Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 13 (KimJiCap)

Kim Ji-hoon lovers, get ready for a treat! Our boy brings out his cutest side and he isn't even in love yet! If you're not yet a Kim Ji-hoon lover (does such a thing exist?), you will soon be. I promise. Also, I'm convinced he is only wearing this terrible jacket for our protection.
JoAnne: It's like we're watching a whole other drama. This looks and sounds like a 70s sitcom now. There's not a laugh track but that's about the only thing missing.
Episode 13

How dare Bori, trash from the street, block goddess' Min-jung's path? Bori calls her cruel, Min-jung says she has a right to be cruel: it's what she needs to be to survive. I propose counselling, but that's for another day. But all that Bori wants is to sew, sew, sew. Who can stop her? Certainly not this BITCH. Min-jung may scream and hissyfit and even try to manhandle her, but Bori will sew. Mark my words.
JoAnne: Oh, she will sew. She will sew like sewing has never been sewn. She will sew like the wind, as if the sun and stars were there to light her path. She will sew clothing that heals wounds, cures disease, ends wars, predicts lotto winners... she will SEW.
Min-jung promises an angry BaDIL to set it all right (I guess that's an euphemism for cheating) and she indeed seems ready to do everything to make the actress reconsider her decision. Also trying very hard is little-shit Jae-hee. Calling her behavior a breach of contract, he gets her to agree to at least try the hanboks (no, autocorrect, I don't mean hymnbooks) on and then starts mumbling something about business opportunities - when Jae-hwa jumps in. He has been observing the exchange and warns his little brother once again to do this fairly.
JoAnne: I am just so disheartened by Jae Hee. Do you think, somewhere down the line, that he might be returned to his formerly sweet ways? Is there nothing that will sway him from this dark path? Perhaps if Bori just sewed him something to wear...
kakashi: I guess there is hope? But he might marry Min-jung first, sorry
Alright then, now it's hanbok show-off time in front of an audience. Jae-hee takes issue with his brother's presence, but big bro says that there is only one reason a prosecutor would be around ... something is fishy. First up is Min-jung. Of course she does very well, the little vixen. Up next, Bori ... who is so nervous she is about to die. She can't say a straight word, but then, Jae-hwa starts signaling her to straighten up and that he is watching her. Hwaiting!
JoAnne: That was cute. That was very cute. I forgive him for the coat of blueberry bushes.
It helps. Awwwwwww. She talks about why she made the hanbok the way it is (airplanes and stuff). Jae-hwa thinks Bori is very funny. Awwwww. BaDIL also takes an interest in her, asking her about the dye she has used. All kinds of, we learn, including poison ivy. Uh-oh.
JoAnne: Oh but that would be too simple, for in the Mysterious Way of Hanbokery, they have methods to counterract this poison.
The actress says she wants to buy this hanbok from Bori. Bori wonders why she isn't wearing the undergarments - we know! She is pregnant! But the Actress just says she doesn't want to feel suffocated. It's time to decide then and it's pretty clear WHAT the decision is, but shit-head Jae-hee quickly jumps in and says to take a break. Min-jung, the witch, takes the opportunity to blackmail the poor actress in the toilet. She tells the actress that the hanbok she designed was made for hiding a pregnancy - in Bori's immature one she will clearly show. Haha. Yes, Min-jung is an expert in that! She is now, what? Maybe 8 months pregnant? She is still not showing.
JoAnne: I think the baby must be hiding in her tail, that demon girl.
Back on stage, the Actress says she chooses Bi Sool Chae's elegant hanbok over the immature design Bori has made. Jae-hwa is outraged (while Bori breaks down on stage, crying). He goes into Actress' dressing room and tells her off for saying that such a beautiful hanbok is immature. Doesn't she know how much she is hurting the maker? Etc. etc. Wow, he is really worked up. He also suspects that the evil people found something to blackmail her with. And then, he grabs Bori's hanbok and takes it away: The Actress has no right to wear it after insulting it.
JoAnne: Jae Hwa has The Blood of the Hanbokker running through his veins.
Actress runs after him - because she wants Bori's hanbok and nothing else, of course - but then, she has to stop and clutches her breast. Uh-oh. BaDIL is wondering about Bori, who keeps popping up everywhere she goes and is such an amazing talent, but Min-jung denies knowing her and everything else. Yeah. That'll work fine for another 30 episodes or so. (Seriously, the dye must addle their brains or something.) Just then, men carry out an unconscious Actress: She has a pine nut allergy. And apparently, it's all Min-jung's fault: she sprayed pine nut scent on the hanbok. That brings BaDIL to the verge of kicking her out, but the turn around comes quickly and they decide to cover it up together.
JoAnne: I will rejoice in their downfall. I may even sew something.
kakashi: I think we may need a drama about knitting next! 

Not enough with that, Min-jung also corners Bori on her way out and tells her that the allergic shock came from her hanbok. She tells Bori to just leave and lay low. BITCH. Ah, I hate her. Bori believes her and is terribly down. Thankfully, uri hot prosecutor has the hanbok for proof later though! She is currently at the bus station, quietly crying. He comes running and tells her off for just leaving without a word.
JoAnne: I am consumed with a desire to know if he falls for her while she's Bori or if it comes after they know she is Eun Bi, his not-cousin.
He says he will take her back in his car, but she has had it with his driving style and would prefer the bus. So he grabs her wallet, gives her the hanbok, tells her he will buy it from her when he receives his paycheck and orders her to wait in the park for him. He will quickly go see his father. And then, he runs away. Oh dear.
JoAnne: It's ok. Bori can spend a delightful afternoon making little outfits for pigeons and rats, which is about the only small animal you will find in a city park. Ok, maybe the occasional squirrel. If they have them in Korea.
In his father's office, Jae-hwa uses his recently acquired Saturi skills on his brother and father. Who both believe Bori was underqualified and at fault for the accident. Ah, I hate it when someone is wrongly accused!!!! (Min Jung must die.) Jae-hee mentions that Jae-hwa seems to be dating Bori, which results in Bad Dad going ballistic and forcing Jae-hwa to have lunch with them. 

But that's not all ... his "mother" has set up blind dates for him. (Which means the 'punishment' was going to happen all along anyway, except, wait, what's that you say? They had no idea he was going to be in town? Oh right.) What, in the same restaurant?! Seems so!! Buahaha, it's speed dating designed by Evil Mother. Number one is the daughter of a law professor. Oups. Not quite it. Jae-hwa says to get married immediately - he could be facing some prison time and needs somebody to visit him there. Number one ... out.
JoAnne: Mom's going to need a Hanbok straitjacket.
Number two is the daughter of Judo Federation's CEO. This time, Jae-hwa says to his mother that it's good that this woman is so extremely loaded - it means they don't have to worry about money even if his father's business fails. He, also, plans to enjoy her money. Then, he lists all the women he has dated that she may know. Number two ... beats him up. Hahahaha.
JoAnne: And anyway doesn't it seem like Mom picked kind of crappy women for him? Like she'd save the best choices for Jae Hee?
In the meantime, Bori is waiting for him. While doing so, she looks at a brochure from Bi Sool Chae that she must have picked up at the competition... and suddenly remembers something. Pretty colorful cloth. The severe headache sets in and she collapses. When it is already getting dark, she wakes up - still no Jae-hwa. She gets slightly panicky ... she has no money and nobody to go to in Seoul.
JoAnne: I sentence Jae Hwa to a term of being a human pin cushion while Bori sews her next glorious hanbok.
Jae-hwa is in his father's office and is getting a dressing-down from both his parents. When he is about to leave, his father takes his wallet and his car keys from him. Before he quasi kicks him out, his father tells him to look for his aunt - who is in Jangheung. Good. Only about 10 episodes until they meet. 
JoAnne: Buy your own damn car, show him what's what. You're a grown man and a lawyer. Even civil service has to make a decent living, right?
Jae-hwa runs to the bus station, but of course, Bori has left by now. She gives an old lady her self-made vest (because that lady wants to give her some of her hard-earned money), but the one she really receives money from is Bong2! Unmyeong! She promises to pay him back and makes her way to the big buses. But she doesn't have enough money for going to Jangheung. Prosecutor to the rescue! He has bought the tickets with ... her money.
JoAnne: I'm giving him credit because he is completely unfazed by having his  major income source cut off.
Man, they're funny together! Both are trying to prevent each other from getting on the bus. When they're finally on, they sit apart ... but there is no more hate between them. He bought her kimbap - and water. Half of the kimbap lands on the floor and on his face.
 JoAnne: No hate, but a really strong sibling vibe.
They're back in rice soup alley and Jae-hwa begs her to give him some food - since all the other restaurants are closed at this time. And no, going to Young-sook is no option since she might be asleep already. There is only some cold rice left, so she makes one of those yummy mix things, also known as cold bibimbap. He briefly complains about the lack of side dishes, but when he tries he has to admit it's really yummy and he starts shoveling in. 
JoAnne: I do love bibimbap to an unreasonable degree, but I wouldn't eat it cold.
kakashi: Maybe it isn't cold at all. In fact, she took it out of the rice cooker. It's probably warm and yummy. I want it
She stops him and says they go one after the other to be fair. So childish these two. So funny. Of course, he takes a HUGE spoon full.
JoAnne: One of the enduring mysteries of KDrama: how do their mouths HOLD all that food?
kakashi: And how do they do these food scenes?! I mean ... how many takes can they possibly make? 
When she grabs an even bigger spoon, he calls her a cheat. They switch to chopsticks. His portion falls off, and when it's her turn again, he claps, pretending it was a mosquito. Of course, she gets a fright and drops her portion too. She retaliates by pressing his face into the bowl. 
JoAnne: Siblings. As in brother. Sister. You're right, not cousins.
kakashi: Was sich liebt das neckt sich. 
She laughs at his smeared face and he is surprised she is that happy, considering she lost. Well, she thinks it's a good thing because it showed her how inadequate she still is. She talks about her Teacher all the time, he remarks, and Bori says it's because she is such a wonderful person. And then, she says she would wish her teacher had a Laugh Pouch, like her, so she would go around smiling like her. Oh? He once got one as a present too, he says. She snarks at his attempt of Saturi and they finish eating the rice together. You're getting there, Jae-hwa! Only about 30 more episodes and you will realize who she is!
JoAnne: Hopefully along the way someone will explain to me what is so damned joyful or funny about an empty bag.
kakashi: I'm just realizing that this bag is also the reason why Jae-hwa turned from a crybaby to this beautiful and funny specimen.
But who is there? It's GooDIL/teacher! She calls out to Bori, who suddenly gets scared. She goes out, but before she can say anything about how the contest went, the Hanbockers from Seoul arrive. Wut! 
JoAnne: Like all good Hanbokkers, they followed the One True Path to the Patron Saint of Hanbokery.

The Rest

AppaNotOppa goes to Jangheung and finds Veggie Ahjumma with the help of the picture he found. She thinks he's just a customer ... but when he mentions Min-jung's name while at the phone to her, he jumps up and starts asking about Ming-jung. He shows her the picture, she lies that she doesn't know her, has no idea who and where she is. She kicks AppaNotOppa out. Poor AppaNotOppa. Still cannot act, still doesn't get the girl.
JoAnne: Still hoping against hope he gets the last laugh where it comes to Min Jung, though.

Ga-eul dances to Kara, Little Kang sees her and smiles a little. Auntie calls Ga-eul and tells her to pick an outfit for her Doctor. Little Kang helps her with it - and seems to be getting a little jealous, thinking it's for her boyfriend?
JoAnne: Little Kang is making me smile.

Bong2 knows (where from?) that his brother-in-law has met his SIL. (BIL told him.) BaDIL is afraid of the potential consequences and talks to servant about the threat. Min-jung overhears them, but runs away when her phone rings (it's her mom). BaDIL goes with Bong2 to Jangheung - maybe to secretly stick a knife into her SIL's back? (no maybe about that)
Auntie wants to make progress with her Doctor and progress they make. Oh my. First, they find everything in the park romantic, from a fat pigeon to an overflowing trash can to fighting couples. When he impulsively hugs her, he suddenly sees that he is being pursued by some other gangsters. They run and hide behind some bushes (she has no clue why, hahaha). She gives him the new clothes and says all kinds of things about wanting to be in charge of his wardrobe and stuff. He is all for it until he remembers that he is putting her in danger ... and undresses in front of her. Hahaha, she is like all of us squeers! She wishes to be sandwiched against that muscular chest of his, and if it's just for one night! 
JoAnne: I laugh because when Little Kang picked out the clothes he CLEARLY was going for a look that would not suit an elegant doctor. Jealousy, he has it. Big Kang is pretty solid, though, huh? Nice for hugging.


The more Kim Ji-hoon/Jae-hwa the better (at least for me) and this episode had plenty! Quite obviously, he is already quite intrigued by Bori, while she is slowly opening up to him as well, but certainly doesn't realize yet that she might become attracted. He is already defending her whenever there's a need and she feels comfortable enough with him now to tease him. They're like two kids when they fight, but I feel an epic love coming. I like it! Does she still annoy you that much, JoAnne? 
JoAnne: She's fine when she lowers her voice 17 decibels, and I like her optimism even if they occasionally paint her as an imbecile. I just don't see them romantically. It's not that they don't have chemistry, it's that they act like they're SIX.
kakashi: Rather like 4, I'd say. But give it time. We have maaaaaaany more episodes.