Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 6 (KimJiCap)

Sometimes, a preview is all the reward you need! YES! He is there! But before we really leave the kid-years, we get a fairly good episode, in which many things are decided. Or rather, started. Since this is a beginning.
JoAnne: You might say, by the end of this episode, that the cloth of their futures has been cut, indeed, and all that is left is the sewing up.
Episode 6

J'accuse: BaDIL was at the site of the accident! The proof? The hairpin she always wears, which GooDIL found at the site. Admit or deny it! GooDIL shouts. But BaDIL, the great snake, puts her hand into her pocket and produces ... her hairpin. Well, a different version of it, of course, and her servant quickly made it for her, but it's enough to make GooDIL look crazy. Poor GooDIL loses her mind over it, starts raging and curses BaDIL's name. And then, a doctor comes in and informs them that Bang 1 has stopped breathing.
JoAnne: Just like that? That's how you tell a family that someone has died? WTF, show.
kakashi: They want to hurry up a bit, because ... Kim Ji-hoon.
Little Jae-hee gets introduced at the company, is treated like a prince, and takes it all in with huge eyes, while little Jae-hwa is waiting at the Jajjangmyun restaurant, full of anticipation. It cannot be more than about an hour after Bong 1 died, but they're already in funeral mode. Oh, and finally, they realize that Eun-bi isn't around. It only took them a day or so? Wow.
JoAnne: These people are ridiculous. They don't deserve that little girl.
Little Eun-bi wakes up and the first thing she sees is Bitchy Kid's hanbok - and imaginary butterflies swarming all over it. She sits up and shouts "it's a butterfly, a butterfly!". She calls the Vegetable Ahjumma "Omma" and goes back to sleep. Min-jung and her mother think she's crazy (no, no, it's just Amnesia, our friend!) and they want to just leave her lying there, in some random room, because going to the police isn't an option either.
JoAnne: Except, that's NOT amnesia. Seeing things, ok, she got hit in the head and her vision is blurry for a bit, sure, but amnesia isn't suddenly thinking some random woman is your mother. Nope, this is something different.
kakashi: You think so? Haha, I read it's amnesia. Maybe it's a new variation of it. You know ... to spice things up. 
JoAnne: No, no, I know it's supposed to be amnesia, but that doesn't look like any amnesia I ever knew about.
Halmoni sews her son's last garment. Can we say the sewing killed him? I think we can. Also, it's a bit sad. When they try, these actors are quite good.
JoAnne: I was a bit puzzled by the dialogue - she asks for the best colorful material, but then says that she must dress him in black for his final journey.  But you're right, it's touching. I mean no matter what, she's a mother who has lost a child. 
After a frantic search that reveals no Eun-bi anywhere, BaDIL remembers that image of a person running away in the rain,. Wailing and screaming, she finally finds those Eun-bi pouches on the floor of the car ... and it seems confirmed she was in the car. The Servant promises to go look for her at the accident site.
Right when Eun-bi is about to be abandoned, a policeman comes to the hostel they're staying and asks about the car accident last night. Vegetable Ahjumma starts lying, and when Eun-bi comes running and demands to know why her mother wants to just leave her, Vegetable Ahjumma has no other choice but to take her with her, skillfully pretending this is her daughter as well. Eun-bi doesn't mind at all, in fact, she seems entirely convinced this is her real mother. She calls Min-jung unni and yes, those two have met, but only Eun-bi would know Min-jung, because at that time, she was dressed like a boy and looked entirely different.
JoAnne: Oh, good point, because I've been stewing over Bratty Girl not knowing who Eun Bi was.
GooDIL has a hard time coming to terms with things. Sobbing, she is imploring her ex-Brother-in-Law (that's Jae-hwa's evil dad) to help her find the person that is responsible. While he is at the hospital, a woman from the HanbokPlace comes in and tells GooDIL that Eun-bi has gone missing.
At home, Jae-hwa hears about it too and starts crying. Well, first he runs to the Jajjamyung place, and there he starts crying. He is very worried about his future significant other.
JoAnne: Oh, you know what... I hope GooDIL hooks up with brother in law eventually. That would serve his lying scheming mistress right. She calls herself his wife, but I didn't see a ceremony, nor did I see any mention of adding her to the registry...
... who is currently lusting over Jjajangmyung and then wolfing it down like there is no tomorrow. In the parking lot, she lies artfully and confuses the loan sharks, who have caught up to them, so much, they just leave. Well done, little Eun-bi! And welcome to your new family, who just moved into a ruin of a house, somewhere nowhere. Well, your new sister might hate you, but that happens in the best of families!
JoAnne: At first I thought maybe this would actually be an emotional upgrade for Eun Bi but that mom is pretty sketchy, it turns out. Look how she lets her daughter treat this poor girl!
The search for Eun-bi continues, but she is happy and oblivious, helping her new mother opening a soup and rice restaurant in the countryside. Much grieving and blaming (mainly people blaming themselves) in Seoul (at this point, I'm watching Kim Ji-hoon, THE REAL Kim Ji-hoon at the end of episode 7 and I must say, I'm very happy!!!!). The Matron still thinks GooDIL is the evil one. Fine. Just be stupid then.
JoAnne: Seriously. If you want to get down to brass tacks, your stupid COMPETITION is what killed your son. It's YOUR fault.
While everybody cries, young Jae-hwa smiles.
While stuffing her face with rice, the rest of the family gives uri Eun-bi a new name: It's now Do Bo-ri.
JoAnne: So where does JANG come from, then? This confused me. Perhaps it's a plot element.
kakashi: We have about 50 episodes left to find out. But yes, it confused me too.

GooDIL does the only sensible thing, she leaves Bi Sool Chae. The Matron says a few nasty things to her. I hope she finds happiness with the devil in disguise, aka BaDIL! She also goes and says goodbye to Jae-hwa, who ... cries and begs her not to leave. Luckily, little Jae-hee overhears them and gets the family - they beg her to stay, but her mind is set. She is leaving. That doesn't prevent Purple Lids to burst a vein out of jealousy. But THAT starts the labor, hooray! Baby coming!
JoAnne: Seriously, that MIL. And I got very excited when ex-BIL asked GooDIL to move in.
Oh, but what?! GooDIL is on a cliff. We all know what that means, right? She takes off her shoes (they always do that, but why?) and steps closer to the edge. But when she wants to jump, she starts retching. We know what THAT means, too!!!
JoAnne: I am laughing my ASS off because she is literally barefoot and pregnant.
Baby sister is born, but Jae-hwa isn't happy. He is crying. He is shouting at the sky, cursing (I guess) God for taking everybody he loves away from him, and asking why he cannot come, too. I have the answer, little Jae-hwa ... because you will grow into this fine man who looks exactly like Kim Ji-hoon and you will be on our screens for many, many months to come!
JoAnne: And stop CRYING, already.
Oh, there's a time jump of sorts: Min-jung is the worst little brat you can imagine and her mother is absolutely to blame for letting her become that way. Eun-bi is happily and efficiently helping her new mother at the restaurant. At the same time, her father comes up with a genius idea to find their lost kid: A drawing competition. And Vegetable Ahjumma runs into a quite definitely pregnant GooDIL on the street - but GooDIL just walks on, sadly.
JoAnne: And dressed like she lives in Occupation-Era Korea. What's up with that?
kakashi: To show us ... sadness, maybe? 
Min-jung, the little witch, sees Eun-bi's drawing and the poster for the competition. Little Eun-bi runs out to help her mother carry groceries, but on the way, she gets distracted by a shop window full of beautiful hanbok. Near miss with her aunt, who probably went into the shop to sell something. Nobody does near-misses better than K-Drama!
JoAnne: So they both live in The Only Other Town Besides Their Home Town, good - that makes things easier.
It's Competition Day! Not hanbok sewing, but drawing this time. Will Eun-bi appear? Oh! Yes! There she is! Drawing the colored yard. Or ... is it not Eun-bi?! We will know soon!
(But then, I get VERY distracted by the preview for 7, which is FULL OF KIM JI-HOON!)
JoAnne: Well, if it is Eun Bi, this is only a 6 episode drama. More of a special. But if it's Min Jung, which seems likely, how do they explain the different face?


Hm, let me guess what's going to happen ... of course, it's NOT Eun-bi, but most likely her evil "sister", Min-jung. Who cut her face/wrapped it in bandages and will not take them off for the next 5 years so that the parents-from-hell don't realize it's not their real daughter? Sounds about right. 
JoAnne: I totally wrote my last comment before reading your speculation, and I am now both deeply in awe and madly in love with your brain.
kakashi: Sadly, my brain and the writer's rain are not working in the same way. My version would DEFIniteLY have been better ... but I'm getting ahead of things.