Nail Shop Paris Episode 6 - A SongJaeRimJob

Hi Squeeglets! I'm back like Song Jae Rim! Meaning, I come back for one measly cameo then disappear for a long time, then pop-up again for one episode in a mini-series. *grumble grumble* But hey, let's not look a gift horse in the mouth! Unless horse = Song Jae Rim and look = kiss.
kakashi: mary is back, mary is back, maaaaary is backbackback!
JoAnne: I should go away for a while. Look how happy she is. AND she's wearing my color.

Before we start, check out the trailer for KARA's mini-series Secret Love, where Song Jae Rim seems to be playing some bartender-cum-time-travel-angel (Yes, JoAnne) who gives Seung Yeon a chance to go back and change her dead boyfriend's past.
kakashi: Hahahahaaaa, awesome. Will you squeecap it? You should.
JoAnne: What? That's totally the correct usage for that latin term. I am not giggling.
Song Jae Rim stars in the first episode (Seung Yeon's special) on June 13. Friday the 13th. Heh. Also, don't ask me why he's looking at SY like he's the third party or something. Maybe he just likes to appraise people like they're all candidates for sex? Maybe I'm just reading too much into his gazes? Effed if I know...
kakashi: It's also a full moon on Friday the 13th.
JoAnne: And payday.

Aaaanyway. Since it's been decades since the last Jeob, let's review Episode 5's cliffhanger:
kakashi: Thanks, mary. I don't even remember whether I watched this episode or not, lol.
JoAnne: Ok but if we're doing recaps of recaps I think we might be taking things too far...

Kei is sad that Bunny is sad that Alex seems to have a girlfriend. Kei leaves. Bunny leaves too. She gets drunk. She wanders around and ends up seeing GumiBoss and PossibleBoyfriendAlex entering GumiBoss's house together at FunSexyTimes-o-clock in the evening. Meanwhile, Jin and Ji Soo get into a lover's spat over his flirty ways at the club.
JoAnne: That was an excellent recap of the recap, by the way. I am completely reminded of where we are.
Shuk: A comment to the comment of the recap of the recap; I'm happy I don't have to rewatch.

EPISODE 6, which starts with a flashback:

Doctor (Intern?) Alex is in a hurry. Somewhere in the hospital, a patient is surrounded by fast-moving medical personnel and bleep-bleeping equipment. Ergo, it's bad (is the equipment connected though?) (It doesn't appear to be, no). When Monkey arrives on the scene, Lead Doctor wails at him for treating this patient without clearance and causing paralysis to her lower body. The icing on the poopcake? It wasn't even HIS patient to start with. So basically, Dr Monkey has always been a meddling meddler who butts into other people's business.
kakashi: And he is now a killer. It's alright to HATE him. Thanks.
JoAnne: *Tsks* Hoon would totally have saved that girl.
Uhm... She didn't die. Just can't walk anymore...
Dr Monkey is now fired because WTFParis doctors are fo' real. They don't play with people's lives! They give him the trunkline to the HR department of Myungwoo University Hospital and assure him he will fit right in over there, but Dr Monkey doesn't want that! He wants to stay in WTFverse where there are, thankfully, no Brooms. So he settles for drunk-emoing at a bar. The bartenders complain that they've had to close up late for the past week now because of Monkey.
kakashi: Yes, life is hard, bartenders.
JoAnne: Poor, poor bartenders.

GumiBoss walks in and propositions the drunk Monkey: "Hey, I'm that woman you treated a couple of times in the past. I'm impressed by the way you diagnosed my anemia just by looking at my nails. I heard you got fired, LOL. How about you forget those boring hospital rules shit? Come with me to Paris... AND WE SHALL TREAT BRAIN-HURT PEOPLE WITH LOVE AND NAIL POLISH!!!"
kakashi: Ah. Now I get it! They sniff nail-polish-glue. That's what's happening at WTF Paris.
JoAnne: Because blood carries oxygen and she's anemic (weak blood) and he's a drunk-ass failure, this crazy idea makes sense to both of them in their addled states.
Monkey looks up blearily... probably thinking, "dat bitch spilled mah 'spensive drink". But we all know what happens after: Monkey goes to Paris and spends the rest of his days grabbing customer's hands and ascribing diseases to them.
kakashi: Yes, because he's a genius. A nail-diagnosis genius. Not that anyone cares.
JoAnne: I wonder what Alex would see if he looked at Hoon's MagicFingers. He could probably tell if it was Seung Hee or Jae Hee, right?


(Inside GumiBoss bedroom) Alex is watching GumiBoss sleep. She wakes up and apologizes for being so tired. Monkey is concerned. He gets worked up (only a little bit, this is Alexithymia Alex we're talking about). He tells her to take better care of herself. There's this awkward moment between them and you can see GumiBoss thinking, "Whoa, there! We don't want no ebolas and stuff in here..." so she asks Monkey to leave.
kakashi: It's better to set boundaries quickly with men. GumiBoss does well.
Next morning, Bunny is in her room, refusing to go to work or talk to NiceRoommie about her saaadness at seeing Monkey and GumiBoss together. NiceRoommie shrugs off the drama because she's got work to do, bitch! (Yeah! Don't enable Bunny's drama queen tendencies!) NiceRoomie calls Jer2.0 to tell him that Bunny is sick and can't go to work today, HMPH. KTHXBAI. *ends call*
kakashi: What, she is sick? Has she stood outside in the rain? Must have missed that part.
JoAnne: No, no, no - this one is the fever you get from a broken heart.

And just like that, our whole Hand Job Harem is troubled:
[1] Jer2.0, because his girlfriend is still mad at him for flirting with others last night.
[2] Monkey, because someone is sick and he's not there to hand massage the patient's diseases away.
[3] Kei, because he sees that Monkey is worried and wants to give Bunny a massage. So his mind automatically jumps to the kind of "massage" he wants to give Bunny himself. Which is a very different thing and will require lots of fish images, if aired on national TV.
kakashi: Ah, I remember. Kei is trouuuuuubled and in love. I like that.
JoAnne: Not even for Song Jae Rim would I allow myself to be rubbed with a fish.
Shuk: It's a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids.
Normally, I'd question how Kei can be smart enough to notice things like that, but not smart enough to realize that Bunny is a girl. But hey, logic? WTF is that? I don't know what that is. I'm too busy looking at Oppa's covered arms and wishing the bandage away.
kakashi: He isn't very absy though, your oppa. Not like my Kim Ji-hoon.
JoAnne: Oh, but he USED to be...sigh. MY Song Jae Rim was nicely muscled and had long hair. Those were the days, I tell you. THOSE WERE THE DAYS.
Shuk: I just prefer scruffy Kei. I like a bit of, err, texture.
At home, Bunny rallies her emo self to work on the novel instead of moping about Monkeys, so we go to...


GumiRoomie and GumiBunny leave LoverBoyAlex and return to find their hideout in shambles. It's the same restaurant where Paris crew hangs out in the "real world". Ex-Nailist is even there and very much wounded. He explains between wincing that the attack looked like an inside job (an inside Jeob? LOL.) (omg THE IMAGES I will never forgive you for this.)
GumiBunny stays behind to patch up Ex-Nailist while GumiRoomie tries to chase down the hunters. She manages to kill all the extras before collapsing from a gunshot wound, which is how GumiBunny finds her. She tries to pick her up but GumiRoomie can only eke out a "Never trust humans... ever. Never... ever" and then she dies.
kakashi: Oh wow, she dies? I don't remember that. Btw, she looks much better as GumiRoomie than as HumiRoomie.
JoAnne: Yeah, she's rockin' that purple wig.
GumiBunny cries for her friend until she senses something nearby. Ah! It's a pair of feet from behind a pillar and something that looks like Cheesy Alex's couple nail sticker on the floor. She wooshes over to the pillar but it's Hunter Kei behind it! (Wow, that Adam's apple is HUGE.) Sekshi Hunter warns her about "that nail shop man, because that man... that man..." RING!!! RING!!!
kakashi: ".... that man ... that man .... is impotent!"
JoAnne: I was going with 'really boring in bed!' but yours is better.
Real-life Monkey is calling Bunny's phone, ending her writing sprint so we don't get to hear Hunter Kei's warning (or see his lovely face for a precious few seconds more). BOO ALEX! HISS! Even Bunny is pissed at the interruption. At this rate, everyone in WTFverse will be hating on Monkey by Episode 8. Or maybe everyone reading this Jeob has moved past the Alex-hate by now and are busy burning Polar Bear at the stake..? Anyway, Monkey just called to check on Bunny and ask if she's gonna attend her Nail Art class later.
kakashi: Ah, Polar Bear. Yes ... I think he is much more hateworthy than Alex. Alex is just ........ a soft blub of nothingness who sucks energy off the screen.
JoAnne: He's the unflavored gelatin of second leads who might be first leads, no one knows for sure but everyone hopes not.

A lady customer comes in with her boyfriend. She seems familiar with the Paris staff and takes Monkey aside to ask him to keep this visit a secret from a certain "Joon Young". This scene has "Plot Point!!!" written all over it. My Smart Kei knows it too so he does this cute, "What did she say?" face, which is only relevant because kakashi made a beautiful gif of my beautiful man, and I must share it with you all (the gif, not the man).
kakashi: Yes, thank you. Share. Sharing is caring.
JoAnne: Sorry girls, he kind of looks like a frog mid-ribbit.
I know someone who looks MORE like a frog, but I promised to stop bashing him so I won't mention Kim Ji Hoon. Oups.
Later that day, Jer2.0 surprises Bunny by picking her up after class. Monkey Hyung sent him to check on her, so the two maknaes eat lunch together and gossip. Jer2.0 plans to break up with NiceRoomie. "Why? Weren't you such lovebirds before?" asks Bunny. Jer2.0 cites over-handsomeness as the reason. He can't control how women react to him and he can't ignore their attentions either, so he can't be with a girl who doesn't understand that.
kakashi: Yes. It makes total sense, Jer2.0.
JoAnne: Slap him.
Shuk: Tiniest book ever published: "What Men Know About Women"
Bunny says what we're all thinking: "BOOHOO SUX 2 B U" complete with sarcasm hashtag. She tells him what happened to her last night, and we finally get to know why she's so butthurt. So apparently, she waited outside GumiBoss' house until early morning but never saw Monkey leave. Conclusion? THEY HAD S-E-X!!! (Good lawd! I clutched my figurative pearls at the idea! How dare she insult GumiBoss's taste?!) She warns Jer2.0 to stop teasing her about her crush so she can move on already. And I feel a half ounce of pity for her when she ruefully corrects herself, "What? Moving on? How can you move on when you never even started?"
kakashi: The thought of sex between those two is indeed revolting. Imagine how he would lie there, listlessly, while she .... No.
JoAnne: Instead of moans of passion he'd be going 'meh, meh...whatever, babe.'
Shuk: [curled into a ball, whimpering "happy place happy place"]
Here, unni. To scrub the mental images away:
The next day, Bunny reports for work, looking lifeless and sad. She avoids Alex's skinship-ing by walking away (which doesn't escape Jer2.0 and Kei's notice). Then Jer2.0, the blockhead, sidles up to Kei Hyung and asks if Monkey is really dating their boss. Kei connects the dots and asks in return, "Why do you ask? Is that why Bunny is depressed?" Jer2.0 deflects and runs away, scared at how sharp my Kei God is. Well, duh! Look at those sharp eyes. That sharp chin. That sharp Adam's apple. The sharp abs. All the way down to his sharp... legs. *cough*
kakashi: Yes. He should eat more.
JoAnne: Yes, being poked with sharp pointy things hurts, Mary.
An angry lady barges in, dragging the customer from yesterday with her. She demands to know if she was "with that man" and the customer lies that she came with her coworkers. Monkey calms them down before a bitch fight erupts in the shop, and we get to hear the two sides of the story...
On the red corner: Yeon Hee (the customer from yesterday) tells Alex and Jer2.0 that Joon Young, her roommate, has been acting bitchy ever since she started dating Hee Cheol. Le Roommate keeps talking shit about her new boyfriend and even threw away her couple ring. Yeon Hee asks Team Paris for help because she doesn't want to lose her bestie OR her boyfriend.
kakashi: Uh-oh.
JoAnne: I remember this story now!
On the blue corner: Joon Young, the roommate, says that she's doing this for Yeon Hee, because Hee Cheol (the boyfriend) is a really horrible man and doesn't suit Yeon Hee at all. When pressed for WHY she thinks so, she can only keep repeating, he's just horrible. I just hate him.
kakashi: Uh-oh, uh-oh....

Kei calls bullshit, "you just sound like you're jealous". Bunny nudges him and tries to do damage control (like a wife? hehehe) advising Joon Young that love and friendship are separate things. She shouldn't meddle in her bestie's lovelife. Joon Young retorts with "are you taking his side because you're all guys?" (LMAO. Well, if she fooled Kei God, I guess she can also fool you...)
kakashi: Oh yes, she Toooooooootally looks like a guy, I completely forgot she isn't one!
JoAnne: Perhaps she knew, but supports the idea that people should be referred to by the gender identity they prefer to assume.

The Paris team convenes at The One Restaurant To Rule Them All.

Jer2.0 thinks that Yeon Hee neglected her bestfriend when she got a boyfriend, leading to the rift. Kei disagrees. He suspects that Joon Young's attitude is due to a one-sided crush on Hee Cheol, citing that one-sided love manifests in petulant behavior *cue side-glance at Bunny* Monkey adds fuel to the fire by agreeing with Kei and adding, "and her one-sided love must hurt so much because the man she likes fell in love with someone she knows" *cue more side-glances from Kei to Bunny* Jer2.0 disagrees! Didn't Joon Young say she hates Hee Cheol so much? Kei, the one-sided lover, says "two negatives make a positive" *cue more side-glances*
kakashi: Well, Kei may be sharpish, but not really. Of course we all know what is going on. Bravo show! Bravo!
JoAnne: I don't remember Kei being particularly bright. Just awkwardly cute.
After that epic side-glance-athon of loaded side-glances, Team Paris hatches this BRILLIANT plan to subtly confirm Joon Young's crush by watching her interact with Hee Cheol. How? By going on a double-date! Yeon Hee and Hee Cheol with Joon Young and Kei! *Mary starts acting violent and petulant too* NOW WHERE IS MY KEI DATE, UNIVERSE???
JoAnne: Mary, if you go on the date in this scenario, think about what that means for you and your room-mate. (NO. Is this payback for my inside jeob joke above?)
kakashi: Mary forgot to mention my masterful "What"? gif:
Everyone (including me) is squealing and excited about this cute plan. Except Bunny. Bunny still mopes about her one-sided love. Girl has a point though, "what makes me sad is I can't control my feelings". (Me, too, gurl! My love for Song Jae Rim is all over the place now. Try googling song jae rim girlfriend.)
kakashi: Interesting. Why would google put that first? Did you bribe someone? Hahahahaaaa.
JoAnne: You know how they show in KDramas how actors and singers are always googling themselves to see what's trending? Mary...if he does that, then he knows you exist.

Jer2.0 calls out NiceRoomie (Bunny's roomie) to the playground that night and asks to break up with her. NiceRoomie can only stare in shock. Jer2.0 claims he *can* control his feelings and doesn't want to cling to someone who hates him. So, yeah. Goodbye. Adios. Sayonara. Annyeong. He leaves with "I was happy with you though" then turns around and squees at how awesome he sounded.
kakashi: Lol, WTF.
JoAnne: All that hair dye addled his brains.
I think he's fake breaking-up to emotionally blackmail NiceRoommie to agree to a relationship where her guy gets to flirt all he wants with other girls...
NiceRoomie finally manages to speak and the first thing she says is, "Fine! Go! Go away, you idiot!" which is soooooo~ not what Jer2.0 was expecting. Before he can take it back, a couple of thugs pass by and make fun of their "drama break-up scene". They ask to join in on the fun and grab NiceRoomie. Jer2.0 tries to stop them but one punch from the thugs and he's down. NiceRoomie screams and before you know it, she's beating up the thugs herself. Then she turns back to Jer2.0 all aegyo and soft again.
kakashi: WTFParis at its best! Well done, show! Yaaaay!
JoAnne: He looks a little like Creep Cha. Where's Becca? She likes him. I can't say anything about it because of my eventual descent into madness with Aka.
Okay. That scene was cute, but it's nothing compared to Kei. The next morning. On a date...

Kei shows up at the double-date looking sheepish and awkward and clueless and I just... I want to hug him so much. He's so hot AND adorable AND uncomfortable. HAHAHAHA
kakashi: Oh yes. This was very, very good. It's a SJRGotYouToFallForHimNow-scene.
JoAnne: This guy, whatever it is he's transmits directly from him through the camera to our brains/hearts/nethers/whatevers...and it holds on tight.
Joon Young is angry that her roommate is setting her up with someone else, but Kei insists that he asked to come himself because "I wanted some fresh air... and I'm interested in you." ALFKAJ AOJ ALJG AOGRJ AOJLFJKLS VGLEAKF JALKGJ ALK FJGLAK JALJDFALKFALJKF
Fine. I know that wasn't for me. And I know he was lying. But... look at him. Just look at him. He's so cute and awkward. Makes me wanna squee so much...
kakashi: Squee away, dear. Nobody can hear you on here, hahahahaaaa.
JoAnne: If Mary squees in the forest, does Song Jae Rim get scared? YES
Anyway, it looks like Joon Young goes with it, because next we see they're walking around, trailing after the lovebirds. During the date, he gets flashbacks of Team Paris giving him tips on women and how to get Joon Young to open up.
Jer2.0: Be kind to her.
Monkey: But don't be too kind. She might fall in love with you and you can't take it back. (WTF kind of advice is that, Monkey??? Don't you know everyone falls in love with Kei at first sight??? Tsk tsk... you idiot.)
JoAnne: So this works when someone wants to break up, then? The other one only has to chant ' No takes backsies!' and they just stay together?
Signs that a woman has a crush (c/o Team Paris):
#1 Detailed memory. A woman remembers trivial things about her crush: what he said, what he wore, the jokes he made, etc.
Kei makes small talk about the fact that Joon Young and Hee Cheol came from the same town, and asks if she remembers how Hee Cheol was as a kid. Joon Young deadpans an "I don't remember". *ddeng, wrong*
#2 A woman treasures things, especially if it's related to her crush: used movie tickets, gifts he gave, things he owned...
Kei gets Hee Cheol to buy matching cute headbands for the ladies. He puts one on Yeon Hee, then on Joon Young's head too. There's this moment where Joon Young looks at the mirror with Yeon Hee and smiles a little bit. Then she realizes everyone is looking at her so she rips off the headband, says she doesn't want it, and walks off. *ddeng, wrong again!*
kakashi: I actually thought about this a bit (yeah, sometimes I do things like that) and .... I'm not sure it's true at all. It the tell-tale clues are wrong, the sign-game doesn't work.
JoAnne: Tell that to Bunny. Oh wait, you can't, she's in the locker room mooning over a dirty band aid.
If you watch this again knowing what happens after this, you know that the signs do work. They were just looking at the wrong people...
While Kei is suffering on his fake date, we cut to Bunny practicing nail art on a weekend (while emo-ing). Good multi-tasker, this one. She's so focused, she doesn't notice Monkey dropped by. (Yessss... Operation: Everyone Ignore Alex is proceeding well.) (I think those fake practice hands look creepy.)
Monkey offers to treat Bunny to lunch but she's still trying to keep her distance. Alex asks if he upset her or something but Bunny can't answer that, can she? She just asks, "do you have a girlfriend?" Monkey says nope, he doesn't have one. Then he notices Bunny's shoelaces were undone and leans down to tie them for her. Bunny is understandably confused so she asks out straight "why do you treat me so nicely?" Monkey drives the pain in further with, "because you're a cute dongsaeng to me, why, don't you like me treating you like a kid? Aigoo... *pat pat*"
kakashi: Hahahahaaaaa, cute dongsaeng! Hahahahaaaa, the worst, it's the worst!
JoAnne: Yeah, no Coffee Prince here. He really means it.
Bunny runs away at that and calls Ji Soo... she just sits there at the bus stop, sobbing her heart out at being dongsaeng-zoned. Aww. :sad: Also, he thinks you're a guy. Errr... don't you think you should maybe tell him the truth first before crying about this?
JoAnne: She could borrow a note from Lu Tian Xing and just show up as both a boy and a girl (obviously not in the same moments) at the Nail Shop. I'm not sure she could rock that like Aaron, though.
Shuk: No one could, Jo. No one.

We go back to our double-date. Kei goes off to buy ice cream for them and catches Joon Young staring daggers at the lovers on his return. He asks her, "Are they bothering you that much?" so she responds with, "Why are you doing this when you don't even like me?" Kei just laughs and asks if he was that bad, adding that he did try his best. Heh. They just laugh at the absurdity of it all. So cute. ^___^
kakashi: Awwwww, loooooooook!
JoAnne: Really ridiculous how cute that man is.
Oh, but woori Kei is not yet done with his plan. The final sign?
#3 Skinship. Being touched by her crush would drive a woman crazy. (I CAN ATTEST TO THIS. DESPITE THE FACT THAT SONG JAE RIM HAS NOT TOUCHED ME. YET. SOOOOON... MY PRECIOUSSS... *strokes screen*)
kakashi: If you're retweeted by your KDrama crush like I am, you know that even a virtual touch is enough.
JoAnne: Waiting patiently for my turn.
I'm curious whom among your dozens of puppies you're waiting for, Jo?

Kei invites everyone to ride this giant swinging thing (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I bet he DID) but with partners switched this time. He sits with Yeon Hee (lucky girl!) and puts his arm around her. [[OMG OMG OMG RIM OPPA!!! HOW MANY LIVES DO I HAVE TO SAVE TO GET THIS KIND OF LUCK??? DO COCKROACH'S LIVES COUNT??? I only kick them away, not squish them. And if they lay eggs, that'd be 300+ more lives, right? And if those baby roaches grow up to breed more roaches... *takes out calculator*]]
kakashi: I like your new strategy, mary. If not in this life, then in the next! Start saving! 
JoAnne: I feel bad for that dude, though. Hee Cheol. All the hate coming his way, and he's a nice guy.
Kei signals Hee Cheol to hold Joon Young too but once the ride is over, she freaks out at Hee Cheol over the hugging. Kei is tired of trying to be subtle and asks outright, "Why are you overreacting like this? Do you like Hee Cheol?" Joon Young scoffs at that and walks out. Kei tries to catch her but she shrugs him off, dropping her phone in the process. Privacy Invading Kei picks it up to find that it's full of pictures of Yeon Hee!!! (Raise your hand if you didn't expect this.... anyone? None? Ohkei then. Moving on....)
kakashi: I like this. The more gayness, the merrier. 
JoAnne: Yes, I was impressed with this little show.
Joon Young comes back and finds everyone staring at the pics, and then at her. Things get so awkward for her that she asks Kei if she can sleep at Paris for the night so she won't run into Yeon Hee. When they get there, it's already late but Bunny is still mopily studying nail art. She sees Kei and Joon Young together and Kei moves away a bit, like saying, "oh, this... uh... it's not what you think... not that I'd care what you think, because I don't like you, but... hey, *brightens up* what are you doing here late at night?" He's kinda gentler and more smiley when talking to Bunny. I think this is the first scene in this ep where Kei talks to Bunny and he's just more gentle in general... *sigh*
kakashi: You know what is so likable about Kei? He is the opposite of fake. He wears his heart on his sleeve and can't keep anything a secret.
JoAnne: Yes, he is a big pile of tough guy mushiness. SJR did a nice job with that. It was consistently real and skillful acting in this big pile of WTF is HAPPENING. You could hold on to him, and all the rest of it would just sort of either fall into place or disappear into 'who gives a shit, look at what Kei's doing now.'
Kei helps Joon Young get settled at the staff room and she tells him her story. When they were teenagers, she was aloof and didn't have a friend. But Yeon Hee, the smart and popular girl, approached her. She always made her laugh and feel accepted and happy. It was a sweet story, tbh. *sniffs a little bit* Then Joon Young turns sad. "Yeon Hee must think I'm weird. She must feel betrayed that I liked her all these years. Do you know how it feels having a secret crush? My mood keeps changing. I feel like I'm going mad. I feel happy that I can wait, 10, no, 100 years for her..."

Kei looks thoughtful after that. Relate, much? He catches Bunny as she's about to leave and stops her. "Why?" says Bunny. Kei stares at her for longer than is normal before saying, "nothing, go". Me: *rolling around the floor*
kakashi: Saaaaay it! Doooooooo eeeeet!
JoAnne: Love the gif on the right. You can absolutely feel the tension in his body between wanting to move toward her and being afraid to move toward her. Is it just me or does everyone CONTINUALLY forget that Kei's supposed to be struggling with love for a boy? I never remember that Bunny is supposed to be a boy.


Monkey tries to talk to Bunny again, but Jer2.0 interrupts with his fanboying over Ji Soo's hapkido skills. Heh. Sawry, Monkey. No one likes you now!
kakashi: For the wrong reasons though.
Monkey and Kei do a debriefing outside where Kei gossips about the lesbian thing, and Monkey bullshits about a color psych test. Joon Young picked white and green which means she's depressed. WTF kind of test was that? What if she was just into Nigerian culture??? Say, d'you think the writer just Googles random cool facts to insert into the script or something? Anyway, Kei wants to tell Yeon Hee that her friend is depressed, but Alex wants to wait. (For what? For our lives to be over?)
kakashi: No, I think the writers thought about this story for a loooooooooong time and then did years and years of research.
JoAnne: They definitely did not sit on Twitter and just randomly string drama tropes together while laughing hysterically and making jokes that one of them doesn't get until two weeks later.
Shuk: Sarcasm FTW.
Mary: *vows to get JoAnne someday*
In Awkward Room Central, Yeon Hee tells Joon Young to stop avoiding her because she doesn't feel betrayed or disgusted at Joon Young's feelings at all. She wants Joon Young to stay as her friend... and attend her engagement party this weekend. (I remember hating Yeon Hee here. Seriously, she's selfish. Can't she see that JY is hurting??? Witch's Romance, much?) Then she ends with the not-a-nice-offer to move out of the house if Joon Young doesn't want to be friends anymore.
kakashi: It's an ultimatum. If you ever want to see me again, come to my wedding and suffer.
JoAnne: I was disappointed here, because they relegated her feelings to 'minor crush, not real, couldn't possibly be real, heh heh the gay thing heh heh we totally didn't take it seriously did YOU?'
Naturally, Joon Young moves out instead. Naturally, Yeon Hee reports to Paris that she hasn't seen her friend since that day. Naturally, she also invites Team Paris to her engagement party too. And by "naturally", I mean something like "naturally, Mary is Song Jae Rim's girlfriend".
IMPORTANT: Kei looks at Bunny and sighs. IMPORTANT because: Kei.
Joon Young is in the train station with her bags, reminiscing about her happy times with YH, and maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, I am touched. They are cute and sweet together. They really handled the lesbian love well here... T^T Poor Joon Young. Aigoooo~ it's not enough that I'm sad for Kei, I have to be sad for you, too???
kakashi: Agreed, it was well done. I remember I felt a bit proud for this drama.
JoAnne: Yep, once I got over the blip where I thought they were being dismissive, I agree - very sensitively handled.
Fast forward to engagement night. Joon Young isn't there. Team Paris are the only guests! Wow. Can't you even pay for a couple of extras or something, Show? Imagine how lively this scene would be if you hired a couple of Mary's to stand around and make grabby hands at Song Jae Rim...
JoAnne: Especially because I would totally try to stand near him and make it look like I was pinching his tush or sniffing his neck and stuff, just to make Mary crazy. er.
Anyway, the couple exchanges rings and vows-- or at least, they TRY to. Because Yeon Hee can't finish hers. She glances sadly at Joon Young's empty seat then excuses herself. She can't be happy when her friend is sad and alone. Kei, my quick Kei, tries to chase after her, but Hee Cheol says to leave her be for now. He wants to give her time to think things through and he admits that he might've rushed the engagement (could it be .... she loves the woman?! YES!). But heya! Look who's here! Joon Young meets Yeon Hee coming out. (Of the building, not the closet, sorry Joon Young.) She came bearing Flowers Of Reconciliation. She's sorry that she's late and took some time to think about things. They hug it out, Team Paris looks on, I look at Kei only, and we jump to next morning. Where the besties are getting bestie nail art called "Keep The Faith" suggested by Monkey.
kakashi: So ... was lesbian love consummated or not?!
I was gonna skip this part, but one look at Yeon Hee's face has me LOLing. I read her smile as, "gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, look how HAWT my nail artist is *wink wink squee*". (yeah, or it means something else ...) It's a good thing Joon Young doesn't like boys, because if I were her, I'd be fighting Yeon Hee for that seat in front of Kei. Decade-long friendship be damned.
More surprises when Hee Cheol shows up after the hand job. Joon Young invited him here and ordered him to treat them to dinner! Hehe. ^__^ She's trying to play grumpy matchmaker, ordering Hee Cheol to carry their bags and warning him not to hurt her bestie, OR ELSE. I guess she found a happy compromise, then? (A happy threesome? Or a mix and match thing?)
JoAnne: I suppose it's a compliment, of sorts, that they relegate Joon Young to the time-honored role of male second lead, forever the supportive best friend.
The Plot Trio Of The Day leave Paris, but Joon Young comes back in to grab Kei (I would, too!) Outside, she tells him "You like Bunny, right?" Kei is adorably surprised and can only stutter... t.. that.. how did you know?
kakashi: She has gay-love antennas.
JoAnne: He can't stop staring at her. Anyone would know if they took the time to look.
She tells him love is like a wild cat. The more you try to coop it up in your heart, the more badly scratched you will be. She wishes for Kei's cat to be free too, leaving him flustered with a pat and a hwaiting!
kakashi: Yes, free that cat! Free it!
JoAnne: Now pet that cat! Pet it! Pet it! Pet eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
Shuk: Scratch it right above the tail. They like it there.
Dear Kei,
I have a cat too. A very wild cat in my kokoro, and it badly wants out. (oh how I wish kokoro did not mean heart.)
But my manager/flatmate is sitting beside me... and I am afraid to squee. I am so afraid that all I can do is coop up my wild-Kei-cat feelings, lock my elbows, sit rigidly, and type this Jeob in the hopes that the wild-Kei-cat in my kokoro will calm down.
But it is not working. Because it's night at Paris. And now you're looking at Bunny.
Now you're listening to her talk to Jin.
Now you're hearing that Bunny's a GIRL.
Now you're watching Jin leave.
Now you're walking towards Bunny with THAT LOOK.
Now you're asking if it's true.
Now you're listening to her apologize and offer to quit.
Now you're manly-ly asking "who told you to quit"?
Now you hugged her!
Now you're so happy.
Now you're saying "I don't wanna have a secret crush anymore. I was gonna do this even if you were a man."
Now the episode ends.

Now I squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
Now my manager stares at me, asking why I've been sitting so straight for the past hour with nothing moving but my eyes and my fingers.
So now I must hold wild-Kei-cat in again. *sigh*

But I must bear it.

For you, Oppa.

kakashi: I didn't want to interrupt this beautiful beautiful piece of a squeecap. mary, you're among the best.
JoAnne: My kokoro is all discombobulated.
Shuk: My fur is standing on end.


FINALLY. HE KNOWS. And she immediately knows that he knows. I like that WTFParis is very quick about these things. There's an upside to having a 10-episode drama focused on PPLing nail art, after all? We got no time for prolonged angsting and stupidity because time wasted on angsting is time NOT USED in displaying horribly long and impractical nail art!
kakashi: Yes. Many more Kdramas should be like WTFParis.
JoAnne: To Mary, that just means 'starring Song Jae Rim.'
Shuk: I remember feeling a bit disappointed that he didn't declare his love before the gender reveal, but there's no doubt he was crunching on Beanie whether she was a setter or a pointer.

Oppa used to model for Guess underwear... I wonder if they have plans to make a Lingerie Shop Paris next? Wouldn't that be awesome? MARKETING PEOPLE, GET ON IT.
kakashi: He should just be casted in a normal drama next, mary. Just ... anything.
JoAnne: Let's not be too hasty. I could get used to watching him walk around in boxer briefs.
Shuk: Word, unni.