Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 20 (KimJiCap)

Not so faaaaaast, drama!!! Slooooow down, you have 30 more episodes!!! All of a sudden, all our precious secrets are revealed or about to be revealed as all our characters re-connect. Thankfully, there's a few more secrets established right away. Can't have none.  
JoAnne: If we solve the central mysteries now (well they were never mysteries to US, of course, just to the characters) what does that mean for the future? Perhaps they develop some sort of Hanbok nuclear fission. No! I know! Hanbok Therapy! They develop a wardrobe of Hanbok that address myriad emotional complaints.
Episode 20

Min-jung starts bitching at Bori for entering her room when she sees what she has in her hands: the picture. Did she use this picture to win the competition and get financial support from Bi Sool Chae?, Bori demands to know. It's the one she used to draw and the one she taught Min-jung to draw, isn't it! So Min-jung plagiarized her picture! Min-jung denies everything (what else), but outside, Bong2 hears part of the conversation - and enters the room. You fool! You should have just listened, she was about to confess something!! Well, at least he sees that Min-jung is holding the picture and pieces a few things together. Maybe. He goes to his studio and calls Jangheung Elementary school. Good. Good! Though ... you will not resolve the biggest secret of them all so soon, will you not, drama?! He will probably die! Or fall into a coma! 
JoAnne: His wife will stab him to death with tiny needles as he sleeps.
Oh, I like this episode already, because here is Jae-hwa, and it didn't even take 3 minutes. It's the middle of the afternoon and his mother wants to know what he is doing home - shouldn't he be working? Ah, but poor Jae-hwa had to take time off. We know why! She guesses immediately that it's about his father's car, but all he is interested in is whether she has some money for him. She doesn't, and so he shuffles to the kitchen ...
... where Veggie Ahjumma is. But this wouldn't be our weekend drama if they immediately recognized each other! No, Jae-hwa sits down, almost delirious with joy upon seeing all this food and starts digging in. They manage not to look into each other's faces for at least 20 seconds, but then - the shock!
JoAnne: I chuckled at the choreography.
It's him! It's her! It's him! It's her! Ah, the insults she has for him ... delicious. He asks whether Bori said something weird about him, like for example that he hit another car, or that he is being threatened, but that sounds just crazy to Veggie Ahjumma. In an attempt to make himself believe he hates the woman, Jae-hwa tells her never to tell Bori that she's seen him here. Oh, goodie. A new secret.
JoAnne: And Bori doesn't know he's the son of the company that sponsored the contest either, does she? She has NO idea he's rich?
kakashi: No, and he so isn't rich, haha. He is completely broke and needs to find 5000 Dollars for car repairs and gangster payment. 
He even waits for her outside, to remind her of the promise again. She hits him. OMG, seriously! Stop hitting him! He is a 30 something man!!! Oh dear, he heard that she got a cash advance and is now asking her if he can borrow money from her. Which earns him a kick to the shin. Yeah, poor Jae-hwa, you look indeed pathetic. Come here, I'll give you hugsies.
JoAnne: So if he can't get loans and his dad takes his paycheck, what has he been giving his sister?
kakashi: A few episodes ago, he said he is giving her everything and I thought that's his paycheck?

A bit later, Bong2 observes how Bori arranges shoes in front of the house - and remembers back to Eun-bi, who did the same. From Jangheung Elementary School, he learned that Do Bori was one of their students. He asks her to his studio (no, his paintings aren't great, Bori), where she sees the picture - the one Eun-bi drew. Well, the one she herself drew. He says it's his daughter's drawing, which confuses Bori a great deal. Has she seen the girl who drew this picture, maybe? Didn't she say Min-jung stole someones picture? Bori, say something!!! When she starts to finally open her mouth, Min-jung interrupts. Witch! They say they didn't know each other back in school and Bori says she saw that picture here and there - she isn't sure who drew it.
JoAnne: Bori! You owe this girl NOTHING.
After Bori has left, Bong2 implores Min-jung to tell him where she saw the picture that she copied. He won't be angry with her. She lies and claims that she dreamt about it. Use your fooking brain, man! I'm just glad they knew Min-jung when she was little, which means she cannot suddenly pretend to be Eun-bi herself!! Thankfully, he doesn't trust Min-jung anymore - he is sure she is lying. Keep that up, man.
JoAnne: Gotta be a brain cell or two left in there (but no more dye sniffing for you!!).
After being mean to Bori outside, Min-jung goes back to the studio, now curious herself about that picture that Eun-bi drew. Shame she doesn't get a heart attack when she sees it. Yes, it's basically identical. Why is Bori's drawing like Eun-bi's drawing? Could it be that .... YES! Unfortunately, Min-jung is the last person I want to know this. She frantically goes on a search for an Eun-bi photo, but BaDIL catches her. She learns that Eun-bi disappeared on a day with heavy rain ... and Min-jung remembers how heavy it rained the day they left Seoul.
JoAnne: I have been wondering why no one simply looks at photos but perhaps that's just not the Hanbok Way. Figures it would be the little bitch who finally does something 20th-century.
Outside Bi Sool Chae, Bori picks up an escort ... handsome Jae-hwa, who trails behind her, to her great annoyance. He says he will trail her every day and will no longer go to the prosecutor's office. Is she scared? Bah! She isn't. Let's see who endures longer! Cue funny walking behind Bori quasi all day long. Finally, he breaks down and yells whether she isn't going home? No, she says, she has no home. Wherever she puts her head is home. Well, she says foot, but that doesn't translate too well. He complains that he is having a hard time (awwwww), but she doesn't give a rat's ass and says he should go home then.
JoAnne: I spent a lot of time wondering if that jacket was actually his. Based on past history, I'm guessing yes. Do you love him enough to forgive him his fashion choices, Kakashi? (absolutely fucking YES) I mean, there are times when I think he and Lee MinHo might share a closet (ah, maybe they come as a multipack? Sign me up! Though I will spend most of my time with KJH).
That makes him lose patience then and turn into the scarier version of Jae-hwa, demanding to know why she is hiding Song Ok-sook aka GooDIL aka Teacher aka his aunt. She says it's not her problem, she doesn't even know what their relationship is. Friggin tell her already, you doofus! But no, she runs away and he runs after, into a bus. On that bus, a man stands really close to her - Jae-hwa doesn't like that at all and presses between them. She kicks him and yells to keep away. He does. When the bus suddenly stops, she falls ... and hits her knee. At first, he gleefully laughs, but when he sees the blood he turns quite concerned.
JoAnne: I love jealous Kim Ji Hoon, in every single drama ever. He's hilariously good at being jealous.
kakashi: Hm. Maybe I don't want to marry him after all. I need my freedom.
At a drug store, he applies disinfectant to it. She tells him to scram, but he says it will scar and hurt every time she moves it and continues to lovingly doctor her knee. When he gets up, they bump heads - hard. They both hold their heads in pain, and then, he lies to her that there is blood on her forehead. So he gets close and writes "Pabo" on her head. And draws a heart. She, however, runs away when he pays at the register - to his great chagrin.
JoAnne: Sweetest jerk-like move ever. When they both love each other I'm going to lie on the floor and flail around like .... I don't know, something flail-y....and make actual squealing noises.
kakashi: I simply LOVED this scene. So CUTE. Why is he so cute??! 
By accident, Min-jung takes a very valuable piece of stitchery from Bi Sool Chae and without noticing, she leaves it at the Clothing company, where Jae-hee finds it. It's a major crisis at Bi Sool Chae (almost bigger as when Eun-bi disappeared)! Min-jung lies that she saw Bori sniffing around in the room - so surely, she took it! BaDIL wants to summon Bori, but nobody knows where she lives. Maybe Bad Dad Lee knows? They drive there in a hurry.
JoAnne: I'm just so DONE with this evil troll.

Just walking home .. Jae-hwa. Just arriving there ... Bad Dad. In a taxi. Jae-hwa tries to run away, but it's futile. Of course, Jae-hwa gets hit and his father demands to have his car back tomorrow. Yikers. That's when the Hanbokers arrive, and ask where Do Bori lives. They say something disappeared and it's possible she stole it, but Jae-hwa takes her side right away, saying she isn't the kind of person to take other people's things. They describe the item to them in detail, which is good, because ...
... Jae-hwa recognizes it right away when he sees it in his brother's room a few minutes later. (Oh thank God they don't drag something else out.) Ha, Halmoni actually has Bori's phone number! They summon her. Bori admits that she went to the sewing room to get some cloth, as ordered. Min-jung accuses her of stealing. Things don't look good and then, Min-jung demands to search her house. Ah, smart witch. But look who's here! It's the Sneaker-wearing Prosecutor!
JoAnne: Ok but it wouldn't be AT her house since she didn't take it, and how smart is the witch who wants to take EVERYONE to the place where her mother lives? Although I would love to see her face when she catches sight of Bi Dan.
He bows respectfully and Bori is all confused. Why do they know him? He mumbles some prosecutor jumbo, which is good, because I find it difficult to believe that he really IS a prosecutor if he walks around in his street clothes all the time. He produces the embroidery and says his brother had it. BaDIL asks whether Min-jung knows about this? Now things look bad for Min-jung, who fails to come up with an excuse for once and is scolded for not being careful and for accusing the wrong person. Bori excuses herself and swears silently that this is the end of fairplay: she will now bite back. Oh yes. And the Hanbokkers now become suspicious of Min-jung! Oh yes.
JoAnne: I am buying cake tonight to celebrate this moment.
Jae-hwa rushes out after Bori (can you be any more obvious?), but since she's hiding, he thinks she has already left. From her hiding place, she hears how he babbles about saving her and that he should just have gone to sleep instead. He leaves, she steps forward and wonders aloud whether he really came all the way there for her? Why would he do that? Diiiiiiimwiiiiiiit!
JoAnne: She'll tell herself it's because he's a prosecutor and thus, interested in justice. Yes, I just realized I forgot to watch the rest of this episode. Oh well. You will all get my absolute true, unvarnished, immediate responses! Not that you don't already, but this time it's my FIRST absolute true, unvarnished, immediate response. Normally, you get my SECOND true, unvarnished, immediate response because reading the recap (or writing it)  is my second time going through the episode.
The next day, Jae-hee confronts a suited-up Jae-hwa about his apparent feelings for Do Bori. Jae-hee is angry because Jae-hwa didn't tell him about what that embroidery item was and got another person into trouble by running to Bi Sool Chae with it. He will repay him for this! Oh dear, Jae-hee, just fook off. You are annoying. Shit, he also knows about the car and the gangsters (through Little Kang). Of course, he immediately runs to Daddy to tell on Jae-hwa. Who gets a brutal scolding and is threatened with being removed from the family registry, while Jae-hee smirks meanly. Okay, I'm now adding him to my shit-list. Jae-hee, watch out.
JoAnne: Yeah, my fondness for that chubby cheeked boy with the terrible blond side-of-head rat-tail only goes so far.
But there's something good happening for Jae-hwa: he has finally found out where Bori lives! Oh wait ... but what is this? His clerk also hands him a folder with ... the Kang gangsters in it! Are they related to a case of his? Ha. He finds out that the gangster's boss, who was just released from prison recently, also lives at the place Bori lives! Haha. Oh yes ... this indeed smells fishy!! He thinks Bori is in on it and they scammed and humiliated him together.
JoAnne: Oh no and he's going to think Big Kang is Bi Dan's dad, and then he's going to find out about Big Kang and his aunt and SHE's going to think Big Kang is Bi Dan's dad... so angst! much melo!
Off to Bori's house he goes, looking for Big Kang. Inside, there's Bi-dan, asking him why he is looking for her dad? Ah, so Big Kang is her dad? Yes. Is Miss Do Bo-ri here? No, says Bi-dan, her mother went to the market. Ohshit. Couple fraud?! Jae-hwa is furious and demands to see her Halmoni now (that would be Veggie Ahjumma for him).
JoAnne: *pats self on back* who cares if it was obvious what would happen?
But out of the house steps ... GooDIL. Aka Aunt. Ohhhhhh .... so touching ... He can't believe his eyes. She runs to him and hugs him and the tears are flowing freely.
Enter Bori. Bi-dan says shush, there's this man who calls her grandma aunt and he turns around and it's ... Scraps. Dun dun dun dun dundundun dun.
JoAnne: I'm laughing because I have been sitting here going OMG show slow DOWN you go so FAST and then I realize...we've been watching this for 20 hours now. No. It's not fast. We've become part of the borg.
At Bi Sool-chae, Min-jung finds a picture of little Eun-bi with her parents. Worst day of your life? Heheheheeeee
The Rest

Dumb Wife has a few tricks up her sleeve - and she manages to make Veggie Ahjumma stay as a maid. Veggie Ahjumma asks for a cash advance: one whole year! They sign a contract - and find out that they're childhood friends. Buahaha, oh my goodness, drama! Seriously!!! Dumb Wife was the dumb one, of course, whereas Veggie Ahjumma did really well in school and in life - until she became pregnant and ran away. 
JoAnne: Tooooooooooootally did not expect this. Love it. Love it a lot.

Bi-dan and Big Kang are SO CUTE. She wants to go with him while he is looking for a job. Since he is her dad and all. She found something ... it's a poster! And we all know what it says, right? Pizza baker wanted at Bongdarak Pizza!
JoAnne: I will take them both. Instant family. Hot younger husband, cute 'change of life' baby... my daughter won't mind. She always wanted brothers and sisters. Done.
They go there together - Jung-ran has just left the shop and the shop phone is ringing - so Big Kang takes an order for a big shrimp pizza. Big Kang immediately goes to the kitchen (feeling at home, dude?) when Jung-ran enters. She tells Bi-dan they don't sell pizza today since the chef quit ... when Big Kang comes back from the kitchen. Oh ...
JoAnne: Please let them just get over it right away and get right back together I love this couple. Please.
... they stare at each other but then, Jung-ran starts crying and hitting him for just disappearing. That doesn't go on for long and she gently touches his face, saying he hasn't changed at all - when Bi-dan jumps between, saying that she shouldn't touch her Appa like this. Noooo! Bi-dan wants to drag Big Kang out, he wants to stay, but Jung-ran kicks him out after throwing a glass of water into his face. He leaves, all sad, but leaves his resume on the table for her. Call him. She is destroyed, thinking he got married and has a kid. Later, we see how he follows her around, at a distance, swearing he will always protect her. *Sob*
JoAnne:  Ok now I have to watch the rest of the episode. *sob*
Ga-eul steps out of a black van, all rockstar like and some teens rush towards her ... but not for her. For whoever is in the car and sent Ga-eul to get coffee at another PPL-place. But here is Little Kang! She begs him to keep her secret, pretending to be all mature and stuff. Which she is not. She rushes out and leaves him worried.
JoAnne: There are so many couples to ship in this drama. Anyone who wants anyone but Min Jung, step right up. Get your happy here. If you want Min Jung, though, sorry. She's a bitch and I have plans for her, so you are out of luck.
Ahahaha, and then, Min-jung meets AppaNotOppa! Jae-hee introduces them, all happy. They just stare. Oh fook, this is awkward ... burn, witch, burn! Min-jung rushes out, looking ready to collapse. Good! She flees into the elevator .... and he comes after her. Smiling. Like a serial killer. He is just here to escort her out, as per Director's wish, he says. She wants him to resign immediately, but he says why doesn't she ask Director to fire him? It will not happen. She tries to be threatening, but doesn't succeed. Haha! I liiiiiike it!!!! Payback time!
JoAnne: Definitely have to watch the rest of this episode. AppaNotOppa, go for blood. We are all behind you. This is one girl we are GLAD you won't get.
Right then, she decides to go after Jae-hee. Iiiih, and she does. She now pretends to be totally afraid to be kicked out from Bi Sool Chae (they're really going to do it, are they!!!) - and her and Jae-hee bond over their common fear of losing something that was never theirs to begin with. They hug. Is it love? AppaNotOppa sees it all.
JoAnne: Jae Hee... your one chance here is if you play it like the duped lover. If you actually meld with her evil... I will not forgive you.


Alright, deep breath! Where do we stand? Jae-hwa has found his aunt (*still touched*). Big Kang and Jung-ran have met again (but she needs to find out that Bi-dan is not his kid). Ga-eul and Little Kang have met again. AppaNotOppa and Min-jung have met again. Veggie Ahjumma and Dumb Wife know each other from waaaaaay back (i.e. Veggie Ahjumma knows a few "dirty" secrets about Dumb Wife). Min-jung and Jae-hee have bonded and will soon be an evil couple. BaDIL and Bong2 are becoming suspicious of Min-jung (is it the end of her Bi Sool-chae times already? Yes? Maybe? It feels so good!)
JoAnne: I like this part of the drama. A lot.
What don't we know (yet)? Bori doesn't know who Jae-hwa is. But it seems as if the Eun-bi = Bori secret is about to be revealed, but I believe that when I see it! We're not even at the half-time mark?! Or will Bori turn evil and get back at Min-jung? Hm. Maybe I'd like that a bit. But who can identify Bori but herself? Veggie Ahjumma knows where she picked her up - but that is all. That photo of Eun-bi (wherever it suddenly came from) is probably the key. Bori should be able to recognize herself. But what then? Unless she remembers the day of the accident, she will not understand how she came to be Do Bori of Jangheung. The accident, that's one of the nastier secrets that need to be unveiled - and I guess the now-pillow-embroidery will play an important role in solving that puzzle (plus, maybe Jae-hwa will finally get to show-off as a genius prosecutor?!). The other big secret that's far from being revealed is Min-jung's abandonment of her child aka the "Who is Bi-dan's real Mom-secret". This, too, only Veggie Ahjumma knows. I hope Bi-dan will never ever have to go and live with Min-jung or crazy AppaNotOppa (who is quite scary).
JoAnne: Yes, I'm not sure how they resolve the Bi Dan issue without letting anything bad happen to the child, because I can't wish for that. How did this suddenly become a really addicting drama? How?