Roommate Ep 3 - Love is an Open Door

How does this show just keep getting better? Music plays an important role in this episode as the roommates bring out their bare faces and the place is rocking with fun. In an effort to build relationships, the roommates pair up for activities.  Once again it is Wookie who gives us some truly laughable moments as he tries to work with Se Ho on a lip sync rendition of Love is An Open Door.
bcook: That song is pretty awesome. I start singing it when I see the title.
JoAnne: Still haven't seen the movie. At this point I almost feel like I CAN'T see it.

The show starts with Wookie and Se Ho waiting for Bom to arrive home.  I guess she told them she'd be there by 2:00 am, so they decide to wait outside for her.  Really, I think I've seen more of Se Ho in these silk pajamas than in any other outfit! As the clock ticks on, the cold forces them back inside.
bcook: This was so cute.  I like the two of them together.  Very investigative journalist (aka papparzzi) like.                                                                                                                             JoAnne: Didn't he split them open along the seam on his thigh the first day?

Caught on film, Wookie grabs Bom as she walks in the door and interviews her as to why she's so late. OK, I'm not really sure what the purpose of this is. Are the producers trying to get a love line going?
bcook: I think they were just being silly. But it helps with their love storyline.
JoAnne: Yeah, I think they were just playing. To me he's not questioning her as a jealous potential mate played off like a reporter, it's just for fun. And the love line bit comes in because 'oh look how they joke around together!'
And because I get the feeling that no episode will be complete without a snack attack or two (or many) by Bom:
bcook: I do that sometimes. I don't fall asleep afterwards though. 
JoAnne: No. You have to sleep there.  No. She gets pudding on her EYEbrow. Come on.  
(Lafer: I thought that was a sticker.)

So Ra makes a healthy breakfast for everyone, which Wookie, being in his state of drama starving, is happy to devour. Poor Se Ho is like WTH? That's probably about 1/10 of his caloric intake for a meal. After breakfast the crew plays a game to see who will do the dishes, and Min Woo and PrettyEyes lose. It kind of makes me feel sorry for Kang Joon as he seems to lose these games, but then there's bromance so it's worth it!
bcook: Hehehe it was so cute! This show is just cute!
JoAnne: Flower Brothers are adorable. Sweet natured, easy to look at, such BOYS with each other.
Bom, having previously discovered that there is someone controlling the camera in her room, asks for a little music to be piped in.  With that, Memboong is blasted through the house.  The girls, in various rooms, start rocking to the music.
JoAnne: I LOVE Bom with the camera.  She flirts with it in a way that no one else does.
bcook: Have you watched eat your kimchi's video on Memboong? The other day, I'd just listened to DJ Snake and Lil Jon's "version" and then went on Pandora and Memboong was on and I definitely thought "haven't I heard this song recently"
JoAnne: Missed it somehow. Have never heard it, heard of it, listened to it, or seen it.

Next up, the three amigos from Room 1 decide to go get a Tarot card reading followed by a little shopping. Bom (while eating, of course) explains how living in the US has made it hard to say some Korean words correctly. So that's what I'm missing by not understanding Korean. When Miss MMA puts her foot in her mouth by talking about So Ra's ex boyfriend, Bom apologizes for her while Ga Yeon later tells the camera - hey, I was only a year old back then!  Bom proceeds to tell them who she may be interested in the house.  I wonder how much of this is real or how much is actually "suggested" by the producers?
bcook: hmm an international holiday is prize enough to create a love storyline. bad was the breakup that So Ra is still touchy about it? Were they married?
JoAnne: Right? It's been YEARS.  And basically, Bom is interested in all males that are not Se Ho or Shin Eomma.
Wookie and Se Ho are at the gym working out.  Wookie, you need to take that shirt off to do it effectively!  Although honestly, you're looking a little too gaunt.  Whose idea is it for the leading men in dramas to all look like they just spent the last 6 months in solitary confinement with only one bowl of rice a day?  Sorry, I digress. Se Ho suggests they entertain the others with a lipsync version of Love Is an Open Door.  I seriously hope this was his own idea because I for one find it brilliant.
bcook: I was clapping wildly. Poor Wookie was sweating buckets.
JoAnne: This was awesome. Do more.

Back at the Tarot card reading, Bom asks about her love life.  I find it particularly hilarious that she's asking about the text from Pretty Eyes with the heart at the end, not knowing it was sent to everyone. Oh, Kang Joon, you have no idea the effect you have on women! (Although he somehow forgot poor So Ra - I love how the producers play these things up!) Her true match is none other than Wookie, again making me wonder if it's a producer set-up, although from the beginning he did seem more interested in her.
bcook: The psychic knew too much. I'm sure he was a plant. But it was a cute set-up. Funny how they didn't focus on Miss GMA and So He's match? That'll be adorable.
JoAnne: It's fun to watch people actually fall in love...but doesn't Bom seem to out there for someone like Wookie? I would be so interested in a Ga Yeon So He match, though.

Back at the house, Min Woo tries his best to get to know Pretty Eyes.  OMG, these two crack me up. I burst out laughing when Pretty Eyes is trying to say what the tea tastes like and that he likes the sunset. Min Woo is desperately searching for something in common and looks like he thinks they are from completely different planets, especially he was trying to find similarities and Kang Joon says "dimples!"  Kang Joon, I'm going to pretend this is all an act, because it is providing a lot of entertainment.
bcook: It must have been made up. Right? Right? I'm going to choose to think he has a wry sense of humor not suffering from a lack of intellect.
JoAnne: It has to be made up.  His answers sounded like the Playmate of the Month bio sheet.
Their conversation in English is even more hilarious. The one commonality they share is that they both like Soo Hyun best out of the women in the house. Min Woo suggests a competitive game of basketball, where he literally gets his ass kicked.  Honestly, Min Woo, you should have been happy that you possess a working brain and forget about the braun!
bcook: That...was awesome. "I forgot my shoes had spikes on them" Guys are so ridiculous.
JoAnne: Even more awesome to me was before that when he totally fooled Min Woo into thinking he wasn't that good at basketball...and then when Min Woo called him on it he said 'This is what competition is.'  That boy is not stupid.
The three woman go shopping while Soo Hyun gets a dance lesson from Na Na.  Ok, it's nice that they are getting along but ..... boring!  Although we did get a little more insight into the life of an idol from NaNa that actually brought Soo Hyun to tears. Geez, if they keep this up, none of the idol's managers will let them appear on a show like this ever again. 
bcook: Gotta remember they're doing this to gain sympathy and more fans.
JoAnne: I just pass it off to her being half drunk all the time.

Chan Yeol and Mama Shin are bonding over music and bench making (?) But at least it's an opportunity for a little Mama Shin gif.
bcook:  Yesss. He crafts! hmmm a man who works with his hands. That pose *sigh*. My ajusshi quite sexy is he not? (Side note: I've been keeping track of all you lovers of my ajusshi. I'm allowing you a little gush because, well because I know you can't help it. But step out of line and .. *flashes claws wolverine style*)
JoAnne: He BUILDS things. *dead*  I just want you to know that I am not scared of you, Cookie.

The real fun begins as Se Ho makes Wookie start working on their lipsync act. I don't know why I find this so freakin' hilarious, but I can't stop laughing.  I mean really, lipsyncing is hard enough if you aren't familiar with the song, but to attempt it in another language?  Wookie just seems so confounded most of the time, while Se Ho validates my thoughts that you need to be pretty sharp to be a comedian.
bcook: They did so well though. It takes skill to make people laugh. I think people forget that 'coz comedians do such ridiculous things.
JoAnne: Comedians are brilliant human beings, and very often assholes. I don't mind Se Ho at all though.
First Se Ho tries to get Wookie to write it in English (fail) and then sound it out in Hangul. Not much is helping, though.  You gotta give Wookie a lot of credit for being so good-natured about it. Chal Yeol shows up and joins right in, taking over Wookie's part perfectly. Poor Wookie, as if he isn't insecure enough.  Let's hope he doesn't freak out over the way the producers portray him.
bcook:  He's just not musically talented. Plus he's never seen the movie or heard the song so he's definitely at a disadvantage.
JoAnne: He is a genuinely good sport, though.  When Chan Yeol grows up he'll be Wookie, but with musical talent.
Bom calls the house and Se Ho answers.  She tells him about her tarot card reading and Se Ho gives the phone to Wookie so he can hear.  Wanting to know more, he takes the phone and tells her Wookie left, but of course she's not falling for it.  Some may find Se Ho annoying, but at least he knows how to stir things up so it doesn't get boring.  Bom says she'll talk later when she's drinking. Please let this happen!
bcook: hmmm Wookie was definitely acting like the guy who has feelings for the girl but wants to hide it but wants to know how she feels without revealing his feelings. You know. That guy.
JoAnne: Yeah, I could see that...but it could also just be the guy who wants to know what the cool strange girl thinks of him but doesn't want to look like it matters.  You know.  Every guy.

Later, the house gathers and Wookie and Se Ho do their song that they taped, which after many retakes is really pretty adorable. Soo Hyun and Na Na do their dance, then head off to make what looks like a pretty unappetizing dinner for the group.  What happened to Mama Shin?  I'd rather see him chopping in the kitchen.  Se Ho, let's stir up the action with some Mama Shine, OK?  Hopefully we'll see more of him next episode.
bcook: Mama Shine? PD probably decided that having perfect food all the time would be boring.
Lafer:  Haha, I made a typo but I'm sure you think he does shine in your eyes!
JoAnne:  In all our eyes.

Favorite moment in Episode 3 that I almost missed:  Wookie wiping food off of Chan Yeol's mouth. Chan Yeol seemed so shocked and told producers his heart fluttered a little.  But I love how he quickly and quietly gets up and moves a little further away from Wookie!
bcook: hehe. I caught that too. Poor guy. He must have been so flustered. I think that's the difference between a guy who's spent army time (i.e. grueling hours with just men) and one who hasn't. All that stuff doesn't seem to matter. #peoplewatchingteachesyouthings #howwouldiknowanyway #goodguessright?
JoAnne: So I guess all the pairings going on in the EXO fandom have NO basis when it comes to ChanYeol? 
So that wraps up episode 3.  Will the Bom-Wookie romance start to bloom?  Will the roommates like the dinner that Soo Hyun and Na Na prepared?  Stay tuned!