Witch's Romance - Episode 12

kakashi: If you say so? 
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Episode 12

The door flies open. Ji Yeon and Dong Hwa are face to face. She's clearly upset, and because she hesitates and won't look at him, Dong Ha assumes she's upset because of him. Which she is, but not in the way he thinks. She starts to speak but he interrupts. NO DONG HA LET HER TALK.
kakashi: Oh, I see. Now it's his turn to be a stupid idiot. Fine, fine, let it be everybody's turn. 
Each is apologizing to the other and she's trying to tell him he doesn't have to, but he doesn't get to hear the part about BECAUSE I LOVE YOU DONG HA because he keeps interrupting and says now he's going to forget her. Like she said before, he's just 25. He's going to grow his business, and become more mature, and he'll be fine. She stands there crying but doesn't say a fucking word. I am SO ANGRY. He walks away and she just stands there watching him, crying. Covers her eyes, shoulders shaking from crying. Says NOTHING.
kakashi: Oh well. It's a friggin KDrama. They don't talk about their issues, normally. If they would, the drama would only be about 5 episodes long and we can't have that. 
Cutie Soo is not happy about this development either and keeps raising objections. Dong Ha smiles at him sadly and explains it simply: She's getting married. (So of course, how can he stay near? It would be too hard. His heart is breaking already. He can't bear to watch them together, although he has tried really hard, but he loves her so much, and he can't do it anymore. Yes, all of that was in his eyebrows shifting. Clear as day.) Cutie is shocked and asks himself what the hell that KISS was about, then. I'm with you, Cutie.
kakashi: Well, it's because this is only episode 12, Cutie. Wanna come over? I'll explain KDrama logic to you. 
Next day. Mom shows up at Ji Yeon, who CLEARLY just rolled out of bed. Surprise! Polar Bear is with her! Sigh. It's time for wedding planning. Mom's got dates, they're all next month, and here's the places that are open. For the next while we just see more and more proof that Ji Yeon is SO NOT INTO this and that Polar Bear is trying to pretend it isn't obvious as he takes on the lion's share of wedding arrangements with Mom and Ji Yeon keeps working like nothing is happening. She doesn't even mention the engagement at work.
kakashi: Why the rush by the way? Ahhh, is it about chastity aka no sex before marriage? Oh look, Polar Bear has grown a crazy hipster beard!
Na Rae is kind of milking the pregnancy thing. She's very sensitive to smells though, and he does end up having to call in Dong Ha for a few days as help. Na Rae overhears Min Goo complaining and runs away to Ji Yeon's, where she proceeds to be just as obnoxiously pregnant as she was at home, but Ji Yeon grins and bears it for a while, and in between there somewhere she gives side dishes to Cutie from her mom and grills him about Dong Ha. She saw his dad, and at work there's news of a scandal related to his hospital, and she's worried about how Dong Ha feels about that and if there's trouble between him and his dad. Cutie does not spill any beans.
kakashi: Thanks for mentioning all this. Because there can never be enough Cutie Soo in a Squeecap, even if Cutie Soo is just a beautiful, beautiful filler. 
While all of this is going on, Mom and Polar Bear are spending time together prepping for the wedding, and Mom cautions him that a lot changes in six years (you don't say. Maybe it would be a good idea not to RUSH things then?!). She says it a miracle that they found their way back to each other, so they should be sure to live happily. She leads into this, though, by giving him the wedding shoes Ji Yeon picked out six years ago. In contrast, at that time she was so excited she'd try the shoes on every day, to the point where Mom had to ask which she loved more, the groom or the shoes? What goes unsaid is how differently she acts now, when work keeps her from appointments they've made and her entire attitude is more subdued. 
kakashi: Ah, shoes. Yes, give her shoes! And wings! 
JoAnne: The shoes sort of have wings...those big ass bows.
At one point, Ji Yeon even manages to gather the courage to tell Polar Bear that things seem to be moving really fast - but he is still in 'I can make this work' mode, and he assures her that things will be ok. He knows that Dong Ha is an issue, but with time they can get over that. NO. NO YOU CAN'T. YOU CANNOT. NOPE.
kakashi: Poor idiot. 
Having Na Rae around is kind of good for Ji Yeon, though, since it gives her someone to talk to. She confesses that she never actually got to confess, because Dong Ha interrupted and she's stupid. Well, she doesn't say THAT part but it's still true. And then she explains and it makes a little sense. Dong Ha told her he would forget. He told her he'd be fine and he'd meet lots of people. Of course! Na Rae explodes. Because YOU didn't say anything. You idiot! is implied. She wants to know how her friend feels about Shi Hoon, and the best Ji Yeon can come up with is that he's a good person, and perhaps planning a second wedding with him is the best way to end her thirties, after all.
kakashi: Sure. That's EXACTLY how it works. Expressed in gifs: 
Polar Bear drops by the apartment but Ji Yeon isn't there. As it happens, while Na Rae is getting drinks Polar Bear is checking out the bookshelves and he picks up THE BOOK and he sees the flyleaf inscription and guess what? It's different now. Ji Yeon wrote back to Dong Ha and said 'I'm sorry... it's too late.' Someone does not look happy at all... and then Na Rae takes a stab at talking sense into people who have none.
kakashi: JoAnne! Why are you leaving out all the cute Cutie Soo scenes? Yeah, I know .... FILLERS, but he is wearing the white pants again!!!!!! Unfortunately, there's only frontal shots. I know. Not okay!! 
JoAnne: I'm sorry I just want to be DONE with this episode...I'm hurrying.
When Polar Bear teases her about telling Min Goo he was her first love, Na Rae uses the opportunity to try and show him the reality of the situation. Men and women lie for different reasons, she says. She told Min Goo he was her first love not to protect herself, but because hearing that she'd loved someone else before would hurt Min Goo. A man lies to protect his own feelings, but a woman lies to protect someone else's. Polar Bear hears that loud and clear, as he is meant to.
kakashi: D'awwwwwwwz, Polar Bear. You miserable sod. You pooooooor, poooooooor idiot. Hey, have a unaltered image. I feel sorry for you. You LOSE. Nononono, I'm not gloating.
Like Na Rae, Ji Yeon knows when to step in and help her friend. She goes to Min Goo to tell him to collect his wife. Of course he misses her like crazy and is gone like a shot as soon as he hears that Na Rae misses him, too (Ach, come on, drama. Why all that completely pointless stuff ... :(((. Which leaves Ji Yeon and Dong Ha alone in the restaurant! It's very awkward for a while and Dong Ha is trying to get dirt on the new assistant in some sort of jealous/competitive fit (silly). When they finally hit on driving and discover that this is an area where Dong Ha has the new guy beat they are both pleased as punch.
kakashi: Yeah. Okay. This is how awkward they are: 
Na Rae and Min Goo come back right then, and it's a party for the two couples - but at home, Polar Bear is thinking about all the little pieces, and how they all add up to one thing: he is not the one (d'aaaawwwwwwwwwwz AND NOW LEAVE!). At the end of the evening, Dong Ha and Ji Yeon walk home together. Talk meanders from his future plans to his father to his father's hospital, and eventually, Ji Yeon says she wants to throw him a farewell party, like he did for her. He tries to say that things were different then, but she won't hear of it. He gives in to her, as he usually does.
kakashi: I feel more sorry for us people watching this than for him, to be honest. I am SO annoyed by this type of stupid misunderstanding shit. Not only in this drama. It's a very common thing in KDrama, unfortunately. Rant over.
My poor puppy... if he only knew what the situation really was. If she would only be brave!
kakashi: Yeah. Go and tell him. 

Now it's Mom's turn to try and talk sense to Ji Yeon. She tells her that she wanted her to be married so that she wouldn't be lonely; so that she would have a partner to share things with. Not to get married just for the sake of being married, but to have that happiness with someone you love. Ji Yeon asks what Mom is getting at, and Mom is pretty straightforward: is she sure that Polar Bear is the one she wants to be with? Ji Yeon is not very quick to respond with a yes, I must say. She passes off her lack of participation as being busy at work. Mom takes her hand and says to her very lovingly (I adore this Mom, she's awesome - THAT I agree with! She must get a medal for goodestest mom in KDrama) that she must live for herself, not for someone else. Mom absolutely knows the deal, and Ji Yeon knows she knows. Both women are teary and sad... and nothing changes. Next thing we see is Ji Yeon in her wedding dress. It's picture day, yay. Woohoo. I'm so excited.
kakashi: Stupid is as stupid does and stupid goes and stupid forever. 
Na Rae, God love her, gets sick on the way to the photographer's studio and she and Ji Yeon take a detour to the hospital. Polar Bear waits alone at the studio for his bride. Min Goo shows up at the hospital courtesy of Dong Ha, of course, who is practically brought to his knees at the sight of Ji Yeon in her wedding dress. His face... man. Not that Ji Yeon looks much better. By the way? Weirdest hospital in the world. It has pink walls, white leather seating, and a big black gothic/victorian mirror on the wall. So her standing there in her wedding dress as they stare at each other? Doesn't look that out of place.
kakashi: I think it's some wormhole thing. This is an alternate universe. At least she is in one ... he is looking at ther through this hole in the wall between the worlds.
The world's most forgotten groom is still at the studio, trying to call Ji Yeon, but her phone is off. He eventually calls Na Rae's phone, but Min Goo answers and tells him that they're at the hospital, so of course he heads over there.
kakashi: Whoever writes this totally hates men. Have you notices how s/he makes them suffer in the most brutal ways? Look, Asshat. I give you another spotlight. With ... only minor changes to your face (the black ... it inspired me). 
Turns out Na Rae is constipated and her discomfort is gas pains. Ji Yeon practically faints from relief upon learning that Na Rae and baby are fine, and of course Dong Ha catches her, and of course that's what Polar Bear sees. Or rather... what he sees is how lovingly and carefully Dong Ha helps her to a seat, and then how awkwardly they try not show each other how much they care. He watches them for a while, sadly, and then slips away. To Africa? Is he gone gone? That wouldn't be right.
kakashi: Certainly not. We will see him again and again and again, I'm certain! Also, on his way from the photostudio to the hospital, the blackness consumed him. It's an alien lifeform! He is doomed anyway. 
Once Na Rae has the ok to leave, Ji Yeon rushes off to the studio in a taxi. Dong Ha watches her go and I swear his heart breaks all over again. It looks like no one is left at the studio when Ji Yeon arrives, but Polar Bear is there, his usual understanding self. Ji Yeon is apologetic, but he says the important thing is that Na Rae is alright, and he's a photographer - he can just take their pictures himself. Why does he have to be such a decent guy, when he's someone we hate?
kakashi: Somewhat reminds me of the Addams Family, this? (he managed to get the black fungus off ... temporarily) YES
He gives her the wedding shoes from six years ago, and that's when I know, or think I do. Why are they taking pictures? I don't understand - you all know the Korean adage about giving a loved one shoes. They'll use them to run away from you. Maybe since he didn't buy them it doesn't count. I don't know. All I know is they take a million wedding photos, and then back at his house they're going through them all happily enough.
kakashi: I see a hallux abducto valgus in her future. He knows. It pains him.
One in particular catches her eye and she compliments his skill. He thanks her and then says he'll keep this one. She's puzzled at the phrase, and he says a whole lot of shit that's basically the end of the engagement. Some people think he was mean to be mean, some people think he was mean to make it easy for her, some people don't think he was mean at all.
kakashi: Yeah, that's the problem with him in general. We don't really know what he is. Also, he looks the worst from the side. 
I don't really care, because in the end I know he's not a bad guy, he just has terrible timing and he's not right for Ji Yeon, and his break up speech strikes me as being half wanting to remain calm and not be pitiful, and half making it so she can't protest and stay with him. Because the important thing is he knows that she loves Dong Ha and chose to be with him instead out of a feeling of obligation and because it's the 'smart' thing to do.
kakashi: The important thing is: bye bye. 

Of course, while this is happening at Polar Bear's house, Dong Ha is at the apartment, packing. Last we see of him, he's heading off with a suit case.
kakashi: Looking oh so saaaaaaaaaad.


Four episodes left. Polar Bear is out of the picture, but Dong Ha is gone. What will Ji Yeon do? What's Dong Ha going to be doing? How will they get back together? They better not make this shit open ended, or I will HURT someone.
kakashi: I have long lost any hopes for good KDrama endings. When they do happen, it's like a ray of sunshine after weeks and weeks of terrible rain. 
I have to fault this version a little bit in here. In My Queen, you are privy to more of Cheryl Yang's thoughts - so you know that her choice of Polar Bear is part a feeling of 'this is how it was supposed to be', part a very real sense of guilt that he was seriously injured while trying to get to her, and part her fear of making the riskier choice of the younger man. But we knew from almost the minute she chose Polar Bear that SHE knew her heart was with Ethan and that her choice was logical (in her mind) not emotional. So it was harder to watch her struggle to do the 'right' thing, because we knew how much she wanted to do something different, and how afraid she was of trying . Here, we just saw Ji Yeon with her head in the sand pretending to be dumb about the whole mess, and that was just frustrating.
kakashi: I am so glad I only have to see this once.  
You are also much more able to see Polar Bear's thoughts because the actor, James Wen, was able to convey them very clearly (and had better script to do it, too, perhaps.) You saw more of his struggle to avoid jealousy and insecurity, and it was easier to accept that he was in pain, especially because he could see what a good person the other man was, too. When he left, it didn't feel at all like he wanted to be mean, just that he was acknowledging the reality and wanted the best for everyone.    Anyway. Next week!
kakashi: It'll better be good. Cause it's my turn.