Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 16 (KimJiCap)

You could think that having Kim Ji-hoon on my screen for more than two hours for 27 weeks would satisfy my Kim Ji-hoon cravings? Wrong. It makes me more greedy. And while I wait for my next Jang Bori craziness, I suddenly remembered that I have SO MANY more episodes of GEoDiL to recap. Just lovely. Unfortunately, this episode is extreeeeeeeeemely boring. But it looks like the wedding is next! Yaaaaay!

Episode 16

Where were we?! Ah, the wedding presents! Boknam gets a new laptop ... and BoksuOmma  ... hahahaha, oh my goodness. It's a huuuuuuuuuuuge folding screen (it barely fits into the room. And a pompous looking golden mattress. Of course, Matron isn't pleased at all. And that's an understatement. She tells them to send everything back, but BoksuOmma says decisively she doesn't want to. Huh! You go, BoksuOmma!!
Boknam goes to Mijin's house, sighing heavily. In-woo sees her standing around outside and asks what's going on - she just hands him her new laptop, sighing even heavier. She tells him to take it back and he completely misunderstands her, thinking she wants something bigger and better. She starts crying because she's so upset and In-woo goes all softie on her. Awwwww. He likes her ...
But where is Boksu/Kim Ji-hoon?! This is a KimJiCap after all!!! 20minutes in, he returns from the office. He looks at his mother on her throne (he is a polite son but he is clearly thinking WTF) and goes to meet the sad Boknam who is returning from Minjin's sans laptop. He promises to buy her a new laptop with his own money.  She is happy. The whole section is rather pointless, but I'll take it, thankyouverymuch, cause extremely cute and handsome Kim Ji-hoon.
Later, Boksu meets Mijin outside her house. He has missed her - they haven't seen each other for a while (what, a day?), being so busy with things. He also thanks her for giving his mother such a nice silk cushion; he always promised her one but didn't deliver. But when she offers to bring more stuff, he gets upset. She doesn't understand why and he doesn't offer an explanation, but of course it just strikes him how vastly different they are.
Things remain super tense at the Lee-house. BoksuOmma goes on a hunger strike because she wants to keep her mattress (and adds a sit-strike to it so that Halmoni cannot take the mattress away). Boksu is a GREAT diplomat - he sweet talks his mother (i.e. assuring her how much Mijin thinks of her), but she doesn't want to give up this fight against the Matron. She no longer wants to be mistreated after her new DIL comes into the household! At the same time, BoksuAppa tries to convince Halmoni to give in. Who will win? 
Boksu invites all the coworkers to the wedding. A bit later, he is walking outside with Mijin. They talk about Halmoni and how she is upset because she thinks both BoksuOmma and Mijin disobeyed her. Of course it's not because of Mijin that his house is in a mess, Boksu says - but she kinda set the fire by trying to do well: and now, old grievances need to be settled before things can quiet down.

The Rest

Sad Wife is caught talking on the phone ON THE TOILET (see episode 15). Yeah. That's such a terrible sin! She is now very nervous around Giha, the mopey photographer (because she obviously likes him). He takes her to dinner. They're kinda cute. I'm beginning to like him, it seems. At least a tiiiiiny liiiiiittle bit.


Not a very exciting episode. But actually a necessary one! So we get an extended power-play between Halmoni and BoksuOmma, who finally says enough is enough. I hope BoksuOmma with her extremely ugly golden silk cushion mattress monstrosity wins!