Witch's Romance - Episode 11 (A Slightly Calmer Squee)

Things calm down a little bit in the noonasphere as our Puppy is clearly having an effect on Ji Yeon this week. Someone needs to hurry up and just tell Polar Bear he's not the end game, though, because clearly he's not taking the hints the right way, and even if he only got a few minutes air time those were precious minutes we could have spent with Dong Ha. Or Spinach, or even Ban Eomma and Director Shekshi. ANYONE but stupidface, please.
kakashi: Well said. Things may be calming down, but they for sure are not OKAY as long as Asshat takes up space and time (including mine). Though he makes me rhyme. And since just bashing Asshat is getting old, maybe we should start bashing Ji-yeon some more, too. Because at the center of all this stupidity is her.  
Episode 11

In case anyone has forgotten the trauma of last week, Show opens with a reminder of just how broken one heart can be. Answer: pretty fucking broken. And just to drive home the point that Polar Bear is an enormous blinking neon light of NO, we get to watch Mom be shocked, furious, and then sadly accepting of Ji Yeon's incomprehensible response to the reappearance of the worst boyfriend in the world. (Yes, fine, I'm tired of trying to explain why him not ever calling is no worse than her ever not calling. I want to focus my energies on Puppy, and so I'm postponing my efforts to at least attempt fairness toward PB.) (It's that godawful FACE of his that inspires such rage. If this part were played by, let's say, Kim Ji-hoon, I would probably be much calmer) When we get to present time, Ji Yeon is sitting on the bench with a sleeping Pup's head in her lap, wondering aloud what might have been. She gently wakes Dong Ha, who either wasn't all that asleep or simply is very affectionate the moment he wakes up, because his first move is to kiss her. Ji Yeon does not exactly push him away, but we don't see how that ends up, either.
kakashi: I was thinking he was either faking the whole terribly drunk thing or was still heavily under the influence when he kissed her. In any case, I really have a hard time still liking Ji-yeon now. I know that one can be conflicted about two people, that one can even love two people. But as soon as you start hurting one or the other (or both), it's time to do something about the situation. I hate how she is constantly seeking to be near him and thus makes things much worse for him. Pfui.
Unbeknownst to the two, Intern Girl and Cutie have returned to the apartments to drop off Ji Yeon's phone. Intern Girl is frozen solid at the sight of the kiss, and it must have gone on long enough that Cutie needed to get out of the car and come find her (which, yay!) because he has to pull her away. Props to him for his mature and discreet response to what was clearly an unexpected sight for both - I really like the guy and the way we've slowly grown to learn that he's a decent human being with a good handle on reading the emotions of others. But seriously, how could someone as awesome as Dong Ha have a jerk for a friend, anyway?
kakashi: This drama is really frustrating to watch - or has become so ever since the return of Fuckface, so I can say with confidence that the Bromance is by far the best part of it. And part of the awesomeness of the Bromance is Yoon Hyun-min, who ROCKS this role. It cannot be said enough, Cutie Soo is awesome. I want more of him, much more. 
JoAnne: Mary needs to write a law that has Yoon Hyun Min in a role in every drama cycle from this day forward.
Just as they drive away, Polar Bear walks up. Sigh. Fortunately he does us ALL a favor and leaves when he sees Ji Yeon leading an obviously drunk Dong Ha toward his home. When it's obvious that Dong Ha can't even get into the house by himself, Ji Yeon helps him in and gets him settled in bed. She sits by him and wishes him a tender goodnight. Once she leaves, a suspiciously sober-looking Dong Ha opens his eyes and stares sadly into the night.
kakashi: This scene doesn't help my growing hate for Ji-yeon. She could AT LEAST have kissed his forehead. Or some other parts of his body. Just stoopid. (I would have, if I were her.)
We get a moment of necessary respite with Cutie returning the phone to Ji Yeon later that evening. Everything he does is a perfect representation of 'I cannot EVEN with you' and between the faces and the sound effects, we get to giggle and save our hearts from the crushing weight of Dong Ha's sadness. Thank God for Moldy Spinach! Plus I'm tired of sharp-as-a-tack Ji Yeon just NOT getting why people are frustrated with her over this, and I think her teeshirt graphic is perfect - an open mouth with bloody vampire teeth. She's KILLING Dong Ha. Oh yeah, she opens the phone and sees that Obsessive Possessive Needy Ignoring the Truth Polar Bear called 5 times since the approximately two hours ago that she spoke to him.
kakashi: I want to start a FB group called "We Love Moldy Spinach So Much". Are you with me? I am still trying to be normal on FB.
Ohhh, it's finally starting to register in Ji Yeon's conscious brain, it looks like. She goes from seeing the missed calls with Polar Bear to reliving the kiss with Dong Ha - which she definitely did not protest. She calls his name sadly and rests her head on her folded up knees as she ponders her situation.
kakashi: Not helping. Ji-yeon, I need to do something to your face. Sorry. 
The next morning, Cutie Soo gives Dong Ha exactly the same side-eye he gave Ji Yeon the night before. (Which is good: he cares about them both, and this thing between them is not healthy.) Dong Ha plays it off like he has no idea what's going on but something in the look he gives Cutie as the latter flounces off makes me think otherwise.
kakashi: It crosses my mind that I wouldn't mind seeing a drama/movie with those two as lovers. Not at all.
The next scene is Polar Bear picking out a ring. I have nothing else to say about it. Ok fine! He designed it, it's pretty, WHATEVER.
kakashi: It is NOT. Also ... I fear I'm running out of face-disfigurement ideas. He has to leave soon. 
Ji Yeon is leaving her apartment and stands for a minute watching the boy's door - but when it opens she tries to run off. Not fast enough - Cutie Soo calls out to her but only so that he can glare again and stalk off without speaking. The sound effects and his face... plus he holds his body like a pissy old maid - I really, truly, 100% find this guy hilarious. Where is Aoki in that? He's nowhere. Ji Yeon is back to doing the innocent 'who me' thing and by now I want to slap her.
kakashi: Do you think there's a health risk in watching this? I think I have blood pressure issues ...
She's off to see the musical Bonnie and Clyde with StupidFace and his stupid ring, and it just irks me intensely that Korea has recast the story as a comedy because it is so NOT a comedy. Hahahahah, let's watch some ignorant backwoods uneducated hillbillies die in a hail of gunfire! It just gives me ideas for a suitable ending for Polar Bear. Not wise, show.
kakashi: Intense gunfire? Good idea. I'm not pro guns. But for him, I make an exception.
They cleared up the evening before quickly and seemingly without issue on the ride to the theater, but Polar Bear keeps eyeing Ji Yeon and since his face doesn't move we can't tell if he's looking at her because he loves her, or because he is about as jealous and insecure as a man can be. Hoping for the latter. After the show, someone one bumps him and Ji Yeon has a mini hissy fit. Polar Bear comments on her former timidity and she passes that off as image control, which leads me to think YAY she doesn't care how she looks in front of him anymore because she doesn't love him! Sadly, it could also be a sign that she's more mature, and thus more comfortable being herself. Well fine then, hurry up and admit to yourself and everyone else that you are in love with a larval male who is already more of a man than this schmuck could ever hope to be, and put us ALL out of our misery.
kakashi: Just stop showing them together forkrissakes! On the left, by the way, is what we call "Arsch mit Ohren" in German. Google it. (I did, hahahahahah)
Sigh. It just never ends. They go back to his apartment. They look at pictures of houses and she stupidly asks if he's considering a feature on architecture, and then they look at pictures of dogs. COME ON. We all know what this means and so do you, Ji Yeon. He makes her a ridiculous scrap book that I HATE because he made it, and then he pops the question with the ring.
kakashi: Haaaaaaaaaaaaate! Be reptile people from another planet! Be extinct! Die of skin disease! 
Meanwhile, Ban Eomma runs into Mistah Yoon outside the apartments, and takes him out for a real meal, at the FishCakery. She stuuuuuuuuuuuuuupidly goes on and on about how she expects Ji Yeon will be getting married soon and how if she just had another daughter she would totally want him for her second son in law, and how great he is and ha ha there was a time when she really wished he and Ji Yeon would be together. Na Rae and Min Goo look on, cringing in pain for Dong Ha. Unless she's doing it to push him to action? NO. NO, she was SERIOUS. Well, let's give some praise to a mom who supports her kid even when she hates what the kid is doing. But poor Dong Ha finally just has to say it out loud: 'I love her. It was real. I really love her.'
kakashi: JoAnne, I'm a bit through with this drama. I'm glad it's over soon. I don't like it anymore. My ratings are dropping as we speak and I'm not even sure there's a bottom to be hit. 
JoAnne: Honestly I don't hate the hard parts of dramas, because it's like wiggling that loose tooth: it hurts SO good. But I wish they'd limit the angst to a week. Two at most. I like kiddie rollercoasters, not grown up ones.
He tells her that he often wonders what would have happened if he'd met her daughter sooner, or if Polar Bear hadn't come back. He acknowledges that none of it matters, now. Mama Ban is shocked into silence but then berates him for choosing such an old, bad-tempered person as her daughter. He shrugs in helpless agreement; no matter what, it's Ji Yeon. Mom is completely floored by his pain and takes his hand with tears in her eyes, confessing that she has no idea what to say.
kakashi: I do wonder who came up with the idea to rub his pain into our faces again and again and again. Somebody is a total sadist. I think we get it by now. Also, I think dramas should refrain from going 16 episodes when the story in them covers 8 at the most. Or 6.
Back on the Bench of True Love, we hear Dong Ha's deepest fear: What if no one else ever does come along, despite people's assurances? (No problem, dude. Just marry Moldy Spinach) What if he never finds another to love, and forever, it's Ji Yeon? (Only in KDrama do people love the same person from the age of 2 until they die) The scene where Ji Yeon wonders aloud what might have been plays again, and this time we see that he heard her. It must be incredibly hard for him - he did nothing wrong, and yet he loses out - even when the girl herself acknowledges that it could have been very different. Of course, one could say that Polar Bear has a bit of that ledge to stand on, too, but I won't because I want him to go away.
kakashi: Yeah, and sorry, but such is life. We are not entitled to anything. The best we can do is be grateful if things go well and hopeful when things don't. In any case, you go and become a doctor now, young one, and then we see. 
There's a completely unnecessary scene at TroubleMaker where Ji Yeon gets a bonus for a story she did and we meet the new assistant who's a self-important idiot (haaaaaate him!) and the Stooges do their stooge-y thing (fook off!). Interspersed we have scenes of Dong Ha running around like mad doing all his part-time stuff for the Masters of Part Time business. One of the things he does is arrive on the scene of an accident and pretend to be a boyfriend to help a woman get out of a jam. Whatever (Oh my goodness so much whatever I can't even!). Also in there, Mom and Director Shekshi meet up 'by accident' and exchange phone numbers. Mom asks Shekshi out for dinner. Things are heating up on one front, at least.
kakashi: Fillers. It's all fillers. I'm getting rage-shakes. It ain't pretty. 
Back at the apartment in the evening Dong Ha is suspicious of Cutie, who seems dressed more for clubbing than work at his restaurant, and who also smells suspiciously good. Later we'll learn that he does this in case Intern Girl stops by, which she does; he walks her home and is reintroduced to the mother, who approves (why??? I mean ... I approve as well, but why would she, immediately? Well it's not like she gave permission to marry. But he was cute and polite and seemed fun). Intern Girl seems completely unaware that Cutie could be an eligible male for her. I've been grateful that they have played down that role in this version, because in My Queen she seriously tried to come between the Witch and the Puppy.
kakashi: Oh my gawd, my rage would have reached unheard of levels. This is already worse than Heirs, but with that woman meddling as well? JoAnne, what would I have done??!
JoAnne: I remember one particularly rage-filled Heirs cap where I honestly thought you might quit.
Ji Yeon arrives at the Fishcakery with fancy fruits for Na Rae and then, unwatched in the busy restaurant, proceeds to drink herself into a near-stupor. (Because you are marrying the wrong man, idiot! do we really need at least 5 episodes for her to realize that though?! ) She manages to get home alright but then drunkenly goes to the wrong apartment and lets herself in. Dong Ha just kind of rolls with it once he realizes what's going on. He tucks her in carefully and his hand just automatically goes out to smooth her hair, but he stops himself. My heart is cracking into bits whenever I see his face I hate this SO MUCH.
kakashi: I will now go on radio silence filled with incredible rage. So does he actually think touching her hair when she sleeps is a crime? Seriously. 
JoAnne: Probably not but if you are trying to keep yourself in check and your heart is already breaking, why allow yourself these little things that won't turn out to be a comfort at all anyway? They just prolong the agony.
He's sitting on the couch with his sad, resigned face turned toward the bedroom, where the woman he loves to death lies sleeping in his bed, drunk because she can't handle the reality that she's throwing away the love of her life with both hands, thinking about how it's just a quirk of timing that keeps them apart, when Cutie Soo comes home and immediately notices that there are women's shoes in the door and jumps to the happy conclusion that his friend has finally gotten over his broken heart. But no, instead he is given the shocking news that it's Ji Yeon sleeping in there.
kakashi: It strikes me in this very moment that in the two dramas that I'm currently watching (yeah, blogging keeps me from watching more, thankyouverymuch) people constantly get piss drunk. Seriously, Korea. You have issues.
And then suddenly, rather awkwardly, but MOST WELCOME anyway, it's a sunny, glowy morning and Dong Ha is gently waking Ji Yeon, asleep in his arms. Well this can't be real. And no, it's not - but is it Ji Yeon's dream, triggered by Dong Ha's voice calling her awake from the doorway? Or is it Dong Ha's fantasy, as he looks at the women he loves lying sprawled half on and half off his bed like a drunk toddler? I'm going with Ji Yeon. Her subconscious is getting louder by the minute.
kakashi: Oh yes. It's definitely her! Come on, have you taken at good look at Assface lately?! And their interaction?! They haven't seen each other for six years or so, but they haven't even kissed! He hasn't stayed over! In plain words: NO SEX. 
Her conscious self is kind of STUPID though and she's hilariously confused about why she's in Dong Ha's bed. She races out of the apartment with him in hot pursuit and of course, yes, they run smack into Mr. Lame-O Polar Bear on the outside stairs. Where he hears that Ji Yeon and Dong Ha used to live together.
kakashi: Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. 
Inside her apartment, Ji Yeon explains she actually lived with two guys, not just Dong Ha, and that she moved out last week. He's not thrilled that she spent the night there (and had WILD sex parties!), but he lets it go (how very generous). For now, anyway? That's right, StupidFace. Better not put up any fusses because you are hanging on by a thread and you know it.
kakashi: D'awwwwww. I think he is actually a nice guy. Here comes the turn around! Kakashi starts liking Assface! No disfigurement this time. Also no pic. But that's better than a disfigured one, right? 
JoAnne: The thing is, he's not a bad guy. He's not mean or a liar or uncaring. It's clear that he loves Ji Yeon and that he's trying to be patient and understanding. These are good qualities. It's just that we don't WANT HIM. We want Dong Ha.

Over at the guy's house, Dong Ha is talking to himself about how he hasn't done anything wrong but he feels bad and he has nothing to feel bad about when Cutie Soo comes rushing out of the bedroom and demands to know who he is talking to while flashing him a long clear look at all his glorious nekkidness. We have no idea why. Just roll with it.
kakashi: Sometimes, things make no sense. And it's those things that are the best. My ratings for the drama have just improved tremendously. 
Dong Ha isn't fazed, just says he feels even MORE wrong about what he just saw. Cutie flops down on the table in front of him with one foot resting on the couch between Dong Ha's legs. He claims that Dong Ha is suspicious, always talking to himself. Dong Ha retorts that Cutie is dirty, and he's not suspicious, he's honorable.I have no idea why ANY of that happened, nor do I care. My best guess is Yoon Hyun Min pulled a prank and they decided it worked and added it to the script.
kakashi: It's totally normal to flash people, JoAnne. Totally. 
JoAnne: It's not like I haven't ever flashed anyone, Kashi.  But I also fall down  and drop things. And they don't put stuff like that in a show for no reason.
Things are awkward in the car on the way to TroubleMaker. Ji Yeon is apologetic, and Polar Bear points out that it's not that he doesn't trust her - but he IS wondering what would make her drink so much she could confuse houses. Dancing closer to the truth, are we? Good.
kakashi: Clearly, they should flash each other more. No pic. 

At work we see Ji Yeon instructing the new assistant but then it's her imagination and it's all these scenes with Dong Ha where he gave as good as he got and it's very, very clear that they were equals in that relationship pretty much from the beginning. While his woman is remembering all the reasons Dong Ha is The Most Awesome, scaredy-cat Polar Bear heads back to the apartments to warn Dong Ha away from Ji Yeon. So very lame. Dong Ha, who has done nothing but try his utmost to honor her decision (well, for the most part) doesn't even dignify the weaker man with a response.
kakashi: Pooooooooor Asshat. Now he knows he is losing. There's the silver lining. We are going to get there. Hopefully before I die of rage fits. Also, lovely boy-on-boy interaction before. With keys. Surpriiiiiiise! Look who gets a gif!
Ji Yeon has left work and is baby-stuff shopping with a squealing, easily-distracted Na Rae. They end up leaving to go eat Patbingsu, which sounds really good. Hold the beans on mine, please. They end up at a spa for a few hours of massages and mani-pedis, courtesy of Na Rae's really solidly decent and from certain angles Jang Dong Gun reminiscent husband. Where, of course, Dong Ha arrives to deliver boxes. And Polar Bear arrives to pick up Ji Yeon for a dinner date. Ji Yeon, flush with guilt over her slowly growing realization that she made the WRONG FUCKING CHOICE but still determined to live with it, thinks the only possible thing to do is hide with Dong Ha when she realizes Polar Bear is about to catch sight of them.
kakashi: Yes. Very good strategy to go hide in a dark room. Seriously. This woman deserves an award for being the most stupid. 
Although Dong Ha is rightfully confused to find himself shoved into an empty room and up against a wall since they haven't done anything wrong, I am simply grateful for the opportunity to watch. One room of hiding isn't enough levels of security though so Ji Yeon pushes Dong Ha into another room inside the first room. Dong Ha is disappointed to see how Ji Yeon practically cowers before the idea of Polar Bear 'misunderstanding' and he's just pretty much had it with the whole thing by now, so when Ji Yeon pushes him up against that second wall, standing close to hide from Na Rae (who does almost find them) he clearly makes a decision.
kakashi: Oh. Some hearts are beating fast right now, are they not? 
The atmosphere in that room changes on a dime, I swear - they both become aware of the nearness of the other and although Ji Yeon seems to be trying to avoid or ignore it, Dong Ha practically vibrates with emotion. He looks like he would eat the air between them if he could. He asks if she's afraid he'll kiss her again, and when she expresses surprise that he remembers he asks rhetorically if there's a man alive who won't remember kissing the woman he loves. Ji Yeon is clearly moved, but she's still locked into her plan and she steps away to leave the room. Dong Ha grabs her shoulders and pushes her back against the wall, where he rests his hands to keep her in place.
kakashi: Kiiiiiiiiiss her! So naughty! With her fiance in the next room! 
When she asks why he's being like this he bursts out desperately that it's unfair; he hasn't done anything wrong. Does she feel guilty around him? And then... oh, then... Kakashi will definitely gif the sexiness that happens. I don't need to describe it, since my words will not do justice to what her gif can explain so eloquently - and I mean really, all that happens is Dong Ha asks her why she feels guilty, and then he leaves the room. Yeah, right.
Once he goes, Ji Yeon lets out a huge breath and sags against the wall. Is she both shaken AND stirred? Na Rae happens to see Dong Ha as he walks away down the hall and when she sees Ji Yeon she mentions him and FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY, shit gets real between the girlfriends. Ji Yeon confesses that every where she goes and everything she does, Dong Ha is there. She hears his voice at work, she sees his face in crowds. She feels guilty, not like herself at all. She has no idea what's going on, even though Polar Bear has proposed. Na Rae points out wisely that it's not the proposal that matters, but Ji Yeon's own heart. She counsels her friend to look carefully at who her heart is pointing toward. Ji Yeon looks at her like a tiny little light went on in her frustrating pea brain.
kakashi: If I put myself in her shoes for a second, despite all the rage I feel, I must admit I can relate to her struggles. Really well, in fact. Asshat is her old life, and stability (despite his African crave etc.). Dong-ha on the other hand is a wildcard. Maybe it's just phyiscal attraction? How can she know? She isn't the youngest of women anymore. Would you really give up that stability for a potential disaster? I am not sure. 
JoAnne: Nope, I am totally with you, and we sort of talked about it a little bit earlier in the series.  Dong Ha is a WONDERFUL guy, but he's not a grown up yet, not really, and they are at different points in their lives.  There's work that would have to be done there to make a REAL relationship, and if she chose him, it would be an ENORMOUS leap of faith that it would work out for the long term.
Oh yes, maybe - because she does NOT go out to dinner with Polar Bear, she goes home 'because she was feeling dizzy after the sauna' or something lame like that. Later on, she's on the phone with Young Shik who needs to borrow some book about an interviewee, and while looking for it, Ji Yeon finds THE book. She doesn't recognize it or think that she bought it, and then she discovers the fly leaf inscription asking her not to leave.
kakashi: Well, fooking finally. But he COULD have just given it to her. 
She remembers that night when he asked if she read all those books, and that he said she should dust them regularly - now she knows why he was so interested. She remembers how he begged her not to go, and the night that he swore he'd never betray her. She recalls his forehead kiss, and his wish for her to be happy with her 'amazing boyfriend.' Ji Yeon is growing more emotional by the second, and when she finally turns to the marked page, with the instruction to live each day as if it were your last and not hold words you want to share in your heart, her tears start to fall. She remembers Na Rae's words earlier, to look into her heart and see where it was pointing. She clutches the book to her chest and remembers all the many, many happy moments with Dong Ha. Meanwhile, he's outside on her porch staring into the night after having walked home in a sad zombie daze. The last we see of him, he's gotten up and is walking away from her home and towards his own, BUT. She runs to the door and flings it open, and he's standing there.
kakashi: And now - back to episode 2! No? Duh. 


I don't trust this. Next week, maybe. This week, no. They haven't gotten their full pound of flesh from my breaking heart, oh no, I think they've got another knife hidden somewhere. Still, I know the Reign of the Polar Bear is about to end and as reigns go, it went pretty quickly. I am thankful for this although no, I am not stupid enough to believe the way is fully clear for Dong Ha and Ji Yeon.
kakashi: Of course this is not it. Because this is episode 11. Seriously. Get on with it. 

My biggest question this week? Seriously, what the FUCK was that flash scene with Yoon Hyun Min? Don't get me wrong - I am eternally grateful for what little I got to see... but still. Where did THAT come from?
kakashi: Straight from heaven.