Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 10 (KimJiCap)

In this episode, Jae-hwa shows the beginning of a soft spot for Bori, but she's too crazy to accept his help. Yes, I am now convinced she is batshit insane. It may have to do with the head injury or whatever she got when VeggieAhjumma almost killed her. In fact, practically all of the characters in this drama need urgent psychological help.
JoAnne: *mutters curses and imprecations in Kakashi's direction*
kakashi: How is this my fault now??! 
Episode 10

Evil Jae-hee meets Evil Min-jung and her eyes go twinkle-twinkle when she hears that he is the son of his father. Or rather that said father owns a clothing conglomerate. And he totally needs her for the hanbok competition. This? A match made in heaven. Poor Bori on the other hand has to tell her willing Teacher that she can no longer be the Apprentice, but thankfully, Teacher doesn't simply accept this and promises to talk to VeggieAhjumma. I also feel the urge to slap Bori a bit. Gently. But just to rattle that brain of hers to see whether something else will come out?
JoAnne: More like 'Has No Idea What Devil He's Calling' Jae Hee, as far as we have 'proof'...
kakashi: Is he going to fall in love with this Devil? That would be harsh. He really was a cute and kind kid once ...

Young-sook is getting ready for work by putting on tons of terrible make-up (she was freakin' scary) and then goes over to the bed and drools over a still sleeping Jae-hwa. Kim Ji-hoon has lovely feet.
He wakes up and is totally shocked to find himself in close quarters with this woman. It's also noon, but she has already told the Court that he fell on his way to work and is coming after a quick detour to the clinic. Oh my. At least it's not some sort of compromising situation. I mean ... she could have undressed him! (I surely would have!) She even went to his HOME and got a change of clothing for him. But hello. He briefly wonders why she didn't let him sleep there then?! But she thinks she's all kinds of smart (she has "sensu") and is also very hopeful to be his girlfriend soon.
JoAnne: Fat chance. He's totally gay. Not that that is a bad thing, of course.
kakashi: Is gay a synonym for "in love with Bori"? This boy may be gay but he ain't gay! 
He sees a picture of Young-sook and Bori on the nightstand and learns that they are school friends. He seems to worry a bit that Bori saw him drunk like that. Yeah, it's embarrassing. Koreans, you should drink less.
JoAnne: Wait til he finds out he kissed her and she piggybacked him.
kakashi: Maybe that's why he is embarrassed: he know he always kisses random girls when he is drunk and calls them Bori! 
Min-jung is now at Bi Sool Chae and tells BaDIL that she will win the hanbok contest: in her name. And if she wins, she can become the Apprentice, right?! But BaDIL still remains hard as rock, even when Min-jung falls on her knees and begs to have a mother and a father, even just for a day. Seriously. She just seems insane. But it's all a calculated act and Min-jung is confident she will crack BaDIL - because they are so similar, she tells herself while walking away. I fear that will indeed happen. "Fear" is not the right word though. It's perfect. These two witches will burn together in the end! I'm fine with that!!
JoAnne: I will light the fire.
After returning from Teacher, Bori is yelled at by her terrible NotMother, because she is late and didn't take out hundreds of bowls of soup. But all Bori wants is to make hanbok. But! Min-jung disapproves! So ... no! VeggieAhjumma even drags Bori out by the hair, because she keeps "hindering" Min-jung's future and is willing to kick her out for good (well, probably only until she realizes she has no slave anymore)! Outisde, she keeps hitting her and pulling her hair. It really seems she hates her? Maybe that's the clue to understanding her behavior.
JoAnne: I can't believe there was a time when I felt sorry for this woman.
Thankfully, her friend Young-sook is riding by - with sexy Prosecutor on the back seat. Young-sook breaks them apart and gives Veggie Ahjumma a scolding for hitting her grown-up daughter. (Well that's a point in Sookie's favor, I guess - I have nothing against her: she is dumb, but also nice) Who, god beware, says she deserves to be hit and she will be hit, if she can only make hanbok. Something is seriously wrong with Eun-bi/Bori ... Jae-hwa looks at the scene, curious and puzzled, and then, he intervenes. He steps in front of the raging Mother and tells her she has been caught red-handed by a prosecutor, assaulting someone. She will be arrested right away if he reports her. DO IT!!!!
JoAnne: Well I'm guessing the loyalty to her mother is rooted in Confucianism, but it's really an alien concept to my Western Mind unless I view it in the light of Battered Victim Syndrome, which isn't really a good fit here I don't think. In any event... go Jae Hwa. Woohoo!  Don't cry!
He says that hitting a person regularly, as Bori seems to have been, is an even worse offense. At which point Bori comes to the defense of her mother. Psychologically, I think Bori is terrified of being abandoned. That is why she would do anything to stay with that terrible mother. I think that's typical of quite a few abuse-victims. Jae-hwa tells VeggieAhjumma that this can be settled: she should let Bori make Hanbok. He even calls Detective Park, to tell him to come pick up terrible mother, who is willing to go to prison (of course to make Bori feel bad about the hanbok-stuff). Bori doesn't want to be helped, in fact, she calls it meddling, to Jae-hwa's great surprise. Sorry, boy, this family is all kinds of messed up. I'd think again about falling in love with this one. Her real parents aren't better at all.
JoAnne: Ah, shit - this girl is just screwed. It's not like going to HIS family would be much improvement.
Looking at all this from behind ... Aunt-GooDIL-Teacher. She wouldn't know handsome Jae-hwa to be her nephew, right? Or does she know? If he just turned around ... He doesn't, but Teacher is at the rice shop next, having a go at terrible mother. In the end, Teacher says fine, if Terrible Mother wants to kick Bori out if she wants to make hanbok, she will take Bori in. Until the time terrible mother changes her mind, Bori will stay with her! Bravo! Some hanbok lessons follow later, but I will not recap that.
JoAnne: I was pleased with GooDIL.
kakashi: Yes. Lately, I am very pleased with her.

OppaNotOppa cleans the apartment - and finds the ripped picture of the ultrasound in the bin. It's your baby, yes! Min-jung was VERY skillful in hiding this even from her bed-partner. Well done! He waits for the Witch-Bith in the park, where she says all kinds of terrible things to him, i.e. that the baby is already dead. I guess she means to say she'll get rid of it at all cost. She can't have a child like herself, never ever. This is another ugly and hurtful break-up - when will he get it? OppaNotOppa is a terrible actor.
JoAnne: We should start calling him AppaNotOppa. (Psst...y'all know OppaNotOppa is from the BotC recaps, right?) I hope he gets rich as FUCK and makes her life miserable some day.
Jae-hwa has a case: It's a man with a dog named Do Soon. Who is pregnant. And therefore cannot win the dog competition. Unfortunately, Jae-hwa has a dog hair allergy, but this man cannot be without his dog, so our Prosecutor will have to suffer. The man is at the Prosecutor's office because he beat up the owner of the dog that impregnated his dog. He calls it rape. Only ... that male dog is ... an eunuch, so to speak. Poor Jae-hwa is struggling hard to reconcile this kind of work with what he believes a prosecutor is for ... especially when the dog fouls his shoe. I don't know why, but I'm laughing. 
JoAnne: I know why. It's funny!
Min-jung comes home and finds a sweet note from AppaNotOppa on the table, who just won't give up. She packs her bags and leaves (after creating a terrible mess and throwing her pregnancy pills in the sink). She remembers when she first came to this place with OppaNotOppa and how kind he was. Shaken a bit, she tells herself to forget, to not have a conscience. She cannot be poor all her life - she has to get out of here.
JoAnne: If you think that buys ANY sympathy from me, you little monster, you are very, very wrong.
She goes to the sauna ... staying in a very hot room as long as she can. She faints. Is she hoping to get rid of the baby that way? First I hear of it. (Saunabortion) She then stuffs her face with food. How young she looks without make-up ... so pretty, yet so vile! Promptly, she goes and throws up. Cause eating = giving food to the baby and she doesn't want that? She definitely needs help.
JoAnne: Perhaps she felt being stressed by the heat and then indigestion would make her ill and she would have a miscarriage. Silly monster, just go stand in the rain or something.
OppaNotOppa finds a snobby farewell note and goes to look for her at Bi Sool Chae. He is almost out of his mind as he hammers at the door. BaDIL comes out and keeps repeating that Min-jung isn't here.But Min-jung actually IS at the house - and lies about him being a pushy stalker. which means she had to urgently leave her place. FINALLY, BaDIL tells her to stay. She has taken the bait! She give the Brat permission to try to win the competition for Bi Sool Chae - and Min-jung says she will help BaDIL against the Matron. Victory! She cleans enthusiastically and ties her belly tight.
JoAnne: And on that day, a plague of locusts covered the town.
The next day, they're all going to some exhibition. The Hanbockers hope to see GooDIL there (why that should happen all of a sudden is a mystery to me). (yeah because they thought she might be dead for the last 15 years, right? So maybe the reunion happened off screen.) BaDIL insists on coming too, though nobody wants her there. Bori looks somewhat presentable for a change. At the hanbok fair, it'a a near miss, but GooDIL sees them in time and hides, though her heart reaches out to her mother-in-law.
Bori recognizes Matron as the woman she gave the hanbok to in the subway and wants to go over, but Teacher holds her back, claiming she is not feeling well. Bong2 sees them leave and recognizes Bori as the woman he saw at Min-jung's graduation. Also, BaDIL finds GooDIL's signature in the visitor's book. But of course, she rips that page out before anybody else can see! And then, she runs out, trying to find GooDIL.
JoAnne: Because her husband won't find that torn out page suspicious at all. 
And she almost catches up to her outside ... but Bori hides her Teacher in a bus. Also, Bori lies about not knowing BaDIL (who recognizes her), remembering what her sister told her about not telling anybody she has family. Puzzled, BaDIL leaves the bus. I hope her head explodes.
JoAnne: I wonder why Bori is lying for the monster (because she's a poor suppressed victim). And why the stranger woman went along with that little ruse. And how come when GooDIL gets up off the bus floor her hanbok is not filthy.
kakashi: It's superwoman hanbok. OR the bus floors in Korea are very clean.

Later, Bori is cleaning at her friend's store and they talk about her mother. Bori thinks her "mother" loves her, but Young-sook knows better. So do we. Oh my. Young-sook sends Bori to clean "her" Jae-hwa's room and cook delicious dinner for him (remember the debt she has?). Bori find a total pig-stall - smirks at his pictures (with his aunt and Ga-eul, thinking they're girlfriends) and then cooks for him. Looks delicious.
JoAnne: Not as delicious as the belly we're about to be served...
Just when she is done, she hears the door ... it's Jae-hwa! He is surprised to find food on the table, but the enthusiastic note from Young-sook makes him laugh. He starts to undress (!!!!!!!). Hold your horses, he just takes off the jacket and the tie. He calls Young-sook and thanks her ... only to find out that she copied a key! STALKER! He totally charms her ... and takes off his trousers. He also kind of agrees on a date with Young-sook.
JoAnne: He kind of LIKES her? No. Turn into a jerk, Jae Hwa. Hurry.
kakashi: Well ... he can be a real jerk, we saw that with the flower-girl in Seoul. But I guess he isn't a jerk-jerk, he hangs with the wimmen because they adore him and make his life more comfortable? So I think he likes her, but not in that way. And that's an interesting "twist", anyway. She being Bori's best friend and all. 
Oh, egg rolls - he doesn't eat them. Still? His naked legs are quasi where her nose is and he opens the newspaper, to see ... the hanbok competition announced! It seems to anger him, especially since he ties it right to his brother, but he tells himself that he shouldn't care: he decided to live his own life. Oh ... so he actually would like to work at his father's company too, is that it?
JoAnne: He has fond memories of sitting in a dark warehouse, dressed in something his mother wore, sobbing.
He now takes ALL of his clothes off!!!!! Drama, you tease!!!!!! We don't get to see enough, not nearly enough. (Dem abs - not even awhole second!) Bori almost dies under the table. Her faces are hilarious.
She flees as quickly as she can when he disappears into the bathroom - but packs the egg rolls first with the newspaper. She sees the announcement. She also drops a shoe. She is really a bit dense, that one. When he comes out and sees the shoe on the floor, sees the missing piece of newspaper - he freaks out and grabs a broom to challenge the intruder. Who has left, of course.
JoAnne: And why he doesn't just assume it's little Miss Sensu, I don't know.
kakashi: He was just on the phone with her!!! It couldn't have been her
Min-jung is in bed, in pain ... and there is blood. She frantically starts removing the bed sheets, because she cannot be found out. Moments such as this one make me feel sorry for her.
JoAnne: Not even a little bit. She got pregnant on purpose. She's torturing her body on purpose.  She is now experiencing the results of her choices, and since she's such a little BITCH, I don't feel sorry for her at all.
Bori shows her Teacher the page with the competition-announcement. She wants to try. And she will win. For sure.
JoAnne: Of course, because if you wear one of Bori's hanbok you will fart rainbows and if you were one of MinJung's the devil will speak through you.

The Rest

Ga-eul continues to be useless at the shop. She undresses IN the shop - and is promptly caught in her underwear by little Kang (after crawling around the floor). When she falls, he catches her. Is it loooooooooorve? He is quite gallant if he wants to, but also very strict. Some might find it sexy. I don't.
JoAnne: I'm one of those who do, but I totally took the sexy part as just her interpretation of it, and the strict part as the reality, so for now I think it's a one-sided attraction.
Bong2 continues to look for Eun-bi. He is sure that Eun-bi is alive - after so many years? He remembers the hairpin incident at the hospital; his SIL in tears, raging against BaDIL. He asks the police officer whether any missing children were perhaps found at Jeonju that date? Police officer looks it up in the computer ... and finds that somebody filed the report for missing Eun-bi. Stating she did disappear at Jeonju. Oups. The report doesn't state a name, but somebody at Bi Sool Chae made it! Oupsieoups. Was his wife there - was SIL right all along?! It may take you another 40 episodes to make sure, but you're on the right track!
JoAnne: I just love that it took a decade for any of them to do ANYTHING AT ALL.
Matron and BaDIL keep butting heads over who is in charge of Bi Sool Chae. Matron is much displeased about many things. Well, I wouldn't trust a woman who wears such terrible stuff as a Head Seamstress either. Bong2 comes in and starts bashing BaDIL as well. When they are alone, he says she should give up her position for SIL when she returns. He is now sure she was at the accident and is behind Eun-bi's disappearance, but he is just repeating it in his head.
JoAnne: So for a decade the woman changed nothing and now she changes some stuff because you know, she's the boss and she does what she wants, and Gramma has a hissy? Then fire her ass! Don't just bitch about it. Throw her bony, lying, cheating, murdering ass out in the street.
Aunt Jung-ran calls Big Bro Gangster ... who is currently sexily weight-lifting. There's more misunderstandings about him being a doctor. This could go on forever! They agree to meet later. Second Wife is listening to everything at the door - also believing that Jung-ran is dating a doctor now! She gives Jung-ran a make-over, which ... no. The Gangster-Aunt meeting at a street-stall is epic: The sexual tension hits the tent roof when he wipes her luscious lips with his fingers (because of his profession, he has a great urge to wipe anything that resembles blood!) - and she wipes his thumb with a handkerchief.
JoAnne: Because we know what that thumb was in her head. Although why she'd... never mind. But yeah... he's hella sexy and they're both so dumb it's kind of funny anyway.


Two things. Kim Ji-hoon is HOT - and I want to see more of his abs. 
Apart from that, this drama is so crazy I just have to like it. I can't wait until we get to the hanbok face-off! I can't wait for more Gangster-Aunt meetings! I can't wait for more abs! Hey, I wouldn't even mind to see a little bit more of Jae-hee. Who only got about 4 minutes on screen in this episode. I hope he will not have the same fate as Lee Sang-woo in Goddess of Marriage, though ... sidelined and forgotten until the very end.
JoAnne: I'm just waiting for the flying monkeys to come and carry Min Jung and BaDIL off to hell where they will strip the flesh from their bones as they are forced to listen to hours upon hours of Tiny Tim singing Tiptoe Through the Tulips.