next. I'm sure you're glad I told you so, right? Also at the hospital, but I guess in a different one: Good DIL. She is waking up, and she doesn't have amnesia. It seems Bong 1 isn't dead yet, but Good DIL looks ready to murder Evil DIL. Oh ... because she knows she was there! She found her hairpin at the scene and saw her drive off.
JoAnne: Oh damn, I did NOT see this coming.
Evil DIL is saying mean-ish things about Good DIL even now, how Bong 1 must have protected her with his body, and that is why he is in such bad shape. The Matron is stupid enough to listen to her. I don't feel sorry for her, she really just sways here and there, like smoke in the wind. She even blames Good DIL for what has happened! Good DIL cries after the harsh words and adds that Bong 1 certainly was a precious son to the Matron - but he means/meant a lot for her too. And then, her face turns all ugly and full of hate and she accuses Evil DIL in front of everybody, telling them it was her fault the accident happened.
JoAnne: At this point I'm pretty much done with MIL, too, because you know what, she certainly didn't HELP this situation any. And I have a particular dislike of those mothers who assume that they're the only ones with pain that matters when a grown child is injured or sick. He has a WIFE. She's the center of attention when it comes to her husband, not you, Mom.

Finally, finally, finally. We're at the switcheroo-part! Will it take 50 episodes for Evil DIL to get punished? Probably yes. 
JoAnne: I can't believe no one is dead and I'm actually very curious to learn what happens next. How is this happening? I'm being hoodwinked by hanbok!
kakashi: Well, you're not the only one ... the show has fairly good ratings and I guess they will go up even more once we get to the real beauties!