Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 12 (KimJiCap)

When I watched this episode late, late at night, I remember thinking: "Wow, this drama is getting better and better". I am not sure that's true (I tend to think weird stuff late at night) but it's certainly very entertaining. It has funny-silly bits and it has outrageous-stupid bits and though it makes me shake my head all the time, I still wouldn't want to miss this crazy ride for the world. It's totally one of those WTF dramas. The ones I particularly love. 
JoAnne: When you say 'better' what do you mean, exactly? Because...
kakashi: For example. This episode has a lot of Kim Ji-hoon!
Episode 12

Near miss between team GooDIL and BaDIL at NotHanbok HQ! (Which, by the way, is the Cunning Single Lady office building. Did the real employees get a message: "Closed for the next 2 years due to filming?"). Team BaDIL/Min-jung is met by Jae-hee at the elevators (why is he so smiley?! and why is there no Joo Sang-wook in them?), while Bori runs up the stairs in the meantime. Never heard of elevators, woman? She gets to talk to Little Kang. Jae-hee is talking to BaDIL about a joint venture between "his" company and Bi Sool Chae, all certain that she will win, of course, while Little Kang is talking to Bori about her own hanbok shop in case of a win. Which they obviously don't believe in at all. Mean.
JoAnne: I honestly, totally, 100% forgot that Jae Hee was planning for Bi Seul Chae to win until somewhere in here, or maybe it was a tweet you sent out or something. Right here, I was just marvelling that they had individual prizes tailored to the specific winner.  
When Bori has signed a contract, she runs into Min-jung outside. Of course, Min-jung has a rage-fit. Has she not told her not to make hanbok? How dare she! Yaddayaddayadda. She's friggin scary. And evil Min-jung lets slip that Bori isn't even her real sister ... Bori thinks she is talking about different dads for the moment, but this is another small step towards the truth.
JoAnne: Why does the ugliness in this girl's soul not leak out into her face?
kakashi: Plastic surgery. It creates miracles. 
Right after, there's another near miss at the company! BaDIL sees somebody closely resembling GooDIL run away (she hides behind a pillar) but cannot follow up on it because there are more pressing matters. Because of what Min-jung told her, Bori now thinks she has to give up since her competitor is the mightiest of hanbok makers. Upon hearing that, Teacher gets furious and calls her a coward. She is really mad at Bori. That is strange because wasn't it her not wanting to participate in the first place? Ack, these people ... they're strange.
JoAnne: Giving up so easily disrepects The Sacred Hanbok.
Young-sook is helping out at the rice restaurant (she's a good friend sometimes!), when Jae-hwa comes in. Following his usual bad luck with Veggie Ahjumma, she throws a dirty rag right into his face (unintentionally, that is). Jae-hwa finds out from Young-sook that Bori went to Seoul, to THAT hanbok competition. Yes, my dear, in case you are wondering: this is unmyeong! Why they are doing this silly "sensu-sensu-sensu" dance is beyond me but I wouldn't want to miss it! 
JoAnne: Funny, because I could happily never hear or see it again.
Later, sexily, Jae-hwa is thinking. The reason why they picked a country bumpkin for the final can only mean one thing: it's a rigged competition. He calls his father - and tells him everything, I guess. Not knowing about it, Jae-hee is all sure about his big win and his evil plan of taking over the company via hanbok - when Jae-hwa calls. He warns his brother again to do things by the law, i.e. to do the hanbok competition fairly. Jae-hee doesn't like that, of course, and Little Kang and him realize that Jae-hwa might know Bori, seeing they're both in/from that OtherTownBesidesSeoul.
JoAnne: I am really VERY irritated by the abrupt switch from sweet boy who was very empathetic to THIS PERSON.
kakashi: Yeah, yeah. Have some Kim Ji-hoon. 
When Bori gets back from Seoul and goes to the rice shop, she overhears Veggie Ahjumma talking to Min-jung on the phone - about her. And she hears that she isn't this awful woman's biological daughter and that the woman she thought was her mother will never take her side over her real daughter. And she says she can never go near a hanbok again, you know, because that is AGAINST devilish Min-jung's wishes etc. etc. Bori hides from her "mother", crying and shocked.
JoAnne: Well... I guess that just because I want to tape her mouth shut doesn't mean I can't feel a little sorry for the woman.
Young-sook sees her running away and takes her to her shop, disturbed that the always cheerful Bori is crying like that. Bori says she feels sorry towards her mother for making hanboks but if she doesn't, she feels sorry towards her teacher. And she would probably die if she couldn't make them anymore. What to do? Behind her, Jae-hwa comes in. Putting on their accent, he tells her to choose what she will not regret.
JoAnne: Which is stupid advice because if you are torn between both things and want both things, whichever thing you do not choose, you will harbor some regret for that thing.
kakashi: Yes, but ONLY if being torn makes sense-eu, which it does not in this case. 
Bori is quite angry he sneaked up on her like that, but then, Young-sook and Jae-hwa do some silly aegyoo thing again, seriously, they crack me up! They are meeting for a date, but Jae-hwa tells Bori to come along. Still putting on the accent. This guy ... I want to hug him and hit him, simultaneously.
JoAnne: Why did he do that? Do you think it was genuine kindness or his fake act?
kakashi: He is a nice person. Silly, but nice. 
The "lovers" keep feeding each other while Bori grills all the meat. Bori rightfully complains - and then, she starts drinking. Heavily. Jae-hwa is somewhat concerned about her and asks what is wrong with making hanboks. You're onto something, boy. But Bori, who is already quite drunk, is actually thinking about what she heard today about her NotMother, and breaks down in tears.
Cut to Jae-hwa, carrying her on his back with difficulty. Out of nowhere, GooDIL appears (I kid you no!) and pushes her further up his back. (Seriously, it's like someone random just runs out onto a stage and then runs off again.  So weird.) He says thank you, but doesn't see her. Lol. Drama. Thinking she is asleep/passed out, he talks to her. All mothers hope their child will do well, he says. Does it make sense to quit hanbok because of her mother? Isn't this rather because she isn't confident? When his mother was alive, he was like this: He didn't want to study because of her, was irritated because of her, didn't want to eat because of her. When she passed away, he realized that he in fact lived because of her (by the way, Kim Ji Hoon is really sweating in this scene and I don't think his heavy breathing is an act)
JoAnne: The editing leaves something to be desired in this drama. Also, that girl is about the same size as KJH, so I'm not surprised he's sweating.
Bori is turning really sad upon hearing his words, thinking about her "mother" who isn't her mother. Don't do anything you will regret, he continues. Whether she will do well or not, all mothers support their kids. She starts sobbing loudly at that point, so he realizes she is awake - and throws her off, angry to be deceived again by her. She just pushes him aside and runs away. Like a 3 year old.
JoAnne: Exactly like a three year old. The whole thing is just WEIRD.
Later, at home, listening to music sexily, Jae-hwa thinks of Bori and how sad she was. What is his brother trying to do? Why is he worrying about this, he asks himself?
JoAnne: You are falling in love with the village idiot/hanbok savant. Who is your cousin, so you can't marry her anyway. HA bet you didn't think about that did you Kakashi. DOOM is coming! DOOM on The House of Hanbok!
kakashi: Dear JoAnne. She is NOT his cousin. She is the daughter of the non-related Sister-in-law of his real aunt. Here. I drew this for you!
Bori is having a hard time with her mother who might just not be her mother, feeling guilty and greedy and all kinds of things. Also, Bori is grounded: she cannot go one step outside the store. Fine, then Mr. Prosecutor just has to come to said store and come he does: he comes to demand that she dry clean his jacket, which she drooled full that night/cried on. But she is really down, which he notices. He repeats what he said: all mothers encourage their children. Unless its not their real child. Oups. But even then, the mother can't win over a really stubborn one. If she sets her heart on something, she can win. He is certain. It all depends on her determination! His words make the necessary impression on her. I think Hanbokery is on again, what do you think, JoAnne?
JoAnne: Bori is thinking Hanboh-k!
Jae-hee, the little piece of crap, tells his mother that long-lost GooDIL is in Jangeung, where Jae-hwa is - plus that she was Bi Sool Chae's successor once. Jae-hee thinks Jae-hwa is planning to sabotage his project - and he is trying to take the company. Promptly, Jae-hee's mother comes to visit! She tells GooDIL to stay away from the money and don't even think about ever getting her hands on it. GooDIL says she is not interested, but that trashy Mother doesn't believe her. She is much into conspiracy stuff and thinks GooDIL is trying to sabotage the competition, using Bori.
JoAnne: Because it's exactly what SHE'D try to do.
Earlier, when GooDIL-Teacher was very angry about Bori's decision to butt out of the competition, she told her to move out of her house since she is no longer going to make hanbok. And you can only live there if you make hanbok, of course. (It's in the lease, it's the Hanboklause.) When Bori is packing all her things, GooDIL comes back from meeting trashy Mother, rattled and crying. She asks Bori to burn everything - ALL the Hanbokery stuff! Nooooooo! Don't do it!!! GooDIL says that she was happy with her memories while sewing, but that has to stop now - or she will get/be greedy. And we can't have that, of course. Because once she will get greedy, she might want to go back to her MIL, and she will want to be forgiven. And we can't have that. Bottom line: She will never sew again (also because something is wrong with her hand, remember?).
JoAnne: Oh yeah, the hand. Maybe it's possessed?
But no! Noooooo! Bori starts crying a river too, this cannot be! The beautiful, unearthly hanbok-making! It has to continue! But no: Sewing can only be done if one enjoys it. She was happy with Bori - and that is enough. At that, Bori falls on her knees, begging for forgiveness. How selfish of her, she only thought about herself. If her stopping hanbokery means GooDIL will also stop hanbokery, Bori will no longer stop hanbokery.
JoAnne: Does Auntie's happy hanbokking trump MinJung's social climbing hanbokking? Apparently so.

Alright, so now that crisis has passed, Bori decides to go to Seoul after all, to the final round. Before doing so, she gives Young-sook side dishes for Jae-hwa from his aunt. When Jae-hwa eats them, he is flabbergasted: it tastes just like his mother's cooking! He thinks Young-sook cooked it. To show his gratitude, he promises to give her anything she needs. Yes, there is one thing she needs ... LOVE! Buahahaha. I'm guessing from the expression on his face that that's NOT something he can give her.
JoAnne: That look made me laugh, but I keep wondering how they deal with the fall out if he ends up with his cousin. And not the incest fall out, but the friend fall out. 
kakashi: Not. His. Cousin. Why don't you listen to me! 
The next morning, Bori says goodbye to her mother, afraid of course that she will be scolded - but her mother thinks she is doing something for Mr. Prosecutor. Oh, that's clever! Quite unfortunately, Min-jung calls right at that moment to make sure Bori cannot go anywhere - and immediately realizes that it's a total lie that the Prosecutors need Bori for a picnic. Min-jung immediately realizes it's a lie and tells her mother to stop Bori! So Veggie Ahjumma takes huge scissors (!!!), overcomes Young-sook who grabs her around the waist, and ruuuuuuuns after Bori. Oh dear.
JoAnne: Praying for one alert citizen to see the Crazy Ahjumma running amok with scissors and tackle her to the ground, impaling her on the points and causing her death. As Prosecutor, Jae Hwa will be able to win acquittal for this hero of the republic, so there's no risk, really.  Not to anyone we care about, anyway.

Bori and Teacher are going to the bus station together. But here comes Veggie Ahjumma, all furious!!! She starts attacking her "daughter", throws her hanbok-bundle onto the street and starts cutting it. That's just terrible. After the evil deed, Veggie Ahjumma leaves. Bori sobs. Is this the end?
JoAnne: Yes. The next 38 episodes focus on the love story between Big Kang and Spinster Auntie.
No! Teacher had the REAL hanbok with her - the bag Bori carried was just a ruse. But the next obstacle: Bye, bye bus! It departs, it's gone! No Seoul in time! Oh, but who is here? It's a SEXY Prosecutor in a dreadful jacket. It is almost Lee Min-ho level. He lied at the job about going on a picnic for her (huh?) - so there is not much time.
He drives like a lunatic (making car noises like a little boy) and makes it there on time - and once again, they don't fight. Yes, they will be cute together. I'm glad. He even gives her a heartfelt hwaiting!
JoAnne: Teacher got smart after all those years with her sister-in-law. She knows what's up with the crazy ones.
Min-jung is happy to hear from her mother that the hanbok was cut up. She is now absolutely certain they will win, since there is no other competitor. Wrooooooong. They go out to get coffee, just as Bori comes in and starts putting HER hanbok next to theirs. She is observed by the actress.
JoAnne: Sadly, I am of the opinion that Min Jung's entry is prettier, although I think the draping of the skirt is awkward. I'm just not a fan of the patchwork look.
kakashi: I see you are on the path of doom. Hanbok heretic!! 
A worried Jae-hee comes running and tells the two Coffee drinking villains that the actress has just left. What on earth does he mean? Well, she already made a decision! Min-jung still doesn't get it. But Jae-hee spells it out for her: She chose the competitor's hanbok. Hahaha, take that, Evil one! Min-jung runs to the stage ... sees Bori, starts screaming at her and slaps her. The end.
JoAnne: Can BaDIL please over hear some part of this and learn that MinJung was lying and kick her still-pregnant, still not showing ass out on the street?

The Rest

Bi Sool Chae Stuff: Bong2, the idiot, tells Bad Father that he is no longer looking for his sister-in-law. Because he believes the evil lies that BaDIL told him. He is so stoooooopid. But Matron still believes in GooDIL's innocence. She is also stoooopid, but overall less so.
JoAnne: This plot point is so stupid that I'm actually insulted by it.
Gangster Lovin: Little Kang has Ga-eul pick an outfit for her own aunt - only she doesn't know it's for her aunt and he doesn't know she is her aunt. He is doing it for Gangster Bro Big Kang, who is so in love. Awwwwwww .... Later, at the date, things get VERY hot between the two: He is licking cotton candy off her face. Woah. It's our first real kiss of this series!
JoAnne: I could barely stop laughing over her listing off all the bodice-rippers she reads to enjoy the kiss but yeah, he's a kisser.
AppaNotOppa: AppaNotOppa is worrying about Min-jung, wondering where she is. He looks at the picture of them that she threw across the room when she left - and finds another photo behind it. Of her and her real mother, in front of a piano store. Huh!
JoAnne:  I sincerely hope he plays a huge part in her downfall.


Things are heating up on all fronts. Bori and Jae-hwa are slowly slowly becoming more sensible and less silly. Lines are being drawn. Good. 

JoAnne:  Yeah, I guess.