Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 8 (KimJiCap)

In this episode, we learn more about the current-day situation of our characters and even get to meet some new ones. Yes, because every woman has to have the matching man, right? Bori's looks and accent (and acting) are jarring as hell, but since I'm not watching it for her but for HIM, I can easily overlook it. Just tone it down a little, woman.
JoAnne: Oh my gosh, yes, please. It's too much. Fortunately they add to the man candy this episode. It makes up for a lot.
Episode 8

Jae-hwa and Bo-ri's first meeting is not exactly friendly ... we should be glad she is only threatening to beat him up and doesn't really do it! Also, he has troubles even understanding her ... he is "wtf, woman - what are you saying?". Yes, who can blame him with that accent of hers?! Oh, and the mother is violent as well ... flee, Kim Ji-hoon! These wimmins are evil!! He retreats, muttering to himself ... but of course, he has a parking ticket now. Still, I think he deserves this - he was being a dick.
JoAnne: Yeah, I kinda want to smash him in the face.
kakashi: Nonononono smashing this face!!!!!*gives JoAnne the evil eye*
Unmyeong has it that The Matron meets Bo-ri in the subway - but of course, they don't recognize each other. All seats are taken and Bori has problems holding onto something. The Matron, who sits right where she stands, offers to hold Bori's package for the duration of the ride (the hanbok that GooDIL made for Min-jung) so that she has two hands free. Right after passing the bundle to the old woman, Bori realizes that they are going in the wrong direction and she and her mother run out. Without the hanbok.
JoAnne: Yes, of course. (yes, JoAnne. Unmyeong)
The Matron quickly exits after them, but Bori and her mother are gone already. Matron bring the bundle to the Left &Found. When the guy opens the package to see what it contains, Halmoni immediately recognizes her DIL's needlework. She is alive! Operation "Lost Daughter-in-Law Come Home" commences. It will most likely take another 40 episodes. 
JoAnne: Stitches are like fingerprints, apparently.

New character alert! Little sis Ga-eul (Han Seung-yeon of Kara) is coming home from the States (she doesn't want to study there any longer). Picking her up: her Mother and Jae-hee. She greets them enthusiastically but they ... don't recognize her. Because she has a completely "new face". Excuse me?! I do not entirely get the joke ... but that's maybe just me. I have issues finding extensive plastic surgery in the least amusing ... Apart from that, she is a likable character. Loud, spoiled, and maybe a bit lazy, but she also has spunk and clearly knows how to manipulate her mother, brother, and most likely father. She also has at least 30 bags with her and needs 5 cars to transport them home.
JoAnne: I would like to suggest that we call this a Jae Hee Cap.
kakashi: Hahaha ....... NO.
At Min-jung's graduation, OppaNotOppa has come to see his girlfriend after all. She is semi pleased - she thinks he should study. I'm not sure how to read her ... we know how terrible she was as a kid, so I'm guessing she is the same or even worse now? Does she like this guy or is she just with him because he has rich parents? Well, when her not-quite-parents appear, she tells him to get lost immediately and goes to suck up to them. She cries, being all grateful for their help etc. etc. Hm. Well, maybe she is a little bit grateful, but she also has ulterior motives, that much seems clear!
JoAnne: She's so freaking pretty (yes and I like her voice!) it's hard to remember what a bitch she was, but somehow, I feel that won't last long.
They take pictures together and then, Bori and VeggieNowRiceAhjumma appear. Min-jung sees them, but doesn't want to recognize them. Bori almost gives their relationship away because she waves enthusiastically as soon as she sees her unni, but is stopped by VeggieAhjumma. What, just seeing her face is enough? Bleh. VeggieAhjumma is clearly hurt and Bori cannot understand why they're just leaving. Because she is that kind of woman, VeggieAhjumma lashes out at Bori - for making her a hanbok etc. This woman ... really.
JoAnne: I wonder what Jae Hee is doing.
Not even realizing how much she is mistreated, Bori is just angry about the affront to her "mother" (she still thinks she is her real mother, right?!) and can't keep quiet. She goes over to Min-jung - who is looking for somebody to take a group picture - and offers her services. Still angry, she tells them that they don't look like a real family - and that BaDIL certainly isn't Bori's mother. Everyone goes "huh?" and VeggieAhjumma waves her hands in the background.
Min-jung intervenes and the two "sisters" exchange a few heated words. Bori demands to know why Min-jung is acting like that in front of their mother and tries to give Min-jung a bundle of money, which she has earned working extra hours. But Min-jung doesn't want the money. When they part, Bori calls Min-jung unni out loud - oups. She quickly glosses it over by making something up about an unni she never had, but then, VeggieAhjumma comes running and drags her away.
JoAnne: Here's what I don't get. VeggieAhjumma is in on the whole deal. She knows they can't appear in front of the Mr & Mrs. Worst Parents of the Year, and always has. So why doesn't Bori know? Wouldn't you think they'd have made it clear?
kakashi: Ah. The inquisitive mind and KDrama. They don't go together well. 
The Hanbockers remark that this was a funny young lady ... and then, they see that she has only taken pictures with Min-jung and her mother in the background.
JoAnne: Do you think if she removes that scarf we'll see Frankenstein scars? What's the deal? Is she providing a family of mice with a temporary home?
Alright, more Kim Ji-hoon! Oppa, the playboy! A woman is waiting for him with flowers in front of his office. He tries to sneak away, but she sees him and runs after him. She thinks he is going really far away (even believing it's in another country, lol). She kisses and hugs him (to his annoyance) and he promises to call her. A few cheesy and completely insincere lines later, he calls out "don't change your number"! and then mumbles to himself "because I changed mine", as he throws the flowers into a trash bin. Tsts. Jae-hwa, you (sexy) bad boy.
They are meeting their father at the restaurant next: to welcome back little sis (and say goodbye to eldest son, I guess?). Jae-hwa is admiring his little sister's plastic surgery - and calls it the best thing she's done since birth. He thinks she should stop studying and start dating. A sourfaced Jae-hee is clearly unhappy and tells his hyung not to spoil her. Jae-hwa says everything about his little brother is bad - and that he works at their dad's company is the worst about him. He is kissing ass and sticks right next to father: it makes him want to puke. Yes, there's a lot of animosity there between the "brothers" - Jae-hwa doesn't take anything serious (anymore) and Jae-hee takes everything MUCH too serious.
JoAnne: I feel bad he was such a sweet little muffin.
When he comes, Father doesn't recognize his daughter, even mistaking her for Jae-hwa's girlfriend, which I DO find funny. I guess I can learn to find plastic surgery jokes funny after all? Upon hearing about the new face, Dad gets really angry at Mom and then even kicks Jae-hwa for not taking care of his sister. But then, he is worried that there might be weird side effects. Awww, he totally dotes on her.
Bori pretends that she got money from Min-jung and buys her mother a nice jacket with it at a PPL place called Olivia Hassler. It's pink week? She doesn't have enough money, but she borrowed a card from a friend called Yoon Sook. Uh-oh ... Wow, VeggieAhjumma looks gorgeous in her new outfit!! And she is very pleased and happy. Especially because she thinks she got the money from her real daughter.
JoAnne: She does clean up really well. I wonder if that matters later.
The Lee family's lunch is done and they meet the Hanbockers outside - they went to the same place to eat with their not-quite-daughter. Bong 2 asks Lee Daddy whether he has any news of their missing SIL (he doesn't) and they introduce Min-jung to them. Jae-hee looks at her - I cannot really say "with interest", but he certainly takes notice of her. Bong 2 is surprised how beautiful Jae-hwa is nowadays and asks him whether he remembers playing with Eun-bi. Of course, says Jae-hwa. He remembers her and their Jajjangmyung promise really well. Awwwwwwww.
JoAnne: And then he bursts into tears and confesses that the only way he can like a girl is if she drapes noodles on herself. Everyone is shocked, but not that surprised, and while Jae Hwa cries in a heap in the corner, Jae Hee steps up to the plate to call the local mental facility.
New character alert! There are some gangster, their leader is Kang Nae Chun (Choi Dae Chul). He is there to do something to somebody who touches his boss' girl. Just when he exits the car, another dude comes running and tells him his brother is coming - who works at Bad Dad's company (who is the same as Olivia Hassler, I guess?). This is little brother Kang Yoo Chun (Park Gun Il). Big Brother tries to camouflage his gangster-buddies (FAIL). Little brother doesn't want anything to do with his hyung as long as he is in the gangster-trade. Awwwww. I think I'm already liking these two!
JoAnne: I am definite about the hyung, at least. Yes. Big yes.
Jae-hwa is driving away from Seoul, singing loudly and off-tune, so very happy to be finally free ... but look who is on the backseat! It's his aunt Jung Ran! (gorgeous woman ... and in fact, this actress is 38. Before I looked that up, I was bitching about how they casted a woman younger than Kim Ji-hoon as his aunt. Wrong). She says life without him is no fun, so she wants to come with him to ThatOtherTown. She will cook for him. Only ... she can't cook. He is annoyed, of course, but plays along. He stops the car and pretends that he has to make a phone call to get a bigger apartment. Only ... his cell phone is in the bag. In the trunk. She gets off to get it and ... he drives off. How dare she butt into his freedom that he worked so hard to get! Mean!
JoAnne: Mean but funny.
The Hanbockers want to visit Min-jung's place that they have not seen before. She really doesn't want them there (yes, because she is HAVING SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE!) but she cannot prevent it. She goes in in advance and removes all the signs of her cohabitation. When they are finally allowed in, they are shocked to see that she lives in such a small place. The floor is cold (because they are doing maintenance), but she immediately starts lying about how the gas was cut permanently. Oups! Things are going well for her, but then, OppaNotOppa comes in. She pretends that he is just a good study-friend. He protects her lie by saying he just wanted to congratulate her with cake and leaves again.
JoAnne: Poor OppaNotOppa, will he EVER get the girl? Because you know this one is dumping his ass.
Little Witch has finally reached the next goal: The Hanbockers ask her to move in with them. At the first opportunity she gets, she hugs her not-quite-mother from behind. She says she has a wish: can she, just for a day, call her mother? No, says BaDIL (and I chuckle, satisfied). Until the day she dies, she will wait for Eun-bi. That's a bad blow for greedy Min-jung, who talks bitterly to herself when she is alone, about working hard for 15 years, but still not being able to take that lost daughter's place. And gawd beware ... could it be that the lost daughter is still alive?!
JoAnne: There are no words to describe how much I loved this.
Not a dull moment in Bi Sool Chae! The next Hanbok crisis is this: They need the Yongbo (that emblem they had to get from the Genius Cross Stitcher). Without it, the royal gown cannot be finished. Only the dead old lady could make it. She was at another level of Hanbockery, even seeing thing with her eyes closed (huh?) (She went to the stitching school next to the medical school that LJS attended in WTFDoc. The schools are run by conjoined twins, by the way.). Halmoni wants to see with her eyes closed as well, but she definitely needs GooDIL for that. Not liking this AT ALL: BaDIL. The Yongbo? Was turned into a pillow. For VeggieAhjumma.
JoAnne: So this robe has been lingering unfinished for 15 years, but suddenly it's an issue. Okay.
Sexy Aunt has issues hitching a ride. So she quasi jumps in front of a car ... in which our Gangster Bro rides. His gangster buddies are mean, she falls and hurts herself - but Gangster Bro (yummy) isn't. And when they look into each other eyes there's tingly music ... and he puts her dislocated shoulder back. She seems to think he is a doctor (uhm, not exactly). Oh ... so gallant.
JoAnne: I am pleased with the Man Candy Offering.
Bori is with her "teacher", aka GooDIL. No problem about the lost hanbok. Hanbok philosophy says: if somebody wears it well, all is well. Bori tells her about the Jae-hwa incident and the only reason he didn't beat Jae-hwa up is concern for her mother, whose life is hard enough already. GooDIL rightfully points out that Bori should maybe, sometime, care about herself, too? Oh, GooDIL has real issues holding a scissor!
JoAnne: Hurry, little Bori! Learn all the special secret secrets!

At Olivia Hassler, Jae-hee and his assistant Yoo Chun talk about the investment into Bi Sool Chae ($30Mio). Also, one of their new employees has jumped ship. Seeing Min-jung on the list of options and remembering the meeting in front of the restaurant, Jae-hee says to employ her. The reason at the moment: her connection to Bi Sool Chae. Yoo-chun is to keep it a secret, because Jae-hee has ulterior motives: he wants to get power within the company as quickly as possible. Is he a bit evil?!
JoAnne: Maybe he just realizes his parents are crazy.
At Bi Sool Chae, Min-jung falls in love with hanbockery. Bong 2 finds one of the sachets Eun-bi left in the car by chance. Very suspicious. And BaDIL lies, too. Later, Min-jung finds out that OppaNotOppa has been lying to her. His father's business isn't doing too well, so he has to work.
JoAnne: Yep, he's yesterday's leftovers.

At TheOtherTown, Jae-hwa honks his horn at Bori in the streets. She doesn't recognize him, but his car - and is surprised at his sameness. She has a lot of debt with her friend who gave her the credit card. The next day, Bori is to deliver some rice soup to the towns District Court. We learn that Veggie Ahjumma plans to move near Min-jung soon - but they need looooots of money for that. Jae-hwa is on the phone with ... his sister (?), legs on the table (that's a bit disgusting).
Ah, they recognize each other - and aren't pleased. She thinks he is just an impostor in the prosecutor's office - but he shows her his name plate. HE is the prosecutor. That turns her quiet real quick ... but only for a few seconds and they're at each other again.
Next, she has to run to the hanbok shop, where her teacher is waiting. Bori got to sew a skirt. And the smart girl made a skirt that isn't the same length on both sides. Because she knows that the lady who ordered it has one shorter leg. Yes - she is fit for Hanbockery. She sees with her heart. It's about the people that wear clothes. GooDIL sees the great potential in her - and tells her she wants to take her on as an apprentice. At the exact same time, Min-jung begs her not-quite-mother to take her on as an apprentice, too. The Hanbok Wars - 2nd Round!
JoAnne: Sigh.


Yes, this continues to be not really bad. And not really good either, but since I was expecting something much, much worse, I am happy. The central Hanbok-theme is actually quite interesting. I like that the two hanbok-rivals will take on the two pupils, who already are rivals and will be so on another level as well. This is very much about good vs. evil and there's nothing to be said against that, right?
JoAnne: I joke, but it is interesting. She's right about that.

Jae-hwa is a cheeky sly dog and I like that a lot - but I am sure we will get to see his vulnerable side before not too long, too. Also: wanna bet we will see him cry?
JoAnne: Wanna bet I'd try to MAKE him cry?

This has turned out to be a fairly long recap, because much explaining needs to be done. As soon as we are settled, I'll go into real KimJiCap mode - which means only capping stuff with Kim Ji-hoon in it and summarizing the rest under "The Rest"!