Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 22 (KimJiCap)

Ohhhhhh, YES. In this episode, Min-jung's evil reign really seems to be coming to an end and we're edging a tiiiiiiny liiiiiittle bit closer to the big Eun-bi = Bori reveal. Jae-hwa still thinks his heart is broken but he also seems to have fully accepted that he is very much interested in this woman, who loves her kid so much it breaks his heart just to watch. Twice. He must be in love for the first time, right? 
JoAnne: Gotta be. And this episode made me SOOOOOO happy.
Episode 22

Jae-hwa lifts Bori up and puts her on the bed (Kim Ji-hoon has "some" issues again with this tall specimen of a woman!). Ah, but he is SO swoon worthy ... Rest, he tells Bori, be calm ... if anything happens, he will bring Bi-dan to her immediately. She thanks him (calling him Prosecutor), but he bends down once again and tells her they both have names, no? So let's use them.
JoAnne: Screw that. Let's use EACH OTHER. Forget names.
He goes out and ... almost collapses. That's how fast his heart is racing. Awwwwwwwwww. For the 10000x times, he thinks something is wrong with his heart. Seriously, Handsome-but-a-bit-dim: No. Bori has hot flashes too, now.
JoAnne: They are well matched. Sigh. Bi Dan will need to run things.
Side note: I'm putting almost ALL the Min-jung-stuff down in "The Rest" section. That's how much I dislike her!
JoAnne: FINE by me!

Dumb Wife calls Veggie and tells her Bori has to go and see Matron immediately, so Veggie calls Bori and tells her the same. Bi-dan's surgery still isn't over, but Bori is worried now and runs to the operating room. She explains what's wrong to Jae-hwa and he says she should go since it's Bi Sool Chae calling, and her good name is his aunt's good name. And Hanbokking is bigger than life! He'll be here if Bi-dan comes out.
JoAnne: Sorry, not sorry. No. But whatever.
He suggests Bori should record a video for her daughter (yeah, I know it's PPL). In it, Bori says tearjerker things to her daughter, about love and guilt and all other sad things. I don't entirely understand why she is so sad, but she sure makes Jae-hwa cry (which isn't very hard though, we know he's a crybaby). When she runs out, she stammers "Jae-hwa-ssi", which makes him break into a huge smile through all the tears.
JoAnne: Seriously. Get a grip, Bo Ri. If she is watching the video, you have no reason to cry. If she's not able to watch the video, then crying on it is pointless anyway.
At Bi Sool Chae, Bori swears that the messed-up sewing isn't her doing. Grandma doesn't believe her, but Bori realizes whom it must have been ... and she SAYS THAT MIN-JUNG WAS THERE in the yard when she deposited the clothes in the room! hahahaaaaa, bravo, Bori, bravo!!! BaDIL says Bi Sool Chae has a hard time accepting an unwed mother (boooooo), but Bori sticks up for herself again! She doesn't understand what having a kid has to do with anything - it's no crime! BaDIL insists she cannot come to Bi Sool Chae anymore under these circumstances and Bori says fine, so be it. She will certainly not abandon her daughter for sewing. Bravo. You're better than these people.
JoAnne: She is. But again there's this part of me that says why not just tell people the situation? But there's another part of me that knows why she doesn't say - it's because she never wants Bi Dan to feel 'less than.' I get it. It's just frustrating.
Bori takes her leave, not listening to Matron who shouts after her to wait a moment. Outside, she runs into Min-jung. Who isn't looking good. Good. That's it, says Bori. She will fight back now ... but not right now, because she has to go see Bi-dan. But Bong2, who has come after her, won't let her go: doesn't she want to prove her innocence? Bori and Min-jung have a shouting match and then, Matron comes out and says bring any clothes that Min-jung has made. Hehehehe. Whoever lied is byebye Bi Sool Chae forever!!!
JoAnne: Right. Weasel Princess will find a way, we're not even half-way yet.

At the test, it seems Min-jung has faked her handw... I mean trademarksewing. It doesn't look good for Bori, but she really has grown a backbone as thick as a tree, because she tells Min-jung she'll get one more chance to apologize before she goes all out. Of course, Min-jung goes into superbitch-mode, and that's it - Bori "attacks". She goes and sniffs all the clothes. True hanbokers all smell the same: the smell of silk. But the sabotaged piece of clothing does not: it smells of perfume. She will leave it to the Hanbokkers to find out whose perfume it is.
JoAnne: MagicNose. Closely related to but not nearly as WTF as MagicHands.
Min-jung, you're dead. One can only hope.

Deadish? Of course, BaDIL tries to somewhat turns things around or rather against both Matron and GooDIL and she says the only way that Min-jung can ever come to Bi Sool Chae again is if Matron leaves herself. Boooo! Don't like!!!!
JoAnne: Oh damn... what's she gonna do to Halmeoni?
At the hospital, Bi-dan is out of surgery and all went well. Jae-hwa is there and GooDIL as well and it's quiiiiiite obvious that Jae-hwa hearts Bori. GooDIL approves. I approve that GooDIL hears a bit later how Veggie Ahjumma tells Bori to lie for Min-jung's sake. Though we cannot be absolutely sure she heard it. Sometimes, the people don't hear when they should and hear when they shouldn't (cause: 100 metres away).
JoAnne: Or simply standing next to them, but you know, peripheral vision and all that.
After Bi-dan wakes up (and Jae-hwa cries again, choked with emotions when seeing the reunion), Jae-hwa takes Bori to the PPL café to eat. So ... why is he treating her so nicely? she wants to know. Ha, he says, it's her homework: find out why he, a man, is treating her, a woman, nicely. He also offers to teach her to talk in a Seoul dialect, without the swearwords. A la bridal lessons. Maybe not, though: Bori isn't "quite" ready.
JoAnne: He is pretty direct, in a sort of indirect way. Wow.
When he comes back to the hospital much later, he finds mother and daughter asleep in bed. He smiles happily, arranges the covers and lies down beside the bed to sleep himself.
A bit later, Bori wakes and sees Jae-hwa there. She gets up and covers him with a different blanket. Looking at his sweet face, she says that she is really thankful for what he did today. Don't call me Scraps, he says - and pulls her down with him. Squeeeeeeeee! Just stay like this for a moment, he says softly, and wraps her in his arms. That's how GooDIL and Bi-dan find them the next morning. This is so sweet I got instant cavities.
JoAnne: There was squeeing. There might have been some involuntary clutching of my heart, as well. There was definitely smiling.

The Rest

Oh! Jung-ran has a suitor (isn't he the weirdo botanist from Witch's Romance?) (yes - he also is in Joseon Gunman!!) who brings her soup with heart-shaped rice in it. She isn't in, so jealous Big Kang sits down and starts eating it. Hehe. Jung-ran comes in and wants some too, but instead, he wolves it down and then bakes her a heart-shaped Jung-ran pizza. It makes her cry - they hug. Please make up you two. Please explain what happened to you, Brown Bear.
JoAnne: Please make lots of beautiful babies starting right now. Go on. We'll wait.
Jae-hee forcefully drags Ga-eul back home - because Little Kang tips him off where she is. Oh, so Jae-hwa was on the verge of being kicked out, but her retrieval means he can stay? Oh, does that mean Jae-hee actually did something to help his brother??! Huh??!  (YES!!!!) At home, the father-daughter reunion is very touchy-feely ... but not in the bad way, don't give people the wrong idea. Bad Dad has missed his daughter sooooooo much, all is forgiven within about 3 seconds. Especially since she also graduated from high-school. The family (minus Jae-hee) take happy pictures together. Sorry, Jae-hee. I felt bad for him. No one even mentioned him. 

AppaNotOppa finds Bori before Min-jung does and tells her where the house is. Remember she wanted Jae-hee to find Bori? Well, in fact, she just wants to see her mother. She rushes there in a great hurry because her foster parents are also on their way there, ready to bust her. She calls "omma? omma?", but out of the house steps ... GooDIL! Who is as unfriendly as a saint can ever get. She doesn't tell surprised Min-jung who she is (good, cause: secret, though Min-jung finds out in the same episode). In comes Veggie Ahjumma at that moment and tooootally blows Min-jung's cover. Get it, GooDIL?
JoAnne: I think she's still not sure.
Min-jung immediately starts her evil "I don't know you at all, Ahjumma" act - and Veggie Ahjumma follows suit. I'm not convinced. And it's a rule for liars, by the way: never talk too much about the thing you're lying about. It's a tell-tale sign. Anyway, GooDIL leaves (being veeeeeery suspicious) and Min-jung frantically instructs her mother not to say anything when her sponsors come. And here they are already!
JoAnne: They are such bad liars.

Veggie Ahjumma lies her head off and the Hanbokers almost believe her, but then, BaDIL sees Min-jung's shoes there. Ah, yes. The shoe trap. Not the first time this happens in KDrama. I get distracted by the fact that the inside of the Seoul house looks exactly like the inside of the Jangheung house, but my confusion only lasts a few seconds. (It's the same place. That door leads to a wormhole.) Min-jung, caught, comes out. She tries to lie again (like: she has never seen this woman before. Suuuuuuure) and finally finds the right lie: she only came to see Bori, because Grandma told her to do so. Nooooooooooo! Fuck you, Min-jung!!!!
JoAnne: Since I'm sick of her shit, I'm just going to comment on the shoes, not the lies. Those heels should be worn to nubs the way she walks all over Seoul. Are Korean shoes made out of indestructible material? Is it because she only weighs 10lbs?
After her daughter has left with the Hanbokers, Veggie Ahjumma rages about the fact that Min-jung obviously doesn't lead the life of a princess and has to walk on egg-shells all the time. Standing outside, watching Veggie cry: AppaNotOppa.
JoAnne: I no longer feel sorry for her - that was just a brief moment of madness - so shut the fuck up, Veggie Ahjumma.
Min-jung, the brown noser, goes to get the car and Bong2 says that he finds it strange that Bori is wherever they go and look for people. GooDIL sees them all leave. I'm glad I'm not doing the drinking game where you drink when people secretly see or hear something or I'd be so wasted I couldn't continue recapping this.
JoAnne: I wash jush washing tv oshiff...offish....there's thish BISH, man, youknowwhattamean? I jush...ugh. I can't...(begins to cry and mumble to self) You know any bishes, oshiffer? *sniff* they just FUCK with Bori...and Scraps, man...I have to DRINK I have to. You wash a bish you'll see...

Jae-hee is about to meet with the woman he plans to get married to when Min-jung calls. He doesn't answer. Hehehe. Biiiig crisis for Min-jung, especially since AppaNotOppa keeps tormenting her - and obviously knows about her mother. Jae-hee is about to go into the concert hall, when Min-jung begs him on the phone to save her. She begs well and it's starting to rain - so he goes to see her. Mistake!!! He is angry that she messed up his plans and she goes all "see, you had feelings for me" (DIE YOU BITCH!!). But he says he has no intentions of marrying somebody who is just like him. He wants a perfect woman without any scars. Ha! Min-jung quasi jumps on him and kisses him right then and there. He pushes her away, but she steps closer again and says she is interested in him. He says coming here was the biggest mistake of his life (Yes! It is!) ... and he leaves. YAY, Jae-hee!!! Resist!!!!
JoAnne: Yeah, he's done. I knew he liked her.
The episode ends with a confrontation between Min-jung and Bori on the street ... but the Hanbokers are there to witness it all. Also, GooDIL knows that Bori is adopted! She starts thinking ... she will uncover it all! Soon-ish.
JoAnne: Yee hah!


I think I'm confused. Who knows what now?
  • Jung-ran knows Big Kang lied to her about being a doctor and then disappeared for 5 years without a word. yes - well, he didn't correct her assumption but he didn't understand what it WAS until pretty much the very end and then his ass got carted off to jail.
  • Big Kang knows he was in prison and he knows that Bi-dan isn't his kid.  yep
  • AppaNotOppa knows that Veggie Ahjumma is Min-jung's mother - he has been collecting proof about her in a little folder.  kinda love him (he's an ass though)
  • Little Kang knows absolutely nothing. The same goes for Ga-eul. Yep. blissful ignorance. Nice.
  • Jae-hee knows close to nothing: stay strong, man, stay strong! He don't know shit.
  • Jae-hwa has found his aunt (yay) and knows his Bori isn't married. Bust out the yellow laugh-bag! I'm sure that'll ring a bell! Ask her out for Jjajangmyeon! Go fly a kite with her! DO EEEET
  • The Hanbokers suspect that something isn't quite right with Min-jung and they know she's an evil lying bitch. Praise Jebus and all the saints, yes.
  • GooDIL knows that Bori is adopted and she seems to know that Min-jung is Veggie Ahjumma's kid. Does that mean she knows whose kid Bi-dan is?  No. Not yet. She might suspect, but even that is not in evidence.
  • Veggie Ahjumma knows that Min-jung is her kid and that Bori is adopted and that Bi-dan is Min-jung's kid. She also knows about Bad Wife's past. Yes. And that Jae Hwa is her stepson. Oh, right!
  • Bori knows she is adopted and she knows who GooDIL is (that, by the way, means she should know that Jae-hwa is related to Bi Sool Chae). She also knows Min-jung is a lying witch-bitch. And that Bi-dan isn't her real kid. Yes. And she doesn't know her fellow Hanbokery student is Jae Hwa's stepmother.
  • And finally, Min-jung ... she knows that Eun-bi is Bori, she knows where they picked her up, she knows that GooDIL is the first DIL of Bi Sool Chae - but she doesn't know that her kid is calling Bori her mother. I think Min-jung wins! Better enjoy it then, it won't last long. Does she also know that Jae Hwa and Jae Hee are brothers? Huh .... no, I don't think so? Does she know Jae-hwa at all? Not really.