Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 14 (KimJiCap)

Arighty! Romance-wise, things are developing nicely ... Jae-hwa is showing clear signs of falling in love and Bori isn't entirely immune to his cuteness either. It would take a stone, really. This drama continues to deliver an awful lot of crazy mixed with some very funny stuff and discussing any of it at length really isn't possible. Just watch it, people. It's good.
JoAnne: I still see grade school sibling roughhousing. I do not see love. However, I do see a WHOLE lot of other crazy ass stuff so I'm good.
Episode 14

The hanbockers arrive from Seoul! GooDIL sees and recognizes them ... and immediately disappears into the shop. That causes Jae-hwa to immediately hide behind the counter. The Hanbockers meet Bori - and wonder a little about seeing her again. Yeah, you're right, it's unmyeong! They ask for GooDIL but Bori claims not to know her, even when they show her a picture.
JoAnne: So TIRED of them can't they die in an unfortunate hanbok accident or something?
kakashi: You mean .... 5 enormously big hanboks collapse on top of them or something? I'm in.
Jae-hwa asks himself why he is hiding (thank you! I was asking myself the same thing) while his legs start cramping. He hears Bori in his head, but I'm not sure whether she has really said what he hears or whether he is making it up. The gist of it: if she is found late at night with a man, people will think badly of her. He also imagines Bori as Young-sook... and an enraged Young-sook finding and punishing them - and I die laughing for the first time. 
JoAnne: I thought she said it to him after they ate (no, she doesn't), but I can no longer remember why.
The Hanbockers swarm into the shop, determined to find Bori's mother (who is where exactly? we don't know). Bong2 is quite beside himself (as always), but Bori keeps denying any knowledge of GooDIL. When he hears the name of his aunt mentioned, Jae-hwa cautiously puts his head up though. When he dives back down in order not to get discovered, he overturns about everything there is to overturn in that kitchen - and I die laughing a second time.
JoAnne: I am pretty sure I heard you.
Bori says it's the rats. And Jae-hwa hits over even more cutlery, the cabbage, etc. BaDIL realizes that the table is set for two and gets her husband to leave (that's rather tactful of her?). As soon as they're gone, GooDIL leaves in a hurry (of course before Jae-hwa can have a look at her) and Jae-hwa makes a reappearance, completely covered in cabbage leaves. He also invites Bori over to his house to sleep because she doesn't seem to have any other place at the moment. She doesn't take kindly to that suggestion. Woman! You've seen his abs, haven't you??!
JoAnne: Bori is no slutty MinJung, though. And I'm sorry the idea of those two idiot children having sex is just WRONG. Don't do that to me again.
kakashi: Well ... they could just cuddle?  
The next day, Bori is at the rice soup restaurant, cooking. It's early morning and her "mother" comes in and starts yelling at her immediately. Ha, Bori finally tells her to stop hitting her since she's no longer a child. Veggie Ahjumma realizes something has changed - yes, it seems Jae-hwa is already having a good effect on poor Bori. Also, Bori declares she will no longer be Min-jung's sister. Her "mother" may choose: either her or Min-jung. Bottom line is that Veggie Ahjumma cares (almost) only about Min-jung. Oh, what's new? Maybe that she didn't want to give her her heart because she is bound to leave anyway?
JoAnne: I almost, sort of, not quite but maybe a little side ways understand what Veggie Ahjumma is saying to Bori. Since they were always together, she didn't have to worry about Bori. Bori was fine. But Min Jung was in Seoul, alone. Her mother was always worrying about her, and feeling bad that Min Jung had to do that (had to. right.) so naturally she feels especially strongly about Min Jung and wants to give her everything she can. That by itself makes sense, once you remove the fact that MinJung is a straight up evil little bitch. But when you stand it next to the treatment Bori gets from her 'mother', especially when you consider how devoted Bori has been, I call foul. I guess in her limited way she loves Bori. Whatever.
Young-sook is quite worried about Bori, who is really sad over the latest falling out with her NotMother (for the umpteenth time). But here comes GooDIL, the ray of sunshine! They talk about clothes (oh, that's a surprise!) and deep things connected to clothes. They hug. Bori mentions that Jae-hwa is onto her (he told Bori to tell him first if she discovered GooDIL) and GooDIL is glad she lied about their acquaintance. She just wants to live in peace and make hanbok. All day long. 
JoAnne: *singing* I've been working on a hannnnnnbok, all the livelong day! I've been working on a hannnnnnnnbok, just to pass the time away! Can't you hear the needle sewing? Rise up so early in the morn! Can't you hear the scissors going? A hanbok must be worn! Bori won't you sew, Bori won't you sew, Bori won't you sew this mo-oh-orn?
Min-jung is having a hard time. Do we care? Not even a little bit. I didn't think so. But I take note: it is HARD to lie all day long and weasel your way into somebody else's family. Also, Hanbok lessons continue at both places: the good and the bad. Suddenly, Min-jung feels an intense pain in her abdomen. I wonder what that could be... she goes to an exhibition etc. though (tough vixen!), but then realizes it's contractions. She is six weeks early. We told you so.
JoAnne: Nothing good comes of lying. Or taping your belly flat. Is that actually even possible? It's not like that baby can just go pancake-mode like boobs would.
In her desperation, she flees to her mother. Yeah, makes total sense. At Jangheung, she gives birth in her mother's room. Yeah. I know. It's a girl.
JoAnne: A fourth generation Hanbokker by the looks of her!
Bori isn't allowed home because of her sister's secret presence and goes wild at Jae-hwa's place instead. First, she cooks for him (as always?), as Young-sook watches and comments. She is nasty sometimes. They discuss AppaNotOppa's appearance in Jangheung the other day (see episode 13), when Jae-hwa comes home. Young-sook lies (badly) about why Bori is here too - and Jae-hwa gets suspicious ... only NOT about the real thing! He suspects Bori might like him.
JoAnne: Bori screams in disgust like any 8 year old girl.
kakashi: Don't you know? Boys stink! 
She wants to leave, but Jae-hwa holds her back and says it's no fun just with Young-sook (ouch). Young-sook also hears about "last night" and the bibimpap that he liked so much. Awww, Jae-hwa ... you little dumb cutie. They drink and eat bibimpap and poor Young-sook feels like the third wheel as these two talk only to and about each other. All evening long.
Upon hearing about his money-issues, Young-sook gives him a credit-card, which Jae-hwa gladly takes - until Bori starts pulling his hair over it. Taking money from women?! Not allowed!
JoAnne: I need them to settle the eff down and act like adults.
kakashi: Hahahaha, JoAnne, of course, but they're so FUNNY! And don't you know? It's their defensive mechanism. Smile the sadness away and give the evil world nothing but your silliness. That's very deep.   
They end up passed out all around the table. Bori wakes up and wants to leave, but Jae-hwa says she cannot leave alone, considering how drunk she is. Said the blind to the deaf. They leave together ... and Young-sook has a fit, left alone at the apartment. Bori and Jae-hwa arrive at the rice shop ... but it's all locked. It's light out ... have they been at it all night? Jae-hwa says he will go ask next door for a key, but in the meantime, GooDIL comes by and takes her with her. Jae-hwa sees her from behind and wonders who she could be. Wonder a bit more, boy. I do really wished one of the "big" secrets were revealed soon.
JoAnne: Be patient. In good time, the Great Hanbok will reveal all.
Min-jung leaves her newly born child alone ... after holding it one time and crying a little. You're going DOWN, bitch. Everybody is onto you, including BaDIL. At about the same time, GooDIL drags Bori into the courtyard ... and they hear the baby crying. What is a baby doing in their house? a shocked hanbok pupil asks. A good question, Bori.
JoAnne: Veggie Ahjumma will say it's hers. You watch.
kakashi: Oh yes. That would be the best explanation! 

The Rest

Seriously. BongBong is SO STOOOPID. He now fully believes his lying witch of a wife. He wants to leave school and stop being a teacher, because .... well, must be the dye-sniffing, because there is no other explanation. He also believes GooDIL (the evil one!) has already left Jangheung, because Bad Dad said so. Due to GooDIL's explicit wish.
JoAnne: The sound of the two wives voices is making me break out into a rash.

Gangster Ahjussi happily squeezes into the pants he got from Jung-ran ... which are far too small. Oups. Whe he sees the clothes, Little Kang puts the pieces together, only he thinks his hyung's girlfriend is Ga-eul. Nope, guess again. And then, he thinks his brother extorted money from Ga-eul to buy him clothes. Nope. Not it either.
JoAnne: I love the Kangs.
Later, our favorite couple go to the movies together - where Jung-ran plans to use his arms constantly if she gets scared (like ... constantly). It's a horror movie after all. However, the person who really gets scared is not her but him! (and that is really scared).
JoAnne: Big Kang, though... the gangster who's really a softy... he makes me miss Oppa.
Little shit Jae-hee schemes with Min-jung-Bitch and is way too friendly and even concerned about her for it to be healthy. You were good kid, once ... I really don't want you to marry this woman.
JoAnne: Oh GOD, no. Although it would be fun to watch MinJung and Mom duke it out.
AppaNotOppa waits for Ming-jung in front of Bi Sool Chae, to drag her to the hospital. And he does so forcefully... or tries to at least. Min-jung pretends to be kidnapped and poor AppaNotOppa lands in prison. She seems a liiiittle bit sorry about that. But that's before she doesn't. She even prevents him from going to see his father who is at the hospital. They're all crazy. Completely insane.
JoAnne: He is at the top of that crazy list. Lost all patience with his sorry ass today.


I can't wait for the next episode. Is it Saturday yet? And can this drama please be subbed faster? Thanks.
JoAnne: Schedule wise, I don't mind that it takes a while, because the beginning of the week is really busy for me. But I understand how you feel. Meanwhile - I don't love it or feel emotionally invested in it, but it's fun to watch.
kakashi: Oh, don't misuderstand me, it's not that. It' just that I have more time on the weekend than during the week and would be grateful I could recap on a Sunday. Apart from that I'm looking forward to the crazy the most. And Kim Ji-hoon of course. I looooove that this drama is very long. Nothing worse than liking an actor who only does a short drama a year. 

And by the way .... Kim Ji-hoon approves of this: