Witch's Romance - Episode 14

After a complete dud of an episode (13 must have been the absolute worst), we get a sweet, positive, healing episode next. It's still boring as hell in my opinion, but the sweet kinda makes up for it. Better we have sweet and pointless than bitter and pointless. Yeah, alright, maybe I'm too mean ... it's actually getting really cute again.
JoAnne: Pfffffffft. Someone needs a nap.
kakashi: It's morning here, but thanks! 
Episode 14

As always, this episode doesn't start where episode 13 ended. I guess it's a concept. Though not a very good one in my opinion. Ji-yeon leaves for work and looks who's outside waiting for her? Dong-ha! She feebly protests that the helmet will mess with her hair, but he says it makes no difference: she is pretty anyway and in any way.
JoAnne: The Puppy is happy! That is not a smile plastered on for Ji Yeon. Oh, I feel GOOD.
On the way to the office, Dong-ha observes a smooching couple in a car and then arranges her arms around his waist. So they're together-together now? And we didn't even see the kiss? How lousy is that??! They jest a bit before they part.
JoAnne: They aren't 'officially.' But if you're hanging out with someone and you each know the other likes you, well. But the car scene is important mostly for him noticing the car. And then us noticing his scooter.
WTF is she wearing?! (The orange part of the shoes? Yeah, me too.) No, that wing/cape thing on the back of her blouse!!! But the shoes too, yes.

Ah, now I get why Dong-ha was slightly concerned about her ... she has to tell her vulture-colleagues that there is no wedding with Asshat. She does quite well, all things considered - and it's business as usual at the office right away. The hospital story has fallen flat, but Intern proposes to maybe focus on the family's story instead: They're the ones that suffer all their life.
JoAnne: And she would know.
kakashi: btw, Ji-yeon finds out a bit later that her unni was Dong-ha's GF. I forgot to mention it.
A brooding Dong-ha thinks about what happened the night before (that's also their concept, I'm getting a bit bored with it). So he said he is not dumb, it's not too late for them, and he said it before: she will end up loving him. Remembering all this, he smiles. That's it? So what did she say? We don't know.
JoAnne: It's a KDrama. She didn't say anything.
What, Asshat is still here?! He is currently under a bridge, at the Han River, calling Ji-yeon. He says he is at the airport. No you're not, dude. He says he dreads the long flight and don't work on dangerous stories, Ji-yeon. Don't drink too much coffee. Don't get ill. Don't cry. She starts crying immediately. And be happy, he adds. That's a worthy farewell scene. Well done, drama!
JoAnne: We watched from different places, right?  It came out a little different for me. He said he went to the airport, and then he thought about that long flight, and then he says the thought was gruesome, or he shudders, or something. However it went, the implication to me was that he went, and then couldn't go through with it (noooooooooo!). Because my immediate thought was they are NOT going to have him change his mind about her, are they? But they didn't, and you're right, it was well-done. And I'll add that it was touching.
The fishcakers tell Ji-yeon to friggin go for Dong-ha now. On her way home, she mumbles about how she likes Dong-ha and how good he looks etc. Believe me, Ji-yeon, we know all that. And we also ask why you think you need to refuse somebody as great as him?
JoAnne: Well at this point, at least all she can come up with is ONE reason: she's like that now because she feels bad. WHAT? Are you supposed to deny yourself the guy you love because you left the guy you didn't and it hurt him? Well then WTF is the point of BREATHING, Ji Yeon?
At that person's door is his father. He is here to tell Dong-ha to return to the fold and man up. He also wants him to go back to school. Dong-ha absolutely doesn't want to go back home or back to school and his father calls him an idiot because of it. Yeah. I'm with appa here: it's idiotic. Ji-yeon hears all of this, of course, and invites him over to dinner to her house. Ramen. She then offers him her best coffee: Kona extra fancy. He doesn't like it. She tries to talk about his father issues and his girlfriend issues, but he doesn't want to and even leaves. Oh, that reminds me ... that stupid flower still has to bloom!
JoAnne: Holy shit. We all forgot about that stupid flower. Even the writer. Wow, that was a HUGE part of the story. Hahahahahahah.
Ji-yeon can't leave it alone. She goes to the hospital, where she runs into DongHaDad by chance - and asks him about Dead GF. Appa is ready to talk, since this is about his only son, but in fact, Ji-yeon is only here to tell him a few things about Dong-ha. He isn't immature at all: He is brave and great and awesome. What he definitely is not is a loser. And she walks out, after giving him the phone number to the House of Love. I do hope he doesn't think that's an ... establishment.
JoAnne: I cannot comment as I am currently wiping iced tea off of, well, everything. Thanks, Kashi.

Cutie smartly gets himself into Intern's room and gets treated to some ... kiwi. OOoookay. Which he is allergic too. Ooooooooookay. Apparently, he put a lot of toilet paper down Intern's toilet, in the hope of being called over to help again. Cutie ... awwwwwwwwww.
JoAnne: On this episode of 'True Love Stories' we meet Soo Cheol and (Jap Chae or whatever her name is, I can remember her sister, is Young Chae, but not her) and we will hear all about their story: We Fell in Love Because of a Clogged Toilet, But It's Okay Because the Waters of Love Run Freely Now.
While our two Gods of Part-Time and everything else flop around on the couch, the Fishcakers plan a little Cupid get-together for Ji-yeon and Dong-ha. And they give them ... incredibly fugly couple shirts! Oups and look who's here! Our secret mature couple (Ji-yeon is totally onto them, but why wouldn't she want them to be together?)! Dong-ha just drags her out.
JoAnne: Those shirts were the epitome of silliness but I ADORE a man who can embrace the dumbass little traditions and know that these are some of the things that  people use to make themselves into a unit. It's true for couples and it's true for families, and I love the sweetness even if I gag at the tackiness. Just let yourselves be silly and happy and revel in how you feel, already!
And then, they take pics in their couple shirts. And then, he gets quite serious as he asks her what she thinks he is lacking to be her man. And he says he doesn't seem to be able to find his dream. Other people are moving forward while he remains stuck in the past. She just smiles at him sweetly. I'm sure that's not exactly what this boy wants but never mind. When she gets up and wants to go into her apartment, he quickly whirls her around and plants a kiss on her forehead. Twice. It's custom, he claims, when wearing couple shirts.
JoAnne: I love those forehead kisses. Especially here, because it's a deliberate choice. NOT to keep the focus off sexual chemistry (although I guess it kills two birds with one stone) but the meaning of the forehead kiss is protection. Protecting and cherishing the woman you love. Dong Ha is struggling with some of the more concrete aspects of adulthood, and he's noticing the ways in which he is not up to snuff as a mature partner in a serious relationship. It's only touched on lightly, but it's enough to know he's thinking about it - and yet that kiss is a promise to her that he WILL take care of her and that he DOES cherish her. 
We learn that DongHaAppa is now tailing his son. At least he's doing it himself. Dong-ha is taking Ji-yeon to the playground again, tells her this is perfect for a date, and please sit down. He'll get ice cream. His Appa hasn't followed him to this place though, but goes to see Sad Mom at the House of Love instead. But she doesn't want to talk to him.
JoAnne: They were secretly dating? NO. (No, really no. I keed.)

The ice cream date is progressing nicely, with cuteness and promises of kisses when it gets dark. And then he starts talking about his father, whom he seems to respect a great deal despite of what is between them. But, as so often in Kdrama, his father didn't like that he dated the sick Dead GF. And then, he operated on the (clearly very badly hurt) person that rear-ended a village bus. And not his GF. Of course NOT because he didn't like the alliance: but because that was protocol, it seems.
JoAnne: We have veered from original material significantly here, and at first I was at a loss because if that wasn't the reason, why bring it up? But it would tie into Dong Ha's eventual blaming of his father, if I think about it a minute: his dad didn't like her, she got hurt, his dad chose not to operate on her, she died because his dad didn't want them together.
Ji-yeon points out that Dead GF never had a chance: it was already too late when she was wheeled into the hospital (I guess Appa told her that). Dong-ha seems to know that, but he is still crushed by guilt ... and he cannot live his life as if nothing had happened. It's time for that flower to bloom, I think! Also, Ji-yeon ruffles his hair again, saying that he sure is a totally cool loser, if he is any - and that his father would be very proud of him if he knew how he lived. She is proud too!
JoAnne: To me this is the sad thing - Dong Ha has long since come to his senses and realized some things about the whole situation, but he's holding on to his feelings despite that, at worst, or he's trapped in a pattern, at best. Oh and then there's the whole 'I can't be with my dad because Young Chae can't be with her mom; we aren't allowed to be happy because she can't ever be happy again.'
In the meantime, Cutie is hoping for toilet to clog up, which it actually did - but Intern fixed it herself. Well, he still gets to see her. And she asks him about her sister - what was she like? Oh jeeeez, Cutie ... he is so in love. He is so much fun. I want more of him!
JoAnne: They really beefed up his role (good call, Show) and took most of the bite out of hers (also a good call, Show!) - and I am with you on wanting more of him. Can Yoon Hyun Min be the star of something soon, please?
The next day, Dong-ha is doing a part time job at a kid's birthday (at the orphanage!), when he sees that his father arrives. He finally gets to talk to Sad Mom. What has changed? He says how much he misses his son, whom he hasn't seen for three whole years until recently and learns that he comes by the House of Love every week at least - and gives them money. Sad Mom takes Dong-ha aside afterwards and tells him to start living his life again. It's very sad what happened - but there is no need to hurt others because of it. And she is very sorry for not recognizing his pain before.
JoAnne: Nicely done.
kakashi: And now, let the flower bloom! 
After that, Dong-ha goes to see his father at the hospital. Both are sorry, both know it's nobody's fault GF died, there's no more issues between them. Wow. That easy?
JoAnne: I wouldn't say it was easy. When they have the conversation they're not working things out, they're acknowledging what they already HAVE worked out, independently.

At Trouble Maker, Mr. Seksi says it's time for a new editor-in-chief: It's either Ban or TheGuyWhoIsntFunnySoMuchItHurts. Why doesn't he just fall into a coma or something. I hope we'll not see more of him now that Asshat is gone??!
JoAnne: I say his secret is women's underwear. He wears it.
Dong-ha goes to Ji-yeon's place with chicken and beer: his father mentioned that Ji-yeon spoke really well of him. Ji-yeon is chicken-crazy and the level of PPL in this show reaches new heights. They also realize how great they were together as a team and Ji-yeon tries to re-hire him as her assistant. She is deliriously happy the next day. I am not sure he actually WILL be her assistant though? He should go back to medical school already.
JoAnne: Well you have to wait for a break in semesters, at least!
Dong-ha stares at some books at home and then, he goes to the Fishcakers with Ji-yeon. It's all dark inside, but when they're in, the light goes on and there is Cutie, playing MC. It's a re-enactment of their first meeting! Is there anyone with courage, Cutie Spinach asks? Dong-ha raises his hand. He picks up a bouquet of flowers and says he will confess. He then turns to Ji-yeon and says: From today on ... let's date. She takes the flowers, but that is not all: He also has a necklace for her. She is quite speechless ... and a bit shy? But then, she says ... "okay". Everybody claps like crazy - and then, they kiss. Finally. My friggin gawd, that took a long time.
JoAnne: It was a good kiss. I watched it five times to verify.


Alright, we're back on track! This is where we left off when the drama derailed, way, way back. Almost all the issues are out of the way so it seems you're getting your wish JoAnne: a load of cute for the last two episodes! Man, I really REALLY want to see that flower bloom. 
JoAnne: I really, really, really am curious to see if they're going to do the same thing Taiwan did. It wouldn't mean as much here because they're already together. Yes, Kakashi, in the original, even the end of the Polar Bear reign was not enough, but it was ok, because what came next felt very necessary. Here it might not be, so much. I could totally watch Puppy smile and kiss for the next week, though, no matter what.

Note: Because JoAnne had to go to the hospital after this episode, we never finished recapping the drama. Let us just tell you that .... it's a very happy ending!