Rants and Raves (Our Very First WeCap!)

Hi! *waves madly *This is JoAnne! In my delirium last week, I had a moment where I thought, 'gee...what if we had a post where we could share brief thoughts on OTHER things we're watching, the things we don't have time to recap, or that don't fit our (admittedly rather nebulous) feel for what makes a good squeecappable show. Or stuff in English! Or movies! I tossed it out there and the others didn't laugh me down, so we're going to try this out.
kakashi: I almost wished for more deliriums (= good ideas), but of course I want you to be sane and healthy! Uhm ... just healthy in fact. 
Shuk: My computer is back, newly christened Lazarus, and I'm happier than a zombie at a nursing home. Of course, like any good/bad drama, it came back from the wars with a sadly altered personality and severe amnesia, but I'm convinced with a little loving care, it will love me again...
The idea is pretty loose: we'll contribute or not as our schedules or interests allow, and we can comment or not on each other's thoughts as well; just generally have an off-line, off-topic gabfest, and if it's fun and interesting plus funnY and interesting, then we'll keep it up for a while.
kakashi: Yeah, basically what we do all the time, just without a specific drama. And with any kind of pictures we WANT. hehehe. 
bcook: HA! I'm the first! which means purple is mine!! *evil laugh*. so...erm... yeah. I'm seriously considering Flower grandfather detective agency or whatever its called (and this was before I saw that awesome Choi Jin-hyuk is in it. I don't know how that managed to fly under my cute namja radar) Maybe we need to bring back "eagerly anticipating" coz I dunno what's out there anymore. 
kakashi: Ah, yes! "Eagerly anticipating" was a good category! I can tell you what I am eagerly anticipating: More Kim Ji-hoon in the form of Jae-hwa in The Hanbokkers from Hell aka Jang Bori is here. That man rocks my boat and a few things more, I can tell you! I am so happy that the drama is far less bad than I feared it would be (I did fear the worst). 
bcook: It also helps that he's faithfully retweeting every recap! *so jealous* It would be nice to get a WTFDoc retweet... actually no. Lee Jong Suk might have some hardcore fans who don't appreciate our love of WTF.

kakashi: I'm also eagerly anticipating Joseon Gunman, like everybody else I presume. Not sure yet whether I'll do full recaps, but maybe I should. Who is in? 
Becca: Did someone mention Joseon Gunman? Because I've been jumping up and down in excitement ever since I first caught wind of it. Lee Jun-ki in a revenge sageuk with Nam Sang-mi and the Princess' Man PD - there is nothing I don't like about this. I am so in!
Shuk:  The jury is still out in my book for this one, but I am definitely on board to get a sample of that.  Errr, the episodes.
Lafer: Since Princess' Man is one of my top ten (and only sageuk, really) I may have to try this.  It's a pretty, pretty cast.
JoAnne: Oh you know for sure I'm watching that, if only because it LOOKS gorgeous. If you want comments let me know. Not sure I am up for actual recapping though, because I also want to see High School King of Savvy (starts tonight!) plus Trot Lovers, plus Marriage Not Dating, plus Endless Love, plus I need to watch Orphan Black.  The Nine Boys thing doesn't start this cycle, does it?  I know there's something else I'm waiting for, and I'm watching ...umm... what am I NOT watching? Hotel King, pretty much. I am watching THIRTEEN currently airing programs, plus WGM-Global, and am either recapping or commenting on 6, although that number drops to 5 once I finish my duties with Witches Romance. Yes, I'm behind on a lot.  I think I'm excused right now, but I'm trying hard to catch up.
bcook: Jeesh Jo!! I wanna watch the High School thingy. It's so hard being organized. I need to put things in my calendar again.
JoAnne: The high school thingy is awesome.  SIG is hilariously funny and this is going to make Lee Soo Hyuk a much bigger name. Also: we have discovered the REAL GapDong:

Jun Ki and Sang Mi approve

kakashi: Thanks to blogging, I don't watch a lot anymore. SqueeCapping takes a lot of time. Per episode, I spend at least 2 hours doing the recap (oh at least that...for me it's often more, but I interrupt myself a lot) and usually another hour for pics and gifs. I have to do all my squeecapping the evenings or on weekends, too, so 2 projects is the maximum I can manage and a few gifs on the side (i.e. for Doctor Stranger - and they're beautiful! Thank you, kakashi!!). To save time, I never watch what I recap without immediately recapping. Oh wait: Not true. I now watch Jang Bori is Here raw. Because ... yeah, Kim Ji-hoon. Apart from that, I'm currently writing a "book". It's a lot of recycling, thankfully. I have a deadline at the end of June ... I think I will be able to meet it. Ask me again next week though. 
JoAnne: You will. You're that kind of person. Other than work I don't have much going on so my evenings are free, and I'm not currently watching any American shows - but I do have other hobbies which I have completely ignored since I began squeecapping.
Shuk:  When does the next season of Sleepy Hollow start? (on 22 September, I think) Now that they cancelled Almost Human (WHAT?? *runs to Google Fu* *sobs*), I'm needing a bit of Ichabod Crane action.
bcook: Kakashi pwhaiting!
kakashi: I think I'm officially panicking now. 
Lafer: Yes, my hats off to you recappers.  Recapping Roommate is about all I can handle, and not very well.  But I have learned a new skill - gif making - and am proud of myself. (Wait, we get to brag on here, right? Or do you mean rave about kdramas, not ourselves?)
Shuk:  Your recaps of Roommate is awesome and the gifs are great.  Welcome to the fold, unni!
Becca: I'm looking forward to pretty much all of the dramas in the upcoming cycle, which is really good and also really bad. Good because I like having fun shows to watch. Bad because I'm already watching a ton and behind on all of them. Joseon Gunman is top of my list (see above), and after that would probably be Trot Lovers and Marriage Not Dating. Of course, having Lee Jun-ki and Yeon Woo-jin both back on my screen about the same time really makes me want to rewatch Arang and the Magistrate, but I don't think that's gonna happen for a while yet. Between other shows and Doctor Stranger recaps (I am a very slooow recapper, in case you haven't noticed), I don't have time. But it will happen. It will. Or so I keep telling myself.
bcook: You think you're slow? I'm still on GapDong no 6. and I'm not even recapping properly. *sigh* I'm just so tired after work. I need more iron. 
kakashi: I'm pretty sure JoAnne has a few tipps for you.
JoAnne: Yes.  It's a lot less expensive to take care of that BEFORE they rush you to the hospital and hook you up to all kinds of things and jab you and poke you and image you and scare your mother and your friends and your boss and okay, yes, you, and then fill you full of the blood of strangers.
Lafer:  You are a brave woman, JoAnne.  I just hope you took your laptop with you. (When I wasn't being poked and prodded and imaged and filled with blood or iron I was sleeping, pretty much.) Oh, and I want to weigh in on what I want to watch.  I am currently in the kdrama desert, meaning I am not watching ANYTHING.  There must be something out there to hold my attention besides Roommates, which is not even a drama so really doesn't count. Something??? Somewhere???
JoAnne: I just watched the first two episodes of Secret Love and enjoyed it.  It's episodic, there's no guarantee I'll like the next two because it's a different story, but you could check it out.
Lafer: Wait! There is hope on the horizon. Two that I'm waiting for are 1) Temptation. Take me back to my kdrama infant days and let me see some Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo together.  I'll even pretend that I'm remembering Lee Jung-Jin from 9 Ins, 2 Outs (blocking 100 Days Inheritance out of my mind completely). Based on kind of a reverse indecent Proposal, this should be a melo to beat all melos. And Kwon Sang Woo shirtless again - yes
Shuk: [stares]
2) The OTP reunion of Eric and Jun Yumi of Que Sera, Sera (well, of course you would). I don't know what the name is, but it's by the I Need Romance group, so you know what that means. Good kissing!!!! No recapping, though, because I heard Roommates is 50 episodes, so I'll be tied up for the year unless the dismal ratings mean an early dismissal.
Becca: I think it's Discovery of Romance. Yes, that looks good - but I'm still sad that Sung Joon is back in second lead land. *sobs* As for Temptation... that one kind of scares me. They need to stop being so vague about the plot before I can make up my mind. (That one is on my list too, yes.)
kakashi: Those ones are easy for me ... definite NOs.

I randomly clicked on something called 'A Better Tomorrow'? on DF?  No clue what it was. First, it asked me to confirm that I was over the age of 18. Ummm. yes. But still... am I getting sexy times? Unblurred KNIVES? What? Take a deep breath.  It's Joo Jin Mo and Song Seung Hun in a movie. Where they're best friends. Where they are best friend gangsters. Where they are best friend gangsters who wear Miami Vice suits, and Oppa eats lollipops, and speaks terrible English.
kakashi: I heard about this. And it sounds intriguing. *saves on list of things she'll probably never watch*
So basically, I'm dead, right?  No one talk to me for the rest of the night. I'm going to be busy with Oppa. And his best friend. Oh yes.  Look at that gloriousness.
kakashi: Lollipops. Did WTFDoc steal from this? 
Shuk: I have embraced the Dork Side, and, with the exception of Beating Hearts and the rare You Are Surrounded episode (I'm up to 4 by the way), I am currently all about the Thai / Tai dramas.  I recently marathoned all four segments of  "4 Hearts Of the Mountain (TH)",  and I'm almost finished with the first segment of "The 3 Musketeers (TH)".  Finished "In A Good Way (T)", and I'm still plugging away at SqueeCaps for  "Fall In Love With (Both Of) Me (T)". I can only hope that it's uphill from here. I've also skimmed "Sunshine Angel (T)", and I want to look at "King Of High School" once my computer is fully operational. Can I still write if it's NOT SK stuff?
kakashi: You could even write about your socks if you wanted to.